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Invitation to You, Jesus
« on: November 16, 2021, 18:08:30 pm »

While listening to YOU speak today November 16, 2021,  I had a thought and a question. It is this: 
How would YOU like to speak to us in your own voice?

Fact 1.   JESUS is on URANTIA.
Fact 2.   JESUS speaks to passersby and in Living color.
Fact 3.   Jesus speaks to Ron, Lemuel, Phyllis, and others through transmissions.


The members of the Discussion Forum invites you, JESUS, to speak live via telephone to the attendees of the Sunday LightLine USA this coming Sunday November 21, 2021,  or another Sunday LightLine in case YOU are working that day.  In fact, Ron could make an announcement this Sunday that YOU are, in fact, going to dial in on a Sunday LL USA of YOUR choosing, hosted by your good friend, Ron.  JESUS, today we had almost 30 call-in subscribers and on streaming and internet that attended this Sunday LL USA.

The fruits of YOUR acceptance of our invitation are 1) that the attendees could double, triple, or more. Our telephone service is supposed to handle 100 call-ins, but we can urge many to use the internet service to prevent drop offs. 2) the pleasure to hear Your voice and message. 3) Aside for Agondonters, Your call can inspire those on the fence to open the gate.

Our Beloved JESUS, please remit YOUR response to the host of Sunday LL USA, YOUR friend, Ron. JESUS, if YOU don’t have a cell phone, and if the the Man with the purse, MM, did not give YOU enough travel money to buy one, try to borrow one. Just tell whomever that YOU are JESUS, and YOU need to make a call for 10 minutes. Warning: be prepare to catch the person falling backwards from fainting.
Thank you JESUS for your consideration to attend.

Your friend and little brother,


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Re: Invitation to You, Jesus
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2021, 19:50:31 pm »
Hi Steven that's an excellent suggestion, this way we could all feel the reality of the MM. 

 Often I do wonder why is it that since Jesus or Monjoronson is incarnated on and off that they havn't appeared to Ron at least? When Michael was about to incarnate for his 7th bestowal Gabriel appeared to Mary and others.  Is this some sort of universe protocal that they are not allowed to appear to random humans or the mission is simply not ready to the last of it's minutes in a sense? I would at least thought if they are to appear it has to be Ron or it's not gonna happen. Just a thought.

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Re: Invitation to You, Jesus
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2021, 22:17:59 pm »
Thanks for the confidence in me for being the man who Jesus meets incarnated, but I am afraid they are not working it that way, and that is fine too.  There is a protocol about announcements to humanity about impending missions those humans are part of too.  It is this:

If the human who is to be part of the Mission is available, then he or she is spoken to.  However the universe now considers any human that is male to be the preferential one to speak to because gender matters in spirituality.  The male is properly rescinding his use of spirit to participate.  That is true of me DaCandyMan, but that is not particularly true of the women who are open but not participating this time in leading the spirit led to the Missions.  The Urantia Book points out that on Panoptia a woman did lead the Mission spiritually and is greatly renown there now.  But that is unusual to say the least.  In case you may have forgotten, Panoptia is our twin sister of a planet and they even look like us.

The protocol at work on Urantia also states that unless the human is ready to forfeit his human stature to serve, that human is not contacted first either.

Therefore I am caught between two forces and ask to be either taken off the treadmill to nowhere or just drop the whole issue and let things settle that way.  However, MICHAEL OF NEBADON agrees with me and many others that my life system support it valuable enough to continue on Urantia and they have made arrangements to try again and avoid hitting protocols that restrict action, and to provide me the chance to exchange my existence to use others who are willing to step in and provide sustainment at their own personal expense.  That should not make a lot of sense to you at all until you understand there is such a thing as a "walk in."

Late this afternoon I did lay down to reduce pains best I could.  Just as I layed down on the bed, a voice of known origin came to me and suggested I listen.  I will not name him but you all know him too, and that entity suggested he would come to Urantia and loan my life system cosmic energy and expertise in surviving the coming disasters.  I naturally thought that was wonderful but did say I never heard of the scheme except for the occult speaking to walk ins in the 1970's and 1980's.  He said back to me they are traveling to see me this week yet to  obtain life plasm samples of my heart and so on.  Here is Michael:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "We suspect Ron is rightfully suspicious as I would be too.  This is not a hair brained scheme though and when it was brought to me by the agent who would do it, I asked how that might work.  He did not know, but he knows the archive that was used in another Local Universe many years ago for a similar situation.  It worked then and he thinks i can work now.  So I approved it to try and now we will see if Ron can be plugged into another system of life to keep him going indefinitely.   That is the extent of the proposal and we let Ron figure out that when he feels better he owes his life again to this spirit entity.  Ron it is a system and not the individual but he can do it because he is spirit.  You always err on the side of caution Ron and this time do not caution it if we can match the system energies.   Good day. MICHAEL and  K."

Ron:  I am observing my feet hurt even worse at the moment and feel totally too weak to do much of anything at all.  But my hope is they can save me without breaking any glass so to speak as I cannot move much on my own at the moment.  And I have to leave it there for now.

As far as Jesus is concerned, he has His own problems besides what problems I have, and early on it  was suggested that Jesus do  that  or just  leave  it  alone. MICHAEL -  We had to clear the cabal around him even to get this last sentence . . . .  Ron :  And it is never ending lately and they must be removed if any sanity is to operate again.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "They leave Ron pestering you and shouting epitaphs a ME and that is to end easily in am moment.  ANCIENTS OF DAYS:  "We agree with MICHAEL  on this one very well and they are still hitting you Ron but soon done for those two for good.  K"    Ron - We are getting out of here ourselves and I am grateful for your help very much.  There is more to report but we are cut for now.  Thank you all.  Ron.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Invitation to You, Jesus
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2021, 00:06:22 am »
Thank you very much Steven for your thoughts on inviting Jesus to speak personally via telephone on a Sunday Lightline of his choosing as an incarnated being. Part of your suggestion really made me laugh. I was imagining Jesus and Machiventa Melchizedek in a conversation about how much Jesus would need for his stay on Urantia. What type of cell phone he would like and Jesus choosing the latest iPhone and Machiventa Melchizedek saying, “I hold the purse strings and I won’t buy that. Choose a cheaper model.” Thank you Steven.


If I remember well earlier in the year it was said on Lightline that Jesus had appeared to random humans and I think one was in North Africa; they never mentioned it to anyone and some did not even know who Jesus was. I stand to be corrected. Thank you DaCandyMan.

Dear Ron,

Why is this so?

“However the universe now considers any human that is male to be the preferential one to speak to because gender matters in spirituality.”

To a normal human this would seem like gender discrimination or bias so to speak since we are all equally Father’s children. Just a question that popped up in my mind as I was reading your response to the post.

Your mention of the occult and walk in reminds me of the movie Ghost which I watched some years back about this medium who could contact people who had crossed over to the other side of the veil and they would walk into her body so to speak. They then could talk to their loved ones and even touch them. But your walk in is definitely the real deal as was mentioned on LLUSA for 16th.

Thank you Father Michael for your clarification on the walk in and how it is supposed to work.

Finally; why is the cabal always allowed to harm Ron when there is always security which seems to pop in only when the damage has been done? Almost, as if it’s an afterthought. It’s like a car always taking the same route and being rammed into by another car and winds up in the garage. This repeats over and over and over. When will this stop? Humans for the first time in time space creation have been considered for the missions and that is great. This means they are valuable in the equation, does it not? Valuables are always highly protected. Why is Ron always at the receiving end of it? Is celestial security not top notch or are there lapses? Is there something we are not being told here? True, we have been told over and over that Ron is the human guinea pig but even a guinea pig can only take so much. I think. Thank you, just my two cents worth. God Bless to all.

Love and Blessings,

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