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Tape Lightline USA Sunday 09 Oct 2022
« on: October 10, 2022, 10:04:24 pm »
Link for the Lightline Tape recording 09 October 2022 (Sunday USA Lightline)
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Tape Lightline USA Sunday 09 Oct 2022
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2022, 07:36:21 am »
  PLEASE DO NOT translate and repost this transcription until it has been reviewed and this red warning removed!
1    100922 Audio Tape Sunday Light Line USA; host: Ron Besser; co-host: Phyllis Simpson
2.      Subjects: Master Force Organizers’ role in time & space region and Outer Space Levels; Russia plans a nuclear strike on its own soil and to blame it on the USA; nuclear weapons on Urantia will be removed as spoken to by Master Space Organizer 415;
3.      Speakers: Michael of Nebadon; Master Force Organizers; Tarkas; Jesus; Christ Michael; Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster
4.      Transcribed By: Moses Ouko
5.      Link To Tape:
Ron Besser 
Welcome, everyone. This is Sunday Light Line for October 9th 2022. I'm Ron Besser, your host. Today is what I have been calling Christmas Eve. If the 10th of October is the Advent of Christ, then we have Christmas tomorrow. In a sense, I honestly do not know, for your information, what in the heck is going on in the upper strata of the spiritual leadership? I was awakened this morning by a strong dream. It was strangely nuclear. Now, I know probably your fears. And their mine too. But this was me walking into a meeting room with people I didn't know but they were I think officials of the local governments. By that mean Pennsylvania townships, towns, cities and that sort of thing. Not on the federal level. I was handed a piece of paper that was legal size. And it was it looked like a tax form. But at the bottom was a place for my signature to make a report in early 2023, about the nuclear readiness of the nation states on Urantia. I awoke almost immediately after getting the dream and saying what in the world are you talking about? I am the least person to ever ask about nuclear readiness of the nation states for the simple reason, they are all top secret codeword to know about and they are not shared among allies, except possibly Great Britain and the United States. For that reason, I had to dismiss it and not speculate very much about it. Thinking it was possibly a mistake to present something like that to me of really poor underling over those issues.
This morning, however, I received a note after I was able to be awake enough to type on the computer from Master Force Organizer 413. Now master Force Organizer is more or less one of the individuals responsible on how you live in time. They control time, they control even energy flows to run your heart, your vascular system with the Master Force Organizers themselves adding this or that to the energy so it works very well on our level. That is totally unknown to me. I would assign that either to the Power Directors or to the Master Spirits themselves. Not true. That's the Master Force Organizers who are so high. They chat with Father regularly on Paradise. There are in time 652 Master Force Organizers that are assigned to time alone. To the first Outer Space Level, there are over 13,000 of them. And as you go out toward the edge of the Master Universe, the different reality levels beyond OSL one and OSL two, are even higher Master Force Organizers, personnel numbers. In fact, they reach a proportion where the numbers almost mean nothing to us. They are individuals, they are not only high spirit, but they take a large portion of the philosophical ability to reverse time if they have to. And for that reason, when Master Force Organizer, 413 speaks, I'm particularly interested. In any case, he said this to me this morning, you Ron are not going to be the principal involved in what we choose to produce on Urantia. For that reason, you get a piece of it. You are shown a piece of paper that assigns you a trial to take care of once we are sure the missions are on the ground and operating. You did not sign the document. You merely looked at it and said, how in the world am I gonna make a report on something I simply know nothing about? And in 2023, yet, we estimate August Ron. I missed that. Truly, now this; the truth of the matter is, you're one of the few who can actually hear this high to make a report to the Most Highs, what you know about the scuttlebutt that is being passed around Washington, DC and Moscow. We know the nuclear readiness of France, Israel, and a couple other nations you do not know, has a nuclear weapon, but they do. There are not only the five you know about from the 1950s, but there are another four nations that have nuclear weapons. The United States is premier in one way only. It has an arsenal and a way to deliver them that is far and above any other nation to do. But that's not enough. Far from it. What we are seeing is that Moscow is attempting to throw back onto the United States the idea that the United States is the only nation ever to use a nuclear weapon. And that they plan to drop a small nuclear weapon in the area of the Ukraine. And to have a videotape of the bomber that dropped. It's loaded with USA symbols. Earlier this morning, I was approached by my own security Midwayer. He said to me, you are now the only one on Urantia who can insert this into the intelligence operations of the United States. You worked for a top-secret agency and that was in the military, not as a civilian. You know the protocols. You know how they do things and how they protect themselves. You are the only one of all those supporting this mission. How to get in with bona fide exercise a protocol.
We are asking and subject to approval that you announce to the director of all national security in the United States or in the United States, to apprise them of the fact that the old Russia has learned the secret of hiding aircraft to the point Radar can find it but the pilot can't see it. You know the process that makes that possible. You know the process on how to make a hydrogen car work. But you are loath to even enter the den of the line of security When it comes to the CIA, NSA and the Director of National Security you don't like him? Now I am Master Force Organizer 413. With me is Master Force Organizers 415,419,411,413 myself. We are a collective known only to you as the delegation. You spoke to the head of the delegation for the past week and a half. They are very well informed about you and you about them. You consider their work, a wonderful help. Now, Dominick published a transmission in which the delegation spoke. Read it carefully. It's online yet. What Dominick explained in that transmission was that the delegation was prepared to stand against any tomfoolery with nuclear weapons. That still stands true. But a certain Russian President is prepared to throw a rotten egg at the Western alliance, particularly NATO and wishes to impugn those organizations based on the ruthless destruction of a Russian city in the name of national security for Russia. For that reason, we state to you Ron, get your pen ready and spill the beans to the director. Let them decide your sanity.
Michael of Nebadon
This is Michael of Nebadon. I address the Master Force Organizers this way; don't start something you cannot control Master Force Organizers. The problem that exists is not the nuclear pretentions. But the nuclear idea of a ruse against the United States. The national security apparatus that operates in the European Union, Great Britain, United States, Canada and probably China is well aware of the ruse being planned Not. They don't know it. They should. Spies have been mentioning it now for two weeks. Russia is embarrassed by the performance of its military. They are not ready to stand down without punching the Western alliance in the gut.

Ron knows well, those things we dare not mention. He also knows much more than you do about secrecy protocol, and how these things get handled at the top levels. But that isn't going to save you. The truth of the matter is that we have in this person transmitting the entire organism that knows enough to put a stop, at least to the ignorance of Western intelligence. We're spilling the beans to you for the simple reason. You are full supporters of whatever Jesus wishes to do finally. Ron smiles when he calls this Christmas Eve. Folks, it could very well be Christmas Eve. Ron looked at the moon last night as Dominick was departing, and said, Oh look. There's a big white star to the right of the moon. He says, I bet that's Jupiter. And it is Jupiter Ron. But Jupiter is now so close to the world of Urantia it looks like almost a supernova. It's so big you can't miss it. When the moon is high, and you can see it clearly. Look at the big one bright star on its upper right. At least that's how it appeared in New York. Now that is not the Christmas star people, please. What is the Christmas star is the attachment to that star of the color blue and white in a halo if the Jesus bestowal is ready. Check the moon star arrangement. That star is big enough it outshines the moon and the blue and white halo that suddenly appears around it. That is your go mechanism. Ron says to be the one speaking who is a Master Force Organizer. Are you sure that's just not cheap means to get attention? I don't mean it cheap. He says. I mean throwing it out so you have a visual and not worrying about the philosophical implications of how we do it. Ron, you're naughty. But you have been through about six or seven of these as the rest of you have. And frankly, sizzle isn't the word. It's more like Big Time Stories. The sky is falling by Henny Penny. Not this time. Now this; the visual information that you will receive if you happen to see the phenomena as we are describing it and that is to understand that Christmas eve is the only eve you’ve got right now in the dark to see the star. Look at it. He said to himself. Why What a beautiful picture it is.

Here are or is a speaker you need to hear.
We are Jesus. Ron, I don't have time for this. I'm gonna be quick. You rascal, have achieved something I have never seen achieved before in human kingdoms. And that is, you know where to put the onus. That is, where does the arrow hit the false? There is nothing false. I ask that we find a celestial observation on Urantia today that we can manipulate. And Jupiter is the star. Big white star right at the top and to the side of the Moon. nearly full right now. When you look at it, it is awesome. It because of nearly full moon blots out all the other stars around it. And the big white star shines. It's not the Christmas star. Please don't go there. Yes, Ron, and a stocking full of coal for you, sir. In any case, the truth of the matter is you have a chance to see the star tonight if you can look out and it's clear enough to see the moon. And finally, this; I am Jesus. I have returned to spirit after being rushed off my feet by Michael of Nebadon to get ready to go. And suddenly I'm back on Salvington wondering what in the world got me here so fast. The Master Force Organizers can arrange anything because they have the power of super infinity if they wish to invoke it. Right now, Urantia gets that attention right now. I now report that the old Russia is still at it and is preparing to use tactical nuclear weapons if it can get away with it. The United States is not aware of it.

And now this; my proposal to put the halo around Jupiter for observation still stands. But I must intervene shortly. The 10th of October is perfect. Watch what happens. Watch what happens.

Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster
This is Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster. We report Ron, that you are making no sense to Lemuel over his institutional knowledge of how nuclear weapons may be used. He is forthrightly correct. But that is for another era. We report to anyone that the protocols for nuclear use are not entirely the same for Great Britain as it was when he knew them or knew of them. For that particular use. We remain silent. For the United States It is a serious moment. We speak no further.
Master Space Force organizer 415
This is master force organizer, Master Space Force organizer. Number 415.
I'm using the word space in there Ron for the first time.
I speak only briefly this is Ron. It stopped me in my tracks, and me trying to remember if it was ever used. That's why the pause and thank you please continue.

Thank you. I am now quite sure you are so sensitive to information that flows through you. You organize and examine it with your Adjuster. And anything that rings slightly off course, is questioned. You question that, and it is correct. I entered the word space organizer instead of just organizer for the simple reason that the entire matter of nuclear weapons on your Urantia will we'll be removed. We spoke last time about the red rod ultimatons. Most of you have no idea what he's talking about. But he has a graphic showing them what the ultimaton looks like if you could possibly see it, which you can't and how the rods are arranged and how they fit under a heat cover. Remove the heat shield and the two little rods glow with an intensity that could burn your retina. They are invisible for good reason. Even a creator son who must use them to build his Capitol headquarters. The so-called architectural spheres, sees them poorly. He knows they're there, but doesn't see them perfectly clear as Ron’s graphic shows them. We revealed that to Ron when he was going a paper on them. And he has faithfully reproduced it trillions of times larger than they actually are. If you place an ultimaton flat on a table and peel back its top cover you will see two rods tucked in beside a central concourse. Underneath the two rods are dozens of electronic strings the ultimaton deploys those strings around other ultimatons and their strings to fuse so they can form the body of an electron or a positron or a neutron you name them, all of them are battery made by string fusion between all of them. WTP incidentally removes one of the blue rod automatons by forcing the electronics of the ultimaton itself to discharge a sufficient current for the brain center of the preparticle and there is one to revert to another fusion process. Ron calls it induction we call it a minor style of fission. In any case, the brilliance of Rayson coupled with the ability of Ron to take it down verbatim, has produced the ability to transmit muons.
For that reason, we say to you, that should a nuclear weapon be used in the discharge of war. Whoever uses it destroys WTP for about six weeks the magneto sphere which discharges free electrons, stops discharging electrons and sends down tachyons which are miserable creations of lightning. If you want a major thunderstorm with killer lightning, send the tachyons. They are a lepton too but you don't know they exist for sure. Ron does and he has to put on the tower of WTP shunts to keep the tachyons off the tower. That's not in the patent. I am Master Space Force Organizer 441. We welcome you all. Some of you are shocked. We hope so. Not to be mean. But to understand that the trial that you are about to appear through is not merely the second return of Jesus. But the second return of the diabolical Lucifer rebellion that planned that the technology on Urantia should be sufficient to destroy itself. They've seen to it and foolish man never stops gathering treasure as kingdoms of land and sea to dominate the world. You've got another one in Russia. He's made a vital mistake.

We are Master Force Organizer 430. I am almost the last Master Force Organizer made for time. 430 and 431 do this kind of work. We are after to clean up ultimatons that are flashing red. And to replace them with the normal blue. They are called plasma. But they go beyond plasma. And Ron knows very little about that, but knows that plasma itself is insufficient. Why? Plasma cannot remember. Those rods remember. They know how to choose the right bonding. They reject the wrong bonding. They know what to do in clearance from cold storage to the heat of suns and the cores of planets. We now turn to a different subject.

The resolve of the United States to remain the creative force that police's the ocean and I know most of you do not know that. It has six fleets. Every fleet is concerned with piracy and the misuse of weapons at sea. The 780 so-called billion dollars that the United States spends on its defense is partially spent on policing the seas by itself. No other nation can afford it. No other nation has a fleet big enough to do it. Ron was accosted by an email about four days ago of a woman who insists that the United States is a skull and bones pirate lording it over every nation to do its will in a hierarchy of hoarding and issuing power edicts nobody wants to follow. The truth of the matter is the United States is one poor propaganda machine. Fully 60 billion of that is spent on policing. Another 30 billion on renewing the ships that are worn out from policing the Formosa Straits are so hotly contested by the United States in its policing. China understands you tangle with the devil itself, if you let loose a war for Taiwan.

The United States Navy is a proud organization and it should be. But they are lax enough now, because there's not enough personnel. And they get tired of routines. They're getting sloppy in the Sea of Japan. Last year, there was a serious collision between the ships at sea. It killed no one but destroyed a destroyer. A man was asleep at the wheel. More and more service, is piss-poor. That's not your military tradition. Ron was in it and knew it. And loved his discipline. For that reason, none of you probably have been except George. I knew you are way up in the stratosphere as far as rank. And congratulations. But Ron sees that the Regency has to use a discipline not military but a discipline sufficient to enforce those who are truant users of life back into their dens and never allowed out until they learned their lesson. tactical nuclear weapons are the tip of the iceberg. Follow it all down and you've got over 60 million weapons in the United States alone that kill enough people yearly that nearly outdoes the automobile accident tally.
I'm Jesus now. I wish to report this to you. The entire matter of Light Line as it was purported to mean for the almost two years of operation now, is to inform you of the choices being made by your superiors to move forward with lessons and missions that benefit the planet you live on. You are asked to be servants. And we still ask that. However, it must be also understood that fully half of the population that votes in the United States believes the hypocrisy of a former president over who won the election. You are part of a psychology; psychologists know about and cannot be broken. The Regency has no intention to change your mind but to make you lose your vote. Ain’t that a shocker?

And finally this the Regency is Ron's favorite project. It’s his pet project. He believes it is so essential that without it, Urantia is like a rotting orange. it implodes on itself and turns brown and black. I agree with him.

Ron says this is probably Christmas Eve. I love the way he says it. I now stand back. And let Christ Michael speak as follows;

Christ Michael
The entire management of the Magisterial Mission, the second return and my inclusions, omniscience is under the transplant known to you as Arthura. He was called from the highest council to maintain himself in the time sphere called the Urantia. And its missions to make sure that no funny business took place from either a seraphic rebellion, the Lucifer rebellion and now the Vorondadek rebellion.

Ron is constantly fighting them off and wins partially but always gets hit later on. The trial that he has to undergo now is removal of the damage. But we aren't saying how. What we need for you to understand is that the properties that we must utilize for this space time arena are not space time. We have got to go to stronger medicine and probably to ultimacy, to rectify through the removal of time events that produced the misshapen world you have today. The nuclear bomb cannot be erased. There's too many deaths. Harry Truman says to me one day, God if I can only undo it. But I still believe that we saved thousands if not millions of American lives by Signing to the Japanese emperor. You can't win. Truman is right. It is a diabolical use of energy that ended World War Two. Hiroshima, Nagasaki they still have shrines that people attend to every year to pay homage to the entire event. Many of the people who were caught in the blasts are now gone. Their souls are whole. Their bodies are maimed. That's what we want to reuse? I Jesus will not allow it. But you may have to taste a very bitter lesson. First. You are almost in your lower levels of humanity, monkeys again. You only care about how you appear and what power you possess. That is not ever going to be homosapien again. And I look forward to a species some of you have already achieved not just Homo Spiritus but another one beyond Homo Spiritus Ron knows and actually become invisible progeny. Not unlike Midwayer birth. That is a future species for you. If you ever make it. And finally, this as Jesus, I want to say this; I have never seen a sphere so angry over celebrity marriages, as I have seen on Urantia and Ron throws a shoe at the TV and says God damn you.
How dare you report news that isn't and doesn't inform the United States citizenry of the true  nature of your Urantia politics and nuclear status.
We are not offended by Ron's challenging to the media which looks for the lowest base common denominator, to entertain.

Let us pray that all of you support better programming, at least to what you are informed by. Ron reminds me as I speak, we are putting up a channel for your TV sets. Hopefully, Comcast, the cable companies carry it. But for now, we're going to force it onto your TV, whether you want it or not. It carries a half hour news program with a true summary of the world condition. Besides a lot of other information, you need to know and with that, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to close this particular Light Line with no further edification of speech. And we are going to let the whole idea of Q&A pass us by once more. For the simple reason you've got to stay on subject and not get into other esoteric questions that have nothing to do with what we speak to today. And I doubt you are prepared to speak to nuclear readiness at this time.
This is Tarkas.
Thank you Tarkas. You're most welcome. It's a burning heaviness. Please go ahead.  
Thank you, Ron.
I am here to remind everybody that I'm One Without Name and Number. And that we are in frank denial to some of the discussion today on nuclear readiness. Paradise knows better about Russia, about United States and the five or six or seven other nuclear powers. They are rusty and hardly ready for mainline defense. Ron is correct by questioning some of the statements of the Master Force Organizers, regarding readiness and intentional misuse. The man called Putin is advised if you open that Pandora's Box, Moscow will be burned to a cinder. That's an eventuality you can count on. The old Soviet Union is unable to produce a good military over barbaric use of the men that they subscribe to service. No one wants to be cannon fodder, and that's what they're making them. Millions left Russia to avoid the draft. Ron says my god that's the Vietnam all over again. Canada has a lot of Americans living under Canadian citizenship. The truth of the matter is so is Mexico. Ron never doubted the purpose of Vietnam but saw that it was worthless for reasons of state he didn't believe in the domino effect. And that's what started the war in the first place. And now this; I'm Tarkas and I am hearing the cabal trying to ram in.
Yeah. they're about to choke me I feel it coming in.
That is removed. Shame on you. The truth of the matter is your protection is around you. But is insufficient to stop the more powerful ones. Your heart is being hit? Ron: Yes. And so's my throat. Thank you. For that particular reason Ron. We must truncate what has been a very serious Light Line and produce the positive this is Tarkas One Without Name and Number. I am joined by others you do not know by name.
or number (Chuckle)
I'm sorry Tarkas. I just got hit by a low number.
Look we understand. We understand Ron.
Now this; the matter of the second return as Ron calls this Christmas eve, is on. I do not know how happy they are to put a halo around Jupiter as you see it at the moon tonight. But it will be there if they so decide. If they don't. Well, thanks to Putin. Thanks to North Korea. Thanks to the upsetedness almost of every person in every nation state over the state of government. We have to defend ourselves too. The mission cannot be put off and Urantia survive. It can't be. For that reason, I Tarkas, Jack, Hensen, Welmek, St. Paul and on down the list state to you today; No more wisecracking Ron. We are going to have a Christmas Eve and you are going to enjoy it.

Smile if you can.
And now this; we leave today's Light Line as probably the last Light Line that has Ron modulating my voice directly. I am Jesus. And you will hear my voice almost identical to what Ron can do. The Master Force Organizers have made it possible for intonation to flow as I would often speak not only to my apostles, but to my mother, to my brothers and sister and to those around me, I loved and cared for.

I want you to know that whatever happens with Light Line next Sunday, it might be different. Ron indicates so long as he is able to be alive on Urantia, you will have the Sunday Light Line and maybe even the Tuesday if it turns out that way. Count on it for now. It may have to be modified and finally, this I am Jesus I am the life of this world. I belong to you, to me, to FATHER and lastly to Urantia and never to the devil whom I chastise the last time and whom I chastise again. Their forces are arrayed around you Urantia in the millions we have the power to reduce them to ashes. Ashes.

How foolish they are to make fun of their own lives. This is Jesus. And one last thing Ron you now have a hemorrhaging left eye and the blood pours down over your vision. You say I'll be damned if I get into the medical business again. Talk about rigamarole and no effect. This time Ron you have no choice but to stay out of the Maelstrom that that doctor learnt who canceled the account and have never come back. He takes it as an insult. And it was meant as one I know you. In any case. The day that we are leaving Urantia is not forecast. Ron says to the powers that be; now you won Urantia like you won France at the end of World War Two. What in the world is Jesus going to do, going away when reform and building is o required a new? The Magisterial Sons may be here 500 years. Who has the money? Who has what is left to build intelligently and even keep the population down? We'll repeat it all over you know Homo Sapien. We sure do Ron, thank you for saying but we are about to leave this Sunday Light Line with this cheerful note. Everybody sing praises, Hosannas for the coming of the Lord. He will use the tents as your new Christmas. God bless to all of you. God bless Michael. God bless JESUS. Until next Sunday, and possibly Tuesday. This is Ron Besser, your host signing off. And thanking all of those who spoke today for reminding us how tactful they must be to tell you of these horrors of political manipulation on a planet that is so ignorant. It doesn't catch on. We thank you, God. And we thank you, our audience for getting through what is a difficult Light Line to hear. I thank you. I'll see you later. Bye bye, everybody.