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Notes for Light Line Nov. 20
« on: November 22, 2022, 09:22:44 pm »
Dear All,
These notes are sketchy, and I didn't start until 25 minutes into it.  but here they are. I hope they are helpful.  
Light Line 11-20-2022 1:25 P.M.

Power directors and Time force organizers are coming together, trying on what level and to what degree they are able to bring about the changes that are necessary.

The situation is almost critical now, the west coast of the US to the North, and the northeast coast of China
Q & A
Jose: Ron: Tandyboro now speaks for the Creative Spirit of Nebadon.
The Nebadon situation is critical because of the second bestowal of Jesus.

Tandyboro has requested to replace the Creative Spirit. And the Holy Spirit has been modified for ministry.

Urantia has been resupplied the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit.
Michael: We have reconstructed the Holy Spirit . It has to re-encircuit in your brain., That is difficult. because the old Mother Spirit wants to come back with it, and cause damage.
We disallow her. We have asked Tandyboro to stand in. but he has to find a way to re-encircuit.

Most people on Urantia can't get it because of de-evolution.
Tandyboro is a new ministry of Spirit. He seeks to re connect . We still need to find out how.
And he needs your permission to reconnect also with the Holy spirit.

The Holy Spirit is different because it was originally intended to help with relationships.  But that may mean that at some time the relationship is destined to break up.

Weydevu: Michael has lost so much, a large part of his spiritual family.
Will the Father replace or replenish the forces for Michael to replace the darkness of the insurrection?

Michael: you have asked the very question I have been pondering for over a century. What did I do to create a rebellion? I have had testimony after testimony over what they think I did. I provided life or disagreement.
Like Ron he does not argue with those who disagree with him. That has been my view to my local universe, and we have prospered.

Why does license to disagree result in open rebellion? Michael does not have the answer. It is rebellion without an excuse. Thank you Ron, that is all I could say.

Cabal is messing with Ron's voice, head, and intentions.
What is the point of discussing a rebellion, when the rebellion itself will never say, "I am coming back"?
Ron said from the beginning, As Michael is creator son of Nebadon, they will never totally agree to not rebel. They have to be removed or exterminated.

We could have nipped this in a bud in Sept. 2019.
Ron saw the Vorondadek son telling him that unless he turns the computer off, he will kill him.

That is not rebellion. it is revenge. I don't know how to deal with it.
The best minds overseeing time, are trying to understand what I am complaining about, and why it can't be wiped out without extermination.

Ron's TA:    The Father is replacing the supreme with Tandyboro. He is not the new supremme,. but the replacement for what WAS the supreme. It wants to do the job, of passing the experience of time to the Trinity, to universalize it. But the Supreme wanted territory. He wanted to call the creation his.

There is no excuse for what time did under supremacy.
No amount of Holy Spirit can undo de-evolution Those with no brain stem are animals.

Fully a third of the humans born today will never have a brain stem again.


The homo sapiens are doomed. There is hell to come, when the animals try to take over the god knowing people.

The Father will replace the supreme in a different mode, and time will be adjusted.

Could there be another event like Pentecost, where we receiving the Holy Spirit again?

Ron never considered that the second coming would bring a bestowal of truth circuits.

Jesus has been instructed to supply the spirit of truth in a much different way, that he bestow the spirit of Truth, before the Holy Spirit.


The Spirit of truth is useless on an animal mind. For those who know God, it will fulfill a prophecy. John prophesied that "There will be no truth but God's truth" .  Truth is inconcussible, can't be changed or hidden. Jesus must make it available before he does anything else.
That should mitigate against people who try to subvert (God's) government, who want to keep people. and remove the subhumans who cry themselves to final sleep.


Jesus is here on Urantia, battling what Ron, you and everyone else here are doing.
Watch out for the evil to make one last play. To battle the national government,  to have a nuclear war. That was Lucifer's greatest hope.

OK if you don't understand this:
Because I made the creation and all the reality in it, and I can walk among these things even when they have been removed.

Father can walk back and talk to Lucifer, and the others.
I am the consummator, and we can st ill talk about what we achieved one day, and LATER REMOVED.

What did you do ?
Lucifer says I threw it all back in your face,

Why was that funny?
Couldn't answer.

What is funny about marriages that go sour?
The enemy says it is hilarious.
Maybe it's the irony, and we laugh.

Lucifer could laugh at his own death.
My son Jesus is here to speak briefly to the very subject that Teresa brought up.

This is JESUS:

I will bestow first the Spirit of Truth. There has to be something to assimilate Good.
Second thing: listen to TV.
Third thing: the release of the Holy Spirit ministry once more.

I am being very very careful. Why give it to an apostate animal who shoots up a nightclub? (LGBTQ).

It will not be released to morons, but to any animal mind that can understand what the adjutant spirits used to teach.

Jesus: The bestowal will release new spirit, and quickly.