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Topic:  New Order of Angels
Teacher:  Bree
T/R:   Amethyst
Date:  June 11, 2022

This is Bree and I use the newly configured communication lines to bring this to you. I am in phase for the Deity Absolute.

A New Order of Angels in Being Created for the NUA
Short Bulletin

" I bring you very good news on this day. A new order of angels is being created to assist the ascending sons and daughters of God.    
As most of you are aware, the toll taken on numbers of the angelic realm has been horrendous for us and without the supreme and the Creative Mother Spirits in their places, there has been a void in the ranks of the angelic helpers. Today, the Infinite Spirit and a Spirit group from Orvonton, your superuniverse, have started the process of their creation. A similar procedure is taking place in the six other superuniverse to meet their needs as well.

"These new beings will will be given a new title and will not be called angels, but will fill the void and duplicate most of the tasks that current faithful angels are now doing. This new group will be folded into the existing ranks of the angels currently working now.  They will at the beginning be called Aides of the Angels and will grow in their abilities and responsibilities over time. The now existing angels will become their supervisors along with the counsel of supernaphim.
"The Father sees to it that all of his children will always have the celestial help they need without interruption. They at first will be given the task of guiding and protecting those beings in the lower levels of what used to be the cosmic psychic circles, those in circles seven up to four. This frees the current angels to focus more on those in circles three to one. Many in this new group will also be used as transport aides.

"Like the creation of this new group of Angelic Aides, there are many new green sprouts starting to make their appearance throughout the time and space sectors.
This is a short but important bulletin and these tidings are to help you realize that in spite of the myriad of problems we all face in these trying times, there is hope and progress being made to regain complete equilibrium in creation as the Father’s will continues to hold firm as he directs the NUA into fruition.

"I am Bree, and remind you that you are all cherished beyond your understanding. I bid you a good day."

Topic:         The FATHER Speaks to MERCY
T/R:            Amethyst
Date:          May 16,2022


Hello to my beloved children. This is your UNIVERSAL FATHER. I come to you today to announce some changes that you can expect to take place in the bestowal of my MERCY in the NUA. My beloved Creator Son of Nebadon, along with all Creator Sons, have suffered greatly in the past few years as you count time. MICHAEL OF NEBADON would never tell you of some of these things himself, but I can and do with his permission. He has lost so many personnel, and faced great challenges in maintaining his  creation. He, along with the other Creator Sons, have lost their beloved Creative Daughter companions and helpers and will not have the opportunity to work with them again. I hope none of you will ever have to endure the pain I have had to watch in my most beloved Creator Sons. And yet they each remain stalwart in doing my will. You can trust with assurance each and every one.

Often you tend to think in terms of how your planet suffers without giving a lot of thought to how all of creation suffers in times like the ones we all have had to endure. This NUA will bring many changes. In the past, when rebellion broke out, those hurt by it have had to endure the consequences until it was fully adjudicated. This will continue, but with the caveat that there is an expiration date to MERCY. There always has been, but I have watched as many rebellious ones have taken undo advantage of my MERCY, thinking they could continue unabated because they would always have my MERCY to fall back on. No longer. I will of course offer it to them in a reasonable way, but they all need to learn that I am not to be toyed with.

These last few episodes have gone beyond the point of harming my beloved creation and creatures, to the point their very souls are in grave danger of not surviving. I cannot let this stand. You who are sensitive to these things have seen it and understand well. In the past three or four years, as you count time, there has been a deep regression in the quality and number of souls that are able to ascend.  Yes, some will be lost, and that is a great shame on all who have participated directly or covertly in these things. But I cannot accept the loss of souls because some of my creation thinks they can always depend on my MERCY with impunity. I sacrifice none of my children for the folly of others.

Those souls who have been scarred and maimed, are going to get another bite of the apple, so to speak, on the municipal universes when things are quieter and some of you may even be involved in their rehabilitation. You have been tried by fire yourselves and are not seen as wanting, and this offers you extra qualifications for service that will require patience and tender treatment of those who have been harmed so badly. You have earned and gained some very valuable qualities.

MERCY can no longer be afforded for an almost eternal period of time. I have watched as so many have taken advantage of, and spit on my MERCY, at the expense of my seedlings just sprouting their beautiful new souls.

Let this lesson now be understood by all. I hold each of you in my heart as a treasure as I await the growth of your own good and wondrous souls.  

Title:  The Richness of LOVE is to be felt more deeply on Future Service
Teacher:  The Universal Father
T/R:   Amethyst
Date:  April 30, 2022

The Richest of LOVE awaits Many
April 30, 2022

Many, many of my children have been left in this life without the one thing I wanted most for them to experience, LOVE. There are many who would give their right arms, even their lives for ME, but they yet are unable to return the Love I have for them unto Me. You see, Lucifer has taken that one thing out of your world which you need the most. And for that reason LOVE is in very short supply and has been ever since humanity first put their feet upon the soil of the planet.

There are millions who carry this deficit of LOVE while carrying an abundance of desire to serve Me. They know that the answer lies in me. Yet I tell them that even though there is some truth to that, it also lies in great measure with them and thier experience of LOVE. Had Lucifer remained out of this fray there would be but just a few who had this inability to experience LOVE to the fullest. It is for this reason I make you all this promise. For those who fall into this category of my beloved children, I hold in place for you some very special service opportunities that will put you in deep and intimate contact with those who can manifest the greatest loves they can ever experience. These experiences are needed greatly by many on this planet. After the dust begins to settle and they have greater opportunity to make their service choices, they will be given ample opportunity to not only experience this LOVE, but also to find those companions that will accompany then into eternity as their significant others in service.

I bring this transmission to you today because this deficit of LOVE is cause for some of my own to fall into depression due to their inability to feel the LOVE that they so richly deserve. I tell them that soon, in universe time, the calvary does indeed come and their assignments will be so rich with LOVE, they will indeed cry tears of joy in the knowledge and experience of my LOVE for each of them. Very blessed indeed are those who have had those experiences in their mortal lives on Urantia in these times.

When the missions are completed and the pressure lets up, they will be given their very richly deserved rewards that include service deeply steeped in LOVE, service that has never been tainted by, or ever will be, the influences of the rebellion that has caused so much pain intended to be upon them by Lucifer himself.

I give you these words today as as I watch the horizon and as I watch you, I am deeply moved by this need for all to feel my love in many different ways. I tell them all to be strong and finish the very important service that is set before you in your here and now, but know the richest of experiences await you so very soon. I leave you now in my peace and LOVE and we will speak another day.  

Note to Amethyst- Please save this for future reference as it may be placed in your finished project.

Amethyst—Yes Dear Father and thank you for these words.

Threads for New Transmissions / Journaling and Adjuster Communication
« on: March 26, 2022, 12:36:26 am »
Hello everyone. My Adjuster gave this to me a few minutes ago to share with all of you.

This is the Adjuster that indwells Amethyst. I am delighted to know that many of you are beginning your journals. If they are carefully collected and cataloged, they will one day be a tremendous source of information and inspiration for posterity in understanding how the humans of long ago, in their terms, waited, felt, and stood strong on such a sinful world in those days preceding the missions. Much as “The Diary of Ann Frank” has inspired millions of readers to learn how strong those simple humans could be in dire times.

Your entries do not have to be long or wordy. If they capture the essence of what you are experiencing and thinking, just a couple of short paragraphs can be as impactful as  many words. Together these diaries will be very, very, valuable in ages to come when future students will blow the dust from their covers and discover what, for them, will seem to be unimaginable circumstances for any planet to go through.

I want to tell you that a very good time to take a transmission is immediately after writing in your diary. You have already calmed your mind, and have directed your thoughts to spiritual matters of interest and your mind will be more open to receive your Adjuster’s input at that time. I encourage all who do their entries to take just a moment or two after they are finished to pause and connect to Spirit. This will be a helpful way for those of you who are in the beginning stages of transmitting to get more comfortable with it.

Amethyst: I thank Him for these words

Threads for New Transmissions / Honing your Skills for Service
« on: March 17, 2022, 11:06:38 am »
Title:          Honing your Skills for Service
Teachers:   Van the Steadfast and Machiventa Melchizek
T/R.           Amethyst
Date.          March 17, 2022

    This is Van the steadfast, and it gives me great pleasure to speak to all of you through my student Amethyst. She is in the process of assimilating the reasons why her Adjuster asked to retire as a host for the Lightlines. To all things there is a time and season, and she has thus far served very admirably. Years ago she created courses and taught for two years students via the UBIS (Urantia Book Internet School), and she has just completed her two year assignment as a lightline host. What she did not realize until just now is that her initial assignment as a host was pre-planned to last but two years of successful service in that position.
    She is in the process now of receiving snippets of information as to the current assignment she is to complete, and again we expect this new assignment will last about two years as well.
    You all know of my patient service to your planet, and I applaud you all here for yours,  but there truly is a time and season for all things. Machiventa Melchizedek enters now and asks to speak, so I yield the floor to him.
(Amethyst—I pause here as Machiventa Melchizedek enters into the conversation.)

Machiventa Melchizedek:

     Thank you Van and Amethyst. I come in at this point to elaborate on what we are seeing and how the issue can be addressed. Yes there is indeed a time and season for everything. Even though our missions are not macro from the Paradise point of view, they are macro from our prospective and from yours. So try to see our missions as the macro, and your individual service as the micro. That is to say our missions will need specific people in specific assignments, and each of you needs to be schooled and prepared as individuals for your slots within them. This is what we are doing with Amethyst now, and as Van has already told you we expect this to be about a two year process.
    It is imperative that each of you put extra effort into communing with you Adjusters because as we wait, each of you will have unique and different places to serve. In some cases this may take some of your attention from your current duties and put it into areas of learning that you did not see coming. If you should get these messages from your Adjuster, listen and follow, but do stay very close to the forum as this is set up as our hub, so to speak, and it is through the forum that you will continue to grow and serve and we need very much for this to be a growing body with well taught personnel.
    You have demonstrated to us sufficiently your dedication and the time has come for us to tap some of you on the shoulder and say ‘you have things to learn that will better prepare you to fit our needs’.  We  share this also because if you see movement in the arrangement of members, keep what I have just told you in mind and know these changes are not occurring because the interest in the forum are waning. I have said my piece and now hand this back to Van for him to finish.

    Thank you Machaventa and I close this transmission by saying only that each of you have a place waiting just for you as you continue to learn and grow in the areas of service you need to understand better. This is not a time for simply sitting and waiting as there is still much preparation that will benefit not only you, but our missions as well.
I  bid you all a good day. End

Amethyst:  Thank you Van and Machiventa

Hello everyone,
Today's lightline was very short, only about 1/2 hour. In this lightline, I announced that after two years of serving as a Lightline host, I have made the decision to retire. I received warm words from MICHAEL OF NEBADON, CHRIST MICHAEL and JESUS. Adam and Eve came and asked if I am still interested in attending their schools when they are ready, which I expect will be a few years, and of course I told them yes. GABRIEL also spoke to us. I thank them all, as well as all who were on the call today. 
I will still be active on the forum, and I thank Ron for his gracious acceptance of my decision.

Hello everyone,
We have a good Lightline today. Van was our MC. We also heard from THE UNIVERSAL FATHER, Monjoronson, and Bree. Some topics included the need for hosts to begin to provide more revelation and the need to stay away from public demonstrations, among other things. The discussion focused mostly on how the hosts view their role in the larger scheme of things.


« on: February 16, 2022, 04:52:04 pm »
Hello everyone,
Van the steadfast was our MC. We also heard from Amadon, The UNIVERSAL FATHER, the ETERNAL SON, MICHAEL OF NEBADON. TARKUS, Dr. Mendoza, and a census director also contributed. We discussed several different things, including a medical question for Dr. Mendoza, our unique situation as ascenders who are of both the old universe age and the new one, and some clarification about the reduction of time and space in Nebadon as the NUA progresses, among other things. I thank all of those who helped us.

Hello everyone. TARKUS was our MC. We also heard from JESUS, Van the steadfast, the UNIVERSAL FATHER. There was some review regarding the end of the Lucifer rebellion, and its adjudication Feb. 08,2022, and how it affects the rebellion insurrectionists. Things should begin to get easier without them. There was also some discussion about the cabal messing with our computer work. There was some information regarding the clean-up about to take place on Urantia.

Hello everyone,
We had a good discussion. TARKUS was our MC and We also heard from Machiventa Melchizedek and Bylontia. Through Ron we heard from MICHAEL OF NEBADON and THE DEITY ABSOLUTE.

Hello everyone,
Today TARKUS served as our MC. We heard from the TRINITY TEACHER SON, MARGUL. We also heard from Machiventa Melchizedek and Van. I appreciate all who were on the call and the discussion period.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings /
« on: January 20, 2022, 02:34:32 am »
I was just on this website again tonight, and I want to thank Dominick for such a professional and beautiful site. I would be curious to know how much traffic it gets. It is a wonderful window into our forum world

Hello everyone,
This was a very unusual call. We had a great deal of circuitry problems, but we got through them eventually. I thank Ron for his help, as well as Lemuel for his. I thank all of the celestial helpers.

Hello everyone,
Van the Steadfast was our MC. Amadon was there as well In addition, we Heard from CHRIST MICHAEL.   I thank them all and all who attended as well.
The discussion period focused on how we recognize and receive transmissions.

Hello everyone,
It is good to be back on the Lightline. The rest period was a great asset for me. TARKUS was our MC. We heard from him as well as from Van the Steadfast and THE UNIVERSAL FATHER. I thank them all. Here's the link:

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