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It gives me great satisfaction to be able to express here in the Forum, speculating on the "Imminent" coming of Jesus, (the one that I can perceive in the air the certainty of his presence), the following: Being the case that in this second coming, Jesus will appear in fullness of his glory and exhibiting superpowers, and no longer as the son of man but as absolute deity, which must be logically perceived by all Humanity, it is necessary to have a material counterpart through which He can interact with those He consider, for what it will require, to incarnate his spiritual entity in an adult human carrier, duly prepared for that high mission. This is where my speculative mind leads me to think (white it is, chicken puts it and with bread and fries it is eaten), that no one else called for that divine role than our T / R star Ron Besser. To this unprecedented and phenomenal process, I have considered as the Summit Project of Father Michael of Nebadon, our beloved Creator. And I conjecture that all that metamorphosis that Ron has been undergoing, of great sacrifice and suffering, is none other than that of achieving the ideal "tabernacle" for such a lofty and supreme purpose. And thus fulfill a Magisterial Mission with true human participation as planned. By the way, it has been said that Jesus will have a voice similar to Ron's voice. And I remember that another of the purposes of our great Sovereign Michael of Nebadon is to open up the possibility of an order of Ascending Creator Sons. And how I would celebrate that I was right. My apologies to those who consider it an outburst. Thanks

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