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Performing your duties.
« on: September 17, 2021, 02:24:49 am »
Subject: Performing your duties.
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time 17th Sept 2021

Let us continue. 
We teach what we learn, and we learn what we teach, and I, as your teacher
will learn how to best inform you of that which you need at any given time.

Your little group of transmitters here will learn not only the how but also the
where, why, who, and when to be about their duties. Each one of you will 
receive in a slightly different way but it will always be in accordance
with your own and unique way of being. Your personality will shine
through in all that you do and you will attract attention. Not all of which
will be friendly.

You will recall that JESUS chose his APOSTLES for the quality of their
personalities and although they were taught collectively he also saw the need
to spend time with each one, explaining how to use their unique quality to 
their advantage. They were also briefed on the dangerous situations they
would encounter and how to deal with hostility.

WE have come to you to do the same. You are not apostles but you will
be called upon to perform similar duties. The circumstances will not be similar
to theirs of two thousand years ago. You will need to be able to receive
instructions from ME and others, whilst sometimes experiencing extreme
conditions. When the earth trembles and opens up, many will be swallowed
up and there will be terror and panic and people looking to flee for their lives.

 I hope you can begin to see what is in front of us as we continue our journey.
We have just peeped into an extreme scenario but we will expand on that
another time. As I have previously mentioned, our journey is long and there
will be many stops along the way. Not all will be pleasant and joyful and not
all will be ugly and painful.

You are all being prepared to serve FATHER in ways you never imagined.
WE, your teachers have the responsibility to prepare you well and FATHER
will be watching us both. But I have no doubt that you will be up to the mark
 and perform your duties accordingly.

I bid you, Good Day!

Lemuel. Thank you, CALUMNIA