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This Lightline fits this area of transmissions, too.

  • Machiventa as emcee
  • Arthura, presented some aspects of what separates Human from just animal but also Spirit. The role of future-thinking and high-being. Some definition of Democracy. Past-present-future correlating to judicial, executive, legislative branches. Some contrast and comparisons of governments and ideologies of governance. What's not working with the status quo of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness; suggesting the Regency would modify it to Life, Achievement and Pursuit of Soul Growth.
  • Eve & Adam, spoke about the recency of higher mind's biology and neurology, and the need to foster in education. How education is not the Regency but perpetuation of inter-generational attainments.
  • Michael of Nebadon as Creator Son spoke of the Unity of the Universal Father in contrast to the unity call of the Rebellion. Also spoke toward Life, Achievement and pursuit of Soul Growth
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Re: ARTHURA: the Right to Life, Achievement and Pursuit of Soul Growth
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1. 013024 Audio Tape Tuesday Lightline; host: Dominick O.
2. Subjects: Arthura, presented some aspects of what separates Human from just animal but also Spirit. The role of future-thinking and high-being. Some definition of Democracy. Past-present-future correlating to judicial, executive, legislative branches. Some contrast and comparisons of governments and ideologies of governance. What's not working with the status quo of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness; suggesting the Regency would modify it to Life, Achievement and Pursuit of Soul Growth. Eve & Adam, spoke about the recency of higher mind's biology and neurology, and the need to foster in education. How education is not the Regency but perpetuation of inter-generational attainments. Michael of Nebadon as Creator Son spoke of the Unity of the Universal Father in contrast to the unity call of the Rebellion. Also spoke toward Life, Achievement and pursuit of Soul Growth
3. Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Arthura, Adam & Eve, Michael of Nebadon
4. Transcriber: sonsofGod
5. Link To Tape:

Okay, welcome to a Tuesday Lightline everyone. Its 2:01, we're going to get started and I welcome those who've tuned in by phone and by Internet. Let's begin.

We pray for clean and clear circuits and a good tuning in to spirit from the other side. And we thank you for your guidance and words that may come through and we welcome you. Is there an emcee for today?

Machiventa Melchizedek
Welcome everyone this is Machiventa Melchizedek acting as emcee today. We have a packed house and I'd like to take a moment for people to tune in, get comfortable, and listen as best you can. We promise it gets better and more tuned as the Lightline progresses. I am Machiventa, and we start Tuesday Lightline. Our first but not last speakers is Arthura. Arthura proceed.

Yes, welcome Arthura. Its good to entertain you. Welcome.

Thank you Machiventa and thank you transmitter. I am Arthura. It is a pleasure to speak once again.

My specialty if you could say there was one, is the opportunity to speak toward the term: governance. I spoke a few words lately on Lightlines, and I've begun coming through with more and more transmitters, which is most secure. For those of you who have entertained transmitting keep it up and invite me into your living room of your mind.

We can enjoy some personality association and possibly, dare I say, even a laugh or two. But today's Lightline is quite serious, but an entertainment value, nonetheless. Entertainment should be stimulating; it should lead toward growth. Sometimes the fact of disagreement is entertaining in so much as it is stimulating and does when fostered correctly and maturely and with governance, it can and will create growth. It is a mechanism of evolution, but it is also a two-way street evolution, and so there are pitfalls, and so there is need for governance.

Now, let us begin. The animal is different than the human in that the human has spirit, it is created to host and contain and energetically attune to what you refer to and we refer to as spirit. The animal only has spirit to the effect that it has mind, and matter, but it has its limitations in full-fledged spirit growth entertainment, attributes, etc.

You are cut from the same cloth, but you have added ingredients with a potential destiny, a planned destiny to attain spiritual self. The best way to think about, or some of the best ways to think about the difference between an animal or a purely animal versus a human who is also spirit and animal. A devolved human becomes less spiritual, as in less made of spirit, less capable of a tuning into spirit, and thus became to the point of the spectrum of pure animal.

There are lots of traditions speaking to this, but I speak towards one that's pertinent to the way you think today. And that is an animal is more conditioned on the present. Its future thinking is conditioned on more or less DNA and genetic patterns. Whereas the human who we assume is also spirit capable, has this greater mind of future thinking. And what this really is, is a valuation of decisions, whereas the animal is conditioned and it's future toward say, learned cycles of the seasons, and what constitutes predator and prey, or what it needs for survival and procreation. The human thinks about in ways the value of future events and is capable of projecting that, whereas the animal is not.

So, when you see human being stuck in the past that is typically an energy that is stored and possibly stuck. Nonetheless exists, but it exists as an energetic reality in the mind and possibly your body. And when you identify this as sickness it tends to inhibit the ability of the person's forward-thinking nature, not just the predict.

Similarly, the concept of governance does exist in the animal kingdom. And so, you have these hierarchies of governance that constitute the earliest form of human governance. This is the evolution of governance. But as human beings become higher beings, a higher function of governance emerges. You identify this as the term democracy, which crudely represents representative government, or the simple fact that there are citizens who contribute to the governance of both, society and the civilization that emerges to sustain the nations and societies and tribes under some form of unity.

How I can unify this concept with time and governance that democracy also constitutes these three branches, so to speak of the legislative, the judiciary or executive. You can mix those orders up any way you want, there's no particular reason I mentioned any order. You can say executive, judicial, legislative, I don't care, but what you can correlate these bodies to, bodies of governance or branches, is some aspect of time. This isn't a hard and fast rule, but the judiciary, you could say in many ways reflects the past, the legislative the future, and the executive the present.

The judiciary rules on the existing laws, the challenge and adjudication of cases that come before it that must be judged by existing laws that were made in the past, and these cases represent past actions. Whereas the legislative branch comes together and decides what will be spent in the future. In some cases what the country needs to invest in, so to speak through its budgets, and what laws ought to be created so that the future is governed better. And the executive is the present. It is elected to execute the executive functions of the country, which in the past has dealt with immediate effects such as military, security, but basically, marshaling the government into executing what exists in the present.

So, that should effectively begin to define democracy. Democracy is not the simple fact of an election. Elections happen regardless and even in the animal kingdom elections occur, usually through the demise of the leader, the rather ruthless selections. Similarly, authoritarian or non-representative governments, and this is not just true of you could say nonwestern countries, but the philosophy of even the West had this debate about whether governance existed to control the animals, or whether government existed to raise the human condition to better standards and better living that would be considered the social contract. So, speaking of these conditions we have what are considered rights.

What are these inalienable rights of government, or any inalienable rights of you? If you are part of the society, even you are part of the governance. If you are created and your Creator has given you rights, then must you raise yourself above the level of an animal. Pretty basic stuff that you should be able to agree upon. Otherwise, you do not exist and are not eligible to be in the kingdom. You are not eligible to be a citizen in spirit, and you will not be saved as a progressing soul. That is a rather impersonal way of government assessment of you with a personality, so to speak, but setting up the guidelines and guardrails of what governance would look like.

And so, we contrast what democracy is versus what, or compared to what a more animalistic controlling hierarchy is. And so, when we look at the fruits of comparative government on Urantia we look at this conflict between, say communism or socialism versus democracy, or Marxist philosophy versus Russian social contract or Greek philosophy, the West so to speak, or authental, and we marry these competing philosophies with the shared principles of both contentions of the leviathan of government being of a forceful nature to control the animal.

Both these extremes of say communism and democracy, have wrestled with the added element of dealing with the human as either an animal or something greater. Than many deciding the nature of man is evil. Whereas you have competing and emerging philosophies of man as potentially good, given the proper set of governance. And that if they can agree on this, then the government can work within a social framework referred to as a contract that the government exists to serve its citizens and the citizens agreed to serve their government.

And so, now that we've defined this, and we've defined what the government really strives to be or evolves to be with a citizenry that even if it's diverse amongst many nations within it, many tribes, that nonetheless these conglomerations of people exist to be, or rise above and grow a life of mare… of not merely animalistic, but if the higher attributes that constitute a human being.

The philosophies of old still have much power today. In those words, life, liberty, and the pursuit of property changing, transforming into life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All of this has been rather confused and conflated, because of the under writing river of spiritual conflict between those that have rebelled against their Creator in the name of liberty, and the other side of that conflict, which uphold your ascension scheme of life after death, and your spirit endowments and capabilities, and both sides have argued about that, the nature of it, and both sides cannot coexist for much longer and have this planet survive.

Therefore, must you be educated about this conflict when the upholders of the Creator and upholders of your ascension arrive, declare themselves, and see to your governance. In this respect you should be amenable to adjusting these core principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which when dealing with government, and governance has absolutely dealt with property. The conflicts between democracy and communism very much have to do with an attitude about property. You can see in the spirit of man a deadening of the human spirit in these communistic authoritarian apparatus, which never lives up to its rhetoric and is in fact, a propaganda rooted in rebellion.

This is not to sustain the western democracies, of their sins, and their need to adhere to God. I simply make this point as Arthura to sustain the fact that the human being in these more or less nondemocratic regions tend to have the trap of, or danger of, animalistic tendencies. At the very least, the government creates a stagnant pool of evolution, and therefore endangers itself and its own civilization to atrophy and erosion and eventual loss, which, those are the top of the hierarchy while they may enjoy the fruits of being top dog, nonetheless also write their own death warrants in a decaying civilization. Likewise, the West is now in danger of also eating itself. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are no longer sustainable when those pouring through its borders, and those factions within its borders no longer adhere to the principles that espouse those rights as inalienable, or from their Creator.

You are not created for the sole purpose of liberty and happiness in this modern civilization you currently enjoy, and hedonistically pursue, at a non-personal level, I don't mean to judge anyone personally. But the adage that the government provides circus and bread remains true today as the answer to control the animals by providing them a form of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, as long as the government controls you and defining for you what that is. And, so, this brings to a head - if not life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or examining how that attends to property - we submit the following in contribution with you, that we agree there is the attribute of life which should be sustained, and while nature does not necessarily guarantee you right of life, you are unified in the purpose of governance that it forms in its most basic form to sustain your life. And so, we agree with that principle that governance conveys a right to life. They do go hand in hand, but that liberty has a confusing place in the history of this planet, and therefore, should be modified.

You can discuss these, these are not necessarily cast in stone, but there is a dialogue going on. Life and liberty get changed to a form of attainment, which we currently describe as achievement for the purpose of rhetoric, that would be defined in this term as both memorable and easy to say, as opposed to some other word like attainment. So, life, achievement, and we change pursuit of happiness, which previously was pursuit of property, we change this final one to soul growth. Life, achievement, and soul growth. This is the purpose of governance. And under governance your Creator gives you these inalienable rights. And therefore, must the kingdom, this governance periodically - we say epochaly - descend or condescend itself to your ascending souls, and guide and co create your ascension and your evolution, and your governance in this shared and unified universe.

Well, without self-congratulating myself for ending this, I am Arthura. And I remind everyone that if you descend into an animal, you no longer have these inalienable rights, and that if you are a futuristic thinking human who is ascending into spirit, then you have the right to life, the right to achieve, to attain, and the right to grow your soul. And your soul IS the property you take with you. It is the property you are building with your divine mind, a fragment of deity to guide you in both, the present and the future, as we have defined in other Lightlines most recently.

If under these Lightlines you have not developed for your pursuit of what we consider happiness, it is ultimately soul growth, and if you disagree with that and you find yourself with a different philosophy of happiness, then we challenge you to disagree in a manner that helps us educate and grow in the mature disagreement in what we are all ultimately pursuing by joining in governance. Back to your Machiventa.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Thank you Arthura. This is Machiventa, your emcee. Let me burrow into the mind here, do in Dominick. Okay, thank you. We now have Adam. He is here with Eve. Welcome Adam and Eve.

Thank you Machiventa, I'm Adam, and I'm here with Eve, and we speak as one but I get to voice today. I won the coin toss, maybe you will hear from Eve, even today. In fact, I feel like a sore winner. Eve, go ahead and take it. I will speak after.

Okay, Adam, thank you, and welcome Eve.

Thank you, Dominick. Welcome everyone, I'm most honored to speak to the group today and to have my voice heard and my words read in the future. When Adam and I speak as one today is to button up this Lightline in the biology of these principles, so put forth by Arthura for your individual and collective benefit. But that we should educate you in the recency of your biologic evolution to contain spiritual thinking, achieve spiritual levels and grow a robust and happy soul.

The irony, you could say of achievement and soul growth is that there is conflict and struggle. You can say struggle, some define that as conflict, but achievement is not generally satisfying without some sort of struggle to get there. Your mind isn't amenable to learning or identifying things without a story. And a story as your media understands, or any basic media strives to craft is a storytelling feature that typically involves a conflict or a struggle, and a resolution to that. In literary terms, there is a story, a hero or archetype who struggle with climax and resolution, with some achievement to be held.

A good story entails something that has enriched the soul, and you leave that story having attained a little bit of that soul growth through the sharing of that story with another. That's what makes human beings spiritual and not just animal. Is this ability likewise to absorb the evolution of another into their own evolution, which we can define as their soul growth and achievement. The biology then has enabled this is of a literal higher mind that is vulnerable to an older, more instinctual system of neurology and biology that's embedded in 1000s more generations of humans then currently exists with this higher mind.

1000s of generations compared to say hundreds of generations. There will come a day in the future when this fragile Higher Mind is fostered rather than suppressed. And this is something that education can do. This is not necessarily an aspect of the Regency that legislates or mandates this, but then our education and biological intention aims to foster and protect and grow, so that you can work hand in hand, and experience the higher principles of governance that the Regency does mandate and legislate to some effect, in terms of life achievement and soul growth. And I end there. Is there anything you would like to add Adam?

Welcome, Adam.

It is this. Welcome to the group, this is now Adam, adding to what has just spoken and that is the education of your biology and mind does go hand in hand to realizing the principles Arthura put forth with governance. In other words, the highfalutin principles put forth are worthless, if there is no educational apparatus with a purpose and goal of not only educating a current population, but somehow ensuring that these principles of knowledge get passed on from generation to generation, which is really the ultimate goal of sustainment in the enterprises of human beings. That is all. Thank you everyone, and we will speak again. Back to you Machiventa.

Machiventa Melchizedek
All right, thank you. This is Machiventa, let me focus again with Dominick. Let's go to the board. We do have 10 minutes left for today's Lightline. We will consider the time constraints end it with speakers, other than to welcome Michael, our beloved Creator.

Welcome Michael. One moment. I have to plug in my computer, Michael. All right. Go ahead.

Michael of Nebadon
Thank you. I am Michael, YOUR Creator. I wear this title of a capital C and I guarantee or am the guarantor of your inalienable rights, as newly defined as life achievement in the pursuit of soul growth. I am your Creator. Even the rebels recognize me as Creator. The competing unity principles between the rebels and myself as your Creator are the difference in contention of the Universal Father. I have worked to endow you not with inalienable rights, but with the copilot and co-creator of your soul, the Universal Father within you.

You may choose as is your free will ability to try the course of the rebel who contends immortality in a universe without a Universal Father. But you stand for nothing, if so. I submit to you, your soul growth is your pursuit, is your achievement, is your unity, and that it stacks up much better for you to adhere to this truth than the appeals of the rebel, whose unity is only declared in its ability to unify in order to debar US from effectively governing you. That's not a very good principle. And it is a short-sighted reward that entices you with a soul crushing pursuit of short-sighted happiness, animalistic happiness, and so on.

So, I bid you all a good day, and that you know the truth of these things a little better and strive to know that which strives for your good. Thank you. I am Michael. Good day.

Machiventa Melchizedek
All right, this is Machiventa. That concludes today's Lightline. If there are any questions, urgent comments, you can press 5*. We have a few minutes left. Otherwise, we may just end it, but not before checking in with you, Lemuel, or will give you a moment and we will check in on your status for Lightline Wednesday

All right. You're unmuted, Lemuel. How are you?

Yes. Thank you, Dominick. And also thank you for a very interesting Lightline. (Excuse me.) Yes, indeed. I intend to hold my usual Wednesday Lightline tomorrow. Yes. Thank you.

Fantastic, thank you. All right. We thank you Machiventa for emceeing, and we thank the speakers, Arthura, Eve, Adam, and Michael. Thank you, and thank everyone for tuning in, and listening or reading later. Have a great day, everybody. Bye bye.


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