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Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings /
« on: January 20, 2022, 02:34:32 am »
I was just on this website again tonight, and I want to thank Dominick for such a professional and beautiful site. I would be curious to know how much traffic it gets. It is a wonderful window into our forum world

Hello everyone,
This was a very unusual call. We had a great deal of circuitry problems, but we got through them eventually. I thank Ron for his help, as well as Lemuel for his. I thank all of the celestial helpers.

Hello everyone,
Van the Steadfast was our MC. Amadon was there as well In addition, we Heard from CHRIST MICHAEL.   I thank them all and all who attended as well.
The discussion period focused on how we recognize and receive transmissions.

Hello everyone,
It is good to be back on the Lightline. The rest period was a great asset for me. TARKUS was our MC. We heard from him as well as from Van the Steadfast and THE UNIVERSAL FATHER. I thank them all. Here's the link:

Threads for New Transmissions / UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
« on: December 29, 2021, 12:01:51 pm »

Teacher:    BYLONTIA
T/R:           Amethyst
Date:          December 29,2021

Hello, I am BYLONTIA and I come again to you to discuss unconditional love. Most of you see this as something you are already aware of, and wonder why I would feel the need to bring this up to the forum. The truth is that We see that there is plenty of conditional love, but not unconditional. You must learn to see others as God does and love them even if they do not behave or think the way you feel they should. This applies to all your relationships in your circles. 

Do you find yourself being critical of others because they do not do things the way that you do?  Do their shortcomings annoy you?  Do you find yourself trying to correct them and attempting to sway them to your way of thinking and doing things?  Do you subtly think ‘if only they could understand that my way is the better way’, or ‘my views will be to their benefit, if only they would cooperate more’?   If these things go through your mind, I tell you that your love is condition based and you have a blind spot that prevents you from seeing them through the eyes of God. 

This topic has been discussed often through transmissions here and it is time to revisit it. Each transmission will be stated a little differently depending on which celestial is providing the transmission. But the basic points are still the same. I suggest that the next time you are tempted to be critical you need to pause and ask yourself ‘Is this the way God wants me to interact with them?’  Unrelenting criticism will alienate the very people you may need to keep in your circle. It is this kind of thinking that eventually causes rifts in families and tears otherwise wonderful relationships apart. 

I speak to this no longer today as all that needs to be said for now is done. I look forward to a new year for all of you and touching base with you often when the Lightline resume. 

Threads for New Transmissions / Starting Anew
« on: December 27, 2021, 04:31:25 pm »
Topic:          Starting Anew

Teacher:      BYLONTIA

T/R:             Amethyst

Date:            December 27,2021


  I am BYLONTIA, and am related to the Seraphic family, and I actively work with Amethyst as does  Van and Bree. The three of us now are assigned to help her with all she needs to do to continue her growth and help her as she needs. I dwell on Uversa, the capital of Orvonton, Superuniverse number seven.  

The period of rest is about over and soon the Lightlines resume.  It should be a joyous time, but it means you must let go of previous failures, and hope the future can be more productive. It means that you must begin to have a sense of joy in knowing that you are able to share the Voice of God with others and feel a sense of accomplishment. Service should be a joy and not seen to be a burden.  

Some will find solace in His Voice and the voices of His celestial helpers; others see it as strained as a dry throat from medications gives the impression of nerves.  Either way, it takes courage to do a regular Lightline as is evidenced by so many who do not desire to work for it and take them on themselves. So to all of the hosts I give you a hearty Bravo because I know for each one of you who do this on a regular basis have some elements of hesitation, with the exception of Lemuel, who provides them on a regular basis and is a very good example to follow.

So to all transmitters, both experienced and just learning I say to you your efforts ARE appreciated. Forget the criticisms and uncertainty of all that has gone before and keep hope in your heart that they are being well received by both the human listeners and the celestial transmitters.  There is so much for you all to hope for in this new year that is coming and We desire to see happy hearts working well together as you have done so well.  I BYLONTIA, look forward to resuming where we all left off, and hope the attendance remains high as that is necessary for a robust call.

Threads for New Transmissions / The Importance of Spiritual Rest
« on: December 07, 2021, 01:21:40 pm »
Subject:      The Importance of Spiritual Rest
T/R:              Amethyst
Date:           December 07,2021

  Hello to all my forum children.  I am CHRIST MICHAEL and I drop in with this informal posting for you.  It was a wise decision to take a well deserved break from the Lightlines for several reasons. First, we on high make rest a high priority.  It helps us to keep our ‘batteries’ charged and keeps us from getting burnout, which is a very real possibility for all of us, including you. We have all experienced a lot of disappointment in this last year and without good quality rest, the quality of work, both yours and ours, can become  compromised. Also, what is left of the cabal will have fewer targets, and We on high can focus more of our attention on the planet, its population, and the cleanup.

  Now to all of the transmitters, this is a wonderful opportunity to turn your attention from a regimented schedule, to a more relaxed time to put more transmissions on the forum. Some of you have been doing an excellent job on working on both your Lightline and the forum posts. Others of you, especially this transmitter, have not, as the primary focus has been attending to  Lightlines and schedules. For a short time you now have the luxury of doing  transmissions at a time that is convenient and are not pressured to meet a precise schedule. I hope I will see many more transmissions here in the next few weeks.

 As your Father,  I look back on this year, and can give you a hearty ‘well done my children’. We know it has been challenging and difficult, but each and every one of you persevered. But do not be surprised if, when the time comes to resume your Lightlines, you find you are living in a completely different world. A lot can happen in a month and you may find you are living in a completely new reality.  

 I hope you all understand the importance of Spiritual rest. This is something you will always require as long as you live in the time and space sectors of creation. We find  those returning from their seasons of rest, are truly refreshed and eager to pick up their responsibilities with new vitality. So use this valuable season to commune more with your Adjuster and allow Him to strengthen your attunement. The stronger your attunement becomes, the better transmitter you become.

 I leave you for now in my love and remind you that just because you are in a period of rest, you need to remain ever vigilant, for the announcement of Jesus could come at any moment and things can change quickly without any warning. Rest, but remain alert. Recharge your Spiritual batteries and strengthen your bond with your beloved Adjuster. And as always, I am here for you to call upon.


« on: December 01, 2021, 05:00:15 pm »
Hello everyone,
Van the Steadfast was our MC and TARKUS was on hand for Q and A. We also heard from Machiventa Melchizedek, GABRIEL, and MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

Hello everyone,
Our call today was shorter than usual, probably because people are traveling and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Van was our MC. We heard from JESUS, Van, and from MICHAEL OF NEBADON through Elise.

Hello everyone,
Today Van the Steadfast was our MC. We also heard from Power Director #4, CHRIST MICHAEL, and Machiventa Melchizedek through Larry. The topics included earth changes and the concept of 'walk-ins'.

Hello everyone,
Van the Steadfast was our MC.  We heard from Bree who was in phase from Paradise for a group that wanted to discuss the MERCY of the FATHER. We heard from CHRIST MICHAEL,  Machiventa Melchizedek through Elise, and Amadon through Lemuel.  It was an edifying and productive call and I thank all the celestials and callers for their contributions.

Hello everyone,
Today TARKUS was our MC and we heard from him, Van, and MICHAEL OF DOMINION. Most of the discussion focused on the Municipal Universes, their purpose, how they will be administered, and how we might perhaps become involved with them at some point.

Hello everyone,
We had a very good call today with good discussion points. We heard from my Thought Adjuster, CHRIST MICHAEL, Machiventa Melchizedek, and TARKUS. I thank each of them and all who attended the call.  For those unable to attend, I think you will enjoy it.

Hello everyone,
Today we heard from Tabamantia, (Finialiter who was the first agondonter), my Thought Adjuster, Jesus, Machiventa Melchizedek, UNIVERSAL FATHER, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and CHRIST MICHAEL. It was quite interesting and I thank all who participated.

TARKUS was there and Van was the MC. Van and WELMEK provided information on the NUA among other topics.

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