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Lemuel:  It was mentioned on the 2nd Tape on last night´s LLUSA  that the soon

to be published 4th Ephocal Revelation is to be regarded as a continuing of the

Jesus bestowal and that the 5th Ephocal Revelation, (The Urantia Book) is to be

withdrawn with no further publications.

I think this is an excellent idea and makes perfect sense. This will also contribute

to people´s understanding of the need to abandon the UB.

Tape 1 -  Saturday 16 OCT =

Tape 2 - Saturday 16 OCT =

Lightline USA with your host Ron Besser will be held tomorrow Sunday October 17th @ 2pm York time.

until then..
« Last post by Ron Besser on October 16, 2021, 12:46:37 pm »

EVENTUATION - This word is a perfectly good English word meaning something slowly happens to appear.  You might hear it as “he eventually got there after having a flat tire.’  That is the normal idea of eventual, eventuate, eventuation, and all of it parts of speech forms.  But the 5th epochal revelation gives the word “eventuation.” a whole new definition to deal with, and that is what we will discuss here.

The term eventuation in the revelation talks about a reality level we time share babies never experience in our life time on this planet.  The reality level the revelation refers to is the one that takes time and discards it entirely.  People arriving in the reality level after our time reality level are fully finished, and that means at some point we exhaust time experiences to get to them at all.  Time can be perfected and that is the road all of us are on right now.  But when perfected, time is finished, and we no longer need time anymore, and that is why our universe planners decided to provide a step beyond time that has no time, and that eventually leads to more reality levels that take the Master Universe into an Infinite creation.

What our planners did was start a whole new space area to fill in after the time space area finished up.  Time perfection though has a very long way to go in Urantia years to measure it.  Spirit Theorists think time will be all done in a billion more earth years, and that is so far away do not worry about how to look finished in time at least in your lifetime.  Or for that matter, does the planet Urantia last that long to go either?

But what does the word eventuated have to do with all of this?  Time has run out for our present reality as it has become perfected.  Time still exists way back in our old space area, but the next area already exists beyond our wall of galaxies which is  a whole new space area.  Right now that area is totally empty and no life in it yet. But when it does start to get life, it will be for no-timers and not for us to explore.

There are several names given to the timeless space areas including fancy words like “the era of Ultimacy,” or the Absonite reality, and other names quite appropriate at the time of the issue of the 5th epochal revelation we should not always use now.  That’s because there has been a disaster of a wreck that happened and the one who was to create the place of Ultimacy or the Absonite (as it is also called), quit developing and has withdrawn from the scene entirely.  That makes just who gets assigned to the next reality a little dicey, but whoever and whatever that might be in person, they will experience timeless existences.  We do know this:

What did time do to get finished so well it can pass everything over to the next reality?  Simply put as best I can explain it, why time can do this is because time has settled all of the time problems with satisfactory solutions.  It has become perfected.  That also means that the space and planets in time are no longer blowing up or colliding and galaxies all have their place to spin in without hitting somebody else, and all the humans in time live a God-centered life and live long and prosper.  The is called the end of time and the perfection of time.  In its own way it is a time Paradise.

The absonite produces beings something like our human order I am told, who among other things, have absonite problems to solve, or just timeless problems that are mostly familiar to our time creation which solved them.  We solved with solutions to the causes of civil unrest, and relationship problems, and how to balance our finances and poverty well eliminated, and so on.  What the next reality looks at is how we solved them, and then says to God, “time solved these things for people living in time, but they did not solve them fully for spirit led individuals who are already born in spirit.  How do we get to do that?”  

There is your first real big difference between time and no time life.  We timers start without any idea of God and any idea there are ways to work miracles out with God to solve really pressing issues that can even kill us if we do not solve them.  In the no time areas, they already start with physical bodies, true, but they also have ten times the mind we timers do amd they figure out early on that spirit has excellent resources to undo spirit problems they have to deal with.  The new reality beings are so well tuned to God they can speak to Him almost at once and actually get an answer back.

What then does that have to do with eventuated?  This:

Those new personalities with the big brains and investigation skills we do not have, are given assignments by their Sunday School teachers, (assuming they have lessons in the elementary and primary education who teach this stuff we have to wait for a church to do it– or sort of), and they are given an assignment to look at problems we had in time.  

To do that they have to pray and meditate and learn to transmit and learn to hear other voices we do not in our time creation, and then are assigned a life long problem to offer no time solutions for.  They must do that by pulling down from the spirit archives what time did, and they eventually (through eventuated actions) get the full outline of all the steps time did to get an answer for how time did it.  They must work most of their life personalizations on it, and then report to their gurus what they solved and how they solved it.

God takes the solution they come up and matches it with the time ways of doing it too.  If it is original enough to be unique compared to the less savvy time did to solve it,  they are rewarded to go to heaven in a special draft of resolving problems without God having to tell them how to do it, and that automatically takes the no-time person and assigns him to being a second stage spirit at once.

Let us look at the philosophy of the term eventuated.

Eventuated can be described as REMOTION.  That is the simple word motion and you know what that is, and RE in front of it means to do it again since it was once done in motion by time.  Only they are no-time beings and they can see into how the motions time did to the problem and how time minds put the solution into a motion of solving it the time way.  The problem with the time way so often is it does not see deeply into the idea of the absonite (super spirit) ever.  The term absonite gets applied to eventuation because the no-time being has to play it over and over and over again until it is part of their minds almost.  The term absonite applies to the mind function in a no-time being which can take the riddle of how time did it.

Let me give you an example.  Time minds take little steps to solve a problem and that is usually with logic steps.  Logic goes like this: “If this is true then the next step has to be this.”  That is logic at work.  But no-time being do not have logic as all they have is the replay of how time solved it, and what the no-time mind does then is to take some  insights from the Deity Absolute (the infinite potential of all solutions in this case), and presses them into the outline steps time used.  Where there are differences between what the time agenda shows and what the mind of the no-timer finds, there it stands for all to see because we have now have an absonite mind solution never seen before.  God already knows it, but no-time beings are experiential and God is not entirely any of that at any time or future no-time.

The term “absonite” describes a new mind type.  Absonite also describes the lack of time using a mind of no-timers to see into greater pieces of the Infinity pie, and then serves that piece of Infinity for all to use, including the old time universe still in existence.  

The meaning of the prefix “ab” means “with” and now look at the text “sonity” You already know what that means but cannot put it together well because it is such an unfamiliar use of the word “son.”  The “ity” added to any word, means “like” in this case “like the Son.”  Suddenly that word should sound something familiar to you now, for the no-timers appear, not as being born, but they appear to parents much as a magician suddenly reveals the dove out of a hat.  The 5th epochal revelation does not dare tell you that mostly they never had Harry Potter explain such things . . . Okay, okay, either do we for that matter, but as we go up the chain of new realities to live, more and more God offends no one with tiny little steps to put new people on a planet or so, but God goes much more direct to produce offspring through spiritual matters.

These new no-timers use absonite mind (i.e. of the mind of the  Eternal Son remediation design), and they must use the Eternal Son to criticize the work they do with  cosmic absonity  using remotion of the old time problem to eventuate Ultimacy solutions.

We now understand that the absonite is an Eternal Son mind technique.  Our Thought Adjusters use it with us sometimes to test just how well we are doing since we humans will attempt to be helpers with the time-space Creator Sons, who have the job of establishing the appearance of the new no-timers to find a home when they appear, as I say it, out of a hat to be with their parents.  All who are these new no-time beings are invisible to our eyes in time, sorry to say, and I doubt if they will ever understand how we lived such sequestered lives almost entirely without God in so many parts of growing up we have to do.

I see no reason to go into their religious upbringing, but the will not have Son Bestowals like Jesus provided us on Urantia.  They will likely have someone like our own MICHAEL OF NEBADON, tell them about it.  Although,we may have a Bestowal of the Eternal Son in the Absonite realms of Eventuated Beings and Perfections.  It is impossible to predict.     

That concludes these definitions.  I summarize them for your now:

1 - Eventuated - Refers to life and problems of no-timers who become more real as they solve spiritual pro blems with old time solutions and re-solve them for high spiritual applications;

2 - Absonite - An Eternal Son mind bestowal on no-time personalities which sees the superpersonal means to solving big problems better with high spirit too;

3 - Remotion which I think is a better term than eventuated, but eventuated is the appearance of a full solution and the process they use to do that is to use absonity.  Remotion takes the idea of replaying the old idea for a new idea; eventuation is how the answers appears in pieces and finally are total when the process is done.

TRANSLATIONS / 16.10.2021 – O obecnej sytuacji
« Last post by Andre_P on October 16, 2021, 09:31:39 am »
Link do wiadomości po angielsku :
Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat :.Co się dzisiaj dzieje, jeśli cokolwiek / 15 PAŹDZIERNIKA 2021 – ZMIANA  LIGHTLINE, PRAWDOPODOBNE  ANULOWANIE
« 15 października 2021 r., godz. 15:01:08 »

(Urywki z tej wiadomośći)

15 października 2021

To jest temat dla tych, którzy śledzą ogólne debaty na tym forum, więc wątpię, żeby ktoś nowy zrozumiał wszystko, o czym tu mówię.

Po pierwsze, rozmawiałem z MICHAŁEM NEBADOŃSKIM, Stwórcą życia ziemskiego i główną głową naszego duchowego rządu o tym, jak duch współdziała z ludźmi na Ziemi.

Po drugie, jesteśmy stale w zasadniczej sprzeczności z duchami powstańczymi na tej planecie. Zapewniam was, że nie są one biblijną ideą diabła, ale są niekończącym się utrapieniem w robieniu czegokolwiek naprawdę na tej planecie, ponieważ w pełni przeszkadzają w przeprowadzeniu i zakończeniu tego, co duch chce ustanowić na naszej Ziemi. Klika lub powstańcy, jak niektórzy ich nazywają, to zbuntowani serafini, którzy w większości nie wiedzą, na co się pisali, ale są jak komary wokół głowy, gdy próbuje się pracować i gdy się pracuje. Uważam, że są totalnym utrapieniem i codziennie na nich wrzeszczę.

"Tu MICHAŁ NEBADOŃSKI. "Dalej wyjaśniamy, że wszyscy z nas są zmęczeni na śmierć ingerencją. Są oni teraz usuwani w trybie dortaźnym, bez wyjaśniania i to miażdży niektórych z nich tak bardzo, że wątpimy, czy pożyją bardzo długo w każdym razie.
France LIGHTLINE Tapes and Comments Your Host Clency / Re: October tape
« Last post by Clency on October 16, 2021, 03:44:31 am »
TYLER, the permanent MC for LLF, introduced RAYSON who talked about the failed 1O/11 meeting, followed by MACHIVENTA and MONJORONSON who both entertained the group with encouraging words.
Here is the link to the recording. The next session will be held on Friday 22/10/2021, at 8pm local time.
Welcome to all.
Hi Clency,
Thank you for starting this thread. Thank you Ron and Rayson for the explanation. 
I actually went online immediately I saw the words "Star thrush" and all that was or is 
there is the bird species that goes by that name,Thrush. Interestingly one of them likes storms. 
Thank you. God Bless.

Love and Blessings,
Hi Sue, Just redefine broadcast a little.  I use the term at times to mean anything that sends out a frequency in the spectrum of frequencies we use for television and radio and cell phones and those frequencies that are also far above  that spectrum as well.  No one is sending a pulsar sound as that is all natural generation, for the pulsar is by its natural designed to turn itself on and off within and sometimes they sound out in the area our own media broadcast spectrum sometimes much above it sometimes much below it. b The pulsars reported by Clency seem to be in a range Australia can pick them up with computer monitoring equipment.  Just adjust the definition of broadcast to mean anything that sends a signal out, man made or nature made.

The term RAYSON used "star thrush"  may be named after the call of the bird called the thrush just to name something that sends out a call.  The pulsar is no bird but a dead sun that has gone blank and for some reason speeds up super fast in revolutions on its axis, and for that reason it emits a high frequency sound which pulses at odd intervals and nobody really understands what triggers the sound.  Star Thursh is a call phenomenon nesting deep in the woods of a star field and we can pick the sound up if we run across it when it opens up.


"STAR THRUSH Clency is a star like a pulsar which gets its pulse amplified by adding its broadcast to the pulsar start nearby broadcast and the signal becomes variable because it is two stars broadcasting at the same as one broadcast on earth." End Quote.

How can a star that pulsates broadcast when there is no intelligent humans/aliens involved? Is it to do with the clash of energy burst and causes it to force energy waves out as a signal to earth?
General Discussion / Re: THE WILL OF THE FATHER
« Last post by occerpa on October 15, 2021, 03:26:58 pm »
Thank you very much PJammer for your words of praise to me as a doctor. In this profession (or practice) of General Medicine, we get more used to criticism, reproach and ingratitude, that a compliment of that nature like the one you have given me that is strange to me. In fact, all the merit I transfer to Sai Baba to whom I owe for having been able to reach the understanding of man as a UNIT, where the body, which is where we concentrate in our studies and professional practice, the greatest attention and our greatest efforts, remains. in the background, because if it is true that while we are packaged in this leather sack, of animal heritage, we must know its laws and regulations as well as possible to take advantage of all its extraordinary potential, for nothing should we forget for a moment, that our true nature is divine, without question.
I want, now that PJmmer put as a challenge to me, that there must be a knowledge that can be reached, that allows us to overcome the disadvantages of old age and to be able to refute that label that the years do not come alone, I can tell you that I am in that and I believe that in the short time that I have been putting into practice some measures that must be naturally concentrated in the mind, I can say that if it is possible among those who believe that we always have God near, within, around, above and below us everything it is possible, taking into account that maxim of Sai Baba that says: "There is no one more powerful than the one who has God as an ally." The fact is that in less than a month, despite the fact that I suffered a fall with a fracture (without verifying Rx), of a rib, I have learned to ride inline skates that I thought I took as an almost impossible challenge; but as I have said with the practice of "Concentrate on what you do, with your mind fixed on God" (SAI BABA), I was able to achieve it; naturally, you cannot think that I plan to develop a level of ability of a young person, but the mere fact of being able to maintain myself and walk with stability on these skates, I think it is very significant, that we can rescue reactions and reflexes that we have long stopped putting to test. For conforming to that slogan that the years do not come alone but with a series of diseases and ailments must be reassessed. But the fact is that I wanted to start with something very difficult, and the process to go through that you can even regain muscle mass. In my case, as I eliminated animal proteins long ago, the recovery of strength and muscle mass is less noticeable and slower. But I think we can show that sarcophagia in old age can be stopped. I remind you that in the normal planets that never suffered the double failure of Urantia, the life perspective is 500 years, generally dealing with the same genetic code of origin, I believe that by being able to align ourselves with that divine power that dwells within us , if possible, live a life of more productive years. Everything said so far, only speculatively and respond to PJammer's concern that has put it as a challenge. Thank you very much once again PJammer I have no better words to thank you than to tell you as Moses says: MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
This is the PJammer´s quote:
 "I suspect you also know there are ways to place our Faith in Spirit that can enhance and rejuvenate our health"
OCTOBER 15, 2021

This is a subject for those who follow the general debates on this list so I doubt a newbie understands everything I speak to here.

First I have spoken to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, the Creator of earth life and is the principle head of our spirit government as it pertains to how spirit interacts with people on earth.

Second, we are perpetually at principle odds with the insurrectionist spirits on this planet.  They are not the Biblical idea of the devil I assure you, but they are an endless nuisance to getting anything really done on this planet as they fully interfered with things to be carried out and finished insofar as what spirit wishes to implement new on our earth.  The cabal or insurrectionists as some call them are rebel seraphim who mostly do not know what they signed up for but they are like gnats around your head while one tries to work and while you work.  I find them a total nuisance and yell at them daily.  They never really get the hint as they are unable to speak English.

Third, I use this informal way to speak to members when I know something is changing or about to change and we have another change coming I am really glad to know about and here that it is being done.  It is this:

The trial we have been having to present our 7 days a week LIGHTLINES, and those are meetings you dial into with your telephone or turn on streaming when se schedule a Lightline to be heard.  those meetings speak to the change spirit wants to make and lessons spirit wishes to be learned and verbally spoken as a universe broadcast through the voice boxes of humans so trained to be transmitters.  We are live radios for anything they wish to speak as we are ble to speak at the same time spirit does to inform us of changes or lessons.

The new decision recently was to let LIGHTLINE alone again and present it as we always do, and that is with an MC, a Masters of Ceremonies from spirit speaking through a Transmitter, and then presenting the various spirit personalities wanting to tell you something.  It works well and is uncomplicated enough anyone can listen and get the whole idea being spoken to without a lot of explanation. 

In the past we were instructed to allow room for changes to the LIGHTLINE idea of transmitting it and speaking as though we needed to change the entire address, but the highest spirit in the universe now wishes the LIGHTLINES to stay as they are and just vary the news and infractions of policy changes humans must be aware of to understand what happens next, usually.   Today, MICHAEL OF NEBADON reveals is that a Board which oversees most of the activities on earth decide to stop sending out everything they did in the past and concentrate on those programs which actually work.  LIGHTLINE  is among the activities they feel must continue to work and I very glad to report they are adding some muscle into it to make the LIGHTLINES more visible.  I am not sure how to do that but I think it is a good idea.  So for now we sit back and continue to work as we have and hope it is not suddenly removed as they were getting ready to change the process.  Just what that was I never knew and now we do not have to worry about it either.  

Here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, not safely back on Salvington to do catch up work he let alone while on Urantia.  He is to return to Urantia tomorrow I am told.

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and I welcome Ron sitting down and asking for a transmission to keep you all informed.  I returned to Salvington late afternoon Ne York time on Urantia.  As we need to state now and then without a lot of fanfare we are ready to cull Urantia even more than we have but that also cuts into my staff as it turn out.  Let us all pray I have something to work with by the time I arrive back on Urantia in a fortnight and that is two weeks who do not know the English word.  For that reason we must adjust poor Ron out of his misery and that is being attended to today after a horrible morning of the material body not responding to the need to get up and do the human work he continues to do very well in spite of our fooling around.  

"We further explain that all of us are tired to death of interference and they are summarily removed now without explanation and that crushes some of them so bad we doubt they live very long anyhow.  In any case I say good day to all of you and let you know no new revisions to Lightline and we want to add to the schedule more Lightline if we can ever find human transmitters who do not want to be little kings which Ron will not tolerate as he says you work for all and not for your own gold king of the hill you love so much.  k"


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