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In response to Ron's post about problems with transmitters of other groups I was pondering if Spirit would set a written standard of conduct for transmitters in order to receive transmissions. Since each transmitter representing the Divine Missions, this would be necessary regardless of divisions and misunderstandings of the current parties and groups. It would likely take care of the problem somewhat, for true solution will only come out of the heart. 

These were my initial thoughts but by the end of finishing this post I concluded, just forget it. It is a grievously sad fact on Urantia that even the few followers of Jesus who desire to do the Father's will, who called by His name to be sons and daughters of God, are in conflict due to fostering ignorance, pride, arrogance and superiority. How then could we expect the world to come to the Light if our light is dimmed by our own willful actions? “Our” does not include Ron here, for he made all the effort to reach out, but points in general to all true believers. 

Then I read some of Daniel Raphael's writings to which PJammer posted links on the forum and see things in a different light about him, why he has not responded to Ron's invitation. Surely, he has been impolite in case of conscious denial to respond and that I contribute to some hidden pride and feel of superiority, but what is the assurance that Daniel had not overlook the email as we all receive too many from unknown sources? Regardless of the cause, the apparent underlying reason of non interest is that Daniel Raphael considers himself a leader and co-creator on a mission. I am sure that he would not want to partake in any other activities; rather he is gathering people under his own leadership to form groups for reformation. He has published and continues publishing large volume of articles and books that I would say must keep him very busy. 

They are concerning sustainability and social reformation, somewhat under the leadership of Machieventa Melchizedek from whom he receives transmissions, but many of his publications are written not as direct transmissions but in his own words and ambition while managing websites to gain readership, prompting them to action and for support. He might feel that everyone whom he makes contact with should come under his leadership to form one of these groups while calling for unity under his own umbrella and sees this to be pivotal time to begin practicing change. By all means he means good, unlike Urantia Foundation that also pushes their own agenda alone while willfully harden their heats against Ron and his activities. Nowadays giving care is often conditional to potential gain, while some people are just cruel in the world in survival mode. I am not trying to clear Daniel's position unknowingly, only give the benefit of a doubt of previous opinions. Here is a quote from his bio: 

"Covid-19 has given hundreds of millions of democratic citizens the opportunity to step into the cultural leadership vacuum of “the new normal” with the alternatives that are presented in these papers." You may read the rest here: Daniel Raphael - Biography (

In conclusion, maintaining a friendly network of 'change agents' would be an innate criteria to bring change, and I believe the coming hardship will shape and form people's heart to give up on self centered ambitions and truly care for the needs and feelings of others.  Everything is subject to change now and the above suggested written standard of conduct will be written in the hearts of survivals, if any. 

I also see that Spirit cannot convey the same message to each representative, rather each group have to have their own area to be effective in. Viewing Daniel Raphael’s goals it would not help a tittle to draw him into receiving transmissions on brewing earth changes or taxing Universal events. His activity is for the time that we truly face the demands of sustainability.

This makes Lightline unique all the more. Switching the subject to ask a question, I am still struggling with knowing the Father's intention on publicizing the news about earth changes that I began last year upon agreement, but the great attack on my computers and activities put a halt to it. Can I continue posting select messages on YouTube specific to earth changes to inform or warn the public? I would extract parts of Lightline unaltered with minimal introduction to give the date and instruction how to hear the whole message. We would have few hundred listeners at first, and while I understand the delicacy of the problem of potentially creating panic; this would be too small of a drop in the ocean to cause a ripple effect. Yet it would create some awareness to Lightline and we were instructed not to do that. Therefore I feel that our Celestial family members are not in perfect agreement in these matters. It appears to me that the subject has not been discussed between Father, Michael and Machieventa to take the same stand, and due to that I am receiving mixed messages. Please advise, Ron. Thank you.

God bless you all, 

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Re: Conduct of transmitters, question about Disseminating information
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Thank you SonsofGod for your good points in this post that you have shared. 
Truly appreciated. God Bless.

Love and Blessings,