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« on: October 13, 2021, 05:45:28 pm »
This transmission came before the one I post minutes ago.



 Transmitter: René Durán.
 October 12 2021, 1:48 AM.
 Phoenix AZ.

 "I am THE CIRCLE OF INFINITY, contacting the scribe again to continue our dictation at new levels of acceptance, it is without a doubt an achievement, the one that they are achieving, the one that the representatives of Urantia are conquering by being able to listen to these distant voices. .

 "We are those of the CIRCLE OF INFINITY, perfectly qualified to direct the most difficult tasks that have ever imagined, I AM THE UNQUALIFIED ABSOLUTE and it is through these words that we make ourselves known in the Sphere of Urantia.

 "It is for no apparent reason that we are directing all of our energy to be heard with an empowered voice, for what we have to say is going to take our hat off to many of those unbelievers, lacking in faith that always abound in any typical Urantia society.
 I AM THE UNQUALIFIED ABSOLUTE, for today we have the verification of the promise that had been made to them, 'Rayson's scheduled visit', it did not have to be for reasons unknown to humans and that for those of the celestial family are insurmountable obstacles .
 The issue of credibility will once again be an obstacle that we will have to overcome.  Some of you have kept your attention constantly focused on that fact for the simple reason that never in your existence has there been a gesture of materialization by representatives of The Isle of Paradise.
 We are not trying to justify the unjustifiable.
 Here on The Island of Paradise it is like getting up to pick up a pencil that slips from your hands and happens again, our purpose will always be to edify, build, contribute to the development of the most outstanding souls and wills on Urantia;  it is that each of the dwellers represents an achievement in the crystallization of Free Will on Urantia.

 "Now let me verify that what we are talking about makes sense, some on Urantia will establish a record that has never been established before and that is that when the time comes they will not be giving notice that they have a visitor at the door and this happens on many occasions, when promises remain. We have spoken in different tones if you have realized, with the purpose, not to justify that Rayson was not present, for those of the CIRCLE OF INFINITY it will be easy to start another round of conversations that will raise the spirit of cooperation that is he had managed, however, it would be in his fighting spirit to restart another round of talks.

 "I AM THE ABSOLUTE DEITY, conversing again through this scribe and as it is one of my main attributions to 'forecast the future through the lines of probabilities', we make it clear that this will continue to happen until the moment is achieved' suitable 'for crystallization.
 "Jesus the Christ, is the living proof of this expression and which is a phenomenon tested and re-tested multiple times, we have seen lately the apparitions that he has made and that has not been recognized by any of those who have happened right to his side, that proves this is not the time.

 "I AM THE ABSOLUTE DEITY, hinting that there will be other possibilities in the near future for all to witness.

 "I AM THE ABSOLUTE DEITY leaving this contact for another time."

 Thank you CÍRCULO DE LA INFINITUD for contacting me.