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Lightline for Wed. October 13,2021
« on: October 13, 2021, 06:47:19 pm »
Hello everyone,
We heard from TARKUS on universe unity and we heard from Van as well. 
Also I am reposting a video under the artistic category on fractals that I posted a couple of years ago, as TARKUS used the example of fractal designs as part of his discussion on the unity between math and beauty as part of universe unity.

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Re: Lightline for Wed. October 13,2021
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2021, 01:53:18 am »
Hello everyone here is the transcription for LLUSA/EU for Wednesday 13th October 2021.

Elise: Hello everybody. This is LLUSA/EU on Wednesday October 13th 2021. This is Elise SophiaVeronica. I am opening this call and welcome you all and thank you for joining. I will turn this over now to your host Amethyst to lead us to the MC and hopefully other celestials who wish to speak to us today. So Amethyst if you would please take this.

Amethyst: Ok thank you so much Elise. I welcome each and every one of you. I’m glad you’re here. I want to start out with a short prayer.
Beloved Heavenly Father, we thank you so much for this opportunity to gather together and to hear your voice. We ask for clear channel and accurate information. We thank you for the blessings that you provide us and we thank you for the most wondrous Thought Adjusters that you have provided to dwell within us. It helps us to stay close to thee always. Thank you.  Amen.
Ok we have two here. Tarkas is here and Van as always is here with me and I thank them both for being here. Tarkas would like to give the first transmission.

Tarkas: So. This is Tarkas and today I focus on a lesson that is unrelated to our mission to give us all a short respite from the tension. Today I want to expand on the lesson Jesus gave you Saturday on Light and Life. If you recall light equals knowledge and life equals love. It was explained to you how knowledge and love need to be in balance. And very often, on young planets these two are out of balance. Today I want to expand on this by showing you the relationship between Light and life and the concepts of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

How many times did the Urantia Book mention Truth, beauty and goodness? Too many to count. Truth is knowledge, is it not? Goodness is Love, is it not? Truth gives you the information and goodness displays Goodwill and affection.
But how does beauty fit into this? Beauty is the inspiration that propels the soul to Divine goodness. Beauty connects the information with the goodwill creating Universe unity. Beauty starts out with science. A good example is fractals. They are geometric designs of beauty. For those of you unaware of fractals, I suggest it is well worth your time to search the internet for images and you will be blown away by their beauty. Look carefully at how the designs are geometrically precise.
But first it is the need to start with mathematics and geometry which are combined into arrays of astounding beauty. So truth, beauty and goodness provide the link that connects Light and Life. They are intertwined aspects of Universe Unity.

The world around you is fractal. Snowflakes and frost patterns on a windowpane are fractals. Trees and the veins in their leaves are fractals. Spiral seashells are fractals. The scale changes but the designs do not. Sometimes even the complexity of crop circles are fractals and are expressions of beauty and it is clear that this beauty stems from geometry.
It is no easy task to create fractal designs and only those very good at mathematics are able to do them justice. I share this with you first to inspire you to learn more about them because in doing so you can get a glimpse of how the Creator designs His worlds. I also want you to understand that spiritual Science involves so much more than particles.

The mind needs to also see how the particles combine into atoms, then molecules which then flow into elaborate and exquisite designs. Even lightning itself is a moment of fractal art flashing in the sky. There are no limits to the uses of Science and Technology and the more you understand it at the Universe level the more you can co-create true beauty. Wouldn’t it be exciting to one day create a design for an exquisite flower never seen before? How neat would it be to construct a hummingbird's wings that are unique and express your own interpretation of beauty?
Amethyst struggles with understanding things such as particles, Electricity and some of the most basic scientific concepts but she does recognize beauty when she sees it. And beauty springs forth from science. Without particles there can be no flora or fauna. There can be no landscapes and shorelines. There can be no sunrise or sunsets.

So I want to leave you with the understanding that one day being a co-creator even on a small scale requires that you must begin with the basic structures of matter. It is no small abstract exercise but needs to be understood. This is a very simple and basic lesson. I provide no difficult Concepts here. I only bring to your attention that Universe Unity requires you be educated in many different disciplines of training so that you are able not only to contribute to your particular area of expertise but also contribute to Universe Unity.
I bid you a good day and look forward to the times when we have the freedom and the leisure to develop these concepts more with you. But first things first. Let us put our focus on the healing of this planet. Urantia is one of the most beautiful ones there is and we must tend to her needs. I bid you a good day.

Amethyst: This is Amethyst and I thank Tarkas for his words and his helping us understand more the concepts of Universe Unity. It does help me. I hope it helps you. Now Van is kind of standing next to me here chomping at the bit because he wants a chance to say a few words to this group.  

Van: Hello everyone. This is Van and I am truly pleased to speak with all of you today. I'm going to go over something that we have talked about many, many times but I have to keep making sure it stays in the forefront of your mind. And that is preparation for emergencies. You've had it so much.
Make sure you have plenty of water, food, gasoline in the tank of your car or your vehicle. Provide yourself with as much as you think you need to survive for several weeks.

Your planet is truly in Dire Straits right now and I'm not even talking about the geological problems such as the tectonic plates or the core at interior. I am talking about the instability of the governments and civilization on your  planet. Never, never have I seen so much disarray confusion. Your planet is on the brink of a total meltdown. The Citizens are becoming truly upset because the leaders that they have elected are not doing their jobs. The supply chain of products and services is very dicey at best. I’m sure you’ve all heard on the news about the backup of cargo ships that cannot be unloaded and distributed. People are not doing their jobs. Jobs are going unfulfilled and Civilization is suffering as a result of it.

Stock up on things while they are available. You may be going back to the days of when you may not be able to get toilet paper. Simple things like that. So keep these things in your mind as you shop and as you go about each day because what I see as I look at your planet is not pleasant. It is not pleasant at all.

You think of me as having a lot of patience because I spent 250 thousand years waiting to be released from Urantia and in those days I was patient but you need to understand that in those days, Amadon and I could remove ourselves from the most dangerous parts of the planet. You do not have that luxury. There is no place for you to go to find peace because everywhere you go there are still people there that are angry and there is no peace. I do not know if I could have the patience as a human on your planet as I did all those years ago.
With you I too feel a great deal of disappointment. Ron has posted correctly that a lot of this delay is caused by diplomacy. Making sure that everything is in done prior to taking extreme and drastic measures. Now I am a Finaliter and I’m here on earth to serve this planet which I love so dearly but I like you have so many questions.

Do the ones in charge of helping this planet understand that further delay could cause the actual demise of the planet? I don’t know. Do they care? I don’t know. I truly wonder with all of you how this is going to unfold and if the cavalry will arrive on time. You need not worry about yourselves in the long run because Father knows all and He has you in His care. But as I look at the planet and you look at the planet and as Ron looks at the planet, I see which you see and I do find it so troubling. And I implore those who are in a position to get the ball moving, please do so soon.

Humans are humans and humans can only take so much. So I implore the powers-that-be to send help to Urantia soon and I believe I speak for you as well. This is all I want to say right now. I just wanna let you know I love Urantia. I love her inhabitants. I love you on the forum and it pains me to see so much pain and suffering and delay. That's all I want to say right now. I stand back and give this to Amethyst.

Amethyst: Well. Van I do thank you for your words and you do speak for me as well when you sound the alarm as you have and I do hope along with the others here that we will get some relief soon. So thank you Van.

Van:  You’re welcome Amethyst. I see no one else here. It is a very slow news day and so because it is a very slow news day I’m going to turn this over to Amethyst in the hopes that there can be a good discussion that follows.

Amethyst: This is Amethyst. I think what I’m gonna do later; It might even be tomorrow when I get the chance. I have a video of some fractals. I posted it once before. A couple of years ago before and for those of you who are interested, if you wanna take a look at it, it’s ten minutes. I certainly don’t expect that you’d spend ten minutes watching it. All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes and you’ll understand what it is but if you look at the geometric changes and the size of the designs you’ll understand more how geometry fits into beauty.

And also you will understand at least my concept of Infinity because the video starts out in the middle of what's transpiring and it ends before it stops showing you what's going on. In other words it's just a snapshot in time. All that you’re watching has gone before and all that you’re watching will go on afterwards. I think when you see the video you will understand more what I’m talking about. Valerie is with us. Welcome Valerie. And so we have a small group today. We’re up to nine and that's fine because like I said it is a very slow Newsday. (I hear…My dog is snoring in the background and he's really loud. I hope that is not coming through on this tape.)

I am picking up here that Lemuel may have a transmission from Jesus. I’m not sure if I’m picking that right or wrong. Lemuel do you have a transmission from Jesus?

Lemuel:  No Amethyst. No. Not at the moment. I’m not receiving anything at the moment.

Amethyst: Ok alright. Ok. Well while I have you unmuted do you have any comments or anything?

Lemuel: Well I mean obviously the thing that is on everyone's mind I suppose still today is what did not take place yesterday. And we all have different reactions mostly we’re all disappointed of course that goes without saying but we are all different and we are affected in different ways. I personally I’m very personally fickle about these things. I take it with a pinch of salt but Que Sera Sera if it happens it happens if it doesn't it doesn't .But at the same time emotionally yes I am involved and I’m disappointed but at the same time what we received yesterday from Jesus, the words make sense of course.

And it's also true to say we've been here many times before of course but yesterday was particular in the fact that it never happened before for a Paradise Son to actually just appear in Ron’s room so to speak for an important parcel of documents naturally. That really is historic. But I'm sure it will take place. I'm convinced that it will take place but what I wanted to say was how quickly you can recuperate our norm so to speak. ...we are so experienced by being knocked down and you know. Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves up again. It's not the first time that this  has happened and I suppose every time it does happen we become more used to it But I don't want us to think that we will ever become blasé about things. I mean I have just admitted the fact that I'm very philosophical about these things not just since I’m here on Serara forum but all through my life.

And so what else can I say; if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't it doesn't but the main thing is of course  if we have like as I have, happy to say, a very strong and concrete and conscious relationship with my indwelling Beloved Father fragment, well for me that's the most important of all. And that's it. Ok Amethyst. Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok I think one thing that frustrates me is that sometimes I wish that information would be withheld from us. If it's not gonna happen does that make sense? It seems like time and time and time again we are told one thing and it doesn't happen. Then we are told another and it doesn't happen. And I think, well you know, wouldn't it be better just not to tell us? You know so that we wouldn't get our hopes up and you know.  How many times can we be told something then not have it happen. Then not get Cynical after a period of time …we don't get to the point where we say, “OH yeah we’ve heard that before. “You know that's the part that bothers me.

Lemuel: Well if you remember I did a transmission on this some time ago to the fact that they obviously want, our celestial family wants to share things with us and to keep us informed but I also criticized the fact that there is no need to say you know in six weeks or next week or whatever it is. Just to tell us something that's on the table and not to mention time. But at the same time, I mean I don't want to criticize Ron. I mean he's a wonderful person. I mean he’s unique and he gives it as he receives it. But at the same time I question some things and I just let them go you know because there's no point in trying to put (what’s the word I want to use?) I don't want to give Ron a hard time about any particular thing, no because he's doing the best as he can. Unlike the rest of us. But there are certain things obviously that just don't gel with me and I just let them go and that's it.

So as I say well this is a philosophical approach but we are here on this forum for a reason. There is no doubt about that. And we've all been led here and there's no question about that. Also there is no going back. To go back to what?

Amethyst: That's right.

Lemuel: We can only keep on keeping on and that means yes we stand and fall many times and again in the future. I am sure that what is supposed to happen will happen in its own time and again the bottom line is Father’s will be done and that's it.

Amethyst: Yeah thank you Lemuel. Thank you for that. I’m not quite as philosophical as you I guess because I don't mind being disappointed you know from time to time if that's gonna happen but it just seems like it's over and over and over and over. It’s just like I’m in a loop that I can't get out of. It's just a loop of on off on off and I'm getting dizzy from the loop.

Lemuel: I think it's just a question of surrendering you have just got to let it all go. I mean you can't do anything about it. I mean the other day I was just talking to someone about Troubled Waters ( )...Who is it that sang Troubled Waters? Was it Sam...what are they called?

Amethyst:   Simon & Garfunke                      

Lemuel: Yes. Thank you. Simon & Garfunke Troubled Water. We have the tendency, we want to, something in us, we want to spread our hands and you know to calm the waters but we can't do that. It just makes matters worse. We just have to have the patience to stand back and surrender to the fact that The Troubled Waters will calm themselves. It is a question of surrendering realizing that you cannot do anything about it. You just have to Let It Be. Let the Troubled Waters calm themselves. So it's a question of patience and surrendering.

Amethyst: Yes, yes. You're such a peaceful, calm person Lemuel. That's one of the things that I really like. Ok. I don't have any hands up and it's still quite early we're only, it’s only half an hour into the call. I don't wanna shut it down too early but well I see a couple of hands go up now. Thank you Lemuel for that.

Lemuel: Not at all.

Amethyst: Ok Elise your hand was up next. Ok do you have any comments for us Elise?

Elise: Yes sure. Well we all kind of agree with the conversation you just had with Lemuel. You know about the disappointments and all we are going through and well I think we all learned from that and got some satisfaction out of that. And  I also want to say that I really enjoyed the lesson that Tarkas gave us  at the beginning of the lightline to understand the concepts of Universe Unity. And I found it very, very helpful and well it takes also our attention off all these disappointments we are experiencing here.  

I know what you were talking about Amethyst. The books with the beautiful pictures that you can look at.
These very beautiful designs you find everywhere in everything. So I want to thank Tarkas for that but I also want to thank Van for his dear words and his feelings for us and his cry to the Universe leaders to come to the rescue of this planet. You know that feels very comfortable and lovable to me and to all of us I think because he knows what it is to be on the planet and I think Van knows all of us very well, human beings on this planet. Not personally but you know in general so that's what I wanted to say actually and add to what was said between you and Lemuel also. Those were very useful words and very nice to listen to. So thank you Amethyst for asking me.

Amethyst: Well thank you Elise. I always really enjoy Lemuel’s comments as well because he is so grounded, probably more grounded than I am. I’m sure and he is so calm.

Elise: I love that too. He is really a teacher for us and we all profit from that. So thank you Lemuel. You are really doing good work for the lightlines. Thank you so much.

Amethyst: That is so true. Thank you Elise thank you for your words and I also want to add that Van is very invested in this planet. His heart and his soul. He’s shared with me his heart and his soul. He just loves this planet so much and he wants to see it not only survive but thrive. And he is very invested in this group and he will give a transmission to anyone who asks for it. So he's not only a celestial helper to me, he’s also a very good friend to me and he is so approachable. And so caring for this planet and all of us on it and I feel blessed, so blessed to have you as a close teacher.
So anyhow Valerie I'm coming down to you to unmute you. You're unmuted lady.

Valerie: Thank you Amethyst. Thank you for the messages. I would like to add my own thought to the subject on the change because yes we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. But I believe that through it we learn to deal with it because many years ago we could not tolerate a fraction of it. We would panic or would  have a reaction of a different kind but now we became accustomed to it... because we don't want to hear about what we hear about. We learn that change is the only sure thing in our lives in the Universe so I make do with that. I don't like to hear that it's coming these earth changes of course is not something we look forward to but we understand it's something we have to go through.

But in my heart it's a difficulty to deal is with to completely start anew. I have started a new life several times and that means I willfully… started what I thought Father wants me to do for whatever reason. How many changes have been in my life…. say that. But I cannot imagine I always feel a vacuum when there is a major change and especially now that the Earth changes are ahead of us.  That concerns me for the reasons that are we going to lose the culture of this planet? You know when there is nothing left of the old we look back and we feel empty and we feel that we don't belong and we feel unstable for the moment until we find new purpose, new energy in the new but being in The old age we still look back and we still remember times of our lives which we wish would never pass or would return But I am more and more feeling that as I really have to give up on that idea that anything will ever return like we were told..

I was reading Lemuel’s messages for CALUMNIA and in that she said that now is the time to understand that we have to give up on the family and I did that not that I don't give up and I live  my life independently But yet that is what we call loved ones. So why make statements like that? Give up on those who we love truly. To find out that there are certain aspects of life that is for us to deal with and these are the parts I find a little bit difficult to accommodate constant change the way that I have and still feel and I'm still rooted in the Lord as I will be for eternity but that does not mean that for a day I might not feel insecure not in terms of  eternity but of the events that are going on…can’t imagine how it’s  going to be and we are going to face the same thing.
So that's basically my opinion on this but I also would like to ask is that what we are looking forward to, that the culture of this planet will be completely gone?

Amethyst: I think that's a difficult question to answer Valerie because so much depends on when things happen and how humanity responds to how things happen. Tarkas wants to come in and say a little bit on this.

Valerie: Thank you.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas, Valerie and your planet is entering a New Universe Age which you already know and it is entering a New Universe Age at the time of crisis for the planet or on the planet. There will be changes. There has to be changes. Without the changes the planet cannot truly heal but that does not mean that you will have a Civilization that you don’t recognise. Ideally what it means is that you will have a faster, more compassionate and understanding civilization.

Right now the cultures of the various countries tend to be harsh and judgmental and if those things can dissipate you can hang on to many of the advantages that you have with your cultures right now. Don't look at it as a complete erasing of the chalkboard. It is our hope that much of what you enjoy today as part of your civilization will continue to go on.  We do not want to see everything come to a sudden and jerking halt and have to start over again. It is our intention and hope that we can ease gently into these changes so that they can be accepted more easily by the population. I think Valerie, you worry too much about things and this is one thing that doesn't have a very definitive answer but I have shared with what our hopes and plans are. I hope this helps you Valerie.

Valerie: Yes it is helpful. Yes. Thank you very much.

Amethyst: Thank you Tarkas. As far as family goes Valerie, I have had a lot of experience with dealing with family members and I pretty much have trained so to speak. They understand now that my path with God is important to me and I'm going to do it the way God leads me and I really don't ask for their advice because they are into a mindset that I do not share.

Now my sister is opening up and blossoming beautifully. She is very interested in where I am and I think she is learning and growing herself and I would not be surprised to see her come around. She's leaving the old mindset behind very quickly and so I've just been firm with them telling them I love them but God comes first and one by one they are accepting it. Not easily  but they are accepting it and I think that it will happen for anyone who remains firm in their beliefs and trust in God but at the same time making it clear to your family that you know, it's gonna be God’s way not your way.
My daughter is very much I guess I would say fundamentalist, I’m not sure if that's the right word but even she, we went through a very bad time and even she is saying  to me now ok I'm gonna stand back and I'm not going to interfere anymore. So it takes time and it takes patience but they will get there. They will get there.

Valerie: I believe that and I have no problems with them.  I mean we understand our differences and we respect that and they know that I'm about the Father’s will and nothing will change and I put that first. It’s more like that I don't want to make that mental decision to give up on the family when this is my time to really show the love of God to them. That will lead into a relationship that I desired for so long. So I believe that this would be the time that we all do what we need to do. They have their own conviction but that we really would… on a higher level that they would finally understood my love better and the Father’s love. So I’m not ready to give up on that. I would like them to…around…

Lemuel: Can I come in and comment on that? Please excuse me. Valerie, can I come in comment on that?

Valerie: Yes please.

Lemuel: Dear lady, Try to understand please that to be totally unattached does not mean that you are totally indifferent. In fact it’s the reverse because the attachment mostly is also ego orientated. I'm sure you’ve had the experience that people, especially family members, want you to live according to how they think you should live. Or to do what they want to do etc, etc and you know this is not the best way to be. You need to take the reins and live your own life according to what you want.
The difference between attachment, when you are attached to things, your feelings are involved and it's generally a question of ego. There are certain people, many people who simply can’t get rid of anything. They don’t want to throw anything away. They are attached to their things. Obviously I'm talking about material things. But at the same time there are people who don’t want to throw friends away. They don't want to let them go. Why don’t you want to let them go? Why do you want to hang on to them? Is it an ego thing? If you're able to let everyone go, to be totally non-attached means in fact that you are able to love them on a totally different level without ego.

So I'm talking about Divine love, obviously. Love is divine. Divine is Love and it is non-attached. It is not indifference it is the reverse and so please don't think that you have to give up on your family in the terms that you are thinking. And forgive me for saying but I think if you are still attached to your family, why? Be honest with yourself and don’t pull the wool over your eyes. Why are you so attached? In what way are you attached? To love people freely you need to be free from people.  

Also I you know said in a lesson the other day “in order for you to find yourself you gotta lose yourself” and in order to lose yourself you gotta let everything go because mostly it's ego. You lose your little self to find your big Self with a capital S. This is the same way of letting go of everything. You must be naked as the day you were born and then you will discover who you are really. And so Valerie with the greatest of respect I only want to emphasize the fact that becoming non-attached does not mean that you are indifferent people. In fact it’s the reverse. If you are able to be really non-attached then you're able to express love divine.  

Valerie: Right and it's all I want but you know I made decisions really that I feel like the children had a really hard time to expect and in fact one  and they grew up very hard on them because under those circumstances it’s not easy for any one of us to finish college and there are things I am always looking forward to you know, always looking forward to this time will come that the Lord returns and everything is turning around and finally the family in will turn around and I never wanna be...anything that is material but that we will be able to finally find each other in the spirit and they would be able to understand the choices I made and how much I love them…

Lemuel: Valerie excuse me.  Remember also that they have their own Thought Adjusters. You cannot do for them what their own Thought Adjusters cannot do for them. This is also letting go. This is to say let God because you cannot. If you keep trying it, it means you're trying it from your ego because your ego wants to do. No. Don't do that. Allow their Thought Adjusters to do because you cannot. Everyone has a Thought Adjuster. Let God. God’s work is God’s work not yours. This is letting go.

Valerie: That's all I want but I'm glad I don't have… that was my concern (Laughter)Because now doing the Father's will makes sense to me...but now I’m good. Thank you. …

Amethyst: Your conversation reminds me so much of a conversation I had with my mother many years before she passed. It must be maybe 20 years ago or so. My son was going through a very, very difficult time and we were talking about him. I can't remember exactly what it was she said to me about him being my son but I remember saying to her mum All boys are my sons, All men are my fathers, all women are my sisters and mothers and I put them all in the category of my human family. It has always been difficult for me to isolate my own biological family from the family at large and she just totally did not understand what I was trying to say. But that's what I was feeling at the time.  I love all boys. I love all men they’re  my father's, they're my brothers, they’re my uncle's and all women are my sisters and mothers and daughters.

You know and that's how I have viewed my biological family for many, many years.  My mother was truly into ancestry and how important it was. What line  we came from and all this and that  and it never meant Diddly Squat to me.(Laughter).It never did because even though they were my ancestors they're all part of my larger family and that was the point I was trying to get across to her.  (Laughter) Sorry Lemuel. I didn't mean to knock you off your chair there.

Lemuel: I think it was wonderful.

Valerie: I think that is what we call Universal Love.

Amethyst: Before we close down I need to go up to Dominick because he wants to contribute to this. So I’m gonna go to Dominick and unmute him. I’m leaving you two unmuted in case you wanna put your two cents worth in. Dominick you are unmuted

Dominick:...Thank you. Isn’t it true sometimes we get, maybe I will call it a junior transmission first thing in the morning? When we wake up?

Amethyst: Yeah. I think so

Lemuel: Yes, yes.

Dominick: Alright

Lemuel: Why do you call it a junior transmission Dominick?

Dominick: Yeah. I don't know junior, the start for the day...There's a science about it. Holistically and this is attributed to all of us and none of us specifically at all...Single anyone out but I just want in a broad sense I have this feeling we're asking the wrong questions related to the junior transmission or whatever I had this morning. It was simply this: “Stop fronting and get to work.” That's all I have to say.

Amethyst: Alright ok. You should stop thinking and get work, that's what it was?

Dominick: No. Stop fronting it's an expression of Behaviour that social acceptance Rather than focus on everything…

Amethyst: Oh ok so like stop ...Like maybe Lemuel would say stop with the ego and just get to work?

Dominick: Yeah this is how that gets applied in the field. It means “We don't start celebrating the event before it even happened” and then set ourselves up for disappointment. The bottom line is you know, if this happened tomorrow, it can still happen so how are we working towards making it happen Instead of wasting time having a support chat about our disappointment? That's the signal that you're not ready to really work. It's not a thing of the transmitters but to put it in context; for every transmission that happens there’s about four other people that can have work to do. Excuse me 4 in total. So like until that happens people like you in your service are like trees falling in the forest that no one can hear.

And I need people to help me with my website. I will make that happen but like we've been told to death for over a decade that if there’s a transmission, a co-creative team that requires three other roles (there’s so much work to do) … and that's it. That's all I have to say.

Amethyst: Ok. Good point, good point Dominick. Thank you. Thank you for your comment. Something to think about. Yes ok. We are getting close to the end of the hour so if no one has anything else I think I’m going to close it down. It's probably gonna be awhile before I get this tape up on the website. So I’ll try to get it up sometime this evening but right now I have an appointment I have to go to.
I really thank you guys very much. I think this was a very productive lightline call and Dominick I appreciate and understand what you are saying well. So thank you. So with that I'm gonna say bye, bye for now and I'll be on next Wednesday and Ron has Saturday. Ok.
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Re: Lightline for Wed. October 13,2021
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Thanks you Moses for this transcription.  Thank you Tarkas And Van. Thanks you all.