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Gold-backed currency
« on: September 08, 2020, 11:45:41 am »
Some time ago, I pointed out in a post, in that same category, what the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is all about, by referring to an article. To-day, I would want to share with you another article originating from the same source that is curiously on the same guidelines as we have been told many times on this discussion forum about gold-backed currency. I am just here reproducing a portion of what is said in that article in regards to the QFS and I will leave it at that for you to make your own opinion. So, here we go :

QFS ends corrupt Central banking
The QFS-system will cover the new global network for the transfer of gold or asset-backed money, initiated by Russia and China to replace the US-centrally-controlled Swift system. This new Quantum Financial System – QFS runs on a quantum computer, based on an orbiting satellite, and is protected by Secret Space Programs to ensure that it cannot be hacked. The quantum technology was provided by benevolent extraterrestrial Galactics.(Me emphasizing) The purpose of the new financial system is to put an end to Cabal corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking world. The key is to implement limitations that will prevent corrupted banksters from gaining significant profits.
With the activation of the QFS, the Galactic Alliance will completely destroy the Central Banking System that has been designed to destroy the world economy and put the world population into perpetual debt slavery. The little-known truth is, the QFS has been running parallel to the Central Banking System for many months, if not more than a year, and has countered many hacking attempts to steal funds by the Cabal. The result being that many bankers have been caught red-handed with illegal money transfers and have consequently been arrested.
The Quantum Financial System – QFS has no comparison to anything that has ever been introduced to the world before. It has no peer; it has no equivalent in advanced technology of any other system before it. It is brand new. It reigns supreme in the technology it applies, to accomplish the one hundred percent financial security and transparency all currency account holders require. With the QFS, the monetary system of the world can easily be changed to encompass gold-backed currencies that completely eliminate the transfer need of the old Cabal central banking system. Regrettably, to fully comprehend the advanced QFS-structure, there doesn’t exist an equivalent technology to serve as an example.
The Alliance had to intervene with off-world, or more correctly other dimensional technologies to deliver us earthlings this super technologically advanced monetary system. It is rooted in the Quantum Computer intelligence that comes without any third-dimension creation. No 3D creation comes with an all-telling ‘recognition system’ that mimics the creation of a living entity. It is simply Artificial Intelligence (AI), that comes with something that is able to replace conscious human beings. The QFS is considered to be alive with a Quantum Benevolent Intelligence that interacts with each financial transaction anywhere in the world of finance, to ensure that it is legal, owner-intended, and transparent. If one understands Quantum Physics, then one can understand what effect this Quantum Intelligence is having with each financial transaction that goes through the Quantum Financial System. It cannot be compromised.
Only gold asset backed currencies that have a digital gold or asset certificate can be transferred through the QFS. The certificate will reference a serial number on a piece of gold or asset held in reserve to back the currency. Off-world technologies are used to quarantine the gold and or assets used to back currencies. There is no way it can be stolen or taken out of the secure vaults where it is stored. That is why it is called a gold-backed currency, it has to reference back to the piece of gold or asset that is backing it. References to ‘asset-backed currencies’ is the process of establishing a currency based on assets within the country of origin. Assets are the justification to establish the amount of currency available in a country, but all denominations of currencies must be accepted within the QFS and given a gold/asset certificate to be active within the QFS.
Will the QFS be the instrument for Celestials to implement a gold-backed currency ? Just wondering.
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Re: Gold-backed currency
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2020, 08:57:24 pm »
Clency this update seems to notice a new change in technology I had not seen before.  And that might work just fine, but the QFS is bloated before it even starts to remedy the problem of worthless dollar denominated currencies.  The day the Swift System was initiated the dollar was worth about 1.02 or 1.05 depending on how you look at the gold reserves the US held that year I believe it was 1949 or 1950, no sure. 
Based on those calculations then and now the dollar is worth about forty-four cents, give a cent or two.  Yet we spend trillions trying to relfoat the world economy and now Great Britain  is talking about reneging on the Brexit deal over the Northern Island border in the Irish Sea,   For that reason I doubt it will make sense for the United States to do anything about backing its currency with gold again since Northern Ireland and Great Britain and France and Belgium are the countries that stepped forward in that agreement to back the United States in its desire to back the dollar with gold.  If the EU gets angry and tosses the Brexit deal, the trade arrangements with the United States suffer too.  But I digress.

The QFS is the brain child of an automatic desire to charge usery rates in the public market instead in the Treasury of the United States, for example.  It gets too complicated for me to figure out how to play the other big players such as Great Britian or China or Australia.  For that reason I say this only:

Whoever wrote that article you quote today, forgets there is no realy central bank for the world.  We have not gotten there yet, and it is the United States that acts as the world central bank repository and if you damage the United States bank as the world depository in name, then you undermine the QFS too.  Simply stated I do not care how many guarantees the QFS theory has, it it were put into effect I think we would have a gold backed renaissance over world debt and it would dimninish greatly.  But Clency!  It might work for thirty months or thirty years, and then suddenly it is undermined by yet another calamity we still always face, and that is there is no real guarantee the United States is willing to finance the debt of the EU or Australia or Malaysia for that matter.

What happens if the US does not bother to indemnify the Brits for trade losses that happen to it?  That could drive GB into bankruptcy and then it fails to support the dollar as it always once did.  I  doubt the QFS has the resources to pour in trillions of bold backed reserve currency to stop the run on all currencies by speculators.  Then the QFS is without giving us a remedy to make up what little value we still had in the currencies of our own countries.

The real answer is something the writer of this articl has no sense about because he does not read us at all.  The currency wars that will develop without the proposal of the Regency for the United States, and I doubt anyone reading this understand what I am talking about, but you do Clency, deletes the entire idea of debt period.  If the QFS did that somehow it would work in my opinion.

But the QFS is bases already on debt laden dollars and would never get its head above water unless it too declares a moritorium on the mountains of debt we must finance now.  The idea the Treasury of the Magisterial organization has promised to indemnify the United States Central Bank with about 21 trillion dollars, and then wipe all debt off the books and start with a postivie balance in gold reservies of ten trillion dollars.  The Regency would then declare the United States solvent and grant every debtor nation to the United States, for instance France, and grant France about six hundred billion in credits.

How can the Regency do that?

Not easily but I hear the Magisterial Council tell the Magisterial Sons, that gold backed requirements for a major currency like the dollar is doable from their perspective, but that the amount of gold rquired to do it is not really that great once the infaltionary dollar debt is removed.  For that reason the dollar can now be pegged at the old Swift agreement value of trom 1.02 to 1.06 and for those who do not understand the cents on that statement of value, those cents on the dollar are what we pay Uncle Sam to review and control gold dollar or francs or rubles to the standar of value to one dollar.   The United States earns say six cents on every dollar France spends for goods using dollars to do it.  That should float the financial systeme permanently and that is what the Regency is going to suggest to the US Federal Reseve to adopt.  The AFS does not have that st rength or could it forestall a financial panic but the true gold standard must show real gold bars in Kenturck or New York, and that is where the rub comes in even for the Regency.  I simply do not see how the Magsterial Council can transport that many gold bars at roughly One Billion Dollars per gold bar.


[Note: Monjoronson represents the Chief of the Magisterial Council.  That Council is not just the world we live on, but it oversees the work of many countries and planets with similar debt problems in the Planetary System of Satania alone.  Our Planetary System has over 600 human inhabited spheres in it and all are ruled except out planet by the Council of Equilibrium located in the heart of the universe itself and the CoE has its own offices located on the capital sphere of the Planeatry System, now well established on Jerusem.  Monjoronson is the senior Magisterial Son for these activities and the handling of debt ridden currencies off and on planet earth we call it Urantia.  ]

"I am MONJORONSON.  I spend hours looking at the debt on Urantia.  It has mounded up to the point we never saw in or on any world planet such as this planet represents.  The New York Stock Exchange is now loaded with Vice Presidents who now run around all day shoring up debt ridden currencies to be sure they buy what they propose must be bought by their countries.  Great Britain alone has amassed a per capita debt of six billion USD for ever citizne alive on that island including Nova Scotia, Canada and the Hebrides as well as Wales Scotland and the Isle of White.  Canada is included only because if we do not include Canada or ever Australia as part of the GB Commonwealth, we overload the example so badly there is no sense to speak to it.

"Suppose Ron Besser has $10,000 USD in his bank account.  When GB loses its ability to finace $6,000,000,000 per every Brit alive and so on, Ron would lose about sixty dollars from his bank account because the United States has indemnifed GB and its debt to get it afloat regardless of what happens to GB.  Few realize that but that is part of the Brentwood agreement the USA should do this for GB and France in particular.

Then should Ron want to spend any of his now $9,940 USD that is left since the value of his dollar has deprectied that much for the US to take care of GB, he must get approval from the Regency government we propose for the Unaited States.  I for one would not allow this to happen as that means the gold that backs the US Treasury must be in a public repository with hugely thick clear windows to see the stacks of gold to assure the public all that gold is available.  Well that is rediculous.  But that is the problem with Urantia.  It has no faith in anything anymore and we have to hew value back into the monetary system at the same time insure that the USA has the methodology available to float all other world currencies in what is now proposed as one currency for the earth.  That will take some doing but then the USA Regency Government will float other ideas for world cooperation too all the while demanding that any money spent for goods be financed through a world repositior run by the US Federal Reserve.  It simply is not workable otherwise.  Thank you,.  MONJORONSON on behalf of the MAGISTERIAL FINANCE COMMITTEE station on Jerusem.  K"


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