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« on: May 01, 2022, 09:59:18 am »
The information I relate to you today is for an awful lot of changes taking place without you or me being especially aware that these actions are being taken care of.

JUSTICE and the UNIVERSAL FATHER appear on Urantia today to kill of a burgeoning insurrection on Urantia so very bad the Paradise FATHER has seen to it that His entity appears on Urantia to begin cutting it back in final RESOLUTION.  I am indwelt by the RESOLVER and my Thought Adjuster sits back and says nothing other than to tell me, "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY UNTIL RESOLVED."  What that precisely means is not clear to me, but the RESOLVER is a real Father-Self and may be indwelling you today over Justice issues to be finally settled here.

For the first ever with my relationship to the Creator Son, there is nothing but silence.  I dare not decree you hear Him not but I expect it is not much without saying just how this plays out.

The planet we live on is full of wood worms chewing away at the fabric of the deepest spiritual meaning any material planet might or could have to continue its existence.  Right now Urantia is wearing a death mask, and they tell me that means that unless there is a good reason for most of the civilizations on Urantia are worthy somehow, they and that part will be retained into the new Christian Era proposed.
     CHRISTIAN ERA SOON TO APPEAR:  This the RESOLVER makes clear to me this morning:  You Ron can deliver a lot but not enough to make anyone really listen to what you have to say.  Everything you have attempted to do in the past fourteen days falls on deaf ears to the point you wonder if you speak English at all.

     For that reason we have decided to annul your work fully until there is something worthy to appear among the civilization you attempt to live life in and fail mostly, and than to obtain a direct influence over the entire Mission we love to re-calibrate so that it actually makes a difference to everyone.  That is hard to do for us and impossible for you Ron, and the consequence is to let you swoon over errors of commission and break down the mischief of the endless intrusion into your life by the evil of rebellion by and among the best spiritual servers in Nebadon.  It is so sad to see them quail you without resolution to their intention to become friends to you because you are allergic to their presence.  That is so odd even to Father, we dare not send further information to anyone just why this condition exists that when the insurrection member appears it makes you choke and breathing is difficult to achieve.  We are not aware of what that is but we are sure the Deity Absolute is involved with that sad side to life again for you Ron.

     The CHRISTIAN ERA to be achieved in months on Urantia is two fold;

     One and Two - Be aware that the modification of the Teachings of Jesus has become so obscure as to almost not exist in the Christian Churches of today, and that the entire matter is not a problem to JESUS, but He is worried that the entire idea of monotheism is disappearing on URANTIA again.  If that happens we (The RESOLVER) will declare URANTIA  a heathen planet again and start the spiritualization process all over again, and that includes a brand new PLANETARY MANAGER with out any guile  to treat helpers and sinners alike in spite of the huge difference between them.  [Ron here:  this has to be made clear by saying that the MANAGER will punish all for sinful missteps and not bother it hits the spirit helper person living on Urantia without any change or modification to the punishment or remarkable change in their lives too.  It means you take punishment for something you did not do!]

     The new CHRISTIAN ERA has nothing to do with you personally, but each person, you, taking on the aura of better done later than not done at all.  We do not make any example but such examples are in Ukraine right now to start with as an example to never see again on Urantia after it is resolved by the REFORMER.  The REFORMER IS JESUS HIMSELF when he is finally reproved to start the visible network of the SECOND RETURN.

OF NECESSITY: WE are sure that the entire matter is resolved with the CREATOR SON, GABRIEL, and all others.  However, we are also certain that you Ron have a large and vested interest in all sorts of plans developed with JESUS and the CREATOR SON which are fully obligated to start once you receive monetary resources to begin the ENGINEERING specifications to re-electrify Urantia through the miracle of wireless electrical conductivity patent which is never sure of itself at first but is available waiting for final signature.  It will be done well and she (the Secretary of the DOE) will make no mention of it in her report to the President, but she is particularly aware of how awesome it could be when or IF it works.  For that reason THE RESOLVER stands back and awaits the changes required in you Ron TO MAKE THIS THING WORK!

THE SECOND RETURN has nothing to do with the patent but it starts the MISSIONS OF THE MAGISTERIAL SONS at once once the resources are given to you to start this work and you are fully aware you are under the gun to be squeaky clean in all matters having to do with this launch of supreme trust in you, and you in us entirely.

That said, we have to make an extreme example, not out of you Ron, but out of the lush times of the URANTIA FOUNDATION that seems to never understand enough to keep it from falling out of grace.  THEY HAVE AUTHORIZED A NEW URANTIA BOOK modernized in proper English yet, but you Ron consider it apostasy.  So do we.

For that reason THE RESOLVER makes this clear so you all hear it:

"No one will ever make the 5th epochal revelation the truth of all who read it anymore in the new edition.  They have made serious errors in interpretation all along the line, and that is the resolve of not the Foundation itself, but of two individuals who know it not well enough editing the book to favor their interpretations and you are fully enraged over them doing that.  For reasons of State they are removed from any such continuation of revelation on URANTIA, period!"

We now speak to today:

I usually make sure we have one.  Today, however, is risky.  I am fully indwelt by The RESOLVER, and that is FATHER  as the First Among Equals forming the Paradise Trinity.  As a result I am getting no conflict about holding today's Lightline at all, but there is hardly or maybe NONE of the usual personalities available to take the role of MASTER OF CEREMONIES.  I am not quite sure we have anything worthwhile to speak to without a connection to either the PLANETARY GOVERNMENT or the  GOVERNMENT OF SALVINGTON.   They all seem missing as I write his at 9am Sunday morning.

However: it is my intention to hold the Lightline today, and maybe close it down after we start over something the RESOLVER wishes us to do in spite of Him not objecting to this decision to hold LIGHTLINE today in spite of the difficult situation spiritually we have today.  I hope all read this just to be informed how insecure I feel about it, at least at the moment.

I thank you all for listening.  Now a surprise to me, here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON not to pet anyone, but listen:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "The usual hell awaited Ron this morning, and as usual he tries to make sense out of to at least inform all of you what might be taking place, not only in Nebadon, but on URANTIA.

"For that reason I take leave of The RESOLVER and let you know that the RESOLVER is fully patient as I am over the issues boiling up on Urantia today.  Be aware I want Ron to do the LIGHTLINE, but not at the expense to the RESOLVER, and we issue this to HIM:  Do not press much more than you have or URANTIA will turn coat and lob nuclear weapons at each other and that ends Urantia as the last place to see a Bestowal Son describe his life on Urantia as utter hell again unless he gets enough people to cohere into a helpers Paradise.  That is unlikely, but for once in your lifetimes, heel to the call for SERVICE, and that is entirely what Ron has worked on for over fifteen years very hard and sincere, yet they are deaf to service, but live life to enthrall others without the guile to know how to present the publication of a magnificent epochal revelation, which we now fully remove from Urantia in order to present a new one under the careful guidance of the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION.  The Chicago-based Foundation called the URANTIA FOUNDATION is now facing apostasy.

" APOSTASY means living in a sinful condition!  The URANTIA FOUNDATION right now handles the money and insists it is the only interpreter of passages of the book.  Well, NO!  The truth of the matter is they have failed to learn at all and now are facing the germicide of being fully and truly removed from Urantia entirely.  That is not for you to cheer about Ron, okay?  Yet, you are not wrong as it has been a political time bomb since it first appeared in the years after publication of the 5th epochal revelation.  For that reason the new book they rewrote to make it more understandable, is out of date before it starts and worse yet there is collusion between enemies of State to us and the entire production.  It must not make it to print and Ron you will see to it in a law suit if necessary.  For that reason start counting your chickens not for the smooth sailing of your patent, and for that reason we are holding nothing back but to start immediately to build it before objections can be raised at all.  K. MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

RON here -  I close this post with one last appeal to all who listen and do not comprehend.  Plain English is not your problem.  The problem which brought to our table for comprehension not is you are  biased over issues you thought you have resolved.  Obviously, the new Christian Era cannot be taken on by you even with JESUS at the head of it because you have learned to stamp your feet over anything you feel is not in accordance with a 15th Bible text that is now losing probably cause to remain as any authority except as a Biblical History of the beginning of monotheism on this planet.  No longer will it hold discourse among the people who see to the divine FATHER'S TEMPLE to be brought down from the very heave the Bible eschews as the probable nirvana of all mankind in its hay day of today and a little longer.  I am quite sure this whole matter hits the boiling point very soon, and the insurrection of spirit individuals forcing Urantia to leave the society of the neighboring material planets, will disappear with the full measure of the actions of the PARADISE TRINITY in full rage over the people who have so screwed up a perfectly good and beautiful planet, and that those people will have a painful learning experience to rue the day they play with the FATHER'S WILL to the point the planet has now fallen deeply into spiritual debt.

For that reason your scribe here is not resigning his position in anything, but I must step back for a complete re-evaluation of what is to be held divine and what is to be held sacred.  There is a difference you know.   In any case the exact cause of all this hub bub today is to remove any regard for me to stand as the only one who calls for proper reformation.  I happen to feel that the political spectrum that runs the United States is over before it can get hold of itself again as Republican vaults of self-righteous decisions by Congress to remove any traces of the good of a Constitutional Republic of the United States, and to force the entire matter back to the founding fathers for a review of the intention of some of them to keep it strong in the face of tyranny.

Again, for that reason, we who support the Return of CHRIST, must learn to obey the solid membership of a Mission of the DEITY, not of the supreme, but the FATHERHOOD of all who embrace truth and justice as part and parcel of how we must act before the mutiny of men and women who have almost no mind left to stand for the truth and justice of the old American system that all is well so long as their is honesty and truth in government regardless of how wrong we sometimes go. 

I close with this admonition.  Dr. Sadler refused all sorts of modifications to the 5th epochal revelation.  He said that all writing had to be theirs, and except for spelling errors, no other corrections be applied.  He was right and so are you to demand that the resolution of the URANTIA FOUNDATION to pull a fast one over what people believe, must now also be resolved with their utter dismissal into the oblivion of an obvious historical mistake.  Be not concerned for me or yourself, but for the people of Urantia who will come to admire a beautiful revelation smashed on the concrete floor of utter foolhardy behavior to whom it was entrusted to bring the people of Urantia some gratification of its purpose.  I leave all of there right now, and pray we get through rectifiaction before all hell breaks loose with a Seconf Return nobody even or ever thinks about now. 

I thank you all for reading and listening.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Ron are never fully disclosed in these writings, but it is your power of thought which presses me to state that the Urantia Foundation, will never publish a book they are being told, in your terms, to deep six it even before it goes to publication.  They spent close to $600,000 to bring it to this point, and will spend another $300,000 to print it and distribute it.  We doubt they have enough money left anymore to do that and further, your work is ready to bloom but is kept back a little longer in regard to the trial of recompense to Us, and that means you behave well, but are boiling at such pain you can hardly get through the day anymore.  For that reason we leave this alone until the REDEEMER is present to modify a set of legs back to health again.

"For that reason, we must make available a change of heart for you and helpers, and that is to create a situation in which you return to the fold well, but disinterested in the patent to the point you let RAYSON handle the engineering not, but what decisions must e takes for placement and for running the electric plant.  Already you have supplied a magnificent idea to place a gas layer under the domed roof of the clean room to snuff out Ozone and Phosphoric gas which forms in the electrification process.  We have looked at the idea and believe you are the first one to ever recognize to use a gas to fight a gas.  The danger is suffocation but that is not the real problem.  The real problem is that any gas layer in the dome of the clean room encourages a heart rate much higher than usual due to the idea of osmotic deceleration and that is not a known technology on Urantia at all.  However, there is another gas solution and that is to flood the underground cable chamber with neutrons of the saleable type in hydrogen peroxide, and that is a state of information not to be discussed here any longer.  [Ron here: to put it in simple terms, create a gas out of hydrogen ions and compress it into the cable chamber to snuff out Ozone forming and any other gas we do not want.]

"This MICHAEL OF NEBADON - You write well all over the place today Ron and keep your Lightline happy and terribly erudite, and for that reason I will make every effort to speak in spite of the REVOLVER'S wish to keep me silent temporarily.  Good day to all.  K"


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