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« on: May 03, 2022, 15:40:15 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Sincere gratitude to our celestial family who shared with us on today's call Tarkas, Michael of Nebadon, Machiventa, the Deity Absolute, RA, and Master Spirit #4  Ocilliaya.

Here is the link for today's Lightline audio tape:

Let us take the advice we have been given, especially to pray individually and collectively:

Our Father who art in Heaven, thy Kingdom come,  thy will be done...

in and through the lives of every person, every entity and every celestial in, on and around this planet Urantia (Earth) and this Local Universe of it is Heaven....

Heavenly Father as we reach out to you grant us what we need to know, to follow and to serve you in accordance with the wisdom of your will,  in the light of your love and the enlightenment of your ways.
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« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2022, 10:36:53 am »
Good morning Ron,

The hot topic on the news now is Abortion and in your Book:

'' The Crown, The Tomb and The Coronation'' 
it is stated in the '' Further Policy by Jesus Clarified''
that Abortions are ended.

My question is are there any exclusions like rape, incest and if the
mother's life is in danger?
Your answer will be appreciated.

Best regards.


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« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2022, 13:09:14 pm »
Robert, the subject to me is about practicality and not morality.  The abortion situation is fought on the grounds that it is immoral to take a life still in the womb.  I personally feel there is no relenting on the subject that it is a person not fully formed in the womb, but that the mother is not necessarily moral or practical about what she ha allowed to happen.  For that reason I stand way back on the issued and never discuss it, as I think the mother has not more right to having an abortion or not being allowed to have ab abortion.  For that reason I consider that the States interfering in these decisions of morality are improperly conceived in the first place, as to me the abortion rights or non rights are not a political matter ever, and that the practice of law concerning moral decision are mostly wrong.

Where I agree with State regulation is that the State does not allow thieves or murders to go unpunished.  Is that a moral issue?  Yes, and no.  It is not entirely a moral issue  because the community must have protection against all such things at all time and such things must be eliminated as they appear.  However, the fetus is a moral issue not yet born and as such is a biological entity not unlike tadpoles, and for that reason motherhood, or the lack thereof, should be granted the preponderance/weight of the moral decision she considers right under the circumstances.
Someday man will be allowed to understand what spirit goes to to produce a fetus in the womb.  It is extraordinary and I have been allowed to hear some of it.  I am not going to issue it here but if I can find what I wrote by dictation years ago on the subject I will write it for all of you.  Spirit must have allow fertilization of the egg produce a flash of creation which is holy and sanctified by the Paradise Spirit in charge of procreation.  We have never been lectured or revealed to just what procreation is and how it must have the full presence of the Father present to allow the egg to develop into the fetus.
However, be also understanding that material life and procreation are also mechanisms and act like machines.  A badly deformed child for most is to have mercy granted and to have it eliminated to face life in a wheel chair or hardly able to ever think.  Rape is insidious criminal activity and resulting children if healthy have two choice in my view: abortion or adoption at once.  The mother also has a choice to raise him but not against her will.
Yes, Robert there are exceptions and the law is so ham fisted it is rarely satisfactory to address all situations the mother to be finds herself in.  The supreme court should never have adopted Roe vs Wade in the first place in my opinion for they placed the question into government politics and removed it from the personal court decision inside the mother to seek medical help over an unwanted pregnancy. Yet the moral issue of such will be clarified when we have more revelation and to let people see how much the universe cares about the work of procreation, and for that reason I stand back and let MICHAEL OF NEBADON address this too:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron has covered all of the salient points involved in the abortion disputes.  However, he introduces one issue no one ever addresses and it is the MAJOR ISSUE about aortion that can be stated:

"God cares immensely about procreation but not at the expense of life to the mother.  Remember that and make sure the law some day reflects this better than any of them do today.  For that reason many women depend on the right of the medical feature that allows abortion under the right conditions.

"Those right conditions are
1 - threat to the mother's life entirly and without equivocation the fetus needs to be removed to prevent her life being forfeit;

2 - if the fetus is a threat to the welfare of the community as being unhealthy or can never be human and cannot be indwelt, then it should be aborted;

3 - if the fetus is lost to a gender issue which some are due to the confusion of gene allocation from a mother's egg that was malformed in the first place.  Doctors do not realize this is the major cause for blindness or limb malformation or even two heads on rare occasions and that as such will largely determine the child will live hardly any life at all and die young without a soul being issued in any case.  For that reason fully 60% of abortions in the USA take that into consideration and the fetus life is terminated;

4 - life of a fetus is perfunctory until it is born.  Then you have no choice but to dress it as a him or her until it can make a moral decision on its own and suddenly it is human now.  For that reason Robert the trials you face as a practitioner if that comes to be or is, that true morality exists to remove the fetus if it can never be human whatsoever and there are medical guidelines on Urantia already that determine most of the true cause for abortions.  The fetus is without care or use until birth' it is not a person yet, and for that matter it is not human yet either-- remember that!

Ron has made it clear he stands far away from debating the issue since he cannot, and no one can, win all sides of the argument, and the supreme court has fuddled the decision making so badly there is not longer but a choice to reform the Supreme Court if that is what the REGENCY must do.

We leave this to the debate now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. K"

Ron here - "I am so glad Michael of Nebadon fully responded to this awful issue to contemplate at least for me.  It is an issue one cannot win regardless of how difficult the decision was done to make the choice.  I am sorely tempted to ask the powers to be to stop making the sex drive such a preponderance of life on this planet as it endlessly causing faults in society far beyond its importance, and the useless number children born who cannot live a decent life is so overpopulating our planet we can never return to a normal planet without population reduction.  That is no excuse for violent abortions, but it should put women on notice not to be complacent about sex when it is unwanted or unnecessary.  I have to rest my case with that for now.

Thank you Robert for your question and statements.
END/for MICHAEL OF NEBADON and all of His Staff on Urantia today,  Thank you too.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2022, 15:18:45 pm »


Thank you for your reply and I thank also Father Michael of Nebadon.
I have a better and clearer understanding on this particular subject.


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« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2022, 09:23:27 am »
This transcript has been reviewed and approved as verbatim.  
Thank you Moses.  It was requested within the last few months by spirit that the Sunday Lightline transcriptions be reviewed as verbatim prior to translations being made.  To my knowledge this was requested only for the Sunday Lightline - Newstarsaphire

1. 050322 Audio Tape Tuesday Lightline Host: Phyllis Simpson
2. Subjects: Tarkas advises us to keep in close contact and communion with our Adjusters; Encouragement from Michael and the Deity Absolute; Q&A-
3. Speakers: Tarkas, Michael of Nebadon, Deity Absolute, Machiventa Melchizedek, RA, Master Spirit #4 (Ocilliaya),
4. Transcribed by: Moses Ouko
5. Link to Tape:


Phyllis: Hi and welcome everyone to LLUSA for Tuesday, May 3rd 2022. We have five callers. I mean five on the streaming that is at the moment. Welcome everyone and 12 on the direct call. I would ask our celestial family if there is an MC for us for today.

Tarkas: Yes, Phyllis, thank you. This is Tarkas. I'm pleased to be your MC on today's call and also welcome the 13 that are on the direct call and the 5 that are now on the streaming. There was quite a lot of information passed out to you on Sunday. Some new items as well and I would think that most of you are, in a way, holding your breath to see and hear what is about to transpire on your planet that you’ve been waiting for, for so long. Well we are waiting right along with you. We are not passively waiting, of course, we are engaged in any up to the minute changes and directives that are being passed down to us. And more than that we are in a state of readiness as I'm sure that, as you have all perceived, once these missions are perceived by the world at large, it is going to be a big to-do in every area.

There's been much speculation up here about just how things are going to be received and absolutely as to how these missions are going to be perceived by the population at large. It is going to be a shock to say the least. and there will be a time, and who knows how long that will be it could be hours, could be days, where there will be disbelief.  In some cases it will be panic, in some cases it will be unbridled jubilation. And even though the populace will be addressed most likely by Jesus himself at first, even with that, his words and his intentions can definitely be misconstrued and misunderstood. For those who are aware of and know the name of Jesus historically and personally, are going to be shaken out of their reverie and shocked and perplexed for a period of time as they attempt to grasp what he’s actually saying and not what they already have filed away in their expectations personally. We know this and you have seen this yourselves through many instances of your media and your many communication services that now exist on Urantia as never before and you ask yourselves ‘with all these methods of communication available at your fingertips has ever seemed to be more confusion and  disorientation and miscommunication’?. So let it be known that we are aware of this and try to adjust your own expectations and be open especially to the leading of your Thought Adjusters as you see and hear and do your best to process all that is about to transpire. Even if for some unknown reason there is a further delay, keep in the Peace of your Father and keep, as you have been many times advised, keep in that close personal contact with your Adjusters. That they may hold you in that place of calmness as well as openness and assist you with processing all that comes to you audibly and visually as they guide you through each situation and circumstance that you may come across individually as well as communally as a populace. This is Tarkas standing aside for the moment.

Phyllis: Thank you Tarkas. This is Phyllis. One moment please. I’m just going to try and correct my voice a bit. Thank you. My apologies. Is there anyone else who would like to address us at this time?
Michael of Nebadon: This is Michael of Nebadon, Phyllis.  Your Local Universe Son. Christ Michael and Christ Jesus.

Phyllis: Please go ahead.  

Michael of Nebadon: We have our plans. We have our purposes and we have our intentions. What we don’t have is the certainty of how all things will be received. Even for yourselves, you struggle with the ability to truly comprehend your own expectations and imagine what type of a change truly you will be experiencing as these missions unfold to you and your neighbors as well. The advice you’ve just been given through Tarkas to keep in close contact and communion with your Adjusters is always crucial advice and never more so than when so much is going on around everywhere in every facet of life administration on this planet, you are going to need that and it’s going to be extremely beneficial to you, to us, to your neighbors and to Urantia as a whole. We will, to a certain extent, be keeping tabs on just how things are being received and perceived, and that is going to be myriads of ways, but we must take into account in our intentions for the behavior of the Urantia populace and for its cooperation, just how we must present ourselves as we watch and not only speculate as to what will be transpiring on the human end of things. We can no longer as I'm sure you are aware delay, without extremely good reason, these missions. For, if we do not intervene, Urantia is in a very sorry state, as I'm sure you all are well aware.  We must help you rescue yourselves as quickly and effectively as possible not only for your own sake, but for the sake of my Local Universe, and the sake of the destiny of not just this planet but this Local Universe and all that Father is laying the groundwork for in this New Universe Age. I stand aside for now and I thank you all for being patient, for being self-aware and for guarding your own expectations and being here for the sake of your families and the sake of the family of Nebadon in toto. Thank you.  

Phyllis: Thank you Father Michael. I'm waiting to see if we have another speaker here.

Deity Absolute: This is the Deity Absolute and I pop in just momentarily to this Lightline to add my encouragement to all of you and to enable each of you to not only think in the short-term and consider what you’re expecting…
Phyllis: (Clearing her throat) My apologies. I inadvertently closed down the streaming page. My apologies, Deity Absolute for interrupting you. Please go ahead.
Deity Absolute: Yes, Phyllis. As I was saying, I want to encourage all of you to not only as Michael, your Creator Father, has just reiterated with Tarkas as to your personal awareness  and expectations and self-awareness at this time and their importance to you. I also would like to just quickly touch on the fact that on the Sunday Lightline there was yet a new little piece of revelation, we allowed to be brought to your consciousness about the destiny of Nebadon. And that is, it is a good thing for you to have, just as you have short-term and long-term goals it is good for you to know some of the long-term intentions of what Father has for this planet and its whole Local Universe of Nebadon. It is not that there's anything specific today, other than what you've been encouraged to do, that you can do to effect what we have revealed to you as to Nebadon being a fulcrum point and perhaps in some way and extension or outpost of Paradise. But this gives you food for thought for the future and it gives you positive possibilities to reflect on and inquire about and fire up your curiosity within you. There's much information that's not going to be revealed at this time as not everything of course is in place but is good for you to know the intentions that are long-term and assist you in the short-term, where waiting and anticipation can sometimes become a grueling task for you. And this is the Deity Absolute just popping in to encourage you once again and leaving you on this Lightline call. Thank you so much. I give this back to you Phyllis to continue on.
Phyllis: Thank you, Deity Absolute and thank you for that. That advice that we need long-term positive expectations as well as the short terms that we look forward to as so often we do as humans feel better. Our hands and feet are often tied and our abilities are just too small for our own intentions and our own desires. Thank you so much for that. I ask if there's another who would like to address us at this time.
Tarkas: This is Tarkas, Phyllis and you can open this up for questions. Let's give the people a moment to consider what's been said so far. Quite often it is the intention of spirit to spark within the listeners their curiosity and an awareness of their own thoughts and own intentions and personal struggles and quite often as these are shared amongst you, it adds to a group understanding and appreciation as well as a sense of brotherhood. So consider any questions and any comments you may have for the moment and we’ll keep an eye out for your hands raised. Please, 5-star if you are on the direct call. I see a question from Jose. Coming to unmute you now. Go ahead Jose.
Q&A  19:58
Jose: Thank you Phyllis. I have a question, regarding our personal circumstances during these upcoming events, soon to be seen. I know many of us have a lot of personal situations they are currently attending to. I personally have many things happening in my life here. Our situations, family situations; very serious ones and they concern me very much. My question is, how will we be able to handle all these personal circumstances in our daily lives during these upcoming events? Should we just put them aside or should we continue to attend them? Or how would we be able to cope with them at the same time?
Phyllis: Thank you for that question, Jose. That is a very good and very relevant question and one that's probably on most of our minds and some more than others. As you say, you have a lot of variables and with this pandemic I think it’s struck a match to that fire. If that could be a way to reference the unexpected difficulties that it’s been causing. But let me ask our celestial family for their advice.
Tarkas: Phyllis, this is Tarkas and I will address Jose on this for now. … (Phyllis: I beg your pardon. One second.)  As Tarkas, you know that I did live the life of a mortal prior to my ascension and my growth into the order of One Without Name and Number. Your question Jose is very relevant and it is exceedingly entangled with many things. Had these missions to Urantia been permitted to appear in a more opportune situation than you currently have, a lot of these issues that you are foreseeing as personally difficult would have been much less so. But as you know, from your life awareness, things cannot always be adequately foreseen but must be dealt with to the best of your ability in each circumstance. Now Jose, there are a plethora of issues you find yourself in the center of and they are becoming increasingly challenging for you to even acknowledge as you feel, you are being torn in so many directions and how can you possibly deal with all of these as just one person, with so many seeming to have their expectations upon you.

Let me give you a little direction and some rays of hope, Jose. You are yes, indeed, but one person with many responsibilities and many serious situations you are dealing with. There is available to you if you can see yourself, Jose as not just one person, but as a connector. As a convergent point where, when you see in your own life where you perceive you are the one who must deal with these and you must make it happen for that is the expectation of those around you, try to see yourself as a connector. Regardless of the awareness of those around you and those with whom you are connected, you are aware that each individual has a Thought Adjuster regardless of whether they themselves are aware of this. Yourself, your Adjuster and their Adjuster are a powerful combination. Even when you cannot physically be there in the specific situation, you have these connections that bring the situation to a convergent point and you with their Adjusters and your Adjuster can come together and request assistance within the life of the person for whom you are concerned, within their circumstances and requesting assistance from those who are sent to this planet, to do these functions of  assistance to mortals who have this awareness, you can request their help, you can request their  guidance, you can request any specific information, you may need or they may need within their circumstance. You are not alone, Jose, you are not a single entity. You are part of an enormous spiritual family and you can request for yourself the physical energy and the spiritual energy and connections that you need in each and every circumstance. It is not just you Jose. It is you, your spiritual connections, your celestial family and the Creator of all that exists. And HE is above and beyond all of these challenges that you face. You do not have to be the strong one. You do not have to be the pillar. You simply need to stand in the place of connection, that place of awareness where, you know and you have full assurance as a son of God that you are part of the larger family. You are part of those who love you and who you love because of the family of God, because of the Fatherhood that watches over you. Too often the mistake that mortals make is that they feel abandoned and fully responsible for their circumstances and those of their loved ones. But just, as you are a father, a brother, a son, a caregiver; Father’s, all these things as well and HE has provided, all the help that you need. Simply reach out Jose, for that help and know that that help is standing by to be there for you, just as you are standing by to be there for your loved ones. This is Tarkas, Jose. Does this assist you in your dilemma?
Jose: Yes Tarkas, thank you very much for those guiding and enlightening words. Thank you very much.
Tarkas: Know, the Father’s Love is in you and surrounds, you always Jose.
Jose: Thank you.
Ron: Before Jose goes away, Phyllis, if I may, please.
Phyllis: Please go ahead.
Ron: There's another facet to your question that the Urantia book covers in particular. And that is, that the family of God does not coordinate events in your life with a spiritual need. The material planet, it states are not coordinated. That means that the human and his problems in spite of the ministry he may receive, must cope on his own intuition or his own intention with the circumstances while spiritual events, take place. I have very little else to add to that except here is Michael of Nebadon to persona for it not only for you Jose but for Phyllis and for even Ron it’s this;
Michael of Nebadon: I am Michael of Nebadon everybody and I am insisting that Phyllis learned that there is a limit to what Ministry can do. She has provided a beautiful ministry answer but Ron is answering your question directly. And the question has to be answered this way. Cope with what you must deal with as best you can with your own decisions and those humans who may have wise advice for you. The unification of spirit to do that with you and all of the rest of the family of God, except human planets, is up to you alone, to identify what you place to the side, what you decide to act upon and to take care of the emergencies as they may arise. Ron is absolutely right. The question needs to be answered to you Jose, directly. The ministry is fine. The ministry is also helping you cope with the idea, you have help and you do. It’s just not coordinated for everybody. I now turn this back to you Ron.
Ron: Well, thank you Michael. Thank you very much. That is what I think is the best answer to you, Jose. Although Phyllis has indicated the depth of ministry that is available and can be called upon, but that always has to be from you as the coordinating center. Not spirit. That's about all I have Phyllis. I turned it back to you. Thank you.
Phyllis: Thank you Ron for that clarification. Yes, as Tarkas was speaking that’s what I was seeing. Perhaps I did not bring forth the words of Tarkas as he fully intended other than I kept seeing Jose as being the hub and not having to bear everything himself, but be aware also as you said we individually make the decisions but we also have that ability to reach out and ask for guidance and help. Is that correct?
Ron: Yes Phyllis. You just gave a different point of view on how to deal with severe problems where they all seem to accumulate at once and you aren't even sure what priority it is unless nature insists on a priority. Then you just go with it. You take care of it as you can.
Phyllis:  Exactly. Unfortunately. Jose, how are you feeling about how this has been addressed?
Jose: Oh perfect. Thank you very much. Thank you Ron for your clarification also.
Ron: You are most welcome.
Phyllis: I don't see any. Thank you, Jose. I'm muting you now. I'm also checking to see if…
Ron: I have Machiventa here if you don't have a question.
Phyllis: I don't see any. Go ahead Ron.
Ron: Hold on, I gotta put my set on.
Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Ron you are correct. You have been toying with speaking for me since the light line opened up. I would suggest to all of you that when you come to a lightline you prepare at least one question. So we are not left hanging with half an hour or close to 40 minutes without a direct transmission. The reason I say that is that those who normally transmit either as MCs or as additional information are now being taken up for other duties as the Jesus second return is just ready to bloom. Please understand, it requires tremendous energy, and tremendous amount of personnel to mount a return of a Bestowal Son to a planet that has changed, so drastically, we have to reinvent the ministry and the decisions that have to be made about what we do with a Planetary Government and the United States government that has lost its way. In any case, Ron the truth of the matter is that the Lightline you're listening to right now has almost disconnected but we saved it. That's what you heard.
Ron: All right. I had no idea what that was. Thank you Machiventa.
Phyllis: My call was dropped. I'm sorry. I just got back in.
Ron: Okay, that was a strange voice I heard. Let me continue with Machiventa then, please.
Machiventa Melchizedek:  I am Machiventa Melchizedek and there are now 15 on the direct call and 6 on the streaming. We've held streaming together and we've held the call together. The truth of the matter is the cabal is furious over the idea that Ron can transmit. That Phyllis can transmit at all. They're trying to shut us down and we won't have it. For your information, everyone, the entire matter regarding Jesus and the entire matter concerning the 21, who are now our direct audience, must understand that the cabal is after the destruction of communication and to the point that you hear nothing. They are trying to press themselves between your ear, your brain and what we have to tell you. For that particular reason, Ron has raised the roof again. And said to me, this morning, where, in the world, do I go when I lose every bit of communication, except the false people who insist on wearing the masks of the leaders?
You can always tell Machiventa, its stupid advice by the time they're into the second paragraph. So I ask you Machiventa, What do we do when we lose transmission? The answer is Ron, you will never lose transmission. Ron says, just to my senses. That's all. The truth of the matter is; Ron you are so seriously ill. You’re like Phyllis. You can't even get to the computer at times and make any sense of it for the simple reason, they knock out consciousness. That's a horrible thing to experience. But you know what it is. You fight it and let them know okay you win right now, but you're going to not get a damn thing from me. You're broke. And we leave it at that. This is Machiventa. No, we're not leaving it at that cabal. This is Machiventa Melchizedek and for the last five minutes, we have been trying to make sense, not only to you and to Ron but also to the Deity Absolute that is getting a breakup of the communication unheard-of. For that reason, we are going to the remote circuits and that will have to be a change of venue with the light at moment. One moment, please. We're on the different circuit. For that reason we are now preparing a speech by the Deity Absolute for your ears.
Ron: Welcome Deity Absolute. Please proceed if you will.
Deity Absolute
: I do so Ron and thank you. I’m the Deity Absolute. We are now fighting an insurrection that gets larger by the day over an issue that is absolutely silly. They do not comprehend the reason that the supreme died. They think he died because we removed him. But we did not remove the supreme. Hear that fat ears. And that's Ron's addition. (Ron: One just choked me to thank me.) Wait till I gain my perspective, the truth of the matter is; that yes, I would call them that if I were not so dignified, but the truth of the matter is Ron is sick to death of dealing with it every day to confuse situations that truly need straightened out. Today is Tuesday. On Thursday, the Planning Commission meets privately. One of the things that the Planning Commission must take on is to understand that there is no Planning Commission beyond this next meeting if we cannot clear Urantia of the burgeoning insurrections that takes place every minute there is a chance to take place. To the cabal and to the insurrectionists; Please understand. You can make the fool of yourselves as long as you want, but don't do it to the FATHER. That's what you're doing right now. It is lethal. Understand that. Hear it. Those of you who cannot speak a material language, it's being translated for you. And to those who are standing on the cusp of deciding to insurrect or to be goody two shoes, hear this; the planet, Urantia is without a planetary director. Thanks to Machiventa Melchizedek resigning his position not. The Planetary Manager is Machiventa Melchizedek but the Planetary Commissioner was RA.  He is Consummator number four and as such was a very important addition to the second return of Christ. He has resigned, not because of you but because Urantia is dangerously close to nuclear war. Be afraid. That individual who may trigger it will be taken over and he will be allowed to see Ascenders but he must stand trial before the Ancients of days, for his very life. I guarantee it.
RA: This is RA. Everyone I have recharged my idea of why I resigned. It's because Urantia is dead. Even the ones, who want to do good, do not hear. Ron has beat his head against the stone wall. Coming at it from four and five different directions. And will not and cannot get a response from anyone. Literally it's dead. I commiserate with you Ron and the people who are on this call and how hard you try. What you need is a shot across the bow that so shakes them up. They might babble and jabber. But at least it's going to ask, where is God? Where is God, indeed? God's right here. You hear him. But the truth of the matter is, that the answer that must be portrayed both to you on streaming and both to you on the direct call, which there are 15 and that is to realize you abrogate your responsibilities when you just sit back on the sofa and listen. Most of you do much more than that and we thank you. But there's always a few who feel entitled to hear and judge. But don't forget, The Universal Father is a controller. He's not only FATHER. He is a controller. That means anything that is a decision passes through HIS hands as to whether it is appropriate or an insurrection. There is an insurrection right now, so large that if we pulled the plug on all their lives, it’s almost like a nation state pulling martial law and clearing the streets of every individual. Singapore has shut the city down because of covid. Now the distribution channels are falling down. If we removed, everybody on the insurrection, it would be like, shutting down Nebadon. Therefore, please understand I have resubmitted my request to be a Planetary Coordinator and to allow, Machiventa Melchizedek to use my offices. I'm afraid it is that extreme everyone. Russia is sick and tired of getting a finger poked in their eye. They're thinking about dropping a tactical nuclear weapon on the Eastern Providence. If they do, the second return will occur. That's a change. But lo and behold what happens to the areas that are now radioactive. I'm gonna leave it at that. Pray that these things get changed. Now I hand this back to you, Machiventa.
Machiventa Melchizedek: I'm Machiventa Melchizedek and it's for this reason that I say to you Phyllis, we're coming back to you shortly, but let me make one more speech. Ron, you are to the point that you have to take special measures to even walk about the house. That is not going to change easily. What will change is that we are going to insert a spiritual situation in which you are numbed at least of the physical pain. And for that matter we again address Master Spirit #2 and #4. Both Phyllis and Ron exert a lot of influence. We cannot really continue at our very best without including them. Ron and Phyllis both pray that the situation may be changed with you and before you. We ask for a determination when you are willing to make it. How do we avoid losing them so shortly? This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Ron, you are wise.
Master Spirit #4: I am Master Spirit #4 Ron.
Ron: Thank you. We welcome you, please continue as you wish.
Master Spirit #4: Thank you, Ron. I’m Master Spirit #4 and I address the entire audience today. And it's this; we have gone through how many light lines with the same sayings and the same intentions as you hear now? It is the cabal and the insurrectionists who block the value systems that are to come to Ron. We can make them so that they come directly and infuse the individuals we need to infuse. But that is utterly dangerous. For that particular reason the insurrection on Urantia has been growing. And Machiventa Melchizedek has had to fight to keep the Planetary Government running. For that particular reason, RA has been a major support. And for another good reason so has Ron, so has Phyllis and the rest of you. You are the center of support for what must occur. We want you to multiply. That is, add friends, family and associates to the reasoning that you have. There is no way to improve life without addressing these missions.
Machiventa Melchizedek: I am Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron. And you're getting it in the throat.  
Ron: Yeah, there's one nearby. Yes.
Machiventa Melchizedek: For that particular reason they are removed. That’s a Vorondadek Son. He won't get in. And now this; the Planetary Commission that oversees Urantia is new. This is a revelation. In the old days after the Bestowal, you had the council of 24. That was assigned by Michael of Nebadon to report back to him personally the problems they found that was not reported back by the authorities, supposedly in charge of Urantia. We now are reinstituting, not the Council of 24, but the Council of twelve. We will discuss that with you Phyllis. Right now, I want you to all understand that I Machiventa Melchizedek, I’m now fully ensconced on the planet and that RA, thanks to his generosity, is taking up position with me once more. For that particular reason, Ron says in the morontial, Thank you. And for all of us, thank you. Now, Phyllis, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I'm coming back to you as Machiventa. If you would transmit me, please. Go ahead.
Phyllis: Thank you so much Machiventa. And thank you Ron.
Machiventa Melchizedek: Yes, this is Machiventa. Thank you Phyllis. I'm in charge of a planet and RA, for the most part is in charge of my position. I am here for your benefit, the benefit of this planet and the benefit of this Local Universe of Michael of Nebadon. And Keep in mind all of this is in the will of the FATHER and continue in your prayers to request the will of the FATHER to be done for this planet, on this planet and in this Local Universe. Our plans and our purposes; our plans are changing, varying at times, yes, but our purposes remain the same. Our ways of doing things, have had to pivot because of the blockades and the resistance and the lack of personnel as well to carry out fully the FATHER’s will on this planet and be done in His way. Very likely, you can understand this at this point in time because on your planet Urantia, your many, many services have been affected throughout this pandemic and are continuing to be effective. Affecting your daily lives in everything you normally would do and that which you try to do and that which you try to improve and deal with daily. We are all facing thsee same types of circumstances. But just as you in your lives are realizing, Okay, this way isn't going to work then I have to find another way. I have to source another venue. I have to look elsewhere. I have to refocus my energies. So you understand what we're dealing with and we understand what you're dealing with. And we are gonna work in this together. But let's be honest, it is difficult for you and it is difficult for us. Never have we as Celestial beings faced what we are facing now, and it's not just the Luciferian influence. It is as you know and was just reiterated to you once again an issue with misperception of the supreme and those who wanted to continue in that venue and absolutely resist anything other than their beliefs and how they want things done in their way. And their way is just absolutely not possible. For that does not exist anymore. And so they can continue to rebel all they want but it will get them nowhere. For their expectations are completely misguided and their understanding is totally misconstrued. And they continue to resist and decline correction and reformation in their lives. But that as you know that is what you deal with among humans as well and among freewill beings and I will not belabor this. I will just remind you, as we just spoke about, that the answer is not to give up. The answer is to continue to look for new ways and means to effectively bring the FATHER's will to pass. And He is there to support and instruct and assist in every way that we need. It calls for many changes for all of us and challenges are opportunities that we must all embrace. I want to leave you with that for today, knowing that we are all fighting for the same cause and let us just now reiterate together that we stand for the coming of the FATHER's Kingdom and the will of the FATHER to be done in and through all of our lives for his glory and his honor and his praise.
Phyllis: Our time is up for today and I see one hand raised. We will take that one question and we will close today’s Tuesday Lightline. And thank you to the six on streaming and 15 callers we now have. I see your hand, Valerie. Go ahead you are unmuted.
Valerie: Thank you Phyllis. I raised my hand to make a comment and thank you for taking it. I want to say that this week I've been through some major elevation of energy through the … and it was coming to all of us and I even heard in my ears some ringing and there is no explanation to that other than it’s from the Divine and I thank my Thought Adjuster for working so hard with me and on me and I just don't even know how to describe that. I came out of a very severe condition spiritually and mentally and emotionally that because of the hindrances of my life that I could not overcome for 2 years. It really crushed me and it just suddenly changed and be lifted (?) and I have received not only energy that also with ideas how to overcome and have a positive outlook. So I'm very glad for that and I want to share this with you all so that you know, this is also happening to you. You may have not experienced the same way as I did but you should be very encouraged and I also want to thank my celestial family for all the spoken word and the hard work they put in. I’ve been meditating over… how hard they have been working and staying with us for all these years. We were just waiting and waiting and now is our turn to work with them. I was really at the point of thinking that eternal life might not be so desirable because we just see nothing but trouble and we don't wanna see that for eternity. So I believe that you all are going through major changes. Ron I want to ask how you are but I have really received the info but I tell you that your voice is so much stronger and you sound so… that nobody could even tell that you even have any problem. So I just give thanks to FATHER and to Michael and to Jesus and to Machiventa and everyone and Ron who is leading us and also want to encourage everyone with these words. And bless you all. Thank you very much.  
Phyllis: Thank you, Valerie for sharing. As you were speaking, Valerie, I was thinking, we’re all on the same road in a way for this is a journey and we know where that road ends. It ends in the loving arms, the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father.
Valerie:  May I say that the only thought I had that I want to go all the way to …. I just thought that this is such a hard journey but now I see it very differently. Just because of the work of the spirit and I’m very thankful and I really don't wanna make any promises but pray. And I want to ask you all please pray as hard as you can… And I pray that this will continue and I really will be able to change things around as truth. That is just all.
Phyllis: Well, when we get to the end of any extremely difficult journey. It's really the end that matters isn't it? It’s almost like childbirth. No matter how difficult your pregnancy, your delivery was the reward is exceedingly above all you can ask or think. It’s priceless.
Valerie: You have the best parables just like Jesus. That’s so fitting right? Thank you.
Phyllis: Thank you for sharing, Valerie. Ron is there anything you'd like to say before we close?
Ron: Phyllis you did a great job. Close it. Thank you.
Phyllis: Thank you for being here, Ron. I thank all of you for being here. I'm going to close, stop the tape and thank once again, the seven from the streaming and the 15 who were on the call today.
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