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General Discussion / more poetry
« on: July 12, 2022, 11:44:15 am »

              Spiritual Work
A special time is soon upon us,
we stand by and slowly count the days.
JESUS will be with us very soon,
teaching us THE FATHERS WAYS.
He brings a Host of Spiritual help,
to start off this new big show.
You on the Forum will be asked to serve,
more than you think, you could ever know.
Do not worry or wonder so much,
as your Adjusters are standing by.
They keep you aware what you need to know,
and helping you keep your powder dry.
As you help to spread THE FATHERS word,
more and more people will start to believe.
The work will get easier and easier,
as the cabal can no longer interfere and deceive.
When all is done and you’re on your own way,
to the glorious realms where you reach your goal.
You and your Adjuster had been fused as one,
and now your both are just one heavenly soul.
There will be much more work to do,
creating many new worlds in outer space.
But for now that’s beyond most understanding,
and only THE FATHER knows what will take place.


A few friends meet for coffee every Friday and this past Friday a woman brought some extra copies of “The Fishwrapper” a bi-monthly publication that prints positive news. I had never heard of them before but I was greatly impressed by the following article I found in it that to me was profound and definitely fits in to our group
                                               The Boy Who Changed a Village
In a small mountain village, it was the custom of the villager to strap on their knapsacks each morning.  Then, during the day, each time they worried about something or felt depressed about a problem, they would pick up a small pebble and put it in their knapsack.  The knapsacks were heavy and a burden to carry because the villagers never emptied them.  They carried their burdens every day.  It was all they knew.
  One day, one of the village elders walked down to the riverbank, bent over from his knapsack full of burdens, and noticed one of the boys from the village skipping pebbles across the water.  The boy’s knapsack was empty.
  “What are you doing?” the old man asked.  “And why is your knapsack empty?  Why aren’t you carrying your burdens like the rest of us?”
  “I come down to the riverbank at the end of each day,” the boy said, “and skip my pebbles across the water until my knapsack is empty.  I see no reason to keep carrying them.”
   The old man was stunned, and so bent over from his knapsack full of burdens that he could hardly move.  He had never seen anyone cast their burdens away like that.
   “Would you like to try it?” the boy asked.
   The old man was hesitant, yet it seemed like such a good idea.  Slowly he reached into his knapsack that was large and heavy from all the burdens he had accumulated over many years.  He took a pebble and studied it, recalling the burden of pain that he felt when he placed it in his knapsack.  He was so bent over that it was difficult to cast the burden away and watch it skip across the water and finally disappear, but he somehow did it.
   The boy smiled.
   The old man smiled also.  It was easier than he thought to let go of the burden.  Then he tossed another pebble,    another   burden,   then another,   and another.  The boy stayed and watched.  They built a fire and the old man kept throwing until his knapsack was at last empty.  He felt so relieved.
   The next day the old man, standing straight and tall, told the other villagers what had happened and how good he felt.  They could see how happy he was, how he looked and acted like a different person.  They were amazed.
   At the end of the day, all the villagers joined the old man and the boy and went to the riverbank and skipped their burdens across the water until their knapsacks were empty.  They were amazed at how good and happy they felt.  From that time on they unloaded their burdens at the close of every day.
   A sign was erected at the entrance to the village that said.
                                 It’s hard To Be
                              On Top Of the World
                           When You’re Carrying it
                              On Your Shoulders.
                                Let Go And Live.
                 After reading the above article, I started to ponder what way anyone could do this and I thought about Thought Adjusters, so this morning I asked my Thought Adjuster if we could hand our burdens to them, could they cast them aside for us.  Here is what HE had to say.
                 Of course we can, that is one of the primary reasons we are here: To smooth and ease the way for you.  I cannot say we just toss everything aside but we try to make it the easiest for you we can.  There are just some things you need to experience so we do try to make it the easiest for you to get through. Also the more you advance in Spirit the less burdens you will acquire so it gets better and better and all will lead you to that road to Light and Life.  By the way that article was a great down to earth one to describe a part of living.                        

General Discussion / more poetry
« on: April 23, 2022, 12:06:33 pm »
               The Road to Light and Life
The sun will rise early to start a new day.
A sign in the sky, that Jesus is well on his way.
To update his message he told so long ago.
It’s now so important, you just have to know.
He brings with him the Celestial s galore.
How could you ask for anything more?
Truth, Beauty and Goodness enter your life,
And leads you to where you have no more strife.
You feel so great, you want to tell others.
And pass it on to your sisters, and brothers.
They also pass it on and the process catches fire,
Ant the number of believers grows higher and higher.
Wars, crime and murders slowly lower and finally disappear,
And life settles down to a life of no fear.
You’re a thousand times happier than when men took a wife.
As your now on that road that leads you to Light and Life.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Where did the universe come from?
« on: April 05, 2022, 07:27:53 am »
Looking thru some of today's head lines I cane across this title: Where did the Universe Come From?   Its rather long but does explain present day Scientists idea of it. I did go thru most of it looking to see if they even mentioned GOD's name yet alone any other Celestial beings. Not even a hint of any of those.  Rayson will have his hands full.

General Discussion / Red Man lore that still holds true
« on: March 13, 2022, 09:40:08 am »

In the Urantia Book it says of the 6 colored races created The Red man was the first one and was said to be the most Spiritual one.  I came across the following clip on  YouTube that indicates that and still holds that truth, and still applies.

General Discussion / learning to pray more together
« on: March 10, 2022, 10:26:22 am »
In this present time because of circumstances information from above has slowed down, so why don’t we send something out ourselves?  I regret that I never came across the Urantia Book back before I got married.  I sure would have raised my children a lot different and most would probably feel the same way. I did not want to  have them go thru listening to half-truths so I failed in that respect of telling them much at all about religion and figured they would find out their own way and decide their own way about it. I believe I made a mistake in that as these days since GOD and Jesus just are not in present day vocabulary for very many. There is an old saying: “Those that pray together stay together”, so I began thinking how can we instill that again in present day families.  I got “or the Thought Adjuster” gave it to me to compose family orientated creations of your own that you and your children and your grandchildren can compose them as their own and say them together at home or when you still have family time together.  Compose them orientated as Mother/Father related, children related, or any ideas you come up with and spread them around to the rest of your families, and relations.  I came up for my first short example below the is a Family Poem with rhyme but it’s not necessary for rhyme just anyway to care to say it. Spread the thought to all you know.
   Dear Father in Heaven help this family grow,
   Teach us daily what we need to know.
   Send us Your words from far above,
   That we may learn how to really love.
   To love each other as You love us all
   Keep us standing straight and tall.
   Not just here in our family, but all we meet,
   How could anything be more sweet.

General Discussion / more poetry
« on: February 05, 2022, 09:08:17 am »

These days seem to be going very slow,
And we think there is much more we should know,
Why is it that Jesus is not already here,
Without his guidance we have a great fear.
One day he’s coming and the next day it’s on hold,
We seldom understand from what we’ve been told.
We’re informed of the causes and it goes over our head,
And if you stop thinking, the issues fall dead.
We wonder and think how these things are going,
And even forget that GOD is all knowing.
Everything is a part if HIS master plan,
And all you need to do is do as you can.
There is no wrong in what you do or say,
As long as it relates to THE FATHERS way.
Even if you make, a little error,
It may be forgiven with a little prayer.
Time on Paradise has no measure,
Every event is a Glorious treasure.
When you are there you will be fully aware,
And all that is known, will be yours to share.

General Discussion / another poem
« on: December 23, 2021, 03:12:01 pm »

Jesus is here and soon to appear,
Many sit around and wait in fear.
We know it will be a universal event,
But remember that He was Heavenly sent.
 You sit there thinking, and scrach your scalp
Wondering how you can really help.
God already knows what you can do,
No one else needs to know, but YOU.

General Discussion / A Mortal's Life
« on: December 09, 2021, 07:19:51 am »

                              A Mortal Life
GOD had no beginning, nor will He have an end,
And during your life here, He will be your best friend.
HE loves you as a Father, and that’s what HE is,
Your Father and Creator, and all creation is HIS.
Eons of time before you were born,
Your parents so happy, they blew a loud horn.
They raised you and taught you, all that they knew,
Even took you to church, where you sat in a pew.
In church your learned about the Heavenly GOD,
And he rules us all with a golden rod.
That he was and still is, in charge of creation,
But much of it all is beyond our imagination,
As we grew older, we learned many new things,
But that song in our heart, no longer sings.
Whats happened to that love and care in our life,
The world has turned to money, and crime and so full of strife.
Now is the time to start to change it all,
Jesus is here to do Our Fathers call.
We’ll be put thru a difficult test,
And hopefully, ending up with the very best.
After it’s over we’ll be well on our way,
To the greatest of places, where you can stay.
You’ve had your last cup, which you fully drank,
And when you get your answers, fill-in the _____ blank.
    (If you find it hard to start, remember GOD has a crank.)

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Another view of things to come
« on: October 10, 2021, 04:49:51 pm »

                          Another way to view the future after the Missions Start
While searching on youtube to listen to some music I like, I came to another view of Light and Life. The song I was looking forward to was not because of the type of song but of how the people in the video reacted to it.  The song Depicted was Zorbas Dance but almost any well known song would work too.  This video you will see how the entire song got the entire crowd caught up in it.  Notice no protest signs around, no police force covering the area for trouble, just a crowd of people enjoying life and having a great peaceful time.  Think of it; this is the way it will be on the Road to Light and Life and maybe even before working up to it; any place you go everywhere on Urantia.  Happy people all around, singing, dancing, smiling and spreading good cheer. You have been told that when Jesus and the Missions first start there will be chaos, and as they spread GODs message to everyone, things will start improving slowly at first but will get better and better as time moves forward. No not everyone dancing in the street but feeling the same way towards their fellow neighbors in every place they visit. It’s one little facet to keep in mind with all your others as to what’s in store in the New Universal Age for Urantians.

TERMS HELPFUL TO KNOW / I have the simple answer
« on: October 06, 2021, 05:01:45 pm »
WOW Ron!  This new post is something else but I have a simple explanation of it at least for me... Its going to take me all that unknown future time just to comprehend what you said here, and if your still holding Light Lines 3 Trillion years from now then I will have another 3 Trillion years worth to figure out what you say then.  If that keeps on you have to know THERE IS NO END  To Our FATHERS desires and Will

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / The Red Man and Spirtuality
« on: August 19, 2021, 07:41:34 pm »
During one phase of Evolution the six colored races on Urantia were introduced.  The Red Man was the first and most spiritual inclined of these six races.  If it were not for their own warfare amongst the different tribes it was said we would be much better off today spiritually.  I just happened (or was it planned?) to come across this little 5 minute youtube video of the Hopi view point and prophecy that truly applies today.  Worth the short watch

Works You Would Like Us To Know / The coming changes
« on: May 22, 2021, 10:11:04 am »

                                                           The road to Light and Life
  Many times has Michael of Nebadon mentioned his beautiful world of Urantia.  Most humans have no idea of its natural beauty and the power and glory and the reason it was created; and it wasn’t a Big Bang. I have recently explored its beauty via the internet.  You tube has thousands of video depicting its beauty and I have explored some of them via “Cab View Train Rides” - (name of county ie Germany, England or wherever you wish to go).  You take a ride on a train that has a camera in the engineer’s compartment and follow it along its route. You pass fantastic scenery thru towns and country side and see many areas and even houses you tell yourself “Oh I would love to spend a few nights there”.  Most all of the scenes is are so peaceful looking and you see all the people around enjoying themselves as if they have no care in the world and it seems to be the perfect place.
  Can you even imagine a perfect place? Can you even imagine a world with no diseases, no wars, no hunger, no crime, no military, no destructive weather, no boarders and the “No” list goes on and on. You could if you wished, take a trip to any place on earth and walk the streets in the middle of the night and feel entirely safe. Not even needing passports or visa’s or being asked why are you here.  There would be a universal language that everyone knew fluently.  Does that sound like heaven or sound pretty boring? You readers of the Urantia Book and members of the Forum and Light Lines have read and heard about such places. Ninety percent of created worlds live in such places and we are one of the decimal places that things are not so easy going. Fortunately that is all going to change soon with the advent of Jesus’ return. The Forum and Light Lines is where to keep your attention often to read and hear the events as they unfold.  This all will take a very long time to happen and most if not all of us will be seeing it from a higher perspective. However we will have been following the transformation and know we helped to start it all off.
  So take a few train rides and see the innate beauty of Urantia and visualize living here under conditions of Light and Life and do your part as your able to make it happen. 

Translations and Transmissions / Participate in a Celestial Event
« on: November 29, 2020, 06:53:49 pm »

My fellow members and listeners this post may be a little different than most but it has to do with what I did for the spring equinox of 21 March 2019, and before I found and joined the Serara Form. After watching part of the Super Bowl that year there had been over 100 million listeners to the game and throughout the event and commercials and whatever I did not hear one word about our Father in Heaven so I came up with this: I thought of how could I get a lot of people involved at one time world-wide to devote some time to GOD.  Then it came to mind that the equinox’s and solstices occur at published times like a holiday. You look up the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) also known as Zulu time and subtract or add your local time difference to get the exact same time where it is occurring worldwide. For example I am in the Eastern time zone which is minus 5 hrs Zulu, so 10:02 am Zulu would be 5:02 Eastern. Of course as you may know, some places it will be at a very inconvenient time as in or near the middle of the night or in the middle of your work in a job or whatever. Anyway what I propose at this time however you can manage it is to think of God. You can give thanks, pray, sing, play an instrument or however YOU YOURSELF wish to express it, and of course to ask God for the wisdom and help to do his Holy Will.  Those that cannot do it at or near that exact time at least take some time during that day to express your feelings to God Our Father.
   This year GMT is 21 December 2020 at 10:02 Greenwich; that is 10:02 in the AM as GMT is a 24 hour clock. So mark it on your calendrer please and give it some thought. Look closely at your time zones and as the local time you calculate could still be on 20 December at certain time zones.  Of course there are places on the web that will do your calculations for you. So that’s my suggested event and you can ask all your family, relatives and friends to do the same for them self.         
If this should all work out nicely then it would be easy to extend to the other equinox and solstices dates or even monthly or whatever times we want.  Of course we should all be doing this ourselves but by the method above provides an EN MASSE way of doing it and even possibly make God smile.            

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