Prayer for the passing of Rev. Marcus Lamb


Dominick O:
Dec 3rd, 2021
Yes, today seems like it could easily be 2001 or 2021 related to Missions and God’s Voice or the Heart of God on Urantia.
You are moved by the passing of Rev Lamb.
Yes, it’s a shame the media scores points for COVID at the expense of good programming that helps more than hinders, in my opinion.  I got to enjoy the overall programming of Daystar, living with my mother, recently, the past year.  She watched Daystar mostly because nothing else on TV is that good.  I came to appreciate the programming myself, watching first-hand most early afternoon and evening programming.  Rev Lamb was a brilliant and kind man, dedicated to the good news and doing good works.  You could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice.  It is a microcosm of modern cities ignoring god in favor of ideology.  Why should a person who has done so much good be remembered in headline eulogy so poorly?  We worship violence and demonize the preacher.  I pray The Return and the Missions recalibrate those who hear and see You.  I pray we can all learn to cooperate without losing our religions we so strongly defend as our identities.  I pray the majority of what should bind us together isn’t destroyed by the minority of rebellion within us that strives to hate or take offense at nothing.  I pray the light of truth gets shown the many both in their hearts and in reality of spirit, that our governments and industries and institutions can be restored and redeemed to function as they are meant to do in justice and civic mercy.  That people learn to give of ourselves and take less without selfish justifications.  That education be available to all that seek it for their growth and quality of life.  And that Jesus and MICHAEL are loyally cooperated with for their own benefit and happiness.  That everyone begins to know they are loved by the Creator of Deity within them, and they are a gift to the Father as much as HE is to them.
I think Rev Lamb wanted these things, too, and that is what I choose to remember him as, and what his family and ministries can help accomplish in cooperation and joy.
Thank you, your prayer is registered on High.  Now proceed with your day and let no distractions of thought and emotion deter what has been asked of you in time.

Moses Ouko:
Amen to your prayer Dominick.

Love and Blessings,


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