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READ Please for your information on this Board of Posts
I have remodeled this Category and Board to reflect the new concept announced at the beginning of January started in 2022 in the USA Lightline and to be echoed, I think, in Lightlines to follow.  I will post a new thread on the Deity of Laity and so on separate from this announcement later today.

The above statement is how Post I started out before posting II and III.  The Universal Father has directed that Posts II and III are removed because He has removed the DEITY OF LAITY who is also known as the GOD OF LAITY.  Paradise has experimented long enough with Urantia and the proposed Deity of Laity long enough to know it does not work on Urantia well enough to continue with the experiment.  I am asked to remove the explanation as to who and what this new Deity is, and those posts are correct, so as to reduce confusion and assure you the member and reader the concept is really changed, removed, and now dead for all time.  We beg your pardon for starting something that was not to continue, but we keep doing that and finding not all things which are started with good will may continue.  This the very case in point.  There is no oversoul of time anymore, at least at the time of this writing.   Thank you.



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