Author Topic: The Dichotomy of Religious Faith and Social Proof  (Read 360 times)

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The Dichotomy of Religious Faith and Social Proof
« on: January 04, 2022, 11:04:31 am »
January 4th, 2022


The Dichotomy of Religious Faith and Social Proof

Transmission Prompt:

Having faith is at once an individual proof of spiritual resoluteness, begging to be shared if not by the masses, then striving for one’s order of being and species outside of the existential deities and contactable gods of personality.


To share the experience and feel validation, corroboration, above and beyond the drive or instinct to worship or pray, Jesus taught to pray individually and familially with God, the knowable person, through contact with the knowable God within yourselves, the Father places there for you.  Group prayer is not the way.  Group worship is the closest thing approaching any approximation of spiritual validation, but it, too, often misses the mark when performed amongst the spiritually incomplete mortals of blind leading the blind.  The dichotomy also lies within the fact that you supply the personality to the knowable God within, in order to understand the knowable God on Paradise who is the Universal Father to all things.  Indeed, you present a similar conundrum to the majority of personality endowed creations of the universe who must attain and know the Father through different means, experiences and endowments.


The human condition yearns to be told about the explanation of its experience and then turns around only to resent being told it is experiencing.  Such is the path of spiritual corroboration and validation.  This is why Jesus taught service and mixed in periods of individual rest and prayer, just as significantly, if not more than group prayer and worship.  Group exercise is both effective and detrimental to the individual, in so much as it invites laziness and perfunctory unthinkingness, while at the same time inviting feelings to be mistaken for sincere worship.




It is important that I tell you now, in plain speak, what it is you can do for yourselves and what we should do in our associations.  To gather in faith of two, so am I also present.  You need not have your faith explicitly validated. For you know through my Spirit of Truth and your intuitive Father within you that your wills are united in faith and worship, and therefore, more than the sum of your individual parts in any service performed.  Whether that be social or service.  Do not mistake what the Church has evolved into by naming Sunday-service a time to gather and be social.  You have the reasons why, laid out before you and above, as to why it [church-Sunday] is an often poor substitute for actualized service and individual prayer. 


Through actualized experience, your worship becomes the fruit of your labor. The enjoyment of eternity realized in time and a foretaste of mighty accomplishment in unison with God, who is the source of your need for corroboration and validation, and the true arbiter of your worth of accomplishment and attainment.  It is only then that the mortal has true and valid soul-experience and spiritual currency and credit in the venues of time and space.  Only then can you strive to enter the fields of evangelism, ministry, and teaching.


My Ring of Laity is a reminder of all these things and more, as a reminder to yourselves and a reminder to the reforms that must be made to your institutions with a proper Authority.  When the spirit fills you with authority be caring to restrain your tongue and beg yourself to be humble to receive the words of spirit.  Have mercy with yourself.  If you cannot learn it for yourself, how can you provide it to others?  Another dichotomy might be learning to experience mercy ministry for yourself by allowing you to forgive another before you were willing it for yourself.  There is no one shoe that fits you all, my brothers and sisters.  My children.  My flock.


To be about the Father’s business starts within and seeks out service for the sake of the spiritual validation of mortal faith and mortal rewards of living in the material life, of where spirit is elusive like water in your hands.  Go about your daily business and sustain yourselves with the inner water of the Father’s love, and that will fulfill enough to feats of service and worship of varying degrees to satisfy the thirst for social validation.  I bid you all a very good day in peace.



Jesus refers to the Ring of Laity which I know nothing about, other than it is a ring he wishes to wear on his right index finger during his second sojourn here on Urantia.  But his words do speak to the aspects of the Deity of Laity and God of Laity, as it is to be experienced, in lieu of the organized churches' contribution to our actualized religious experiences.


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Re: The Dichotomy of Religious Faith and Social Proof
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2022, 08:21:06 am »
Thank you, Dominick, for this meaningful and true transmission.