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« on: March 26, 2022, 07:47:27 am »

Session nr 5 of March 24, 2022 – English translation– Original French.

Location: Mezzaverde in Belize

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Christ Michael - Sovereign of the local universe of Nebadon, known as Jesus of Nazareth on your world.

Christ Michael: My children, I ask you all to learn to love.

To love all your brothers and sisters.

To send love to everyone without distinction. Even those you perceive as your worst enemy.

Your planet needs it enormously. She thirsts for Love.

That's all we ask of you. Don't complicate things.

Send love from your heart to the countries, to the leaders and I will intensify it for all to receive.

Learn to do this. That is all I ask of you.

Detach yourself from the lies and misinformation of the media, from those who are leading the world towards a disastere by playing you off against each other.

Send your love every day to all the countries that are suffering. An intense love, so intense that it will be above all judgment, above all anger, all fear and all indifference towards others.

If you can do it I will be behind you to intensify it because your world is in great need of it. A very great need.

Each of you is capable of doing this, put your hands in mine, in those of My Father.

Ask for my Presence near you when you decide to send your love towards the other. Not just your friends, your country, your ethnicity by looking away from other people who are suffering. No, especially to those whom you perceive as your enemy and to those for whom you have no consideration or who are indifferent to you.

If you are unable to do this, you will keep your world in iniquity, in discord. Prisoner of your own hatred and anger seeking revenge and punishment.

Love as I loved you all when I was on earth and as I continue to love you.

The whole world is changing, there is a new perception, a new consciousness rising. That of Unity. 
Try to do what I ask you and do it every day. Your faith in Me will give wings to your love.

Be patient and you will see that the New Consciousness of respect for each other will flourish faster globally and avoid spilling more blood and putting more people in misery.

Your planet is not overpopulated and everything is there to feed you all and give you all a comfortable life according to the needs of each and the climatic situations where you live. Your science has everything in hand to remedy this.

Your role is to give your unconditional love to everyone without distinction and without judgment. I will be at your side to help you with this as long as your intentions are pure.

I'm not here for a Final Judgment. To punish the bad and save the good after the total destruction of your planet. I am here to help you love as I love you all. Only then will you save your world from disaster.

It is your responsibility.

Do not hesitate.

I am there beside you to support you in this effort.

The division of the world is only a reflection of what is happening in your own heart.

Point to your heart and cleanse it of anything that isn't "love." Increase your quality of love with My help to transform Urantia.

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« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2022, 05:55:02 pm »



I want to reveal to you the meaning of this life: To love and to be loved!

… For your Heavenly Father is Love, for your Mother Earth is Love,
for the son of man is Love. It is through Love that the three become one.

Everything that exists has been designed according to the law of Love which is Wisdom.

The only path that leads to happiness is that of love.

To love is to see the Divinity in that other you love; that he sees this divinity in you is the sign of his Love, for Divinity is Love.

To do the heavenly will is to give this Love to all beings. If you know how to see Divinity wherever your eyes go, you will lack nothing.

If you love someone, you respond to Divine Love through the one you love. If you love yourself, you will become perfect, because you will know how to see the Divine being which is in you, and you will manifest it,
purifying your body, your soul and your spirit more each day. Then compassion will spring from your heart, you will understand the sorrows of all beings and you will be able to help them.


Do not curse the one who hurt you, he was not yet awakened to Love. His true nature, which is turned towards good, has not yet revealed itself. Forgive him, so that he can understand the harm he has done to you, and thus awaken to the Divine life.

To forgive is to free oneself from all grudges and to trust in the law of cosmic justice. If you free yourself from all resentment, this justice will manifest itself before your eyes. If you love, you become aware of the Divine force that dwells in you and you can move mountains.

Wherever Love comes from, respect it, because it is this force that is sent to you.

When you say: "I love you", think that this "I" who loves is the Divinity in you, when you are told "I love you", think that this "I" who loves is the Divinity in the other . Thus, you will never again be afraid of Love. You will immerse yourself in it and become Love. All beings deserve your Love, because it is this Divine energy that you love in them. So you must see the good in every being you meet, and this good will manifest itself.

What you focus your attention on is always growing. In yourself as in everyone, see the qualities of the soul, so that they can spring up to bring healing to the world. Defects only constitute the envelope, the external appearance of the human being, not his essence. Only Love can penetrate this shell of the personality and discover the hidden riches of the soul. Love crosses appearances. If you want to receive Love from everyone, love the latent perfection in everyone. Thus, you will help each soul to realize itself.

Love is your only unalterable wealth. Let it be in your eyes, so that everything shows you its inner reality.


To love is to become one with the being you love, and not to become an object for him, nor to consider him as an object for you. Becoming one with the person you love removes the balance of power and allows you to live in the vibration of realized Love. It alone can bring you fulfillment. In her, thirst and hunger no longer exist, and the balance of power is limited to the game that pushes the bodies towards each other. It no longer overflows into affective or social life, and the war between the sexes, which is at the root of all wars, disappears.

All forms of war are but a reflection of this misunderstanding between male and female in every human being. Misunderstanding between the conscious and the subconscious, between the mind and the soul, between thoughts and feelings. Unite your thoughts and your feelings around the voice of Love, in order to restore peace within yourself.
The man and woman in you will be reconciled and become one. Then you will see the wish of your heart come true. Only then will you recognize the being who has done the same work as you, to allow you to establish peace in him as in the world. Only then can you become one with him. When two souls are one, they understand each other at a glance. Gestures and words become useless for them.

Always remember this:

What you establish within
yourself materializes outside.
The world of causes is within you.
Install Love within you.
Marry your body to your mind.


Do not ask yourself and do not ask if we love you. To doubt the love that we have for you is to doubt the force of life itself. It is as absurd as doubting the sunrise after each night.

Love protects you in all circumstances, so never be afraid to love too much. The world needs your love, and you can never love too much. Each seed of Love that you sow will come back to you multiplied. Give freedom to the person you love. Learn to love as the sun loves, it spreads its warmth on all, without distinction, it expects nothing in return, and no one can extinguish it.

Transform jealousy into Love which, like doubt, destroys Love. We also manifest what we fear, because doubt, like desire, has creative power in your imagination. True love banishes doubt. He can only grow. It brings health, abundance, knowledge and peace. No one can offend him.

Love makes you acquire the qualities and faults of the loved one, because the lover fixes his attention on the one he loves. Practice seeing only the qualities in the chosen one of your heart. Thus you will manifest them yourself, and you will help him to dissolve his faults. The devil will die of your indifference.
Love never takes revenge. Find in him the strength to love the Divine hidden in your enemy. He will turn into a friend before your eyes. Instead of descending to his level seeking revenge for the harm he has done to you, you will help him to rise towards the light that shines within you.

Love is mercy. If the thought of someone remains in you, you will know that you are loved by that one.

Love is absolute trust. Your Love is not true if you admit that the loved one can harm you.


Love is patience and self-sacrifice. He makes the music of the universe heard. If you oppose it, you will suffer. Let it flow in you, it is eternal life. The sole purpose of the work of regeneration is to transform you into the perfect channel of Love. This gross body will become Divine body, in order to reveal to you the superior degrees of Love where all contradiction vanishes. Love is learned. Start by loving your best a person whom you will surround with your most beautiful thoughts. Then extend this Love little by little to others without ceasing to love the first. Thus you will become one with all humanity and you will have fulfilled your mission on this earth. May your Love extend to all that lives, to all that surrounds you.
The truth reveals itself before the man of Love. Love is food for your soul. If you stop eating it, you will lose your life. Divine Love is the magical force that performs all miracles.
He alone can wash you and free you from your chains. Do not look elsewhere for the philosopher's stone of the alchemists. Love is your magic wand. It renders evil powerless. He establishes the kingdom of happiness. He brings with him all the goods, life, health, success, he will give them to you.
Love first, and you will be loved, and Love will cover you with its blessings. You will bring joy around you. You will give and receive life in abundance. Close to you the sick will recover. Love is the science of all sciences. Intelligence without love is only foolishness.


As soon as you love, the meaning of Love will be revealed to you. Love is the water that waters the garden of your life and gives it flowers and fruits. Accept it so that your works may be great and may contribute to the evolution of man. Love is harmony and freedom. Throw your weaknesses to his fire, they turn into strength.

Only purity, which is perfection, allows Love to remain. If you want to remain pure in your thoughts, in your feelings and in your actions, you will oppose the great contrary currents and this risks making you suffer. But know that this suffering is only a prelude to Love.
At that time, keep gratefulness in your heart for every little joy you receive throughout the days.
Thus, you will prepare your organism to support the gigantic vibrations of Divine Love which will open your seven stars. Only what has been done with love will remain,

For your Heavenly Father is Love.
For your Mother Earth is Love.
For the Son of Man is Love.
It is through Love that the three
Only do one.


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« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2022, 06:39:16 am »
A beautiful discourse on LOVE Majesthia Gondo.  Thank you so much for it!

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« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2022, 08:06:51 am »
Thank you Mr. gcmayer83. The history of this cosmic message concerning love is strange.
A gentleman named Paul, a Frenchman, who has a spirituality site found one day, more than 25 years ago, an audio cassette in front of the door of his house, without the name or address of the person who dropped it off. After listening to it, he posted it on his site along with the transcript, after adding nice soft background music to accompany the message. the audio message is in French.
I discovered it about five years ago.
And that's what I often listen to to relax and get inspired and calm my mind.
Thank you.

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« Reply #4 on: March 27, 2022, 10:27:54 am »

Thank you Majesthia Gondo for this publication "LOVE, IS ALL WE ASK FOR".with such a consistent, clear and convincing message from Father Miguel, which is a call for peace and joy. I remember very much SAI BABA and his teachings like: "If you develop love you don't need to develop anything else" or the statement that says: "It is the heart that reaches the goal and the goal is God who is love". Thank you
« Last Edit: March 27, 2022, 10:30:59 am by occerpa »
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"

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« Reply #5 on: March 28, 2022, 11:03:10 am »
Thank you Mr Occerpa,. This is really the goal to achieve.
If we do not love as God loves, how will we be like God to reach it.
So when we recognize that we are children of God who is love, we must recognize that we are also love, and manifest love as God does. Is not it ?
And that is why Joshua Ben Joseph said that it is through this manifestation of love that his disciples will be recognized by the world.
I read a teaching of Mother Nebadonia from about 10 years ago, in which she said why we must love even the most dangerous criminal and send love to him.
Quite simply, because this criminal also loves someone somewhere; either his wife, his children or a person who is not part of his family or his parents.
 So this love that he has is valid in the sight of God.
And it was revealed in the UB that Lucifer wasn't eliminated very early, because the light wasn't extinguished within him yet.
And later after hearing about all these things, I said to myself: this is just a love story. And whoever wants to reach the goal must accept it and experience it.
Considering the evil that several people did to me, it was difficult for me to accept to love these people whom I considered as enemies.
but one evening in the year 2001, I decided to face it in my heart. After thinking deeply, I came out of my living room to stand in the open air, and I said: if God is love and loves the wicked and the unjust and does them good, if I am his son, then I am love and I must also love my enemies. So I accept this teaching of Jesus in the Bible to put it into practice. And all the grudges disappeared from my heart.
It's the hardest decision I've made.
It was very difficult.

And 10 years later, I discovered UB. and I was happy to have made this decision, after having read the revelations on the love in the UB.
Thank you.