Author Topic: Urantia Book dissemination changes - info you might like to know  (Read 106 times)

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 The Urantia Foundation operates a library through which donates Urantia Books to those who cannot ordinarily afford to purchase the book themselves.  This morning there was an announcement that  library could not longer afford to do such.

Here is the link to the announcement:
  They also make mention that the Portuguese translation is worked on and what they might do to afford copies there too.  However, I remind every one of you, this turn of events of being too expensive to mail Urantia Books out to readers, is obviously some good news to truth seekers, in that the Urantia Book, and please remember this!  is at least 30% in terminal error.  Its teachings on Supremacy, the Trinity of Trinities, and the seraphic government are defiled by rebellion and suicidal work of important elelements of evolutionary Deity. 

These workers for the Urantia Foundation are cult members of a society that refuses to take revealtion seriously.  Watch out when future and near term spiritual events set the record straight to stop translating an erroneous text and worst yet, people who refuse to change their ways when the world is at war no longer, but is working on convincing themselves there is really a genuine SECOND RETURN OF JESUS in process and progress.  But read the announcement to update yourselves too. 

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