Author Topic: Lesson 01 - FREEDOM. What is It? June19, 2022  (Read 97 times)

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Lesson 01 - FREEDOM. What is It? June19, 2022
« on: June 19, 2022, 11:25:24 pm »
Tape Lesson 01 is to be posted here in a moment as Lesson 01 hit the fan with the insurrection and the tape is temporarily down.  Please expect this to be posted shortly without a further problem.  Thank you for your patience.  Message posted : June 19, 2022  23:30 NY DST   Ron Besser
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Re: Lesson 01 - FREEDOM. What is It? June19, 2022
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Re: Lesson 01 - FREEDOM. What is It? June19, 2022
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2022, 11:24:24 pm »
Ohrbeck Tapes Lesson 1.0 Freedom, What is it?

06-19-2022 Lesson 1.0

Questions about Freedom
This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, your Creator Son, with the question entitled today, "Freedom". As your song says, "what is it good for?"

On your planet freedom has two things: in behavior, and thought and philosophy. One group say it is freedom from something, and another group may espouse freedom to do something.
The laws of society dictate a freedom to do anything within the law. For outside or outside of the law, and its repercussions.

As M of N the law states that the rebellion is adjudicated. My freedom as rightful sovereign of my own universe is to fulfill the promise made by Jesus who at that point was fully aligned with myself, as a dual being of the bestowal of myself, as a human who had fulfilled his primary mission, of revealing of the Father, and living in life as a human.

The "freedom from" aspect of my bestowal freed yourselves from your minds. Your minds became stronger and fortified in spirit, encircuited so that you could experience all that you had been made for, created, free of rebellion, and spiritual malevolent, and fearful influences.

That was the groundwork for a spiritual foundation,. Mind and Spirit, together with a reaction by the Father to more or less universally bestow himself in conjunction with these circuits in a spiritual ecosystem, resultant in my successful mission.
However this successful mission could not present a legal outworking, such as is the case, as happened much later, two millennia later, with the courts ruling in favor of myself and my ministration within my universe.

Therefore a ruling of and for a freedom, the rebels no longer have a legal right to sustain. They were not sustained, therefore are subject to enforcement.

The law often presents a quandary for natural law presents the ultimate rubber hitting the road, where you have compliance with the law or not, regardless of the ruling. We are still in this phase. And like on your planet, the law must always reassert itself until it becomes almost natural.
Take for example, laws of traffic. In different areas they are obeyed and customized differently. And when it becomes such a harm, then non compliance creates laws. Then laws can be reapplied. This is the case.

The precedence to correct the rebellion is done through the offices and mechanisms of the Paradise Sons, the courts of the of planet system, universe, super universe, and Paradise judiciary.

And the beings within the jurisdiction within these judicial systems are subject to forces outside of time and space, with the power in force to depersonalize, for they control the ultimate level of time and space, of the ultimaton. The Father personalizes and provides freedom through will, and has all distribution of his self through his sustaining the courts connecting time and space to the Master Universe. Those are none other than the Ancients of Days.

The Ancients of Days, all being sons of God, are representative of the Trinity of God as a court. And in so doing, not only represent time and space and paradise, but also the Trinity, the Universal father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. They are the ultimate arbiters and judges ruling in favor or not, in the utilization of freedom within a system of laws and rulings that have been adhered to to the point of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, weighed against error, sin, and iniquity.

These two examined as forces, are not a balancing act, meaning, sin error and iniquity are not necessary in the universe, although they are not early observed in the creature perfection. They are not necessary to balance out truth beauty and goodness.



What I do is sustain all of this within the universe of my creation, and in creating freewill beings, with the help of coordinate Deity.
I must suffer the consequences up to a certain extent by my creations, which do not adhere to the law.

It has been my policy to allow freedom to display itself to the point where sin and iniquity have run their course, displaying a spiritual fact that they cannot sustain a creation, thereby proving they are not of any eternal value or nature. This lays the moral and legal and natural right to exert force of depersonalization, as the last and ultimate enforcement of super universe law, imposed by the Master Universe over the lesser, real grand universe of time and space.

How this plays out of what I have just spoken to is that there is a freedom, a free will to finally make a choice, and expose itself in the behavior of each individual unit that is endowed with Free Will, as a being, and display a final choice in life of the ruins of the universe. To explain this means that the enforcement is the final laying of light on these rulings, but not in the immediate enforcement. In other words practically speaking, I am Michael, I am here. I have returned as Jesus.
Then of course, the policy at first may be "prove it". Nothing has changed, or everything has changed.

But he is powerless to control myself, mob control, to not adhere to the laws of civilization, to the self fulfilling prophecy of chaos, and according to not plan, but the respecting of freedom, that behavior of freewill choice will be allowed to express itself, in order for the enforcement of the judicial system to be ratified, and sustained, and in the execution of the mandates.

In the annals of eternity, justice will be sustained by not only the freedom given, but the mercy application both before and after any mandates and laws are enforced.

This is Michael of Nebadon, completing Lesson 1.0 on Freedom.

I bid you all within my universe of Nebadon, a very good day.



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Re: Lesson 01 - FREEDOM. What is It? June19, 2022
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2022, 09:15:22 am »
Thank you Father Micaƫl for these beautiful understandable lessons, through Le Dominique. Thanks to SongatSunrise for the transcription.