Author Topic: NOTICE: Site Not Opening to Some Members - please read 19 Nov 2022  (Read 433 times)

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Some members are not able to get onto the site this morning due to an error message showing when you try to.  What that error message does not tell you as to why.  The "why" is that the internet insists, at least in the United States, that a certificate of authentication be supplied to the site that it is what it says it is and not malware or a virus ready to harm your computer.  Our certificate lapsed yesterday unknown to me and I have asked Charles Lehner, our web site monitor, to please reestablish the certificate, as they are renewable and required.
There is a way to over ride the error message on your browser and your browser has a message you have to find to read that says if you agree to take you chances and look at it click here or something like it, and it goes there in spite of the certificate having expired.  I did it myself this morning and look at it easily now. 
I am very sorry for the error happening to you and apologize not catching this before it happened.  Charles I am sure knows how to take care of it,  and we thank him for his service to complete the renewal.   Thank you all.


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Re: NOTICE: Site Not Opening to Some Members - please read 19 Nov 2022
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2022, 12:14:47 pm »
Thank you Ron for the info. I have actually been experiencing this challenge
but have learned how to by pass it by going to the advanced options of Google chrome and accessing it from there.
Thank you Charles for your efforts, God Bless.

Love and Blessings,