Author Topic: sUNDAY lIGHTLINE OPEN 04 DEC 2022 FYI  (Read 382 times)

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« on: December 03, 2022, 13:43:00 pm »
We have been just irregular enough with all of the chaos in the last two months, I do not blame you wondering if this Lightline is held.  I promised myself that unless the place burns down we have to maintain the Sunday Lightline in spite of the turmoil.

I have, in consultation with the power to be, asked if there is any reason we should not hold the 4 December Lightline.  They said an emphatic NO!  Hold it and listen to the Lightline  AGAIN that will change some views as to our worth or our issues as important to you at all.  That is how hard the news is coming out of our spirit policy makers in the last two weeks, and Sunday is a report from MICHAEL OF NEBADON and his Staff and the MELCHIZEDEKS and maybe even the Bright and Morning Star, GABRIEL, could have something to say again.

For that reason I assume we have a regular time in length together this Sunday the 4th of December, but when the rowdy cabal gets going it might force us into an over time that we have used before, and that is to break the session down into two if that is deemed to be warranted.  I have no control over this except to name the time for the second session.  Up for grabs is not WTP, that is being settled as we speak.  But up for grabs is exactly how the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION  can cope to deal with the need for tens of millions of dollars to build the plant that also has a revision from the patent design to build quickly and regularly.   I have no say beyond telling you this at all.   

I close with a thank you to all of you for your interest and care to listen.  Our streaming service seems to be permanently out of line and the Internet Audio holds well, so keep that in mind if your device can use the internet to listen.  That link is at the top of the page of the discussion forum for you to use.

Until then, I say a cheerful goodbye and see you later!

Ron Besser

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