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Weydevu, what happened is a severe attack on me and the inability to proceed with what has been written but forced into no reply because of actions against putting it up on the site.  Getting this message out has been difficult too.  Part II is written  and I include it here but it is mostly partial in that I was forced off it and could not correct language before sending this out.   The cabal is in a murderous mood Weydevu and be careful as they will sting anyone and are very good at confusing you and the situation.  I have sustained damage to my email and so forth and I am not straightened out at all yet. 
Here is the uncorrected Part II and take it for what its worth as I could not reedit.  K

Part II
a - The Lopsided Deal W/the Pleiades
b - Pleiades Concern for Urantia
c - Difficulties in Presenting This Post
d - Resolution by the Universal Father and the Deity Absolute
T/R: Ron Besser, York PA.  

“In keeping with the promise to provide Part II of an extraordinary discussion between the Pleaides which are advanced civilization  human being officiating as outsides of the Nebadon Universe of stellar performances, and variously called the PLEIADES, or sometimes called the ANTARES.  we present the following conversations allowed to me to report for stellar reasons as well.

The PLEIADES - “We speak now in our native tongue and translations are by your Thought Adjuster, Ron:

“The Paleidies have a “deal” with what you call the Deity Absolute, to prepare for an eventual understanding what the Urantia Book fully addresses, and Ron you are two hundred years ahead of the text of the Book already.

“This is the Pleiades, and we must address this solemnly and without rancor to you Ron, but you take this eventually well, but it has gotten mixed up with a group of beings who know nothing and make it worse than usual for concerns that is mostly subconscious dealings entirely.

[Ron here - I believe they are referring to the commericalization of their sayings by others who can barely transmit much less take down serious speech by them.]
“We the Pleiadians are satisfied you are an honarble being Ron (I am certified, yes), and we leave for now as you re not upset but are being hit with everything the cabal can do and I hope that is the end of them entirely too!  The PLEIADES.”

MONJORONSON Smith here. “ Be aware you broke the back of their transmitters and the cabal is furious they are denied access now.  We have some interests to state here Ron and are you up to it? [Yes, if I can get the cabal off my back!]

“I want you to understand Ron, you are being forced into a death spiral you do not want and they are remedied out of it themselves with the full effect of our punishment for dishing you into oblivion without ever stating the course we want to be heard loud and clear  

“WE are sure you good for years but they are trying to kill you now and we will not have it.  For reasons of State there are no more cabal persons, leaders, or anything left in a moment of insurrection on this planet.

“WE wish it to be known that Monjoronson is a compact of a titillating converse of Magisterial Sons, the Deity Absolute, and the Universal Father, attempting to save Urantia.  For that reason you have been employed as a necessary part of the work, but we did not plan on a kabal (Monjoronson’s spelling), and further upon your death as they are planning to remove you entirely Ron.  They cannot but they do not know that and we must have a word with  FATHER.  K”

Ron here, please: The transmission is severed and that is fine with me.  I am quite certain the cabal does not realize it made an enormous mistake to curtail Monjoronson  and Serara, and I am nearly blind as I type this and so we are double threatened while I Lightline I should have attended is going on too.  

MONJORONSON speaking -
“That Lightline was suddenly truncated as you were supposed to take it and totally forgot because your head was filled with the rats of the cabal, kabal, whatever.  Ron here: I will use the kabal spelling then, thank you,/


Part I - The Pleiades Concerns
First Minor Concerns and Then the Pleiades have a say - this is an incomplete Part I. 
Part II is not prepared yet and may never be revealed - state tune  . . . .
Michael of Nebadon
The Deity Absolute
The Universal Father
T/R: Ron  Besser
July 12, 2024

For those who are wondering about the Lightlines for possibly Friday, today the 12th of July, it is impossible to know now just what schedule we have to report on.

Michael of Nebadon has been pondering the situation on Urantia.  You do understand we as a group have to take into account what Urantia is doing among the nation states and people in general on the planet for a good contact to be made and some idea of WHAT Michael of Nebadon wishes to do.  This email is most concerned about what the Creator Son wishes to say about the general conditions now prevailing on this planet, called Urantia by the heavenly hosts.


“This report is made in the usual format, but it also made so certain members of the morontial capitals may also read it for students of the old Urantia  Book may gather a statement about their home sphere:

“WE are quite sure Ron is failing just enough to enjoy this presentation, and we are sure, just enough, to detail the fact that this transmitter is not allowing sufficient kinds of information through to entice the former wards of the Universe Provost, to fully entertain the natural condition of certain city states to report in entirely.  Therefore, the following:

1 - There is nothing to say about SE Asia you already do not know.  There rest of t he world c an be summarized as follows:

2 - SE Asia - the status quo remains in place;

3 - The United States: the US Supreme ‘court will likely rule that there is no law in place to determine the fairness of the universe over what is to be done about Donald Trump’s ill advised proclomation this morning (12 July 2024), that he alone will determine the efficacy of who and how much the entire world owes the US for its bland view that it can rule the oceans.  This is so exceedingly dangerous we cannot predict what will happen if the US insists on it even with allies;

4 - There is little to report concerning the EU (European Union ), and for that matter the Czech Republic and Poland remain silent on the acquisition by certain States withing the EU, of the sale of F16's to certain member States which wish to share them with the Ukraine.

The United States does no wish to sell F16's to combatants in Europe or the Middle East because they are so lethal no one dare approach one and live if they have hostile intentions;

5 - The Ukraine has no intention of playing fair with these planes and the US has warned Russia and Poland it has no intentions of entering the Europena view of the Ukraine war.  Any hostilities must be in or from the EU in those intentions.  We view it as a “Thank Goodness!”  Such was stated by t he Secretary of State recently;

6 - The United States is a five hundred pound canary in the coal mine.  That means if it is harmed at all there are consequences and Russia and China give it wide berth,  However, the danger lies in triggering compacts signed between the US and the EU over defense obligations.  Russia is keenly aware the US and Poland have such a signed document abrogated mostly by Poland become part of the EU;

7  - The last vestige of EU obligations to the United States is in Great Britains, and since GB is now removed from the EU, it is not longer necessary to be concerned about that obligation to the United Kingdom today;

8 - And finally, this is NOT the last report of this nature.  Ronald Besser is quite necessary to maintain them; however, we are informed that he is facing a difficult tow or three days and must advise all that if he does not make more of t he international reports concerning the State conditions of the European Union (EU) then we have failed to keep our obligation not only to Ron, but to all of you.

For that reason we state the following to Ron Besser and the rest of you, we are not of the EU or other States, but we are the Pleiades.

THE PLEIADES as State Conformers on Urantia
“I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and Ron is as surprised as I am.

“For Reasons of State, please Ron: stand down momentarily until I get what this new voice is.  I thought this was my onw “State Department” reporting, but apparently not so.

“WE wish to inquire just how the Pleiades are involved here?

“As friends of the United States in particular, your Highness.

“Ron you are absolutely correct.  The Pleiades are extra-universe.  I am particularly interested in your take on it Ron . . . .

Ron Besser - Thank you ver much Michael of Nebadon, I will respond quickly:

The UNIVERSAL FATHER responds first:

“I am consequentially important in this development.

“I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER, and I take all cross-talk highly important.  Ron you are feeling rough and caring but you must see this through:

1 - AS FATHER, I insist on being informed why Ron, receives a message like this when I have never been informed of the intention of the PLEIADES to ever talk or speak as they have done here.

2 - Ronald L. Besser is an assigned transmitter, and not a part of the Missions to the planet Urantia, of the Satania Constellation near the Nebadon border with the 1st Outer Space Level geographically.  The 2nd Outer Space Level is not operative at all but contains several important Constellations, WE look at as conditional to life before the FIRST OUTER SPACE level is ever operational.
- - - - - -
[Ron here - what I think that means is the Father holds certain planetry developments in the 1st outer space level as preliminary to all other life to be created there and represent an organization for the first Creator Sons establishment to open the 1st Outer Space level to establishing life there.  I leave this to the speakers for further descriptions.]
 - - - - - - - -

FATHER speaks - “You are correct Ron and leave the rest to Me to figure the Pleiades interest in the Urantia sphere.

“You Ron are being exceedingly careful with this, as it is a brands new precedence to your view and you must make sure you are reporting this correctly.  I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE, and I know you know who I am, but most reading this are poor Urantia Book readers (except for a few), and it must be decided just how important the Pleiades are to Urantia information like this.

“I AM NOT RULING this in or out just yet.  But the Pleiades have taken an extraordinary step to cross address Ron like this, and this just proves that Ron is an exceptional carrier of trust and concerns to URANTIA and to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, to have allowed this statement in the usual manner escalate to this degree.  Ron close this down at once.  

Ron Besser- I will of course stop now as ordered.  Thank you.

[If there is more to this I will print it for the readers when I can.  Ron.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON, I am as interested as Ron is in this dust up over nothing really but it is a new precedence to Me too.  Thank you. MICHAEL OF NEBADON ]



[font="Times New Roman", serif]July 10, 2024[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]Michael of Nebadon and cabal trouble doing this post for you:


[font="Times New Roman", serif]Yesterday, the 9th of July, 2024, was supposed to be a reopening of the Magisterial Foundation hopes for a new and a ready stream of new announcements.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]Instead, we ran into a Lightline without Dominick Ohrbeck understanding there was good news around the corner, but that he knew of it but could not announce it.  His Lightline went find and was as should be under the circumstances.  The problem is this:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]Yesterday was supposed to be the start of the Magisterial Son to begin the Urantia Missions.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]That it got turned around; well, That was not your fault.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]The NATURAL WORLDS OF PEACE AND URANTIA [/font][/u][/b]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“URANTIA is a terrible planet not![/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“But Urantia has fallen on hard times not by itself, but by a CABAL OF SERAPHIM.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“There are too many people on URANTIA again, and this time I am leaving some natural disasters be, and allow them to occur into large population areas as this planet, Urantia, is far to overcrowded to live well.  The population of Urantia today is given by the internet as of 9am the following:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]Population at 9am on earth 10 July 2024[/font][/u][/b][font="Times New Roman", serif] is 8.2 Billion People:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“Today the 10th of July, 2024, the Internet reports there are 8.2 billion people populatin Urantia. [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“That is an enormous sum of living entities on a planet designed for no more than 7.1 billion people at most.  My statement this morning is to warn all of you that without a solitary Mission to reserve Urantia for posterity, the population has to be culled back to less than 5 (five) billion people.  What happens to over 3.2 billion people to bring this number back to a normal planetary size?[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“I am a Creator Son, and it is up to me to determine the health and state of all planets under my command.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“In my Local Universe of Nebadon, I currently have 3,141,002 human planets at work, and this number is fairly low, for I projected over 4 (four) million human planets when Nebadon is said to be complete in about another 1 (one) billion earth years.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“For that reason I am making this statement to URANTIA:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“I can not in all honesty allow the population on Urantia grow much more.  I will stop the flow of babies shortly, and you will have to figure out why the birth rate has suddenly plummeted by the year 2035 (Twenty Thirty Five).  This is not a command, this is a necessity, and Urantia scientists will have to figure out just how that happened.  We offer the following to tell you part of it:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]By MICHAEL OF NEBADON[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]POPULATION REDUCTION FOR URANTIA[/font][/u][/b]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“Urantia HAS EXCEEDED ITS POPULATION RESTRICTION by over 1,000,000,000 (one billion) people.  The planet cannot sustain that number for long.  [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“For that reason population reduction must begin, and it will be natural for the most part:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]1 - -  Reduction begins immediately and will continue for twenty (20) more years;[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]2 - - Reduction of the population begins not in Southeast Asia, but in continental South America in part. Land masses in Brazil, Ecuador, and Columbia, are likely although it is impractical to speak to exactly what will  happen;[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]3 - - Africa will lose most o its southern borders by at least by half sometime by the next century;[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]4 - - The United States will lose most of its current West Coast and southern  areas from Mid-Texas to mid-Louisiana.  That is not the Gulf of Mexico causing that but a sub-thermal triage of volcanic activity resuming there and a decision by the United States to rec;assofy the Gulf of Mexico as an inland Sea instead of the current Gulf.  The Gulf of Mexico will enlarge to almost twice its present size when done in about 200 (two hundred) years. 

[font="Times New Roman", serif]5 -  - The lands in South America will be punished severely from about the middle of Brazil south to mid Argentina.  The Pampas area of Brazil will be severely reduced and the entire matter of land reduction in South America is a punishing 1/3 (one third) of the now total land mass. 

[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]THE UNITED STATES AS A HAVEN OF DRY LAND[/font][/u][/b]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]6 - -  “WE ARE NOT SURE YET, just when land disruption begins.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]

///// truncated

MICHAEL OF NEBADON p “I have called the cops Ron; there is no excuse for what is going on, and now they know it fully.  Your post is recommended not for sure but it is an effort to report the standing order that the MISSION ARE A  GO!  AND we leave it alone for now.  K  MICHAEL OF NEBADON and liaison forces joining to keep this post in one piece.  K.  Thank you. 
[font="Calibri", sans-serif]END[/font]

[font="Calibri", sans-serif]Ron here - I will, when I can, pick up on la this post[/font][font="Calibri", sans-serif] later.  I also have a Lightline today and I hope that can be accomplished today too. 

Steven, I just received word to stand down on today's Lightline.  I posted the cancellation just now and if someone else can take the Lightline today, help themselves to it.  I have a blistering headache too so more is happening than my cancellation.  Thanks for your post.  Ron

I have just been notified by the Chief they are cancelling Lightline for Sunday, the 7th of July.  If some one other than myself would like to take the Lightline today, please help yourself.   I cannot do it with the head ache I have over something is coming but I have not been informed as of yet. It has created quite a trauma and it is painful and we must wait until it clears to find out what they want to announce later.  I am very sorry and I have no easy way to discern why it is happening this way, but keep attentive when they do announce further cuts to the Missions not, but to additional concerns concerning the Missions shortly.  It is best not to speak to any of it today and Dominick or anyone who would take the Lightline  in place of me today, please help yourself and let people know please.
Ron Besser



MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaking (continued from above panel)
"WE are making sure there is nothing more than this to say at the moment about celestial Mission to Urantia.

("I've asked that the font be made larger.  And now this:)

"WE, the executive brand of the divine government over you, now are seeking a better way to serve you.  This planet we call URANTIA (You Ran Sha) is due to a new Mission, but it keeps stumbling into war and recession more and more.  I warn of the following:

1 -  There is no meeting being held right now to end all the wars on Urantia.  That will change in the coming weeks;

2 - Michael here yet and speaks this:  WE have concluded this for now.  Thank you.

3 -  The entire matter of a celestial Mission today is off.  Read it and weep.  We cannot continue to plan while the planet is in an uproar over the Middle East and Chine forcing issues in the South China Sea, and with Formosa.  We are wary and will keep things under constant regard over these issues.

4 -  No one is milling around on the Urantia surface anymore to prepare for a Mission as I have rescinded all of it until peace is better established.  The Magisterial Sons are informed of all decisions and act accordingly.

"I AM FULLY AWARE of you difficulties too,  Ron, and so are many others, but we cannot continue with anything until there is a remorseful peace established at least among all of you.

"In closing, I send this message to the group here:

"Keep it peaceful and not offensive as has been maintained here for three (3) years and counting.  There is no need for an offense by anyone and Ron is not leaving but transferring a lot of what he has to Dominick for a better plan of control.   We let this for now and wish you a good day.  Michael of Nebadon."

Ron - I thank MICHAEL OF NEBADON  and STAFF for making it clear we continue and I will hold a LIGHTLINE  today, Sunday the 7th of July at 2PM at our regular time and place for now.  Thanks all for reading along and to MICHAEL OF NEBADON shadowing our meeting in Lightline later today at 2PM.  Look at the top of this discussion forum to see a link to it you can listen to an hour of the celestial staff which starts at 2PM New York Time by  phone and internet,  and that is east coast New York time of the USA.  Thank you!
Ron Besser


To All:
(July 07, 2024; T/R Ron Besser, with MICHAEL OF NEBADON)

The last moments of the life of yours truly is occurring I believe.  It has been a pleasure to serving you, and now I must advise all of you that the time for reconsideration is at least upon me.  Toady is July 7th, a Sunday on the calendar, anD for that reason I am supposed to hold a Lightline today.  Well, I do not particularly feel well enough to consider it and if I can I will, but do not be surprised if there is no Lightly by me today the usual day for such things to be done.

Finally to consider this: I have been active since 1995 at least and many years before 1995, but it was in 1995 that I decide to fully commit to the presence of God on Urantia, and I am still committed, but I am waivering in the capacity to fold it thoroughly or really well as parts of me are beginning to revert to an earlier time in life and now are silly enough to remind me of a much earlier lifetime.  In any case this:

I have made available this service of Lightlines and discussion forum for a good number of years now, and I find my interest is not being reduced or waning in aNy respect, but the mind is being changes as I live these days, and I am not at all sure why or what for.  That said, this:

I am passing the buck to those who are sharp and ready to take on Lightlines and the work of listing on line to the public what we have found, but MICHAEL OF NEBADON is making it slightly difficult to follow the new line of dissertation from the heaven side of life, and while I understand there are changes going on for all of us, I was looking forward to more news.  Michael said to me, “the write this:”

“I have known Ron now for 25 years.  He startrted slow but built a magnificent empire for all of you to use.  I am hoping the Board of Directors of the Magisterial Foundation, may contine to give me the time and space to say what I need to for the coming Missions to Urantia.  For that reason I say to most of you: Follow the course and stop complaining that things are so dull!  They are not.

“First of all Ron is not leaving anything soon, but later this year if that must be.  HE feels totally blanked at the moment and so do I, as the FATHER has not spoken well enough to see through the fog.   And FOG IT IS!!

“I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and you are a mere human, but there are times we share our time together without understanding one another.   So let me write this out clearly:

FIRST: There is nothing to tell you about new Mission anymore.  Why?

As Ron has carefully reiterated from time to time, YOU are the ones that matter in spite of your slowness to comprehend just what is going to be done.

SECOND: What is being done is none of your business at the moment, and Ron has been through this often enough, and says, “STAY THE COURSE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!”  That is sage advice and it must be followed.  

I am not particularly happy how this being put down on Paper, but it is adequate for the moment.   Let me put it my way:


“There is no particular need for a Lightline and Ron has graciously let it be and THERE WILL BE NO LIGHTLINE TODAY at all!  That is my Order and that is my saying for today.


“I AM TAKING DOWN ANY AND ALL REMONSTRATONS aginst you Ron or anyone else who complains about the use of announcements as they are the only way for me to get a solid punch in against the seraphic cabal.

“The seraphim who joined the rebellion last fall, are all reminded there is nothing left if we cannot make a deal with the Planetary Government.

“   There is no excuse for what is happenig now and we are ready to exercise out moral high ground and remove the sissy efforts made by seraphim to halt Ron’s statement here at all.  Let us pray I do not explode and remove you all at once.





Look at this line up and be sure I have this to say: (see the next window:)

    Good thinking Occerpa.  Let me quote you  first:

Machiventa's emergency Mission is better understood as Pre-Bestowal Son. And is therefore not a planetary epoch by itself, and better understood in context of what was. Your well-meaning and reasonable intention would result in some confusion about planetary mortal epochs but is an excellent lesson in how extraordinary and scrambled they are.

You might say our planet is in various, simultaneous, and incomplete stages of:
  • Planetary Prince Man (rebellion affected)
  • Adamic Man (rebellion affected, and defaulted)
  • Bestowal Man (rebellion affected, and out of normal order before Magisterial, and uniquely Creator Son, not an Avonal)
  • Magisterial Man (in progress)

I somewhat disagree with the idea that Machiventa's appearance was an epochal gathering.  It was highly unusual, but an epoch to establishes a plan and a way forward.  What Machiventa did was to digress the religions of the Middle East, and predicated a change in religious status to force the prevailing Bedouins into a single state Deity.That said, Dominick's contention that it was an epochal event can be argued, but I agree with him to the extent it really acted as an epochal event in any case.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "You Ron will go down in universe history as the first man to question the suzerainty of my endowment to Abraham.  You do not disagree my appearance was epochal, but you place it between epochal events of a different nature.  In that I fully agree with you.  Dominick asserts that the degree of use that Machiventa was was more than offset in your view of the last of the Bestowals of Adam and Eve, is that they were the genuine heirs to Abraham, but far too distance in land miles to make a direct appeal to the Bedouins that Machiventa addressed to the tribes under Abraham at the time.

/// I must make it clear you are under heavy attack today, and that is preparation for your death not, but a change in status.  We close this now for safety reasons . . . .

General Discussion / Re: YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!
« on: July 04, 2024, 16:38:26 pm »


WE the United Midwayers of Urantia are finally speaking up.  Tomorrow July the Fifth (5th) we are announcing that the entire Moody Blues band will be playing a refrain you all know:  "May Old Acquaintance Be Heard!"  You miss your Midwayers Ron and we are back to tell you this:

This time we have BIG news!
This has to do with the largest font ever divorced from us to tell you the truth!  Be heard with us and jump for joy!


You Ron are on your last legs but not for long!  You are being revised as you speak and Thank God, you are awake enough to place this on the discussion forum now.

TEXT: The News
MICHAEL OF NEBADON has declared today, July 4th 2024, at noon today, the opening of the MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS and you are crying Ron?  [Ron that is suddenly in my eye so unexpected on a very dull day for me and I crow for God and wish God total success on this bent and rusty world I call home.  Thank you for getting this to us!!!)

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Today Ron figures he is dying and cannot help it.  Not so and the old radish that attends him, Lily the Supernaphim, is grateful her work is now done and she has shepherded Ron to the moment of this announcement:

"WHAT does that mean, now?  We are letting this announcement stay up forever and you must all be grateful to let it alone for use the reply window when we have finished this post.

This is the official text for the beginning of  the Missions on URANTIA:

"URANTIA, is to become the 42nd planet to receive a BESTOWAL SON  twice.  We are suggesting that the Bestowal Son,  this time MICHAEL OF NEBADON, be JESUS again, and he has agreed to withstand a second Bestowal NOW:

"FOR REASONS OF STATE, Ronald Besser is contented to stay on the planet for the resumption of his work to garner the publication of the 6TH EPOCHAL REVELATION.

"FOR REASONS OF STATE,  Jesus recommends that Ron Besser stay the course with Jesus to maintain an adequate reservation of announcements and texts for the population, and that is until a radio or television station be awarded to Urantia to produce 24 hours of news regarding the BESTOWAL OF JESUS and t he beginning of the MAGISTERIAL SONS' APPEARANCE.

THE UNIVERSAL FATHER speaks:  "I am glad this can be announced today, as it falls on the anniversary of Independence for celebration of the beginning of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  No other country on Urantia quite stands as proud of this nation as the USA, but it has been harmed greatly by  the European wars, and I will not permit the United States to war and to hold the peace of a JESUS Mission at the same time. 

"For  that reason, the United States will desist from arms sales or gifts to warring nations from now on.  That declares the current wars of Israel and Hamas over, and declares warring nations to stand down immediately.  There will be enforcers on the planet to see to decisions over this Order.

"Finally, FATHER orders an end to the resurrection today!

 Ron - I am ordered into silence.  And I will put into words if requested the new standing of God on Urantia.  Thank you.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - Ron has received an immense charge from FATHER, and it is to stand the course as long as he dare under MICHAEL OF NEBADON for future work concerning the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION, the MAGISTERIAL SONS, and SEN SEN, the MAGISTERIAL SON, not.  SEN SEN is the INFINITE SPIRIT  and you Ron won him over with this post alone.  You are not inviting comments.  Neither are we.  Please all of you remain silent until later today when the fully announcement will be made by Ron of all people due to his vernacular appearance on such an important day for all of us !  K

General Discussion / YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!
« on: July 04, 2024, 15:59:27 pm »
July 4th, 2024
Big News!

There is something to say today in spite of being July the 4th, Independence Day for the United States, and it is this:

Tomorrow is the 5th of July, and we want this heard big time!!




I have no reason to fear or adjust to E. Musk, but if he is serious then he will run into the patent we advertised  here on this web site as we are working with Ultimatums and Muons. and finally back to electrons.  Today is Wednesday the 3rd of July 2024, and I am battling the usual grim circumstances of a cabal on Urantia and Michael of Nebadon attempting to right their wrongs.  However, there is a new wrinkle in all of this.  That is called a Urantia Provost, and it, he, or whatever it calls itself, is determined to make things work by fashions deemed impossible for Urantia, mostly.  I have nothing further to say in that mode, but i am warning folks of their dangerous means of forcing things too hard yet.  It remains to be seen just what this wrinkle is but I am more than concerned it is too much too fast not, but distracting. 

When it comes to new electrical production, that is where we shine.  IT appears Musk is not searching existing patents but is so sure he has the new way of producing electricity he is heading into it without checking us I may assume.  Whatever the prospectus may be, it is a dangerous game of infringement if he presses it without understanding we have the new means already stated in muon production of electrical fields.

Elyon Musk will find our patent easily if he attempts to produce electricity using preparticles such as Muons or Electrons.  I happen to believe there is no other preparticle to favor electrical production except the electron or the muon and the tachyon is too dangerous to use directly  Frankly, Musk does not know enough to crash the system well enough to take control of electrical generation in this country or the EU, but if he wants a good look at electric generation, he should look at us and the principle of transmitting Muons over long distances for his own good.  Muons carry the electron in vaulted measure but no one knows that well enough to try to invent a similar device to what we have done.  We force the electron into a muon, sned it over the air, and convert it back to an electron for home and car use.  He could trial the tachyon as the highest voltage Lepton, but it is so dangerous it is best never to do there ever.  The tachyon fills snake lightning, and that is best left alone forever.  The muon is the charge of a mild electric fence and can carry the voltage untouched to the house or car and reconverts to the electron when hitting the antenna on the roof of a house to the electric box.

Our patent (#11601013) mostly does quite cheaply what he wants to do with his invention to produce electricity.  I do not know precisely what that is he is touting yet, but I am sure it produces electrical widgets first, and that is what we do first.  I am curious to see what he thinks he has for if it is accidental muons to electrify he is up against our work as almost identical to what we say we produce.  Perhaps a lot of money can overcome what we have produced, but it should be an interesting battle to behold because it will force us to take origins of the preparticle into effect well and we can prove there is great power in them and why we use them well.  

For those of you who take me seriously, I am not well enough to state a further course I should, but I do know more than I show here, and if Mr. Musk wishes, we are ready to discuss a joint enterprise to create free electricity almost.  But I fear he is deaf to anything but what he wishes to do.  But to do it safely, he must not produce Tachyons and that is what he might do if  he does not understand  the peckingorder of power in Leptons.  

Now this:
I am sure Mr. Musk must see the existing patent we hold.  IF that is the case, he need only contact us.  The trouble is that there is no address on the patent and that was a mistake by the attorney, but we have to live with it now.  I am not sure what the remedy is, but I am also sure we have the upper hand for years on new electrical production for the United States, at the very least, and if the powers to be want to discuss its use, I am here for years to come believe it or not to discuss our patents use for a new and exciting way to produce electricity.  I am not well at the moment and some expect me to die, but I am not going over until there is some resolution to these questions about electrical production in the United States, at the very least.

Finally this to think about:
I am sure that electrical production is far easier than is currently designed to use.  E. Musk will discover that electrical production is easiest to use by forcing the sun into a hyperbolic mode, and will slip trillions of Muons into use if Musk can get electrons to do a magic trick and that is to force them into Muons first, and then broadcast them as a stream of preparticles.

We close with the idea that electricity can be used easily by our machines and motors, but the truth of the matter is that electricity is not the final produce in the electric scheme of power usage.  Electrons are the carriers of electricity today in spite of our use of muons to carry the power of electrons for us.  in broadcast; however, the true electrical grid for the United States is maybe a century ahead of what I have invented here, and that is to use electricity for another power called PATRON POWER.   This patron power is the ability to use fusion without the heat, and I find it easier to do than what I use now as a patent to produce electricity,  If I have time I will speak to PATRON POWER, and that is a better use of fission than what I use in this invention for electrical production.

Thank you for your time.

Ron Besser for Mr. Musk's perusal.

For your information Weydevu, the Font, Times New Roman is often the default font for word processors although Arial is sometimes the default font too.  I use Times New Roman precisely because I favor its appearance.  Most people however use the Arial font because it is so clean and  clear and easy to read too.  What you read here is the Times New Roman lettering I am using now..  This is Arial and I like it too but Times New Roman is what is set on my computer as the default font.  

Here is the word "ROMAN" IN the Arial font.  Now here is the word "ROMAN"  in TIMES NEW ROMAN font and look at all the curlicues on the  Times New Roman word versus the Arial font word.  I like both but my computer is set up to run the Roman lettering unless I change it and I am too lazy to change it to Arial as a  matter of use.  I personally like both.


Hello Carole,
The hosts that supply you this information are quite sophisticated.  I rather enjoy their take on subjects with you and wonder how you think about their narratives to you on subjects that are also personal.    Helder Poeta is an innocent lad regardless how hard he tries to understand you and the Pleiades.  Their information in my opinion is accurate and well spoken to, but when do you trust all the subconscious is?  Helder Poeta should be allowed to hear that the subconscious favors itself, and that it takes the rational mind to reason with the subconscious or it will take the easy way out if totally relied upon.

I would enjoy seeing your answer to Helder Poeta as to how to get clarity from the subconscious mind? A really  good transmitter could transmit it, but I severely recommend never to attempt it as it misleads in your favor all the time.  I do not trust it unless I have Michael of Nebadon who knows my subconscious very well and we joke about it too with my subconscious fully ready to share itself with the Creator Son, when it is doing good work.   The mind is powerful Carole, I bet you know that very well, but it takes a wise person to detect and to make sure it does not rule one's life, as it loves to give a person  false information about how well one is doing in important human affairs.  Helder Poeta needs to be educated well as he is gregarious and inquisitive.  I sincerely wish him well in what is truly a nasty world at times.  And I thank you for your transmission.


A New Lightline performance is posted below for your enjoyment.  It is both Machiventa Melchizedek and a friend of the human court JONATHAN.

Before I post this, let me tell you that is Idaho group has been working hard since the 1990's and before to bring excellent transcriptions of Teaching Mission.  I still regularly pick up their transmissions, and I bring this one to you because it is the last time MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is going to host this group,

What does that mean?  I am not sure and they are not either.  But it is a vast change, and Machiventa is not spilling the beans as to why his decision to stop transmitting to this group is to happen.  Here is Machiventa Melchizedek to say a few words:

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "It is time this group learn something else.  They need to bring to an end just transmitting and saving the day with wise sayings.  You Ron are the heart and soul of cooperation, yet this group follows no one except themselves, and I MUST stop allowing in entirely.  They have Jonathan, andyou remember the human Jonathan, and he is still loyal to the group and you enjoy him tremendously.  For that reason you are bringing over this transcript for others to enjoy and thank you.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I enjoy you in particular because you are sage with petty larceny in mind when it secures you a foyer.  (Ron: Shucks, Machiventa). 

"I MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK  want you to stay around some more, but the peace of time is reaching down and taking another piece we do want to be.   I am forever going to remember you as the one who can start something and it gets very big and has no trimming power until you quit.  That is how it goes in time.  However, you are petty well done and I lament I must go quickly   in a surfers paradise, thank you for publishing this distant transcript.  K"


Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2024-06-20
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I am grateful for this opportunity. I seek to be an instrument of this peace. I seek to once again present myself in service, service to spirit, service to the awareness of spirit, service to our Divine Parents that we may recognize this aspect of our being. Help us to embrace this aspect of ourselves, to act as if we truly believe and we truly embrace this truth.
Machiventa: And let the vision manifest. I respond to your ringing the bell to gather in spirit, your invocation of the wavelength and the energies involved to gather in these frequencies of spirit, to once again energize the circuitry that enables us to connect across the boundaries of mortal flesh by virtue of meeting in the spirit dimension not conditioned by the mortal condition. As per expectations, I am Machiventa Melchizedek, maintaining my commitment to show up and literally that if you build it, I will come, we will come. If you maintain it we will continue to come. This is after all, your dream, your vision, your path to the connection. As long as you continue to revisit it, reenergize it and bring it life force energy, as long as you support this creation, this expression of creation, then it is made real.
The energizing and reinvigorating of any circuitry such as the classroom I reference by choosing to donate energy guarantees the success. The life brought into the circuitry insures it is successful, insures it is maintained, insures it may be practiced and it may be reliable. The beauty of experiencing all of the truths around your circumstance is that you get to assimilate all the variations in the theme, to incorporate the meanings and values present in the circumstance. Having observed circumstance and situation for any length of time, one can observe the changes in causes and effects throughout the process. Even the material manifestations of causes and effects become evident. The spiritual effects are less discernible and more subtle to observe but nevertheless, they have a significant impact on the overall equation. 
You have been learning of the value of conditioning, of envisioning the state of being that may not yet exist but you have seen in your mind's eye that you would infuse with divine patten and as well mortal wisdom and experience. This aspect, this component of the circumstance is what is your privilege to bring. This opportunity provides you a chance to express your vision of the highest values you have capacity to express. All is certainly well with the current state of growth and spiritual attainment. This process will greatly aid you in your movements forward as it will ground you to an identity, a divine inclination, an identity as a part of a great whole, an identity as having been created by Divine Parents and an identity as an ascending mortal of the realm. 
Breathe in these identities that you bear, these experiences that position you to be conditioned in one way or another, by one influence or another. It is a necessary part of spiritual growth to recognize the evolution of stages and be able to contrast with previous experiences to bring some insight into the circumstance, only available, only optional because you have grown in spirit, grown in wisdom, grown in association with divine values and grown in association with your Indwelling Guide. These have transformed your perspective and broadened your horizons of potential and you keep returning back to this place. You keep demonstrating individually and personally your devotion to this cause, this process, this meeting place, this portal for sharing. This is how this process has been accomplished and is routinely performed. Certainly individual processes will vary, as varied as the individuals involved. 
There are no incorrect steps to take in this process of going within and finding God through the portal that’s been given you of your Inner Guide, your loving associate who has dedicated their survival with yours and who will most certainly rejoice as greater and greater connection is made with greater recognition and greater awareness. It is certainly underway, in play, in motion and being guided. The results may be a foregone conclusion. Well, there are a few more considerations perhaps, a few more angles of observation, and that is the goal of what we both invest our faith in, where investing our very life energy is creating this mechanism that we may rely on and trust as we so believe. It is always a joy to come together with you for such an exercise, such an exercise of faith, another demonstration in action, another example of acting as if you totally believe, acting as if you know for a certainty of the reality of the truth. Glory be to God for all such demonstrations of conviction and faith in the truth of divine presence.
I would take my leave of this sacred chamber knowing I am always welcome to join. There is always a seat maintained for me at the table and this is again a representation of the act of believing it to be so, affirming it to be real and thus conditioning the environment. "Be of good cheer" as your Master said. All is well and in terms of your inner beings, all is progressing wonderfully and certainly your eternal careers are quite bright as you have already shown your willingness to be instruments of peace. Let it be so, thank you. Farewell. 
Jonathan: I will accept the welcome extended from this group to join you once again. To execute my choice to bring my energy and connect to this circuit means that I can meet you here where you have chosen to come to this sacred place, this citadel of spirit. This hall that we have built together in this process has always been a place of peace, a place of safety, a place sanctioned by divine grace, a place supported by our Divine Parents in our efforts to do so. I am Jonathan and it is indeed my privilege to join you and consider the building of these temples, of these sacred places where spirit is welcome, where the language of spirit is spoken and where the sharing of spirit may occur with ease between willing participants.
On Urantia there have been many struggles with finding some semblance of common ground when it comes to spiritual awareness, the recognition of spiritual presence and the association of divine influence as being Godly. These and many other factors have caused a great fragmentation in the basic awareness and understanding of their spirit component. There are many attempts to guide individuals through the influences of church and steer people down paths that have worked for others to find this connection with spirit and many of these directions may require guides and assistants to take you down these illusive paths towards righteousness. What I think we can all feel glad about learning is that there are no sanctioned pathways and required approaches that must be used to find and associate with your spirit component, that such a treasured aspect of your being is within to be uncovered and exposed and embraced and willingly connected to, willingly engaged with so that this journey to return home is made that much richer and there is that much more wealth of experience, that much more depth of experience, all of which are only possible through this advent of this journey in time and space.
Be sure to take each moment in your journey as it comes, it is an original moment that has never been had before. It is ripe with potential and for those who are in the moment, who are breathing in the stillness of the moment, every moment may be a sacred opportunity, may be a chance to choose a new direction, to be influenced by a new purpose, to be subjected to the desire to be an instrument for higher frequencies and grander tones of expression because it is your desire to do so. My friends, please enjoy the ride. Relax and seize the moment. This is all such a transient experience that you can miss so much by not being present or by being preoccupied with the past or the potentials of the future. The moment in time may be easily overlooked and yet it is the moment of choice, perhaps a fulcrum moment and it is made so by choosing it. Such is the power of choice and creative thought.
I leave you now with the phrase that may be familiar and perhaps remembered. "This life is but a days work, do it well." Don’t worry over the grand picture. It is not your duty to save the world. Your duty is to build a divine soul and this you are going about and you are in process. All who are in a posture of seeking are in this ongoing process. Peace be unto you all. Breathe out the stress and breathe in the peace, the calm, the love. Now as we proceed to row our boats gently down the stream, we can remember that this life is but a dream, a dream manifest, a dream expressed and let it be expressed merrily and of good cheer. Thank you so much for receiving me. We indeed have not lost connection. We are in fact connected even now. It is a joy and gift of grace to witness this truth with you and I deeply appreciate your remembrance of me. I welcome the love portrayed, I embrace the energy and I wish deeply that you could feel my embrace as we both once shared. 
Thank you for thinking of me and setting a place at the table for me as well, allowing my participation. Still friends, still enjoying a relationship and this is accomplished, this is made so by our acts of faith, this conditioning has created this truth. These prayerful petitions have so formed the frequencies, have so created the circuitry that now it may be chosen, it may be accessed. I echo the sentiment in taking my leave. Glory be to God, because I think we both know the truth of that statement. I think we both have the faith and conviction to support that truth so therefore it may be redundant but the glory goes to God. Farewell. Good night.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK speaks contemporaneously:
"I am in particulary unhappy that Mark Rogers has no hearing or bearing for the wider or deeper universe, as he is totally happy with what he gets to transmit.  However, Ron used to use Mark Rogers for a series on Monjoronson and Serara, now long gone, and there was total cooperation between them and the case for a better community of transmitters.

"What has happened between all of the transmitters is that the insurrection has divided the court into two opposing factions in which Ron moves between them. 

"For that reason we are stating that Ron wins hands down for recognizing good transmitters and transmissions, but has to be the one to bring together in a fashion that all can enjoy them.

"In particular there is now a UNITY team working things only in transcriptions, they think, for Jesus.  This Unity group is vicisou not but they have taken exception to Ron Besser, because he can do so much more that a transcription, and the yuare deterimed not to come under Ron's influence.  However, Ron's influence is about to change color and he will be presented an alternative to what he has done for Lightlines and a wow, good heavens electric patent that will change the world.  He is brilliant and knows it not.

"For reasons of State I stay in contact with Ron Besser and all t hat he does until he forced to close his eyes in mortal death.  He thinks that is about now.  Far from it as we have seen to his vitality mixture, (and it does not come in a glass with purple liquid, Ron.  Now stop it!!  I want it to be known there is no other who can be so silly and so serious at the same time.

"WE are sure that Ron will stay around a little while yet to take the kudos he deserves for keeping the Lightline idea alive and the entire matter of a transcription style service with LIGHTLINES  every week for the past weeks and weeks.  This is to reserve Ron for a little luster and it is this way:

"I am sure that the cabal hates Ron, as he never gives them a role to play, but he needs to understand that the cabal is ready to give him in peace if he accepts one tinsy weensy change: they are in charge of Urantia at the moment and he must give his license to them.  But he smiles and burns them.  Goot pour Vousafe and you must stop using foreign language Ron,  This and we are done too:

"I AM MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and you Ron are the idiot (profound insipidness), and this to all:  these postscripts are not meant for everyone, but this is typical of what we go through when Ron is done with transmissions of length.  We apologize for breaking the code of silence; however, this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I can't help saying this for when Ron takes a bow there is such as clatter we can hardly keep still and it must be recognized that everything said about this compliant idiot is true in form or t'another.  I like this soul only because it never takes a bow without immense consequences in the cabal, and they are resentful tto the point of imprisonment.  

To state the obvious:

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is retiring as a speaker to the classes on Urantia, now.  He has served since the 12th century on Urantia, and now must pay full attention to his Paradise work.

No one is available to take his place.  Foir that reason the Idaho group will have a problem, perhaps briefly, and they may retire too.  In any case an era has changed and MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK  is done husbanding Urantia groups for the time being.  This has been an era of Transcripts and care galore, and we are fully aware that Ron may transition soon to the Mansion Worlds, but Ron learned under MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK as how to transmit and take it on the chin when others tried to muscle in on his franchise.  We are letting it be known that Ron has no special favors given or taken, and he is one of the few that just enjoys us for what we are and what we want to give and his muscle is felt daily in spite of the closed watch his discussion forum has become.  That discussion form can be read and inform but those Members are held to the current group because they get along and disagree much, but they are civil and Ron demands that any time. 

For reasons of State, I MACHIVENTA  MELCHIZEDEK will leave all of this alone briefly and that is because the entire affair of Urantia is so serious now, we dare not joke about it.  Learn this:

"The number of subhumans on Urantia has reach 13% (thirteen percent) of the human population, and you Ron may go visit if you can stand it, but there is nothing left to save on Urantia, except to provide a lasting relief from them shortly.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON must clear that population at once, and you will see in the coming months a horror of population changes.  WE do not predict anything and keep in mind I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and there is a huge post coming from Me to Ron shortly on why URANTIA is in a double jeopardy postion now.  We leave quickly."


Due to heavy fog this morning - most unusual for this part of the country to receive heavy fog around July 1st (tomorrow), I have to cancel the Sunday Lightline by myself, as there is nothing to report that is salient today.  MONJORONSON, however says this:

YOU who are waiting for a moment of silence and perhaps a Lightline about what is to happen, must be secure in your knowledge that Urantia will receive a Mission of worth.  However, right now there is an argument over who is in charge of Urantia, and while Michael of Nebadon is the planet's care giver, he has refused to accept the personnel who are assigned to control the planetary Mission of concerns to Urantia.

There is an argument by MICHAEL OF NEBADON that how the Missions go onto Urantia is fully critical to the planet first, and to the people in charge of celestial Missions like this, must afford just what the Missions are to be about before they start. 

So far there is not agreement on what the Mission to accomplish.  Ron is entirely sure this leads to chaos and refuses to allow anything to pass his announcements an lips about what should or might happen on Urantia in the month of July of 2024.

All of you who read this are transient care givers as a planetary mission is meant as a sacred vow to the UNIVERSAL FATHER who sees to these Missions as they occur, and this time the Missions to occur on Urantia are battled over by the old seraphim still resident on the planet who refuse to accept the trial they feel must be done to Urantia's future.

Ron does not want to do a Lightline as he wheezes through a very foggy morning in York, and rain is forecast but it does not happen either, and wants this to settle down before he has an say in it.  Yet, MICHAEL OF NEBADON is quite sure the Missions by the MAGISTERIAL SONS must proceed and this week!

For reasons of State, I Ron Besser, just sit back and let MICHAEL OF NEBADON figure out what Machiventa Melchizedek is doing for the Missions on Urantia and waits for something to accrue on the subject.  A LIGHTLINE today is not good to issue because there is so much indecision on how to produce a Misson solidly for Urantia yet.

I Ron Besser, therefore, decided to let this entire matter pass without trying to elucidate what is to be dome when the Magisterial Sons and the Creator Son, feel the Missions are ready to go, and personnel like the Assigned Sentinel are beefing about any such preparation.  The Assigned Sentinel, by the way, is an official supposedly in charge of, not Missions, but of PERSONNEL for Missions on a planet, yet this Assigned Sentinel is trying to  worsen the Mission situation by insisting participation.  That is unheard of!

Those of you who think you know the Urantia Book, have no idea what the issue really is over the proposed celestial Mission to this planet called Urantia by the sphere originators.  Yet the Assigned Sentinel wants to call the planet's name other than URANTIA at this time and that is a hallowed name, Urantia, to Jesus and the Creator Son, and they will nt hear of the Assigned Sentinel trying to rename the planet to begin with.  What is it then we are to do?

"Ron you are forever getting into policy over planets and that is fine, but this time you bit off more than you can chew.  You say we are all interested in the promised Missions, yet there are endless delays and we are interested in the problems that cause these delays,  And that is the extent of our interest, you say.  However, this interest in the planetary care is eroding our trust not only with you, but with the entire regime on the planet who sees to its running and care.  I am not at liberty to announce anything, and hence your LIGHTLINE today is cancelled mostly be cause of this.  I leave it for now.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON has spoken and is on the planet this morning the 30th of June, 2024; however, there is not precise moment to identify with MICHAEL about what to do from the human stand point.  This discussion forum pays little attention to payloads like the one over us now, andI am truly disappointed it has come to that, but I am interested not only in celestial policy, but what the celestial might do meanwhile, as this planet is drifting once more into the 1930's chaos of war again.  We need it stopped and certain countries reminded they must obey an injunction from God:  NO MORE WAR!  Disagreements exist every where but the war idea is getting too well aggrieved not. 

Those of you who complain about the wordiness of these posts must stand back then, as there is a word or two that must be spoken and the Universal FATHER has this to say:

FATHER =  WE  ARE QUITE SURE Ron must pass shortly.  Yet he is the one who hears this controversy on high.  I am certain there is a favor on Urantia that does not want this to he beard or known, but it is about time that Urantia personnel get the idea that the Master Universe, will not tolerate much more of this on Urantia and goad the Planetary Prince and the sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon.  For that reason we asked Ron to print this controversy out so you can hear it and see it, yet he holds most of you incapable of understanding much of anything when it comes to actual sovereign policy.  That is truly your fault and we cannot help it.  Meanwhile this:

I am happy that Ron understands it well enough to print it out.  But I am not going to fool with individuals who cannot add two and two and not get four.  This entire matter is a policy concern not to Ron or you, but it is holding up the work to regain Urantia in the proper ways to become a happy and normal planet again.  For that reason Ron sees nothing he can do under the circumstances and closes the idea of a Lightline while we argue this problem through.  The Assigned Sentinel has no business working the controversy, yet Ron is constantly harassed by the Assigned Sentinel for reasons I still do not know well enough to rule against the problem of interference  .  K   FATHER.

FATHER HERE  again:  "You Ron are fighting eyesight problems this morning again and that is not the cabal but the final solution you have ingrained to end the problem of seeing well.  Keep yourself well done today and this will pass too.  FATHER.

Ron - Thank you very much Father, andI am closing this post finished now and I am not going to hold a LIGHTLINE when we have this kind of problem and my best wises for solving it to your satisfaction to you FATHER AND MICHEAL OF NEBADON.  K


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