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Part I - The Pleiades Concerns
First Minor Concerns and Then the Pleiades have a say - this is an incomplete Part I. 
Part II is not prepared yet and may never be revealed - state tune  . . . .
Michael of Nebadon
The Deity Absolute
The Universal Father
T/R: Ron  Besser
July 12, 2024

For those who are wondering about the Lightlines for possibly Friday, today the 12th of July, it is impossible to know now just what schedule we have to report on.

Michael of Nebadon has been pondering the situation on Urantia.  You do understand we as a group have to take into account what Urantia is doing among the nation states and people in general on the planet for a good contact to be made and some idea of WHAT Michael of Nebadon wishes to do.  This email is most concerned about what the Creator Son wishes to say about the general conditions now prevailing on this planet, called Urantia by the heavenly hosts.


“This report is made in the usual format, but it also made so certain members of the morontial capitals may also read it for students of the old Urantia  Book may gather a statement about their home sphere:

“WE are quite sure Ron is failing just enough to enjoy this presentation, and we are sure, just enough, to detail the fact that this transmitter is not allowing sufficient kinds of information through to entice the former wards of the Universe Provost, to fully entertain the natural condition of certain city states to report in entirely.  Therefore, the following:

1 - There is nothing to say about SE Asia you already do not know.  There rest of t he world c an be summarized as follows:

2 - SE Asia - the status quo remains in place;

3 - The United States: the US Supreme ‘court will likely rule that there is no law in place to determine the fairness of the universe over what is to be done about Donald Trump’s ill advised proclomation this morning (12 July 2024), that he alone will determine the efficacy of who and how much the entire world owes the US for its bland view that it can rule the oceans.  This is so exceedingly dangerous we cannot predict what will happen if the US insists on it even with allies;

4 - There is little to report concerning the EU (European Union ), and for that matter the Czech Republic and Poland remain silent on the acquisition by certain States withing the EU, of the sale of F16's to certain member States which wish to share them with the Ukraine.

The United States does no wish to sell F16's to combatants in Europe or the Middle East because they are so lethal no one dare approach one and live if they have hostile intentions;

5 - The Ukraine has no intention of playing fair with these planes and the US has warned Russia and Poland it has no intentions of entering the Europena view of the Ukraine war.  Any hostilities must be in or from the EU in those intentions.  We view it as a “Thank Goodness!”  Such was stated by t he Secretary of State recently;

6 - The United States is a five hundred pound canary in the coal mine.  That means if it is harmed at all there are consequences and Russia and China give it wide berth,  However, the danger lies in triggering compacts signed between the US and the EU over defense obligations.  Russia is keenly aware the US and Poland have such a signed document abrogated mostly by Poland become part of the EU;

7  - The last vestige of EU obligations to the United States is in Great Britains, and since GB is now removed from the EU, it is not longer necessary to be concerned about that obligation to the United Kingdom today;

8 - And finally, this is NOT the last report of this nature.  Ronald Besser is quite necessary to maintain them; however, we are informed that he is facing a difficult tow or three days and must advise all that if he does not make more of t he international reports concerning the State conditions of the European Union (EU) then we have failed to keep our obligation not only to Ron, but to all of you.

For that reason we state the following to Ron Besser and the rest of you, we are not of the EU or other States, but we are the Pleiades.

THE PLEIADES as State Conformers on Urantia
“I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and Ron is as surprised as I am.

“For Reasons of State, please Ron: stand down momentarily until I get what this new voice is.  I thought this was my onw “State Department” reporting, but apparently not so.

“WE wish to inquire just how the Pleiades are involved here?

“As friends of the United States in particular, your Highness.

“Ron you are absolutely correct.  The Pleiades are extra-universe.  I am particularly interested in your take on it Ron . . . .

Ron Besser - Thank you ver much Michael of Nebadon, I will respond quickly:

The UNIVERSAL FATHER responds first:

“I am consequentially important in this development.

“I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER, and I take all cross-talk highly important.  Ron you are feeling rough and caring but you must see this through:

1 - AS FATHER, I insist on being informed why Ron, receives a message like this when I have never been informed of the intention of the PLEIADES to ever talk or speak as they have done here.

2 - Ronald L. Besser is an assigned transmitter, and not a part of the Missions to the planet Urantia, of the Satania Constellation near the Nebadon border with the 1st Outer Space Level geographically.  The 2nd Outer Space Level is not operative at all but contains several important Constellations, WE look at as conditional to life before the FIRST OUTER SPACE level is ever operational.
- - - - - -
[Ron here - what I think that means is the Father holds certain planetry developments in the 1st outer space level as preliminary to all other life to be created there and represent an organization for the first Creator Sons establishment to open the 1st Outer Space level to establishing life there.  I leave this to the speakers for further descriptions.]
 - - - - - - - -

FATHER speaks - “You are correct Ron and leave the rest to Me to figure the Pleiades interest in the Urantia sphere.

“You Ron are being exceedingly careful with this, as it is a brands new precedence to your view and you must make sure you are reporting this correctly.  I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE, and I know you know who I am, but most reading this are poor Urantia Book readers (except for a few), and it must be decided just how important the Pleiades are to Urantia information like this.

“I AM NOT RULING this in or out just yet.  But the Pleiades have taken an extraordinary step to cross address Ron like this, and this just proves that Ron is an exceptional carrier of trust and concerns to URANTIA and to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, to have allowed this statement in the usual manner escalate to this degree.  Ron close this down at once.  

Ron Besser- I will of course stop now as ordered.  Thank you.

[If there is more to this I will print it for the readers when I can.  Ron.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON, I am as interested as Ron is in this dust up over nothing really but it is a new precedence to Me too.  Thank you. MICHAEL OF NEBADON ]



[font="Times New Roman", serif]July 10, 2024[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]Michael of Nebadon and cabal trouble doing this post for you:


[font="Times New Roman", serif]Yesterday, the 9th of July, 2024, was supposed to be a reopening of the Magisterial Foundation hopes for a new and a ready stream of new announcements.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]Instead, we ran into a Lightline without Dominick Ohrbeck understanding there was good news around the corner, but that he knew of it but could not announce it.  His Lightline went find and was as should be under the circumstances.  The problem is this:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]Yesterday was supposed to be the start of the Magisterial Son to begin the Urantia Missions.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]That it got turned around; well, That was not your fault.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]The NATURAL WORLDS OF PEACE AND URANTIA [/font][/u][/b]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“URANTIA is a terrible planet not![/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“But Urantia has fallen on hard times not by itself, but by a CABAL OF SERAPHIM.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“There are too many people on URANTIA again, and this time I am leaving some natural disasters be, and allow them to occur into large population areas as this planet, Urantia, is far to overcrowded to live well.  The population of Urantia today is given by the internet as of 9am the following:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]Population at 9am on earth 10 July 2024[/font][/u][/b][font="Times New Roman", serif] is 8.2 Billion People:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“Today the 10th of July, 2024, the Internet reports there are 8.2 billion people populatin Urantia. [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“That is an enormous sum of living entities on a planet designed for no more than 7.1 billion people at most.  My statement this morning is to warn all of you that without a solitary Mission to reserve Urantia for posterity, the population has to be culled back to less than 5 (five) billion people.  What happens to over 3.2 billion people to bring this number back to a normal planetary size?[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“I am a Creator Son, and it is up to me to determine the health and state of all planets under my command.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“In my Local Universe of Nebadon, I currently have 3,141,002 human planets at work, and this number is fairly low, for I projected over 4 (four) million human planets when Nebadon is said to be complete in about another 1 (one) billion earth years.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“For that reason I am making this statement to URANTIA:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“I can not in all honesty allow the population on Urantia grow much more.  I will stop the flow of babies shortly, and you will have to figure out why the birth rate has suddenly plummeted by the year 2035 (Twenty Thirty Five).  This is not a command, this is a necessity, and Urantia scientists will have to figure out just how that happened.  We offer the following to tell you part of it:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]By MICHAEL OF NEBADON[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]POPULATION REDUCTION FOR URANTIA[/font][/u][/b]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“Urantia HAS EXCEEDED ITS POPULATION RESTRICTION by over 1,000,000,000 (one billion) people.  The planet cannot sustain that number for long.  [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]“For that reason population reduction must begin, and it will be natural for the most part:[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]1 - -  Reduction begins immediately and will continue for twenty (20) more years;[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]2 - - Reduction of the population begins not in Southeast Asia, but in continental South America in part. Land masses in Brazil, Ecuador, and Columbia, are likely although it is impractical to speak to exactly what will  happen;[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]3 - - Africa will lose most o its southern borders by at least by half sometime by the next century;[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]4 - - The United States will lose most of its current West Coast and southern  areas from Mid-Texas to mid-Louisiana.  That is not the Gulf of Mexico causing that but a sub-thermal triage of volcanic activity resuming there and a decision by the United States to rec;assofy the Gulf of Mexico as an inland Sea instead of the current Gulf.  The Gulf of Mexico will enlarge to almost twice its present size when done in about 200 (two hundred) years. 

[font="Times New Roman", serif]5 -  - The lands in South America will be punished severely from about the middle of Brazil south to mid Argentina.  The Pampas area of Brazil will be severely reduced and the entire matter of land reduction in South America is a punishing 1/3 (one third) of the now total land mass. 

[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]THE UNITED STATES AS A HAVEN OF DRY LAND[/font][/u][/b]
[font="Times New Roman", serif]6 - -  “WE ARE NOT SURE YET, just when land disruption begins.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]
[font="Times New Roman", serif] [/font]

///// truncated

MICHAEL OF NEBADON p “I have called the cops Ron; there is no excuse for what is going on, and now they know it fully.  Your post is recommended not for sure but it is an effort to report the standing order that the MISSION ARE A  GO!  AND we leave it alone for now.  K  MICHAEL OF NEBADON and liaison forces joining to keep this post in one piece.  K.  Thank you. 
[font="Calibri", sans-serif]END[/font]

[font="Calibri", sans-serif]Ron here - I will, when I can, pick up on la this post[/font][font="Calibri", sans-serif] later.  I also have a Lightline today and I hope that can be accomplished today too. 

I have just been notified by the Chief they are cancelling Lightline for Sunday, the 7th of July.  If some one other than myself would like to take the Lightline today, please help yourself.   I cannot do it with the head ache I have over something is coming but I have not been informed as of yet. It has created quite a trauma and it is painful and we must wait until it clears to find out what they want to announce later.  I am very sorry and I have no easy way to discern why it is happening this way, but keep attentive when they do announce further cuts to the Missions not, but to additional concerns concerning the Missions shortly.  It is best not to speak to any of it today and Dominick or anyone who would take the Lightline  in place of me today, please help yourself and let people know please.
Ron Besser



To All:
(July 07, 2024; T/R Ron Besser, with MICHAEL OF NEBADON)

The last moments of the life of yours truly is occurring I believe.  It has been a pleasure to serving you, and now I must advise all of you that the time for reconsideration is at least upon me.  Toady is July 7th, a Sunday on the calendar, anD for that reason I am supposed to hold a Lightline today.  Well, I do not particularly feel well enough to consider it and if I can I will, but do not be surprised if there is no Lightly by me today the usual day for such things to be done.

Finally to consider this: I have been active since 1995 at least and many years before 1995, but it was in 1995 that I decide to fully commit to the presence of God on Urantia, and I am still committed, but I am waivering in the capacity to fold it thoroughly or really well as parts of me are beginning to revert to an earlier time in life and now are silly enough to remind me of a much earlier lifetime.  In any case this:

I have made available this service of Lightlines and discussion forum for a good number of years now, and I find my interest is not being reduced or waning in aNy respect, but the mind is being changes as I live these days, and I am not at all sure why or what for.  That said, this:

I am passing the buck to those who are sharp and ready to take on Lightlines and the work of listing on line to the public what we have found, but MICHAEL OF NEBADON is making it slightly difficult to follow the new line of dissertation from the heaven side of life, and while I understand there are changes going on for all of us, I was looking forward to more news.  Michael said to me, “the write this:”

“I have known Ron now for 25 years.  He startrted slow but built a magnificent empire for all of you to use.  I am hoping the Board of Directors of the Magisterial Foundation, may contine to give me the time and space to say what I need to for the coming Missions to Urantia.  For that reason I say to most of you: Follow the course and stop complaining that things are so dull!  They are not.

“First of all Ron is not leaving anything soon, but later this year if that must be.  HE feels totally blanked at the moment and so do I, as the FATHER has not spoken well enough to see through the fog.   And FOG IT IS!!

“I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and you are a mere human, but there are times we share our time together without understanding one another.   So let me write this out clearly:

FIRST: There is nothing to tell you about new Mission anymore.  Why?

As Ron has carefully reiterated from time to time, YOU are the ones that matter in spite of your slowness to comprehend just what is going to be done.

SECOND: What is being done is none of your business at the moment, and Ron has been through this often enough, and says, “STAY THE COURSE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!”  That is sage advice and it must be followed.  

I am not particularly happy how this being put down on Paper, but it is adequate for the moment.   Let me put it my way:


“There is no particular need for a Lightline and Ron has graciously let it be and THERE WILL BE NO LIGHTLINE TODAY at all!  That is my Order and that is my saying for today.


“I AM TAKING DOWN ANY AND ALL REMONSTRATONS aginst you Ron or anyone else who complains about the use of announcements as they are the only way for me to get a solid punch in against the seraphic cabal.

“The seraphim who joined the rebellion last fall, are all reminded there is nothing left if we cannot make a deal with the Planetary Government.

“   There is no excuse for what is happenig now and we are ready to exercise out moral high ground and remove the sissy efforts made by seraphim to halt Ron’s statement here at all.  Let us pray I do not explode and remove you all at once.





Look at this line up and be sure I have this to say: (see the next window:)

General Discussion / YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!
« on: July 04, 2024, 15:59:27 pm »
July 4th, 2024
Big News!

There is something to say today in spite of being July the 4th, Independence Day for the United States, and it is this:

Tomorrow is the 5th of July, and we want this heard big time!!



A New Lightline performance is posted below for your enjoyment.  It is both Machiventa Melchizedek and a friend of the human court JONATHAN.

Before I post this, let me tell you that is Idaho group has been working hard since the 1990's and before to bring excellent transcriptions of Teaching Mission.  I still regularly pick up their transmissions, and I bring this one to you because it is the last time MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is going to host this group,

What does that mean?  I am not sure and they are not either.  But it is a vast change, and Machiventa is not spilling the beans as to why his decision to stop transmitting to this group is to happen.  Here is Machiventa Melchizedek to say a few words:

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "It is time this group learn something else.  They need to bring to an end just transmitting and saving the day with wise sayings.  You Ron are the heart and soul of cooperation, yet this group follows no one except themselves, and I MUST stop allowing in entirely.  They have Jonathan, andyou remember the human Jonathan, and he is still loyal to the group and you enjoy him tremendously.  For that reason you are bringing over this transcript for others to enjoy and thank you.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I enjoy you in particular because you are sage with petty larceny in mind when it secures you a foyer.  (Ron: Shucks, Machiventa). 

"I MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK  want you to stay around some more, but the peace of time is reaching down and taking another piece we do want to be.   I am forever going to remember you as the one who can start something and it gets very big and has no trimming power until you quit.  That is how it goes in time.  However, you are petty well done and I lament I must go quickly   in a surfers paradise, thank you for publishing this distant transcript.  K"


Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2024-06-20
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I am grateful for this opportunity. I seek to be an instrument of this peace. I seek to once again present myself in service, service to spirit, service to the awareness of spirit, service to our Divine Parents that we may recognize this aspect of our being. Help us to embrace this aspect of ourselves, to act as if we truly believe and we truly embrace this truth.
Machiventa: And let the vision manifest. I respond to your ringing the bell to gather in spirit, your invocation of the wavelength and the energies involved to gather in these frequencies of spirit, to once again energize the circuitry that enables us to connect across the boundaries of mortal flesh by virtue of meeting in the spirit dimension not conditioned by the mortal condition. As per expectations, I am Machiventa Melchizedek, maintaining my commitment to show up and literally that if you build it, I will come, we will come. If you maintain it we will continue to come. This is after all, your dream, your vision, your path to the connection. As long as you continue to revisit it, reenergize it and bring it life force energy, as long as you support this creation, this expression of creation, then it is made real.
The energizing and reinvigorating of any circuitry such as the classroom I reference by choosing to donate energy guarantees the success. The life brought into the circuitry insures it is successful, insures it is maintained, insures it may be practiced and it may be reliable. The beauty of experiencing all of the truths around your circumstance is that you get to assimilate all the variations in the theme, to incorporate the meanings and values present in the circumstance. Having observed circumstance and situation for any length of time, one can observe the changes in causes and effects throughout the process. Even the material manifestations of causes and effects become evident. The spiritual effects are less discernible and more subtle to observe but nevertheless, they have a significant impact on the overall equation. 
You have been learning of the value of conditioning, of envisioning the state of being that may not yet exist but you have seen in your mind's eye that you would infuse with divine patten and as well mortal wisdom and experience. This aspect, this component of the circumstance is what is your privilege to bring. This opportunity provides you a chance to express your vision of the highest values you have capacity to express. All is certainly well with the current state of growth and spiritual attainment. This process will greatly aid you in your movements forward as it will ground you to an identity, a divine inclination, an identity as a part of a great whole, an identity as having been created by Divine Parents and an identity as an ascending mortal of the realm. 
Breathe in these identities that you bear, these experiences that position you to be conditioned in one way or another, by one influence or another. It is a necessary part of spiritual growth to recognize the evolution of stages and be able to contrast with previous experiences to bring some insight into the circumstance, only available, only optional because you have grown in spirit, grown in wisdom, grown in association with divine values and grown in association with your Indwelling Guide. These have transformed your perspective and broadened your horizons of potential and you keep returning back to this place. You keep demonstrating individually and personally your devotion to this cause, this process, this meeting place, this portal for sharing. This is how this process has been accomplished and is routinely performed. Certainly individual processes will vary, as varied as the individuals involved. 
There are no incorrect steps to take in this process of going within and finding God through the portal that’s been given you of your Inner Guide, your loving associate who has dedicated their survival with yours and who will most certainly rejoice as greater and greater connection is made with greater recognition and greater awareness. It is certainly underway, in play, in motion and being guided. The results may be a foregone conclusion. Well, there are a few more considerations perhaps, a few more angles of observation, and that is the goal of what we both invest our faith in, where investing our very life energy is creating this mechanism that we may rely on and trust as we so believe. It is always a joy to come together with you for such an exercise, such an exercise of faith, another demonstration in action, another example of acting as if you totally believe, acting as if you know for a certainty of the reality of the truth. Glory be to God for all such demonstrations of conviction and faith in the truth of divine presence.
I would take my leave of this sacred chamber knowing I am always welcome to join. There is always a seat maintained for me at the table and this is again a representation of the act of believing it to be so, affirming it to be real and thus conditioning the environment. "Be of good cheer" as your Master said. All is well and in terms of your inner beings, all is progressing wonderfully and certainly your eternal careers are quite bright as you have already shown your willingness to be instruments of peace. Let it be so, thank you. Farewell. 
Jonathan: I will accept the welcome extended from this group to join you once again. To execute my choice to bring my energy and connect to this circuit means that I can meet you here where you have chosen to come to this sacred place, this citadel of spirit. This hall that we have built together in this process has always been a place of peace, a place of safety, a place sanctioned by divine grace, a place supported by our Divine Parents in our efforts to do so. I am Jonathan and it is indeed my privilege to join you and consider the building of these temples, of these sacred places where spirit is welcome, where the language of spirit is spoken and where the sharing of spirit may occur with ease between willing participants.
On Urantia there have been many struggles with finding some semblance of common ground when it comes to spiritual awareness, the recognition of spiritual presence and the association of divine influence as being Godly. These and many other factors have caused a great fragmentation in the basic awareness and understanding of their spirit component. There are many attempts to guide individuals through the influences of church and steer people down paths that have worked for others to find this connection with spirit and many of these directions may require guides and assistants to take you down these illusive paths towards righteousness. What I think we can all feel glad about learning is that there are no sanctioned pathways and required approaches that must be used to find and associate with your spirit component, that such a treasured aspect of your being is within to be uncovered and exposed and embraced and willingly connected to, willingly engaged with so that this journey to return home is made that much richer and there is that much more wealth of experience, that much more depth of experience, all of which are only possible through this advent of this journey in time and space.
Be sure to take each moment in your journey as it comes, it is an original moment that has never been had before. It is ripe with potential and for those who are in the moment, who are breathing in the stillness of the moment, every moment may be a sacred opportunity, may be a chance to choose a new direction, to be influenced by a new purpose, to be subjected to the desire to be an instrument for higher frequencies and grander tones of expression because it is your desire to do so. My friends, please enjoy the ride. Relax and seize the moment. This is all such a transient experience that you can miss so much by not being present or by being preoccupied with the past or the potentials of the future. The moment in time may be easily overlooked and yet it is the moment of choice, perhaps a fulcrum moment and it is made so by choosing it. Such is the power of choice and creative thought.
I leave you now with the phrase that may be familiar and perhaps remembered. "This life is but a days work, do it well." Don’t worry over the grand picture. It is not your duty to save the world. Your duty is to build a divine soul and this you are going about and you are in process. All who are in a posture of seeking are in this ongoing process. Peace be unto you all. Breathe out the stress and breathe in the peace, the calm, the love. Now as we proceed to row our boats gently down the stream, we can remember that this life is but a dream, a dream manifest, a dream expressed and let it be expressed merrily and of good cheer. Thank you so much for receiving me. We indeed have not lost connection. We are in fact connected even now. It is a joy and gift of grace to witness this truth with you and I deeply appreciate your remembrance of me. I welcome the love portrayed, I embrace the energy and I wish deeply that you could feel my embrace as we both once shared. 
Thank you for thinking of me and setting a place at the table for me as well, allowing my participation. Still friends, still enjoying a relationship and this is accomplished, this is made so by our acts of faith, this conditioning has created this truth. These prayerful petitions have so formed the frequencies, have so created the circuitry that now it may be chosen, it may be accessed. I echo the sentiment in taking my leave. Glory be to God, because I think we both know the truth of that statement. I think we both have the faith and conviction to support that truth so therefore it may be redundant but the glory goes to God. Farewell. Good night.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK speaks contemporaneously:
"I am in particulary unhappy that Mark Rogers has no hearing or bearing for the wider or deeper universe, as he is totally happy with what he gets to transmit.  However, Ron used to use Mark Rogers for a series on Monjoronson and Serara, now long gone, and there was total cooperation between them and the case for a better community of transmitters.

"What has happened between all of the transmitters is that the insurrection has divided the court into two opposing factions in which Ron moves between them. 

"For that reason we are stating that Ron wins hands down for recognizing good transmitters and transmissions, but has to be the one to bring together in a fashion that all can enjoy them.

"In particular there is now a UNITY team working things only in transcriptions, they think, for Jesus.  This Unity group is vicisou not but they have taken exception to Ron Besser, because he can do so much more that a transcription, and the yuare deterimed not to come under Ron's influence.  However, Ron's influence is about to change color and he will be presented an alternative to what he has done for Lightlines and a wow, good heavens electric patent that will change the world.  He is brilliant and knows it not.

"For reasons of State I stay in contact with Ron Besser and all t hat he does until he forced to close his eyes in mortal death.  He thinks that is about now.  Far from it as we have seen to his vitality mixture, (and it does not come in a glass with purple liquid, Ron.  Now stop it!!  I want it to be known there is no other who can be so silly and so serious at the same time.

"WE are sure that Ron will stay around a little while yet to take the kudos he deserves for keeping the Lightline idea alive and the entire matter of a transcription style service with LIGHTLINES  every week for the past weeks and weeks.  This is to reserve Ron for a little luster and it is this way:

"I am sure that the cabal hates Ron, as he never gives them a role to play, but he needs to understand that the cabal is ready to give him in peace if he accepts one tinsy weensy change: they are in charge of Urantia at the moment and he must give his license to them.  But he smiles and burns them.  Goot pour Vousafe and you must stop using foreign language Ron,  This and we are done too:

"I AM MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and you Ron are the idiot (profound insipidness), and this to all:  these postscripts are not meant for everyone, but this is typical of what we go through when Ron is done with transmissions of length.  We apologize for breaking the code of silence; however, this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I can't help saying this for when Ron takes a bow there is such as clatter we can hardly keep still and it must be recognized that everything said about this compliant idiot is true in form or t'another.  I like this soul only because it never takes a bow without immense consequences in the cabal, and they are resentful tto the point of imprisonment.  

To state the obvious:

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is retiring as a speaker to the classes on Urantia, now.  He has served since the 12th century on Urantia, and now must pay full attention to his Paradise work.

No one is available to take his place.  Foir that reason the Idaho group will have a problem, perhaps briefly, and they may retire too.  In any case an era has changed and MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK  is done husbanding Urantia groups for the time being.  This has been an era of Transcripts and care galore, and we are fully aware that Ron may transition soon to the Mansion Worlds, but Ron learned under MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK as how to transmit and take it on the chin when others tried to muscle in on his franchise.  We are letting it be known that Ron has no special favors given or taken, and he is one of the few that just enjoys us for what we are and what we want to give and his muscle is felt daily in spite of the closed watch his discussion forum has become.  That discussion form can be read and inform but those Members are held to the current group because they get along and disagree much, but they are civil and Ron demands that any time. 

For reasons of State, I MACHIVENTA  MELCHIZEDEK will leave all of this alone briefly and that is because the entire affair of Urantia is so serious now, we dare not joke about it.  Learn this:

"The number of subhumans on Urantia has reach 13% (thirteen percent) of the human population, and you Ron may go visit if you can stand it, but there is nothing left to save on Urantia, except to provide a lasting relief from them shortly.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON must clear that population at once, and you will see in the coming months a horror of population changes.  WE do not predict anything and keep in mind I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and there is a huge post coming from Me to Ron shortly on why URANTIA is in a double jeopardy postion now.  We leave quickly."


Due to heavy fog this morning - most unusual for this part of the country to receive heavy fog around July 1st (tomorrow), I have to cancel the Sunday Lightline by myself, as there is nothing to report that is salient today.  MONJORONSON, however says this:

YOU who are waiting for a moment of silence and perhaps a Lightline about what is to happen, must be secure in your knowledge that Urantia will receive a Mission of worth.  However, right now there is an argument over who is in charge of Urantia, and while Michael of Nebadon is the planet's care giver, he has refused to accept the personnel who are assigned to control the planetary Mission of concerns to Urantia.

There is an argument by MICHAEL OF NEBADON that how the Missions go onto Urantia is fully critical to the planet first, and to the people in charge of celestial Missions like this, must afford just what the Missions are to be about before they start. 

So far there is not agreement on what the Mission to accomplish.  Ron is entirely sure this leads to chaos and refuses to allow anything to pass his announcements an lips about what should or might happen on Urantia in the month of July of 2024.

All of you who read this are transient care givers as a planetary mission is meant as a sacred vow to the UNIVERSAL FATHER who sees to these Missions as they occur, and this time the Missions to occur on Urantia are battled over by the old seraphim still resident on the planet who refuse to accept the trial they feel must be done to Urantia's future.

Ron does not want to do a Lightline as he wheezes through a very foggy morning in York, and rain is forecast but it does not happen either, and wants this to settle down before he has an say in it.  Yet, MICHAEL OF NEBADON is quite sure the Missions by the MAGISTERIAL SONS must proceed and this week!

For reasons of State, I Ron Besser, just sit back and let MICHAEL OF NEBADON figure out what Machiventa Melchizedek is doing for the Missions on Urantia and waits for something to accrue on the subject.  A LIGHTLINE today is not good to issue because there is so much indecision on how to produce a Misson solidly for Urantia yet.

I Ron Besser, therefore, decided to let this entire matter pass without trying to elucidate what is to be dome when the Magisterial Sons and the Creator Son, feel the Missions are ready to go, and personnel like the Assigned Sentinel are beefing about any such preparation.  The Assigned Sentinel, by the way, is an official supposedly in charge of, not Missions, but of PERSONNEL for Missions on a planet, yet this Assigned Sentinel is trying to  worsen the Mission situation by insisting participation.  That is unheard of!

Those of you who think you know the Urantia Book, have no idea what the issue really is over the proposed celestial Mission to this planet called Urantia by the sphere originators.  Yet the Assigned Sentinel wants to call the planet's name other than URANTIA at this time and that is a hallowed name, Urantia, to Jesus and the Creator Son, and they will nt hear of the Assigned Sentinel trying to rename the planet to begin with.  What is it then we are to do?

"Ron you are forever getting into policy over planets and that is fine, but this time you bit off more than you can chew.  You say we are all interested in the promised Missions, yet there are endless delays and we are interested in the problems that cause these delays,  And that is the extent of our interest, you say.  However, this interest in the planetary care is eroding our trust not only with you, but with the entire regime on the planet who sees to its running and care.  I am not at liberty to announce anything, and hence your LIGHTLINE today is cancelled mostly be cause of this.  I leave it for now.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON has spoken and is on the planet this morning the 30th of June, 2024; however, there is not precise moment to identify with MICHAEL about what to do from the human stand point.  This discussion forum pays little attention to payloads like the one over us now, andI am truly disappointed it has come to that, but I am interested not only in celestial policy, but what the celestial might do meanwhile, as this planet is drifting once more into the 1930's chaos of war again.  We need it stopped and certain countries reminded they must obey an injunction from God:  NO MORE WAR!  Disagreements exist every where but the war idea is getting too well aggrieved not. 

Those of you who complain about the wordiness of these posts must stand back then, as there is a word or two that must be spoken and the Universal FATHER has this to say:

FATHER =  WE  ARE QUITE SURE Ron must pass shortly.  Yet he is the one who hears this controversy on high.  I am certain there is a favor on Urantia that does not want this to he beard or known, but it is about time that Urantia personnel get the idea that the Master Universe, will not tolerate much more of this on Urantia and goad the Planetary Prince and the sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon.  For that reason we asked Ron to print this controversy out so you can hear it and see it, yet he holds most of you incapable of understanding much of anything when it comes to actual sovereign policy.  That is truly your fault and we cannot help it.  Meanwhile this:

I am happy that Ron understands it well enough to print it out.  But I am not going to fool with individuals who cannot add two and two and not get four.  This entire matter is a policy concern not to Ron or you, but it is holding up the work to regain Urantia in the proper ways to become a happy and normal planet again.  For that reason Ron sees nothing he can do under the circumstances and closes the idea of a Lightline while we argue this problem through.  The Assigned Sentinel has no business working the controversy, yet Ron is constantly harassed by the Assigned Sentinel for reasons I still do not know well enough to rule against the problem of interference  .  K   FATHER.

FATHER HERE  again:  "You Ron are fighting eyesight problems this morning again and that is not the cabal but the final solution you have ingrained to end the problem of seeing well.  Keep yourself well done today and this will pass too.  FATHER.

Ron - Thank you very much Father, andI am closing this post finished now and I am not going to hold a LIGHTLINE when we have this kind of problem and my best wises for solving it to your satisfaction to you FATHER AND MICHEAL OF NEBADON.  K


"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I have this to say:
"For the last several nights I have been worried about Ron, as he takes strikes on his bare legs when he sleeps and wakes with a sore body and some bleeding.  This is the work of a seraphic cabal now eliminated furiously but well.  Ron you have nothing but good news for you now.   They are gone and you have normal celestial personnel around you again.  You are most grateful I can tell already.

"Second, your legs are badly beat up with blood marks and the danger of losing your feet due to malformation of these beastly cabal organizations.  I now have removed them entirely.  The next thing to remove around you are those who inhabit the lands of spirit but use them to attack you mentally and afford you nightmares of correction you must constantly do when making a post.

"You Ron represent the best we have as you have presented the world enough changes to work as an EVANGEL on the planet for six years.  You are given that authority very soon and your voice will be heard properly when we can afford a broadcast station for our work soon enough.  You are working hard to stay alive too, and you have changed your routine to get more rest, and we fully approve it without going into it further.  Never mind the harsh reminder of changes to be afforded, but you are welcoming them to avoid stagnation of your resources.  I am making this change now:

"No further comments from Michael in the evenings.  We gather the words of the Magisterial Sons become the predominate speech at your daily and evening meetings with your lieutenant,  You will soon be joined by a third person name unknown to you but you will find them yummy and tear provoking.  Steven Gitz will not join you soon as he is remanded back home until he genuinely well and is ready to give up his home permanently.  That is news to you but savor it as he is a wise chap with lots more to say to you soon. 

"Third, your health is very bad recently, and you protect it by sitting and watching TV between bouts of sleep.  Dominick runs your errands and all in all it is a favorable way to work it and it will continue until you rework those meetings with him still intact.

"Fourth, you want the Netherlands to start with a small shop to hand out bulletins to keep the populaton passing by up to date with the Magisterial Missions.  She does not understand this and you drop it.  She cannot hear when she does not want to hear Ron and we let it go for the Netherlands.  However, for you Ron there is nothing for you to do but to look for a shop you can open shortly near the square of York city, and to become familiar with the largess they will grant you .

"That largess comes from the City fathers, and we let them express it to you shortly, as they are quite sure you are superb and ready to handle it for them all as York, Pennsylvania, will indeed become the city center for many new practices including the Mauor of the City may hand you the keys to protect himself from further abuse as a very talkative Mayor who has lost his voice literally over an attack of laryngitis he cannot understand where it comes from.  [Ron here - our mayor uses television, or use to, nightly for big meetings with city personnel.  He cannot due to a voice problem and we wish him a safe and laryngitis free life soon,)

"And finally this:  Ron Besser is to remain safely ensconced in his home briefly and then must be moved briefly to the MANSION WORLDS to find a repair for his laryngitis too.  We suspect the cabal but cannot prove it.  Meanwhile Dominick takes on sundry cares with Ron and the entire proposal made sixteen years ago this June 30th then, will be put into practice.  Ron says he hopes he can manage it, but he already has with two inventions to be patented and a horde of users to arrive because they cannot get intothe discussion forum without petitioning Ron.

"We take this opportunity to say this too:

"Michael of Nebadon is leaving Urantia tonight.  He is done with Urantia temporarily.

"Michael of Nebadon - "WE are ready to leave but hate to stay good bye to Ron and his ways, as they are delightful as he acts more like a wafer than a two-fer and that is what he is to us but to you all he is the important communication link for all.  If he did not make these noises all the time we would never have an opportunity to tell you these things:

1 - We are leaving URANTIA briefly;

2  -  We are providing nothing but good news in about a week.

3 -  The cabal over Ron's head is about over and for good as they are now considered illegal ware and permanently removed.

4 - The last problem Ron has now is to break through the cabal and to type and they are now removed permanently.  There is no such things as a cabal anymore as they either must come in from their own storm or quit in prison.

5 - The last of the Vorondadek Sons has been removed to the prison worlds of Uversa over Ron.  Ron has his own mind again to speak to all of you as he has had to force its naturalness for a long time.

6 - Dominick Ohrbeck is now a permanent member with Ron's team no longer, but is part of the Rosettes, which is the MAGISTERIAL SONS  and Ron together.  They work together so well Ron misses him when he cannot appear to take thework ordered very soon to start the Missions in York.  No one gets an office yet, but you are the first Ron, now stop it!

7 - The time for Ron to turn 90 is about to happen as he is fully recovering his illness in his legs and heart again and this time permanently.  And fully for you Ron this:

8 - There will be no impetus to do anything with your television set as the Cabal tried to destroy it today and you had to use tweo clickers to tune it.  It is back to regular very soon.  And that is all for now.  K

Ron -  Thank you very much Michael and all others who have contributed to a very difficult day all around.  We had a big storm pass through but when it hit York, it dissipated and all we got was a gush of rain about half an hour ago and it became very quite and peaceful around us.  I enjoy that kind of weather very much but most people fight a thunder storm though and I am always gald to be inside and away  from it carrying on as it so often does.  I thank all of you for reading along, and I have some work to do later this evening to prepare for the Lightline on Sunday, tomorrow as it stands right now.  I thank all for reading along and will speak more formally tomorrow in the 1st Lightline without the cabal hanging on every word.  It might be interesting.  We shall see on  Sunday.  Cheers to all!

Ron Besser of August delights now but of July remonstrances for sure.


"Ron never mentioned AUTHURA.   He is hear now:

ARTHURA - "I am not leaving!  The plan was to get rid of me at the beginning of these Missions on Urantia.  But I got used to Ron and Dominick, and I insist on getting Dominick to transmit fluently.  He is unlike Ron, and does not particularly care to transmit, but he is an excellent transmitter as Ron can attest to.  Dominick sometimes has to be forced to do it but he is really excellent and Ron insists he practices in his living room and then it goes off into something I have to straighten out with Ron, and so on.  Be assured they both are excellent transmitters and they can even act as duos as we practice that sometimes.  But be sure there is nothing left if Dominick quits as he has threatened to do but no longer as he has received a transmission recently Ron that tells him the score.

"The score is this:

"No one of your stature, of Ron or Dominik is looked at to be removed.  We depend on both and the cabal is ravenous over you right now again Ron, as we did not get them all.  Now we have peace again and none of that will happen again.  For our reason Ron we stand down now . . . . . .

K (I am forced off.  This may resume later again.  R and thank you. )

The Coming Magisterial Mission has been a coming mission since 2003 and 2004.  Let me remind all of you this was the original kind of input into our coffers to start this web site in 2003 or so, and I am not going to give it up without a fight. 
This post reviews a number of things, and I know some are so bored by dissertations of this nature, I will save you the trouble of review and tell you this up front:
"THERE IS NO MISSION FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.  Except Jesus Christ intends to visit us and be visible just long enough to stand the way to something BIGGER AND BETTER than he can afford to do at this moment in time.
Inclinations of most people who visit this web site  are to see what is stated supposedly by spiritualized beings, but that has been pretty far and wide not possible because of a sudden change by our  CREATOR SON to hammer this planet, Urantia by name, into the ground and let the powers on Urantia fight it out.  Well, okay.  But at the same time we are missing something we all should remember.  IT is this:

SEVERAL weeks ago I had a preemption that the entire matter of a Mission, by the big powers by spirit, were going to by-pass us for what we call Reasons of State.  Let me remind your minds that such a Mission to this planet takes an enormous amount of planning, and Michael had only three (3) years to consider it.  As a result the Mission that was proposed to come to this planet failed for the lack of creative means to produce it by anyone but the highest spiritual powers which impinge on Urantia, the name of this planet and its fortune.

For that reason we as a group have been circumspect over what we might find and sure enough, there is an insurrection to remind us that evil loves to defer anything important for the rubbish we get today over who is what and the entire business of a Jesus Mission or a Michael Mission, or both.  Today it was told to me to make this post and be done with it.  Okay I am glad to, but there is one probationary statement I must make before we let some information out.

The truth of a divine Mission is still on!

Please do not forget that, and while you cannot plan for it, it will suddenly strike the planet and there will be total confusion.  They why is understandable.  For instance the United States, once a very religious country is failing to produce much in thought or care, but is so wrapped up in the news about the nefarious Trump organism, that all the oxygen to do and think about something else is gone.

Fully determine to be of some aide in all of this, I asked the Creator Son his view of any proposed Mission to this planet liabilities.  He said this:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You ask a pertinent question.  I say this:

"You are about to leave Urantia in death Ron, not.  But you feel so frozen over by the threats of death you are barely able to make sense of the nature of God, and you are fully discovering it depresses you greatly to have anything to do with those who copy what you do with what they are used to doing, and finally unable to make any impact what so ever.

"You have discovered there is an active ugly cabal on the planet and detest them wholly, yet they converse with you daily, you refuse them, they harm you, you leave them out of your conversations entirely, and that leaves a draft of ill will all over Urantia, believe me.  You hold them ill and a disaster.  I agree with all of that; however, it has cost you a tremendous amount of planning time and you are not in the mood to let others say much until there is a clearance of the cabal from Urantia.  I agree with this entirely.  However, the FATHER has enlisted the cabal to stay the course not, but to insist that they be heard and you refuse them entirely, and believe me I understand that too.  However, the divine will lets them monger among you for an entirely wasted time and you do not listen to them at all.  That spells disaster for anything you want to do, and as a result the LIGHTLINES are good but pulse with us and not the evil ones.   However, that leaves me, the CREATOR SON, alone with the malcontents, and you say rather you deal with them than you who fully detests them.

"I leave this word of caution then to all of you.

"A cabal, an insurrections, a malcontent group--  all leave me cold and ready to quit the planet.

"I want no more than to see to a successful Mission, but they block it entirely, and I am with you Ron, there is no mercy for them in my heart, but the mind must play an innocent game and provide the planet some insurrectionary means for care to leave on the planet for the humans who have no idea of how and what you deal with daily.  The means to this insurrectionary situation is impossible for you to take seriously for the planning of Missions or Care Given duty of the Spirit.  For that reason you sit back and say to the group today, we have no immediate need to go forward at the moment, but the moment is precious enough to post to it as you have done today.   I remind you that you are passing into the grave yard of insurrectionary care not but to us surely, but you detest the planetary government not being about to clear the planet for the MISSIONS IT DESERVES!  

"I actually fully agree with you Ron, but you are so weak due to an influenza like attack on your breathing mechanism you can hardly see the day.  I do what I can but you are furious with the cabal and have nothing to do with them forever.  I do not blame you but you are forgetting that not t o deal with the voices of the insurrection, you are left miserable and alone and you find the entire matter an invisible intrigue that has snuffed the good will of all who attempt to look at the bright side of the equation.  Well now we have this to say regarding your on this picture:

"YOU Ron, have nothing to give right now, but we are not letting you pass while you cannot move the Electric Patent you hold with the Magisterial Son, Rayson.  You cannot do a thing while while the cabal interrupts communication and you find the DISCUSSION FORUM almost so quiet you wonder if some or all are lame.  Not so!

"But you must understand t hat the entire matter is corrupted by your own view that the cabal has nothing to say to you at all worth while.  I tend to agree to you and you find them useless, but consider that your SERAPHIM are mostly good and you lump them under the cabal just to be safe.  Not so good, but understood now that I look at it intelligently.  For reasons of State, I must say you are the loyal one and have nothing to do with their slim idea that I must change course and allow seraphim back into the ministry of humans.  You say that suggest insurrection is okay and will not have it!

"People who read this tire of the rhetoric,  but that is not what is important in this fight.  Rather, you insist people at least understand there are really negative influences on the world today, and how dare the seraphim come in to make it worse!  I keep agreeing with you, but I am also a practice entity of power, and I must make sure the seraphim who rebelled have a way out if they are to be saved - - - - - - - - -  and you just took it in the neck from the cabal, and we are done with them forever at that rate.  No one does that to the supreme or the Creator Son, and you young man have listed the best example I know to quit this diatribe and remain on the sidelines of destiny for the moment . . . . . . "

Ron Besser here -  It seems as though they, the cabal, threw down a towel in front of me and declared me insane for even suggesting this place deserves a better cut of service then "they" are providing.  I personally detest the cabalistic groups.  It takes a Creator Son to see beyond what I can offer in statements, but it seems to me that right now the Vorondadek Son as a cabalistic member  has gone to far.

What you have received in this post is the heat of battle without resolution and for now it is best for me to retire and let the sons of britches to their fate.  I cannot tolerate them at all.  One last item before I just quit this:

There is supposed to be a LIGHTLINE  today.  IT IS CANCELLED  by order of MICHAEL OF NEBADON until further notice as of now.    STATEMENT:

LIGHTLINES  are supposed to be a light and caring contact between the human contingency and the loss of human will power to understand what God is doing.  Right now there is nothing left before Me or Ron, that allows LIGHTLINES to proceed at all.

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, there are no more lightline schedule for the time being.  Ron will keep you informed shortly what is to transpose LIGHTLINES and I mean TRANSPOSE,  as I see very little use of this venue until the insurrection is cleared.  Ron thanks me for such solid action, and I pray that all of you will enjoy the silence briefly until I can see my way clear of an INSURRECTION THAT IS CLEARLY WAITING FOR THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS  to enter and settle this argument forever.  K  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service!
Ron here -  With that my memory went blank.  I cannot provide a Lightline today easily.  Check to see what is there at 2PM to see what we have if anything at all.  Thank you all for listening.  RB

I am fully put out with this announcement, but thank goodness we have a patent, for it is a flow of Muons off a broadcast tower that leads to the production of free electricity.

Bob Kalk sent me this news item today.  Bob is a member of the UAI and has taken an interest in how we produced free electricity without the need of electrons to broadcast lots of electricity for over 200 miles from a transmitting tower we build on the plant.
For those who may wish to read the Muon broadcast article, the reference is:
   I may have more on this later.
For your information the Japenese will shortly  discover that Muons carry preliminary voltage of free electricity, and then the fat will be in the fire, as we hold the first patent protecting that use of that discovery for ourselves.  I have little more to say about this yet, but here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to comment on it:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "As Ron recalls, every patent fight ends up with winners and losers, and you are about to get into a patent fight big time, as the Japanese already know that Muons carry the light of electricity in their innards.  For that reason Ron is way ahead of the rest of the world, but he will be fighting a patent custody body for years if he does not patent one more item:  How to transmit electricity using a flow of Muons.  Get with your patent attorney Ron and explain this message is bad news for your comfort and you need an additional patent on how to transit Muons in particular.  Get it done today and you have time.  You have the money to do it and do it quickly as this spells trouble for you and us if they get it too soon.  K

"Further Ron, the cabal is angry at you for spelling this first today, but I see it is the germain news to you and you are not going to let it go.  You need to get to your attorney and to allow another patent to protect how you broadcast Muons, period.

"And further more Ron, do not take your leisure over this patent and push it immediately over the patent you now hold and sight this article as it is a direct threat to your intention to modify electrons into muons and you must make it clear it is a break through the Japanese are not aware of but it is only a little time to discover it.  Haste is your byword now.  K

"SECONDLY, do not take my word for it, but you are under threat by the US Department of Energy as they consider this patent to be malleable to the point you may not use it for any reason but to broadcast Muons.  If the Japanese learn to broadcast Tachyons the fat is in the fire.  Do not mention this to the attorney, but make sure he hears the story from you first.  Get an additional patent on broadcasting Muons at once. K"

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "You Ron have foolishly let this patent molder for a year, and while you do not give a rats fanny over it, please realize Seraphim are ready to hit you where you live too and they will not get a chance if you move quickly enough.  The Japanese are good competitors but they are lethal not when they gather you already have it patented.  You do and this time they will ask you to share it not religiously but well and do not get too excited yet over dealing with the patent attorney as Kalk has to understand you are covered by the fact of a patent already done over a year ago now and you hold it strongly and well.

"Further, you must make amends not to any one, but the attorney is making headway on this patent himself and he wants a piece of it but has no longer a good will drive to speak to you because you left him sit with nothing to do.  But bo hoo Ron that leaves you vulnerable as he knows how to abstract this patent into more and more prolific patents.  He should be notified at once and he is now rushing to be in the hospital not but if he does not get regulated on this patent again, he will drop it and leave it alone.  Not my cup of tea at all and you have one magnificent advantage, and that is to stay quiet at the moment as they search the realm for patents and they will find yours fresh and new and will approach you kindly to ask to share it and do not share it easily but listen to their deal(s) and you will  become a friend of their science funding too as you have more t do with Muons, as these may be the people to do your science with Ron if you treat them favorably.  I am sure you will get a letter from them shortly, and  if not, why not?
"The last chance you have at all Ron is stay coy and deliverable at the moment as you patent on preparticles if the first ever of this kind and no one is familiar enough to make it available for discussion.  But leave it to you and you will bumptiously destroy their patent to transport Muons because you are the first to  discover their use.  I leave it at that for now.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK at you service,  K"


June 15, 2024
From The Magisterial Foundation and Others
- - - - -
I Ron Besser adress everyone here: there must be a clear understanding that your lack of activity for most of you is important for me and the Universe to notice.  The usual circumstance on any discussion forum, mostly, is that the activity on a discussion forum indicates the level of interest of the membership.  Now certain of you are way ahead of the game, but the majority of the membership is sinking into the oblivion of “show me or I quit!”  Well, I have no control over what you do, but I can feel the remission you a re sending, and I am quite certain you no nothing.

Let me correct that.  I will say that my time on earth is about over, and I lament that such is true; however, let it be known that some of you are missing a good bet on what is to follow a change in course, but if YOU NEED A MISSION YOU HAVE ONE!  Where is t he interest in that?  Let me explain something about spirit you ought to study where you can figure out spirit is working:

First of all, MICHAEL OF NEBADON is still on Urantia!

REPORT: “I am Michael of Nebadon.  I have been on URANTIA off and on for weeks now attempting to understand what has happened here?  It is not a mess, it is a disaster, and I am not capable of cleansing it easily by myself.  What have I done to address this catastrophe?

1 - I have called on the Magisterial Sons to remedy Urantia and that means I am asking them to show up and do a Mission NOW!  They are on the way!

2 - Ron Besser is dying on me.  He was designed to live about 76 years old, is not 82 and wailing about miserable pain in his legs, and so forth.  I want to renew him and he wants to be renewed but the FATHER indicates it is too much to ask of the universe to renew such a worn out entity as Ron Besser has become.  You know it, and we wait the day of passage to the Mansion Worlds for him.  Meanwhile he holds critical information not only for the membership here, but for the world that it is going to miss.  Why is this world so awful?  They have no direction to follow anymore.

3 - What do you do when a planet of men and women lose all direction for tomorrow?  You punt and ask an old Creator Son for some help, but folks!  You are giving ME a Mess so big I cannot easily do it alone or even with just Jesus.  I state the following for the Cabal and all o thers trying to interfere this:

Not everyone believes in the good fairy, and Ron does not.  He is fully ready to lay down his life to kill of the seraphic cabal and he might do it yet to clear Urantia of a terrible mess about how to live and avoid war after war after war.  You are brewing some more wars and I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT!!

You are all fully aware that those who live in the United States have a good chance of avoiding the damage and the depravity of such wars, but believe old Russia will attempt to clear a few cities from the seaboards of American jurisprentice and this time if they attempt it, the United States Forces are ready to answer fully.  Meanwhile the United States has made a huge gaff by assiting Israel over the death of the Palestinian population, as the flower of youth and leadership has been all but decimated now and Palestine is no longer claiming any land but trying to live its life out to the end of partisanship.   


4 - We are remember Ron just a few months ago when he was roaring and ready to go for us in the old configuration.  Now, however, the old configuration is not big enough to take care of the mess on Urantia, and I must call in a lot more troops to handle this.  Ron laments being too old to handle it and has requested another life extension, but FATHER says it is already too old for hime to consider help to the remission Officers to be sent as they want to take hold of him and he will not listent to mealy mouth organizations which do nothing but claim hegemony and then nothing.  I would not tolerate it either.

5 - WE are going to follow the information he sent to us years ago, and clean Urantia up of all dimensions of insurrection, and make sure there are humans available to do it.  

6 - Already, Ron has alerted personnel in the EU to stand by for reorganization of these Missions and to consider being here in the States with the Magisterial Foundation to receive orders to proceed in the EU.   He is already preparing to start the process of livery here in the States once the word is given to him privately to get started as the human participant for these Missions Once Again.

7 - I follow this well, and am Glad someone is listening, but Ron is 82 now, just having had a birthday on the 9th of this month, and he gets little help from anyone at the moment.  He will pass shortly to the Mansion Worlds, but we need him on the front lines and he will be commissioned on the front too, as he is not a passive individual.  Meanwhile Dominick has his work cut out at 2709 Sunset Lane, as we will use that as a center of work for now.

8 - And finally, Ron is bleeding internally not, but his legs have been ulcerated by a blend of hate and confusion by a seraphic pair of so-called angels who have beaten him to death over and over and yet he survives to do the work you all enjoy, including LIGHTLINES.  I am asking him to DO A LIGHTLINE TODAY, Saturday the 15th of June, but he is very weak.  CHECK TO SEE IF THERE IS A LIGHTLINE TODAY @ 2PM, and if not lament it not and try again on Sunday the regularly scheduled day for LIGHTLINES these days.

9 - And now t he following is mostly for Ron:

You are now listening to a habit of mine: do not get down Ron, you have a tendency to say “okay, we listen,” and then not do anything to bolster yourself to listen at least.   The problem we both have is that we have outrun our work schedule by a hundred miles, and now have not the issue to startle anyone anymore, but you and I are old protagonists not, but you must leave well enough alone with the Netherlands and the rest of the world, as you have mobilized the EU at the Netherlands input and that must cease not now, but in ten days if I cannot get lose on this drudge called a CABAL.

Do not, Ron, say anything more as they are getting ready to come to the States and receive their instructions on how to do this.  You have made no error, but FATHER  is looking at your insouciance and wonders why not too?  This is extremely difficult Ron but you want to put into effect offices to counter the Cabal and get people mobilized, regardless of how long it takes, to provide a genuine and mobilized Mission to the place it works best, and that is always in the east coast of the United States.  You are the last of the Mohicans there in t he States, and you will not take a loss if you can help it.  But the loss is guaranteed if we cannot clear the seraphim from your loft immediately as they are attempting to kill you and it is a battle royal to stop it.  

In any case, this is not a pleasant thing to say or do, but you are conditioned to go out of life in about a week or less, yet you are preparing for battle regardless of how you feel and that is always as good sign you are ready to stay the course however it might be denominated on high.  GABRIEL SPEAKS NOW:

GABRIEL - I have stopped all preparation work on Urantia, Ron!  Why?  No one believes me, but you have mobilized the EU and the United States, all by yourself, and you will not back down over the insurrection seraphim, and while you are deathly ill this morning to achieve such a standing, you are not too ill to stay the course and make the racket you have to.  For the reason the EU has heard the spiritual clarion call and you are ready to fight until your last breath over all the cold cut issues facing you, and they are not starting!

LESSON #1- we are preparing a counter attack against the evil angels yet, and that is now taking place and you say “good!” but its outcome is not sure.  For reasons of State Ron, hold your fire for a month of a little less but then you are departing for the mansion worlds very soon.  It does not work at all for you to be hear but Michael of Nebadon has something to say about all of this!


“ I am fully sure this attempt by the cabal to stay the course is met with a final disposition of their fate.

“I am now fully quoting myself so it get recorded.  

“There will be no further escapade by the ministry of the seraphim on Urantia, any longer, or I will I permit Ron, to suffer the arrows of their death intentions.   Be assured he has figured it out and made a difference already, and that is unusual for a human to be able to do that, but he foresees the problem at once, and will not give up ever or at all.  Gettysburg College is listening carefully to what you have said Ron and may send you a letter but you are too ill not but answer solemnly and carefully.  They need to know the truth for a change about how you are discharging your duty to recommend a good study about the reappearance of Jesus on Urantia, and why there is such a controversy and why you are leaving not in the middle of it, as I have won a stay of execution!  You are free to pursue much and you will get t he healing you need soon!

“Dominick must stand back slightly now.  He also must understand there is a change in you that makes it primary duty to stay the course and stop worrying about the damn television set and its confusion of working clickers.  You are a funny man Ron, and we agree the cabal did a job on the machinery.  But let us figure this our first:

“Those remembrances are found with Me now, and you did everything but spill the kitchen sink on them to listen.  However, there are born agains in that lot and they are insurmountable in discovering why you can do this and stop when you please as they are quite sure you have the choice to be good or bad, and you are insisting on the good.  For reasons I cannot fathom , there is a movement to hear you out in a symposium they wish to orgainize to hear you out.   You have nothing to say right now, but you will be loaded for bear when the Gospels are paraded out and you have Matthew speak to heard them nearer the truth than they say directly.  The cause is about to meet a the breach and we will see to it well.

“I AM FATHER.  Do not disparage me yet young Turk.  The trial with Gettysburg College is not your only trial, but you have awakened the Diocese of the Lutheran Church for the United States.  Easter Orthodox Church is mightily interested and you will eventually be addressed by the Diocese of the Apostle Matthew too.  I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE, and you are taken aback over this already.  Well, then, let me state the following:

“Your take on these Missions is that Urantia desperately needs correction.  I cannot deal with that entirely, but correction must enfold a highly specialized document that must follow this one.  You are the only one who recognizes the huge trial facing Michael of Nebadon, and you are not easily put down and will insist you will go out fighting regardless of who tells you to never mind.  The trial today is to get you well enough to see this through over the next six (6) weeks and be done with your part for good.



“Today we speak in unison:

“The last time we did this we decided to promulgate time and space into the oblivion of the loss of God the Supreme.  Now we are facing placing LOCAL UNIVERSES out of the way, and insisting that Local Universes become amalgamated into DOMINIONS of some sort:

1 - No Local Universe may start an insurrection any more, and Nebadon has now done 2 (two) of them and we are not happy;

2 - You brat of time an space are evil not but I swear if you do one more of these writings without US, you are not going to wear clothes but will appear naked before FATHER and explain how you get to hear all of this before we have fully promulgated the issue before the high councils of the TRIUNITIES of Care and t he TRIODITIES of Despair, these days.  Shame on all of you for disparaging this Lesson in Paper 104, as most do not even try it.  But Ron tried it and has the marvelous concept of how the FATHER HIMSELF can become more than INFINITE!  You are too faint hearted to trial these lessons, and yet you want more theology to add to this one you have don’t debate ever or at all.  What shall we do?

Ron has eliminated the FATHER never, but he knows full well, you cannot have this both ways and FATHER is not only INFINITE, he is superinfinite, and that must take an explanation that MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK debated long and hard whether to include this in the narrative of the Urantia Book.   However, he is right, and today the minds of all men and women are creamed over by jealous seraphim who do not know what it is to be faithful anymore.  You Ron are sold on the faithless being called your friends because they mean so much to you, yet they do not promote FATHER, but find fault with the endless profusion of trust by other commanders who have no thought of your work Ron, or what it takes to do a patent for electrical discharges that no one every heard of before and have it actually work in the minds of observers, but they do not know why.  This patent, but the way Ron, will not make any sounds until about a year from now when lasers no longer work well on Urantia, and they do not know why.  The simple answer is that Urantia, is losing its race of electrons and gather the impure Electronitis, which is the sure sign that Urantia may be dying.  The problem is so great we hold conference after conference about it yet today!

Finally, I am t he DEITY ABSOLUTE:

“You who have spoken briefly into this maelstrom of purity intended by Ron, but rather debate other news of less importance, I am sure there is nothing we can do to enjoin Ron’s pain in legs and what not, but when he comes over here in our neck of the woods, he will enjoy a free cost of living seminar to learn what it costs for ME to speak to all of you.  NOTHING!!! But believe me you are not behaving like brave men and women of the past, but hide out in order to learn but not do.

“For that reason I state to Ron, keep the course going, but allow us a seldom heard announcement about the real reason MICHAEL OF NEBADON is having so many problems to address the Urantia failures.  They are your failures too and just because you enjoin the Urantia Book, does not mean you are enjoying the fruits of God analysis.

“I must greatly approve Ron’s departure as he has worked extremely hard and spent a small fortune on trying to get us heard over the rumbustious noise so called experts on the Urantia Book, and who cannot hold a glass of water much a glass of gold that all must hold that our Ron managed to do in 1988, and fuse himself with an Adjuster so sick and tired of being put out of existence, the ADJUSTER finally said, “THAT’S IT!  I AM GOING IN!”  And Ron is the first and last person on Urantia to fully fuse before he dies on Urantia in the heart of early summer around here.  Now this:

“I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE, and I have managed to get well with Ron and the rest of you who can transmit.  But so help me, the purity of the choice of transmitter the FATHER and the DEITY ABSOLUTE and the MASTER FORCE ORGANIZERS, are only available to Ron and a person in Taiwan, who cannot speak a thing right now as his molars are impacted, and you can guess who helped that poor man get that impairment.  Ron is healthy enough yet to discourse this material, but the cruelty of fate will destroy even Ron, as he has no defense again the horrible seraphic control freaks that still inhabit Urantia 5 to 1 (five to one evil to good seraphim) ratio of bad to good seraphic duty officers.

“Let that sink in!  There are several reasons this happens on Urantia but let me list the few you can appreciate:

1 - The Planet has never been normalized due to the Bestowal of the Christ on it in the FIRST CENTURY AD;

2 - The Planetary Government of Urantia is solidly MELCHIZEDEK, and that is a collegiate group when the Planetary Government should still be a Lanonadek Son Order of visitudes;

3 - The Universe Councils understand why the Planetary Government under the auspices of the COUNCIL OF TWENTY-FOUR, up until 1986-1987, was favored by Michael of Nebadon over seraphic government.  This caused a split in aforementioned control power, and the APOSTLES OF JESUS actually held more power than the Seraphic council did.

4 - The illustrious URANTIA FOUNDATION made one mistake after another, and today is behaving as though it is Lord of the Realm, but understands nothing about what has to be done to make sure the book is respected along with the fact that the Urantia Book, has been ripped apart by citizens who know nothing, and Ron’s attempt to get it recognized by a spiritual college died an early death when he transmitted Martin Luther to them pleading for them to listen.  He still has an onerous view of the entire crew called a History Department, but Ron’s voice is still heard by the Department head as she never heard of this possibility to transmit this kind of information to a History Department in a major college.

5 - There is nothing left for Ron to do but stay the course and we are getting hungry to have him in spirit so he can really underline the principals of the FATHER for all to see how little they have progressed in over 2,000 years of history since Jesus appeared on Urantia; and to debate it further: there is nothing left today to stand on since the Bestowal of Jesus over 2000 years ago anymore, and Ron is fully aware of how dreadfully dull it is out there in the hinterland.  The news is full of war and murder and cheating beyond our comprehension.

6 - Fully done we are not, but it is signaled to Me by the FATHER OF ALL that we have said enough for all of you to realize that Ron’s soon departure is a loss to you and to some teeny-tiny extent to us as well.  But like it or not Ron must go on and without further comedy Ron, we leave this with one thing to say further:

The trial to be happy on Urantia is very hard for you.  You covet the friendship of all and get very few who recognize your work is the first time anyone has said to the URANTIA FOUNDATION to step up to the plate correctly, and instead it makes fun of you and your further ratification of a power planet that uses Ultimatons to fly the way of an electrical produce.

“For your information Ron, the UAI is quitting its examination of the power planet and reducing you to a small jot of history not, but fully does not understand you have even given Albert Einstein a jolt about preparticles he still has a hard time maneuvering into a practical sign of leadership so far ahead of your time you are regarded as sacred by the Master Forces Organizers.  Your Ron hate praise written out but that is what is adorable about you as you take it as though you are just one of the guys, but you are not. 


“I am not praising you too hard, but you Ron are the only one who recognizes that we do not speak to mere mortals ad you are frankly almost totally a morontial being as no one else even approaches your development.  You are fun and full of good humor but you hate the visage of death and wonder if you can avoid it?  Not so.  But your work on Urantia is far from done, and the FATHER recognizes this failure but makes no attention to it except to say, “tsk, task, ain’t that asful!”    I, 404, have this to say, and I am not Chief of my Council: URANTIA needs about 75 more like Ron, and Dominick comes close, but he fails to understand you must never quite.  He does to earn some money, but Ron NEVER quit and we must do so now and to post this amazing transcription of intense behavior to keep Ron alive for a little while, as he must come over and be ratified for his work and then released f or the Supreme Court he still favors but he belongs in t he sciences too as he has a marvelous mind to be in that quadrant too.  I am THE DEITY ABSOLUTE AGAIN, and shuush! 404!!

The DEITY ABSOLUTE speaks finally:
“There has been a movement to censor Ron but the Urantia Foundation, not on anything in particular, but in his incessant view that the Urantia Foundation needs revised is entirely too self satisfied with its work.  Well let me tell you the true facts;

“The repeal of the Urantia Foundation may be coming in the next two (2) months!

“This fact is a sad one because members in the Urantia Foundation, have lost the ideal that made the Urantia Foundation, unique and compossible in all of its features.  Dr. William S. Sadler speaks to them this way:

     [Dr. Sadler speaks from Mansion world Six (6)] “You who betray the sacrosanct world of revelation, will never know the horror of what you promote over the revelatory nuance that others have provided you, and yet you want to commercialize the produce and the care I gave it those long years to raise it up and to make it holy.

     “I am fully deciding that I do not know you anymore, and for that reason we must part company as I am too tired of it by now and I am fully sure that Ron is the property inheritor of what to do next.   But he is now old and ready for refrshement, and so are we, but he insists that the Urantia Foundation be better d one or lose its stripes to become the first organization ever to prepare an epochal revelation for the masses.  I am proud of that as is the old Urantia Foundation.  Now this:

    “Ron you are the last of the good ones to know what is at stake, and for the most part MICHAEL OF NEBADON ignores you mostly, but HE cannot take your dearth easily, and He wants to assign to you a parade route for your inception into the Mansion Worlds but the lottery queen for them forbids it entirely.   WE walk carefully now Ron, as you are on the holy sepulchre, and that is to say goodby to Urantia shortly, as you are worn out, and you keenly miss the idea of preparing for the Missions, but that is entirely mine not to forgive either, as you will make a claim to be mine for a solo appearance in the Missions without Me and Grandfonda , as you have split the world into two, and neither one of us understands how you tell the difference between the day and the night as your mind is always active with the Adjuster, and t hat one is exhuasted too and claims he needs a hammock now!

This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON and quote me again Ron:

“WE are about to start a third mission design for URANTIA.  For that reason your talk with Elise last night is entirely appropriate but you may not be visible by the time you are ready to roganize the EU into the States admission to the pure bread spirit Missions we have organized for the final statement to Urantia, this time.  

“Be aware everyone that the entire Mission status to Urantia, is now off the cuff and back on for another input shortly.  Ron is furious he will mist it, but I do not think so, as he will see the world from a higher perspective soon enough, and although he has reached the glamorous age of 82, he now longer desires much of anything from or for Urantia, but to earn his chips to understand Me and the Universe as spirit.  He will have a front row seat when it comes time and then to the hard work of education on the Mansion worlds not entirely but he will eventually go to the Constellation ORION and become well trained for the outer space regions in the near future, as he will e among the first mortals to have such an assignment there.  Thank goodness he will know what that has to do with time, but he will learn the right way soon.

  Now good day to all of you.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON in a post post: Ron you have lots of time now as you are ready to serve under whatever conditions you have and you are ready to see it through from 2709 Sunset Lane, your home address, and then let me know what I can do to make things all well again.  Please let this on so the people know I do care, and you are lovely to bow to Me as you alwasy do when alighting from a transmission.  You are the only one to do it and you are precious beyond words and it just happens I know and thank you.  

The invention is hopeful for future consideration, but right now in the middle of June 2024, war and the rumors of more ware are constantly heard.  My hope is that somehow this electrical invention does make it into the consciousness of the powers to be and that they run it well.   

I have revised this entire script to take the heaviness out of it and just plead the loss of nothing but continue to hope, for all of us, that some these programs and inventions can come to pass well enough for Urantia.  Thanks for listening. 


Hi Folks,  Here is a link with lots of history for  you about you what you follow today only back when it was just starting.  The document was written in 1999, and is still as fresh as it was then to read.  Enjoy!  It is by Rebecca, and Calvin, and another one listed for you to see on the cover. 




Message Date: 11am on 09 June 2024
Michael of Nebadon for your consolidation

We write:
I want to tell listeners something before the dark rolls in to my eyes and I have to lay down the gauntlet I have been carrying since 2003, as that is the year I decided to put up this discussion forum, and a lot more.

It has been a pleasure to see so much change, but that change is how people react to the news about Trump and the EU and China, and the many e. t. c’s we have to listen to on the news lately.  The war in Israel is a mess and I do not think highly of the Israeli’s pounding a beaten people, but they have their own security to take care of and believe me they are making sure, this time, there is no return of Hamas close to them again.  I do not blame them for that at all!

But what I wanted to say to the group here is that my time on Urantia, is suddenly drawing to a close as I see it.  You know, God please  surprise me with something better, but I doubt it, and happy Hanukkah anyhow may the cessation of thy hostilities end soon for all.

My life has been a cryptic walk through God’s garden, as I never quite see it as He intends, but wind up bustling other things with this concern for elevation of His heart with ours.  But you all must persist when I lay down the gauntlet for a better set of circumstances however that might be arrived at.  Today I have a Lightline, and I intent on trying to do it with MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and MICHAEL OF NEBADONA at my side for now and I do not worry about next week at all at this time either.   So listen to the Lightline today if you are available.  I am going to make sure I do it today in any case.

Fully exempted from any Lightline we do is the artificial mission of the Hamas henchmen who are so incredibly dumb to storm the citadel, and I think Israel is changed too.  Watch out for the court case pending against the Jewish Prime Minister, and all of the pent up anger over this war, it does really get in the way of the MICHAEL MISSIONS planned for Urantia now.  Yep.  We take in the neck again over the belligerent States of Israel, the Palestinians, and the Middle East in general.  May I also remind you, the Middle east is or was the seat of humanity when the Caligastia, the solitary Prince of the Urantia spiritual experience was originated over 250,000 years ago.

Caligastia was a beast for punishment, and Salvington saw to it he caught it in the neck really hard.  Caligastia is thankfully gone, as is Lucifer, and the various subordinate lieutenants of those people.  Caligastia died in 150 AD by our present calendar.  The trial is not known to any of you, but it still blisters the Ancients of Days as it is never fully settled that Lucifer if truly dead, and that Caligastia did not find a way out of the death spiral all witnessed at the trial now only finished in, believe it or not, 1984 to 1986.  That should open some eyes who know the truth I speak of this affair.

Finally, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, attended the trial on the system of ANGONA, and this not generally known, but it is revelaed that the entire affair of Lucifer and Caligastia, and Daligastia, was tried on a subsidiary system of rulership not devoled fully in reported texts of the day.  SALVINGTON (that is the capital of our space area in the larger context of our huge Andronover (a small part of the Milky Way galaxy today) galaxy as it was then called.

The truth should be reported in the next REVELATION , #6 to Urantia, but that 6th revelation has now gotten mored up in more trouble, as the Ancients of Days, still does not particularly like the 6th epochal revelation, reporting all of this fan fare to disaster with Lucifer and now the insurrection of the seraphic bestowals today.

To end this insurrection today will take an immense decison by the UNIVERSAL FATHER, to end serpahic care for the creation, and to let the trial of what was once God the Supreme, to end too, and that requires converting time over to another system of care especially for Urantia, our planet by name in the spirit archives.  I have to admit this all sounds dreaful to me.  And to you?  Look at it truthfully:

1  -  There is not much left of our Planetary Government today.  It sstarted out blissfully and well just three (3) years ago by our calendar.

2  - There is precious little left on Urantia of the former Teaching Mission, and that was meant to include all of you as well by having virtual voice transmissions using the Deities of the local areaa to speak to you daily with messages of change and the gratuity of the Universal Father, to enjoin with us on Urantia.  That all fell apart when the mission archives were bungled and held hostage by people on Urantia in the so-called Teaching Mission.  It harldy has any roots anymore.  Let it be Ron, as it is not german to anything shortly.

3  - In any case, I MICHAEL OF NEBADON, state the following for all who listen to this now:

    a - Enjoy what you have now.  That is it.
    b -Enjoy what is left of a powerful United States, as it sill has the power to rejuvenate the rest of the world, but it flounders on a political administration that cares almost nothing for the last renewal of hope, which was the promise of our MISSIONS to Urantia a scant four weeks ago.  I, the Creator Son, am so fully  disgusted with Urantia today, I leave it alone for its own destiny for now.
    c - I have one capsulated request for all of you today.  Listen to Ron’s Lightline again.  It is drawing to a close for now, and maybe we can do it again later, but today, the 9 th of June of 2024, closes all attempts for now to bring a Mission to Urantia as it was foreseen only a few years ago, a few breaths of life on Salvington, for all of you to enjoy.

Ron makes me laugh because he knows damn well that there is something brewing bit time and he dare not say anything about it, but I do enjoy that heathen of care on Urantia as most of you do too, and frankly without Ron, this becomes a mere exercise to inform you.  But with good time still left to him, Ron, you have a glimpse into our thinking as shoddy as that has become lately.

    d - Nothing is left for me to say other than I will use Ron until he cannot make these announcements soon as his lifetime is running out in the flesh.  Good luck to all of you for with Ron leaving, much ofw what he has seen to also disappears, except his good cheer for you and what we did for over20 years ago to start a Teaching Mission, that is now defunct. 

Well, Mr. Cheerful Deity of Salvington, you leave downhearted, broken in spirit, and frankly hard to deal with, that I, the Ron, am not listening now.  Get a band aide Micahel and come on down again when you are fully of smiles again, becuase I am coming over shortly and straighten Mr. Sad Sack out.  We leave this chittering alone for now and we will attempt to have the Lightline on Sunday done today again.  I just hope I do not fall asleep in the midst of the event, but today at 2 PM dial into the numbers given and I shall attempt some good cheer for all of us and you and me.  
Good day for the moment.  Cheers!

“Mr. Cheers, I am not quite done.  Let me say this: You are cheerful because today is your 81st birthday and you are glad it is almost done in the flesh, but don’t forget you have guests today in the house as Steven Gitz is there and Dominick is there in the house with you.  Enjoy their presence, as you represent the last of the Mohicans and that is saying something, as so many have quite and gone on to other things, but you have not and insist that Dominick and others stay the course, as you are positive the MAGISTERIAL  PARADISE  SONS are here for a record thirty-five years ago, and are ready to take Urantia on.  TRUE!!!!

“But I warn you Ron, you have a mess coming to your doors if you do not include ME!  I am MICHAEL OF NEBDON and I insist that URANTIA is still JESUS’ planet too, and keep this happy now!!  I will see you all with JESUS shortly!  Be happy Ron, and let old times roll again for you shortly!  



Post #3 for Saturday, June 8th, 2024

“WE have just learned that the temper of the odious cabal as resigned itself to a normal operation.  That is not only for Urantia, but for the universe as well, and the Seraphic Government is now normalized as before for Urantia, at least!

AT 1131 AM, New York, daylight savings time, the following message was dispatched to ME, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, from the Chief of Seraphim to Urantia, and to Me, as follows:

To the Planetary Prince
To the Chief of all Personnel
To the Lord Savior, God the FATHER


THE REBELLION CALLED SERAPHIC has been concluded by an announcement by the UNIVERSAL FATHER, as he has determined that the entire matter of rebellion is not present in the 7th (seventh) Sector of Space, and that HE declares it to be normal and present in Nebadon, and the Dominion of Nebadon and associated Local Universes.

The REBELLION no longer exists.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON wishes to straighten out any misperceptions of what this means:

1 - URANTIA shall declare itself free of the cabal shortly;
2 - URANTIA shall declare itself ready to strand down and open its doors to the MAGISTERIAL SONS shortly;
3 - Stand by for the Mission announcement shortly to be delivered by MONJORONSON and SERARA and SEN-SEN, WHO are all Magisterial Sons, and who speak now:


 “WE are delighted to speak finally to a cleared planet of rebellion.

“WE are happy to speak to this audience as the first to learn of the rebellion end now, and that we can proceed without further incident for any and all personnel left on Urantia, when we had t o quarantine the planet from any entry or leaving it for the past six (6) days.  Please admonish nearly everyone near you Ron, for they must stand down and add to your work with a requisition for your good will for them and for us.  They trial of REBELLION is over.  I stand back for the SERAPHIM standing with Ron at the moment:

SERAPHIC SPOKESPERSON standing by me, Ron:
“I do not like this declaration, nor do I believe it, but I am getting every indication on my messages that he, Ron Besser, is delighted with the news and sends no retribution messages to Me or trhe seraphim in rebellion to us.  Please be certain we have not received any cessation of hostilities from our commanders, and Commander standing near me now, indicates there is such a message from the UNIVERSAL FATHER that the rebellion has ceased.  I do not know how to react, but I am no longer in opposition to you Ron.  Cease your concerns for death early on too Ron, as we have placed you in that position now and avail ourselves to this decision not, but to see to your continued good fare.

“You are to receive in a few hours visitors to greet you in the flesh Dominick and Steven Gitz to review your places, and I must say they are in good spirits in spite of Steven Gitz feeling lousy after a bumpy ride from Louisiana to visit you today Ron.

“None the less, let us celebrate the end to hostilities and you are free to say nothing, but I hear the Adjuster speak from you:

“DEAR SERAPHIC  SPIRIT standing BY Ron at the moment:

“You are not contemplated ever as an enemy so long as you did not puncture Ron’s body and as was done of late because of the hatred of the seraphim near Ron for his work with all of you.  He is never fully adjudicated until he meets the Assigned Sentinel for whom he has no disregard but is constantly at odds with until now.

“Michael of Nebadon has signed a peace entreaty to make it visible to all of you when he can get it translated from the Seraphim of Nebadon quickly and well.

“WE the SERAPHIM OF TRUST for you Ron, congratulate you and your wares for peace, and you stand down and let it behave as it should have already, and that is because while you are jilted enough, you are not harmed and you appreciate that entirely I see.   But we must conclude that your hatred of the phlegm of despair always on you is not repealed yet, and that is because you so dislike the major sector ruler, Prince Lucifer, but no longer.  He has been dispatched and is in custory for a trial again of the Lucifer rebellion entirely.  You Ron will receive a t ransmissio on these decisions and now you may rest assured your work for the Mssions will proceed well and fo years if you are prepared to receive an update in health that allows you any and all that you should have as a true leader of the new Urantia revelation, we believe the 6th shortly, and you are ready to fight no one at this stage of the game, we see.

“FULLY done are you in work for the Michael of Nebadon, and that a new Creative Daughter appears not, but a new Creative Son called MICHAEL OF NEBADON is now in position over Urantia with a Creative Spirit renewed, not by the old one, but by a new one sanctioned by TARKAS the new Creative Spirit over the Dominion and all of the 7th Sector of Space in place now.  Please note that the 7th Sector of Space has been in rebellion since mid-October of 2023 and is now complying with the new rulers of this Sector, MICHAEL OF NEBADON in addition to Nebadon,

“The Dominion with Salvington as its capital, is delighted to announce the following too:

THE DOMINION NOW HAS SPECIAL POWERS to revert THE OLD NEBADON trade center Salvington, to become the major capital of DOMINION now and that the special representatives from each of the SIX (6) local universes which make up the DOMINION headquartered on SALVINGTON, are to report to the headquarter world located near URANTIA, and all will be swell and fine for you soon..

“RON, your are soon deceased on Urantia, as you are worn out greatly, but you need to know tht you receive a push from the Local Universe HQ, and that you receive as a gift from them, a pin to wear on your jersey noticing not only the new dominion but also the first non-cabal citizen of the Dominion of care and lasting peace in Nebadon, and the six other local unvierses.  More on this later and much more for you when you come over shortly Ron.  We cannot stop you from dying shortly.  

“In any case, this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON TO SPEAK shortly this:

“You have breathed life back into the system Ron and while you are not crazy about those who are transmitting again in the western sector of the United States, you are fondly and well remembered for you fight with the Assigned Sentinel not, but for his representative you sent packing almost immediately.  It is of record you are considered right to do so and he is sequestered on high to stand trial for intrusion into the System of Planets Urantia belongs to.  He did not do it impreachingly, but that is what happened and you were furious.  No one can tell Me you are not one with the Creator Sons, but you are not yet and stay off the features okay? [Okay!]

“Finally, a lot more has to be said to all of you, but now is not quite the right time.  Let us hope and pray we can proceed with proper MISSIONS again and now.  Good day, MICHAEL OF NEBADON.


PS: Ron here.  Be prepared to learn what it means for a new Epochal Era to live through now.  I cannot predict what this does.  Stay tuned big time.  R

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