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See the post in the next window please.  The original text window had uncorrectable code error.  See below.
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As some of you may decide, this on again and off again view of the monetary policy of the proposed changes through the divine Paradise Magisterial Sons, is lasting as long as they can be heard.  What is meant by that?
For those of you who have only the slightest idea of what these sources of warning are, let me explain.  All human and material planets eventually get a Paradise spirit mission to help correct development that is useful and practical for that planet to work itself into a productive and civil state of financial uses.  Our sister and really a twin planet very close to us, and they look like us too but do not visit with ships for those concerned, has a similar Magisterial visit from the same Paradise Sons we are having arrive here.  The twin to us is called Panoptia (Pe Nope Sha), and it has gone through rough situations like we are always seeming to happen with catastrophic fluctuations with currency and so on.

I am not here to tell you much more about our twin, but they have petitioned the Paradise Sons being sent to us to also stop by and provide them a reunification of good government and better financial dealings.  I asked the Paradise Magisterial Son devoted to our planet.  We are called Urantia spoken phonetically as:  "You Ran Sha" and we are a  twin to Panoptia in all matters except one:  it is smaller and has no water much on it and likes sand dunes instead of forests).  I think of the first Starwars film and the scrub land Skywalker lived and worked in what appears as a farming home.  I think that is close to what the surface of Panoptia may be like to live in.  I am told they have very few big hills but it does have one large mountain range that allows them rain enough to provide water to drink there.

In any case this post deals with both our planets, and to our planet the American IRS (taxing agency), we face the same inscrutable inability to tax fairly and well.  Here on Urantia, i.e. good old earth as you may prefer to call it, the IRS is, I am told, starting to worry about the income flow for the tax year of 2022 income to its coffers due in mid April in America all the time.  The reason we (and even Panoptia this time) are in probable financial trouble brewing is not the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates so suddenly it causes instability in the banking system in place, but because the Federal Government spent trillions of dollars to give us cash into our bank accounts as a full credit costing us nothing.  In my case the banks transferred $1,500 + dollars cash into the account.  I loved it but every household in America received it if one had a bank account and an address they could pay their taxes from.

What that has done, and many households got more than double what I did, it pressed so much cash into the hands of people who live pay check to pay check, they could breathe a little while and for that reason they saved it mostly for a rainy day.  The rainy day arrived when the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in America quickly and t hat forced most people to suddenly have to spend the wind fall gift of thousands of dollars before this year.  Mortgage rates, that is what we pay to buy a house or building to live in, went from almost without  interest on the repayment, to almost double what they were paying before.  This is stunning to those who never had a mortgage tax rate this high.  In one instance I know about the mortgage rate went from $1,225 a month to $3,124,75 a month.  They cannot afford it and I doubt they can keep the house now.

All of this rate turmoil and cost to homes and families has caused a rush to build back some sort of safety net in the American monetary system.  Great Britain does not consider such necessary, Frenace thinks it can ride the storm out, and the Netherlands says most people own their own homes already and they do not feel prressed to do anything about it.  Those are EU countries, and while they did not get the benefit of the American government sending them money too, most countries around the world do not like the idea that the American banking system affects then so strongly.  They are, thought, strongly affected because the American banking system supplies most of the rest of the world dollar liquidity, and that is what the MAGISTERIAL SON for us from Paradise now explains to you and me what is bound to happen because of the turmoil in our banks in America.

MONJORONSON (Paradise Magisterial Son #411531543513) - "I am assigned to Urantia.  Ron has made it clear I am also assigned to PANOPTIA, our twin human planet about six light years away from Urantia in the Southeast direction looking at it from York, Pennsylvania.  IT is about 6 light years away and from the horizon up about 10 degrees form that horizon as Ron sees it.  They are very much aware of you on Urantia as their start students know your planet rises in their sky just about six (6) degrees over their southern horizon in their spring time.  You on Urantia cannot see them at all as too much cosmic dust blocks them out showing above your southeast horizon.

"I am to serve them too, and for that reason this post is somewhat allowed to be seen by their TRANSMITTERS too, as they can do what your transmitters do, (like Ron here can do so easily), and they can hear a transmission to Ron easily if I allow it to be heard.  For them, this TRANSMISSION is now available at this point:

"WE use a type of quote too Ron, and this is your transmitter partner on Panoptia.  MONJORONSON now tells us this:

"Urantia and the Federal Reserve in the United States are facing a double whammy soon.  All of that free money to overcome the disaster of a virus pandemic illness over the entire Urantia population, will collapse the usual dollar designation, and that probably happens late in the year 2024.  Meanwhile the entire matter for Panoptia is while they never did what the United States did, they bled for reasons of their own, not with a disease, but a severe drought which destroyed several communities in the most powerful nation they have.  As a result they sent aide to them which actually broke the bank there, and now have a mild recession not, but a public default of the debt.  Urantia could have the same thing happen to the United States, but it is unlikely, as the Brenton Woods agreement signed in we think 1947, supports the United States from the gold reserves of other western countries.  No one knows this, but Janet Yellen (Treasury Secretary US) does and explains to guests to her office that she will use it if she has to.  Her work is secure now as President Biden relies on her sound advice just how to broker Japan and Malaysia and Australia, to provide huge amounts of capital to overcome a serious weakness in southeast Asia:  too many people and too few jobs and so on.

"For that reason, the entire gamble the United States has in launching AUKUS is to avoid spending money it does not yet have from the 2022 tax receipts.  Problems, however, with that transfer will increase when Biden learns that the US Budget is about 1.65 Trillion dollars, his revenue is under 1 Trillion, and the debt balloons.

"With that understanding the effort to reduce the debt in the United States government is not available, and for that matter it must borrow more in bonds, and the bond market might collapse under too much pressure to assign itself a parity ratio to other government bonds on the planet Urantia.

"For instance, Japan affords a modest wealth increase with the change of central bank governors recently, and that individual prefers a more strict use of bond funds, and will insist that the bonds Japan assumes, be paid for immediately in fresh revenue to the civilian sector again.  That sector includes business such as export of automobiles and farm tractors and ships and rearmament against China's aggression in the South China Sea.  Japan is rearming much to the fear of South Korea and North Korea is livid over the use of the Japanese sea patrols to temper North Korean exploits with missiles and damage control over a starving population once again.  Leadership in North Korea is reaching its maximum power, and the Most Highs forecast they  (North Korean leaders) will be purged by the year 2027.  

"Financially this disturbs not China, but South Korea, and for that reason the South Korean financial situation deepens not into out right recession, but into a mild depression by 2027 or 2028.

"This is the reason the Paradise Magisterial Sons, and I MONJORONSON as one of those Sons, will insist the gold standard become available immediately.

"That will produce six million dollars of debt for every individual in the United States.  For Great Britain that will all of them to be in debt for abut eighty (80) million Pound Sterling debt.  For the Netherlands, about fifty (50) million Kroner in debt, and you get the point I am sure.  That is unsustainable, and that is why the financial situation on Urantia is far more harmful than on Panoptia.  Panoptia values currencies differently, but on Urantia, gold is the value system, and it must be restored to its place and Nixon, who is up here in the space regions learning to deal with money matters in particular, has calculated had he left America stay on the gold standard, it would have doubled its reserves by now and not have become a large debtor nation it is now.  For your information the U.S. was only ever on a true gold standard from 1879 to 1933. The Bretton Woods agreement attempted to create an international system with gold as a standard, but it failed. Any ties currency had to gold in the U.S. were severed in 1971 by President Richard Nixon.

"We are sure the entire matter of gold standard monetization is not to be doubted, at least for now, and that the spare change in the United States must return to some idea of a gold coin and require silver coins to return to circulation.
And finally, let me point out that the entire region in North America is going to undergo facial changes on top of financial difficulties in the world at large, and for that reason the MAGISTERIAL SONS for Urantia must be fully insured against further insurrection by the people on Urantia, as their population is too large to sustain and the real difficulty no longer is financial but humanitarian.  The years 2023 through 2028 are probably horrific to anyone living on Urantia at the very least.

"Good day from MONJORONSON and thank you for taking this Ron, it is essentially the best information we have ever given for what you all must face shortly. K."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I must congratulate MONJORONSON on this fantastically important update and Ron loves it I am sure.  He is fully aware of these issues on Urantia and Panoptia is now fully aware that Urantia is to be decimated cruelly by a double whammy of money problems and catastrophes to the land and air, as the air on Urantia must be ignited at 60,000 foot levels to burn off the carbon tetrachloride that causes global warming so severely now there was no snow in York this year whatsoever and only one bitter cold outbreak so severe, Ron had to turn down his thermostats to turn the furnace off that ran straight for 18 hours without shutting down.,  It could not warm the house fast enough and the only way to shut it down was to turn thermostats down so it could catch up.  That is smart thinking on his part, but the house got no warmer than 65 degrees during the cold wave.  This is, thought, a minor glitch in the furnace design and a fatal one if it ever gets that cold again.  I am recommending that Ron remove that furnace and replace it with a normal boiler furnace.  But let us return to the financial situation developing on Urantia at the moment.

"Ron says, 'honestly, the moment you get a freebie the whole thing turns on you and you get a recession.   Seems to be on the unkind or cruel side entirely!"  I agree but America is so wealthy it cannot keep itself in check and spends far too much to pander to minorities and rich man's housing and consumption.  For that reason mother nature herself sees to its end by forcing the United States to live within its means and to resurrect a monetary gold standard in order to force business to recoup their worth and to stay within the means of normal government operations.

"For that reason please be advised this post is being perpetuated up here and distributed to those persons who ascend up here in our universities and schools of good works to learn the nature of excessive spending and careless versions of work related discussions in the USA government about what to do with minorities who keep expanding while the normal civilization of self maintenance fails to grow anymore.  Ron detests the use of money to throw at drug addiction and sees as a free will choice to get into drugs and the State has to pay to get them off drugs or rehab a drug user all the time.  MONJORONSON happens to feel that is money poorly spent as I do.  Let it be known that drug addiction is a Panoptia problem not, and they hardly ever hear of it on their world.

"And more:  there is nothing to stop Ron from recovery so long as we have a shot of getting to him to give him recovery but the cabal is stopping all incoming help and they are now being accused of attempted murder.  For that reason the Ancients of Days will respond with an edict soon Ron, to allow your heart to double its size again and press that stuff out of your body with full results.  (Ron: now I know what it means to be a person with all heart.  My heart is already close to being double in size of a normal heart due to all the transmitting I do to keep us informed.)

"We laugh Ron, ha ha, and now this:  The Ancients of Days also carry their work for Panoptia and consider this post excellent enough to make it available to Donlon too, as Donlon is about 16 (sixteen) light years from Urantia and has a very poor economy and needs to hear how Urantia is doing as they are very poor compared to Urantia and their science is at least fifty years behind Urantia-earth.  Your life Ron is not over in spite of extreme pain and the unusual development of paralysis near your waist now.  IT is vital to keep yourself active and not too much bed time.  Let them all know how you are at times and we promise some restitution soon. 

"And finally let this post resign itself over all of you, and keep it in mind for a change as it has the serious intent to inform you of the trouble coming to all of you living on Urantia and fairly soon.  Keep the home fires burning and the cabal is soon history too!  We leave the rest of this to SERARA,  who is MAGISTERIAL PARADISE SON #413153251317, a serial number well known on high as he is Chief of the Magisterial Council on Paradise now and has no liking for the cabal either Ron.  K"

"I am delighted to speak on such an August day on Heaven's worth.  I am now ready to say this to all of you:

"We, MONJORONSON and SERARA and SEN-SEN and RAYSON are now all incarnated!

"We, MONJORONSON and SERARA and RAYSON are near your house this morning Ron looking at the York center square and now we see why you would love to hold the "L" shaped building.  It is far too big not and has attache apartments that are mostly empty now due to Covid19 and the deal to keep them going broken by the City of York over budget constraints.  You would love to have the building but it is too rich for our blood truly and it must be reassigned not to you but to MICHAEL OF NEBADON to reconsider.  However please understand this entire matter is not over and you are not alone in trying to find a decent place to center the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION entirely and for that reason I say this:  PANOPTIA is fully allowed to use this post but is dropping out because you are too fast and now you are flying along due to a new keyboard I borrowed from MICHAEL OF NEBADON to speed these things up. 

"For Reasons of State, Ron, you are fully dependent on Dominick to get outside things done.  Soon Dominick leaves you briefly to obtain a heart rendering chill over others of his nature and that is to end his relationship out west but he is sufficiently wealthy to stay with you in a years time not but very soon.   You are devoted to us and you send him where he needs to be to show that devotion at his own request usually.  He has no reason to be upset but he might get that way by traveling so much he tires of it but you have your own Magisterial Foundation aircraft parked at the nearby airport to you.  It is a beauty and anything even with bi-wings is favored by you to travel as you feel you must when well.  Good for you, and this, please let MICHAEL OF NEBADON  alone Ron, as he is attempting the incarnation of JESUS as in the first century AD on Urantia.

"I close this as SERARA as you are getting yancy over sitting too long, but please understand the United Nations is my first shot and you say thank you, as it is the one place yet everybody can be contacted at once surely  and well.  That starts in a few months not now, but this too:  your work for WTP is well positioned to start shortly as the government of a known country to you loves the idea and they honestly see how it works and are ready to say something once the Prime Minister is allowed to speak to it.  We hold that back in order to sign up for his work in the South China Sea and the rearmament of Japan to counter North Korea and China if it wants a fight.  For that reason the USA is asking Japan to slow its current rate of problem solving with South Korea until South Korea finally realizes it is not threatened by a rearmed Japan K.  We leave all this now for one last grand announcement:


"WE THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS have concluded that the Sea of Japan, and that is the water just to the west of Japan and touching the beaches of SOUTH KOREAN entirely and a part of Russia, is sealed off from further tectonic shifting and the threat of more seismic activity removed.

"This supports the idea of rebuilding the atomic plant inundated by a tsunami and it should never be rebuilt but Japan is out of power and desperately needs to obtain the wireless electricity.  For that emergency need RAYSON is ready to build there first, but your York County is ideally placed to do it too.  We want to build both simultaneously and for that reason Ron your Ultimaton Paper must be revised again.   This time you show its origins better.  You mention it but step back from describing it.  I am sure you are knowing why as we do but this is too farcical not to get it known again.   We are the ANCIENTS OF DAYS, and you Ron make no money off this deal, but give it to them as a good will gesture on behalf of the United States.  America holds no good will at the moment, but Japan is saving Biden a lot of face, for Japan has stepped forward as a protector too and the Philippines are on board too and they must be taken into account shortly too as they are very poorly designed to use petroleum as it costs far too much to import from Saudi Arabia.  For that reason Saudi Arabia and Northern Iran will be subject to business revisions they are almost happy to give it away.

"And finally, your work with Ultimatons will stifle the production of laser generated electricity easily and they are sure you have it as they see the detail you wrote and reread partially this morning.    Be sure this post makes it Ron, and keep yourself warm and well for the moment as the entire matter of suffrage for you is making its way there in spite of the cabal and they are pressed off entirely until this can be completed.

"Closing this announcement is one other important feature:

"You use your heart rate to tally how much time you can spend on this work now.  Not much can be said but you will return to full use of these talents which are enormously provided for by a very kind Creator Son and with AVALON for they both adore your work as a good man and as an excellent transmitter.  For that reason you are being classified up here not only a morontial being but a hybrid classification which must be studied for years if you can survive it.  Japan has many outstanding places to live and we might force you there to avoid the notoriety you have here as you are seen right now as a wrecker of thought for the 5th epochal revelation, and the Urantia Foundation is furious you have surfaced so well with the UAI.  They are now ready to talk under your command but the President is suddenly taken ill, not with Covid19, but with a killer disease known as DOUBT.  For that reason stay quiet and let it bubble as most of the UAI is now aware of that awful but wonderful email you sent the President two days or so ago.  Do not worry him further as he is full of you entirely and will not listen one more time.  That is to your advantage as you have so much to catch up on up here as the entire reason we announce this through you, and that is to tell the world what it needs to know as your outlet on this discussion forum is more and more becoming noticed by high officials around the world.  Clear you mind soon and we are all back together in normal liaison. 

"Thank you from the ANCIENTS OF DAYS entirely!  K" 

[Ron:  Thank you Ancients of Days, the Magisterial Sons, and Michael of Nebadon, for this free flow of very important information so critical to us to know.  I am most grateful you have done this as it bolster my poor showing in my own mind as to just what we have at hand and support here for the Urantia Missions through the Foundation we use to help you out.  Thank you profusely and good day then to Panoptia and Donlon.  Thank you brothers and sisters wherever you are, someday we actually might see and work together.  Transmitter Ron.  K]

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You finally feels something like support again Ron, and that is very helpful for me to know this and Japan must be given the program at cost and that is for USD 1.00.  They need to put of the millions but you just let it be for they are not asking for you to give it free but they are working hard with your State Department to ask you for help and the State Department is ruling you are available but they have not spoken to you either.  For that reason you are asking the State Department to stand back and to allow the Japanese to build it without a license fee as a pilot plant for their use alone.  Eat these words not Ron, the US will pay big to get this if it works for Japan and meanwhile the laser idea is running hot and cold as they cannot fully replicate what they observed the first time and that is to our advantage not but due to poor planning by an officer who hates the idea too. 

"We close a little happier than before Ron, and keep this well done as it contains huge news for the world too.  I am the Creator Son of this Local Universe space area and we double our efforts to protect earth/Urantia for you are also subject to powerful star currents which are not working well either at this moment.  Good day, and thank you Ron for putting up with so much all of a sudden.  K"

"You are ready to go but must sit back for days over health and news requiring you to sit tight while we figure out how to un-evolve this situation so you are normally produced on Urantia.  That is not the case entirely, but the gold standard which must be replace the present bartering system is far more sophisticated than proposed by MONJORONSON.  HE is entirely sure it straightens Urantia out in a few years, but has no idea how much gold that takes.  You calculated it would takes about 3,545 tons of the stuff to clear Urantia of its debts to each other.  What should be done is that all debts be relayed out of existence and then stock the central banks around the world all with a ten ton supply of gold that is hard to exhaust.  Yet that is what it takes to stop proliferating debt again.  What we must do is stipulate if you over spend again, it must be proven there is an urgent and existential need to do it.  Japan is a barter planet all of its own and deals well with national debt.  However, the USA has no such reliance and will suffer grandly if it does not bring back the idea of barter to a certain extent and that means your salary Ron must be reduced form one million new dollar to one thousand new dollar to meet your present needs alone.  For that reason we must make it clear that the Magisterial Foundation must be exempt from draconian costs associated with the wireless electricity ban that the US might institute to prepare itself to command you to redo the entire country with it and shut up about costs as it faces nothing like it for now as a cost but as a fear you are going to force costs sky high. 

"For that reason I have asked MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, PLANETARY PRINCE, to stand down using the Magisterial Foundation as a revelatory agency and to move you to northeast Iran on Lake Van to see what Van and Andon had to put up with flimsy cardboard tops and useless fishing arrangements to take a capon for payment of all they did for the indigenous population.  For that reason be assured you get my full support and of course I am kidding, but this entire matter has turned to solid gold for us too, and we are happy to announce your reclamation is now guaranteed.  Let me finish this with this:

"This should be sent to the UAI in extremis care of the population in that office that cannot get enough of your sour view of them not but of the Urantia Foundation; however, please understand you are not so sour you will not listen to a proposal they might make to you: let us play and you can have the place!  But that is not logical yet even though it has its peculiar needs to meet that way entirely.  The entire matter of the EU is abstract and useless and they can do as they please but France will be a taker for sure.  Poland and the Czech Republic are useful, but we doubt Sweden or that regional area are much interested as they are using sun light mostly now in any case.  Long Island is the ideal place to build for New England and southern Canada and you love the place admit it. 

"I close this announcement only to say we are sure the entire matter is ready for no re-examination but FOR REASONS OF STATE, to enclose you well and start the process over again, not to buy or sell, but to institute building very soon.  Use the Japanese engineers as they all speak English unlike Americans who all speak little and English is a challenge to some too, but keep the Japanese informed on your decision at our request first and the State Department second.  The State Department needs a fill in on this and you are not interested in flailing outside countries who mean the US harm at all.  

"You need to hear yourself think more Ron, as it is clear and unstudied as you have the rainbow coalition in mind that makes anything work well for your reference to the FATHER is always secure and you hate the cabal for copying the FATHER'S voice but you are sure you have the right one when needed.  I think you must understand you are my second Abraham, at least close, and for that matter Abraham says you need to relax more and say high to beauties you covet much more than you ever could do for sure. Good day! MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK." 


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Se fosse un vero FIGLIO DI DIO NON FAREBBE PAURA a tuti noi, signori miei la dovete finire, abbiamo bisogno di coraggio per vivere in questi momenti di caos, non ci credo a queste parole : " in generale, e per questa ragione i FIGLI MAGISTRALI per Urantia devono essere pienamente assicuratid contro un'ulteriore insurrezione da parte del popolo su Urantia, poiché la loro popolazione è troppo grande per essere sostenuta e la vera difficoltà non è più finanziaria, ma umanitaria. Gli anni dal 2023 al 2028 sono probabilmente orribili per chiunque viva su Urantia, come minimo.

Ron, in English:
If he were a true SON OF GOD HE WOULD NOT FEAR us all, my lords you must end it, we need courage to live in these times of chaos, I do not believe these words : " in general, and for this reason the MAGISTRAL SONS for Urantia must be fully insured against further insurrection by the people on Urantia, as their population is too large to be sustained and the real difficulty is no longer financial, but humanitarian. The years 2023 to 2028 are likely to be horrible for anyone living on Urantia, at the very least.

Translated with (free version)
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I have finally seen this post, and apologize to the poster for not responding.
I do not particularly care for the tone of the post but he is right to a certain extent.  I want it to be known that the invention and the dollar kind of go together these days (now the third week of  April 2024).  I am not sure what this poster meant but I do know that the entire scheme of what is to be done with currencies, in general, is to let them float against the dollar, and then forgive anyone for causing a crash.  We have been fortunate that the dollar has withstood the years it takes to rebuild another currency, and that no candidates for standing in for the dollar have really occurred.  But I am sure the dollar will be challenged again, and it will withstand the worst of it, but Uncle Sam seems to be tired of defending the dollar, and he is ready to change things, especially if the United States has to defend the dollar and create a war scenario to save the democracies of southeast Asia.

For reasons of State I am not going to say much about the dollar here, but in the universe of money, the dollar has withstood the worst of the attacks by China and North Korea for now.  Neither of those two countries can really worry the strength of the dollar today (late April 2024), and I for one have nothing much to add as to what has already been said.  But this becoming apparent, and that is the counseling it takes to run a good international currency is becoming almost too much even for the United States, and my prediction about what happens to the dollar in not short of a time span, is that it will be overcome by gold, and the standards it forces on all currencies.  That remains to be seen whether the dollar is actually devalued, it the dollar actually rises to the its true level of worth right now of about $1.046. 

Thank you.

Monjoronson and the Magisterial Son Council of Time and Space.
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