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Reading Teaching Mission archives


Is there any systematic way you would recommend to read the Teaching Mission archives? As I have mentioned before I have just started reading The Urantia Book in the last three years. Do you recommend any of Jim Clevelands' books about the Teaching Mission? Do any Celestials have recommendations beyond TUB? Or is my time better spent on contacting my own teachers? 

Ron Besser:
RAZ, as the originator of Tmarchives, I understand your question well enough to say that the materials you find there are excellent, but they are an archive, and I made no preparation to systematically organize those materials other than to search either by subject or even by teacher.  That feature is still there.

However, let it be known there is a tremendous amount of goodwill and humor in that archive that will be lost forever unless new minds make use of it and restore its value to the life and times in which they or you live.

I have no particular recommendation about how to pursue the material except to say if you absorb most of it you will never accept those sites who insist they know how to organize all of that material.   The chief revelatory agency called Mantutia Melchizedek is still worried the entire matter loses availability and so do I but I am powerless to do anything about it for lots of reasons, one being a total disinterest by an American audience which has a complete disregard for anything smacking of the divine and its wisdom.

For that reason the archive needs a huge book to be published using those materials and not get into the soppy things Jim Cleveland insists on doing all the time.  I find Jim C. mean spirited and a loss to the actualizing version of the teaching mission to come and that is to be done shortly.  However, it is my advice to stay away from the Cleveland material until you have matured in your own mind that there are divisions in the old teaching mission which killed it and to our loss forever.  One is to insist on a purity it never had, and another is to insist that the free will gathering of teaching mission advocates was somehow the near all exposition of divinity on earth.  It was not and Cleveland is guilty as sin in promoting people he has no idea are worth anything but to buy his books, which are to be truthful, so full of conclusions in error I feel shame for associating with his rubric challenge for all to revise the old teaching mission as it once was.  Sadly,that is gone forever too, but he insists he knows best and I content he knows nothing.

So there you have it.  You will have to organize yourself RAZ as the voluminous materials are presently safe but may disappear someday over the loss of the Internet which is coming.  I am also very proud of those teachers who stayed the course in the midst of terrible upheavals in spirit too while they were promoting good works to us during the heyday of that Mission on earth.   It is so sad it was killed by enemies within and a seriously flawed leadership developed that should never have been granted the time of day to work it at all. 

I am happy to discuss this a lot further if you wish more RAZ,   Thank you opening the door to speak to it.

Ron Besser


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