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Ron Besser:

Dear List:

For your information I am advising all of you to expect no further broadcasts or hear from the host of the Wisconsin Lightline schedule. 

I have been advised that the host has turned tail and fled, and while this is unfortunate, it is best settled now rather than when we must deal with the confusion that is coming pretty badly when incarnations of appearance start showing as these Mission being to ripen into actually bearing the fruit of promises made for so long.

For your information, I will be taking down all Wisconsin Lightline Category material shortly.  There will be no excuse left in that place and you are asked to ignore any further discussions that relate to that poor man who asks for an exorcism by implication of the contamination he bleeds all over himself and has run for the hills.  We have nothing further to with this incident or the previous host of the Wisconsin Lightline.

You have been informed and I will do the bst I can to fill our schedule back fully shortly.  Please stay tuned as we work to over come this deflection of worry and sincere heart he feels only for himself.  

Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  I saw this coming weeks ago.  I  suggest that you do as Ron asks and to let this experience drift away downstream to the sea so to speak and work to replace the schedule for a Saturday LIGHTLINE  which we need badly to take origin in the middle of America if you please.  I am not suggesting anyone but if a transmitter is lurking in the central time zone or the mountain time son let us hear from you.  I am also sure Ron feels no vindication but is looking to make a smooth transition to keep all things positive, as the LIGHTLINE  cause if foremost with Jesus and Myself for the education of America in particular, since that is where we establish our Mission headquarters now and for sure always.  I am fully supporting this decision by Ron to move ahead as positively as we can and to stay the course when one vacates responsibility like this.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Michael."


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