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Ron Besser:
The past twelve hours have been harrowing.  We finally got the destruction of this discussion forum stopped by replacing yesterday's site you used and replaced it with a backup made the day before that. 

I explain what happened to our web master as I asked him to replace the site sometime around 1am New York time this morning.  Here is what I posted to him to explain it when he asked what happened?

Charles, I think I know precisely how this happened and I am white hot IN fury over it.  IT is this:  I deleted a category right before midnight.  The insurrection spirit group followed that action enough to penetrate the site circuitry and went in and replicated delete after delete plus whatever else they decided to do while I had opened the door just a bit to get ride of an old category.    It happened right before my eyes and I knew what had happened.  FYI Charles when I am sitting at the computer sometimes and taking a diction say from Michael of someone, the rebels and the insurrectionists see the connection from spirit to my head which is called a circuit.  They follow it right down to me beside the computer and st art harassing me by blocking my nervous system and I am unable to work the keyboard well or they give me a ringing headache or they start jabbering to break the words I am receiving in a transmission.  This time they followed me opening the site to make an edit to the forum and that formed a circuit they could follow right down.  They do not like me Charles, and they make every effort to destroy any work that involves the Second Return in particular. 
There is nothing I know how to do when you got very nasty spirit individuals who want to hurt everything any of us do, and I am not the only one taking the heat of the insurrection.
The only thing we can do I think is make sure we have backups available all the time to recover these ruining attacks.  I think of that movie Ghost Busters and how silly we thought it was as a true premise of SUCH being a reality or actually could happen.    These are not ghosts (a ghost is a former human who refuses to leave Urantia for the mansion worlds and finds a way to lIve here until they are forced to go and sometimes that takes years.) .
Without this backup we were really ruined almost because they knew what they wanted to do and deleted all of our schedules for Lightline which they really hate because it promotes the MICHAEL agenda and the Paradise Father's wish to help Jesus get to Urantia for another Bestowal. 
For your information Charles,  I did not get to bed until early this morning and then had to fight off speech  of the insurrectionists around me and as a consequence I got up late today just very tired.  BUT:  this -  About 9AM Michael of Nebadon woke me and made a brightening announcement to me.  HE knew what happened, site hack and all, and that I was even considering dropping everything because it looked like the insurrectionists had gained full control of our planet again and were punishing everyone they could for Michael.  He knew all that, and then told me in very matter of fact terms:  "Ron we are clearing the planet and it is a very nasty business as they refuse to go away and we have to manhandle them and some die of fright alone.  Urantia should be all cleared of this kind of acrimony by 6PM today." 
So, I still get malarkey in my ear yet from what I am not sure but not everything is truly secure until the last of them are removed and out of our hair.  But thank goodness we have these backups and you available to help all of us out of difficulty, because we depend on the site as probably the only real connection to those who are leading the Missions to Urantia and even so with great difficulty with the site too as they hack where they can and I have seen them reduce a post to a lot of misspelling the poster did not cause.  In any case I am most grateful you got us a good copy back on line, and they might attempt more Charles as it is not all cleared this morning.  I am refraining from editing anything right now until we get the idea or the notice things are safe again to work on anything. 
Thank you!

I think that tells you enough.  You will notice until I can update things that some posts are missing and that is because the backup is over 24 hours old.  We can live with that since the site integrity is restored after 6am today.  I let the rest of this problem go for now, and I am satisfied you are advised as to what they are still pulling.  We do not expect the planet to be cleared of them until this evening, perhaps as early as 6PM.  Keep your fingers crossed we are not subject to any more of this!


Moses Ouko:
Hi Ron,
Sorry this had to happen.I tried to access the forum today morning but could not post.The first thing that came to mind was that the site had been attacked.I sent Maruchi a private mail inquiring about the same and he confirmed that he too could not access the site.It is only after sometime that it became operational again.Attached is the message that was displayed on the site.Am glad we are back.Thank you Charles for the backup.

Subject: Cleaning up of some remaining rebels (rebel celestial beings) on Urantia

I am perfecting and adding texts in the third book of the trilogy.

However, I feel that there is interference in my concentration.

I ask God, that there be a cleansing on our planet of any rebels (rebellious celestial beings) that still exist, and I ask that there also be a check if there are any rebels (rebellious celestial beings) here in Brasilia, and if I have, I ask for God that there is a cleansing of the eventual rebels (rebellious celestial beings) that perhaps are mainly here in my house (apartment) and surroundings here in Brasília, where I live.

I am sensitive, and my creativity is basically based on God, because I believe in God. That is why I am writing this message, just when Forum administrator Serara Ron Besser spoke about an attempt by rebels (rebellious celestial beings) to remove the Serara Forum from the internet between yesterday and today (April 21-22, 2021).

According to the information, a time was given to finish the celestial cleansing (I will call it that) of the rebels (rebellious celestial beings) today, April 22, 2021, at 6 pm local time on the east coast of the USA.

It is now 6:02 pm local time in Brasilia and as we are currently in a 1 hour time difference, this will happen in less than 1 hour.

In this way, I ask God that somehow there is a spiritual protection, mainly, until finishing the improvements and additions of the third book of the trilogy and I ask for creativity and light so that I can do this, repeating, perfecting and adding what is really important in the third book of the trilogy, and I set a goal now, to finish by the end of this month of April 2021.

Assunto: Limpeza de alguns rebeldes (seres celestiais rebeldes) remanescentes em Urantia

Eu estou aperfeiçoando e acrescentando textos no terceiro livro da trilogia.

No entanto, eu sinto que há interferência em minha concentração.

Eu peço a Deus, que haja uma limpeza em nosso planeta de eventuais rebeldes (seres celestiais rebeldes) que ainda existam, e peço que também ocorra uma verificação se existem eventuais rebeldes (seres celestiais rebeldes) aqui em Brasilia, e se tiver eu peço a Deus que haja limpeza dos eventuais rebeldes (seres celestiais rebeldes) que por ventura estejam, principalmente,  aqui em minha casa (apartamento) e arredores aqui em Brasília, onde eu moro.

Eu sou sensitivo, e minha criatividade basicamente está fundada em Deus, pois eu acredito em Deus. Por isto estou escrevendo esta mensagem, justamente quando o administrador do Forum Serara Ron Besser falou sobre uma tentativa de rebeldes (seres celestiais rebeldes) de retirar o Fórum Serara da internet ocorrida entre ontem e hoje (21 e 22 de abril de 2021).

Pelas informações, foi dada um horário para terminar a limpeza celestial (vou chamar assim) dos rebeldes (seres celestiais rebeldes) no dia de hoje 22 de abril de 2021, às 18 horas horário local da costa leste dos EUA.

Agora são 18:02 horário local de Brasília e como estamos com uma diferença de fuso horário atualmente em 1 hora, isto irá acontecer aproximadamente em menos de 1 hora.

Desta forma,  eu peço a Deus que de alguma forma haja uma proteção espiritual, principalmente, até terminar os aperfeiçoamentos e acréscimos do terceiro livro da trilogia e peço criatividade e luz para que eu consiga fazer isto, repetindo, aperfeiçoar e acrescentar o que seja realmente importante no terceiro livro da trilogia, sendo que eu coloco uma meta agora, de terminar até o final deste mês de abril de 2021.


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