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Ron Besser:
I have temporarily stopped updating Lightline schedules until the insurrection influence is reduced or removed.  Last time I updated the schedule the cabal followed me into the interior of the site and deleted all our schedules as I tried to update them.  Consequently I had to go to our internet maven Charles and ask for him to put up a backup.  No one noticed but one day last week this site suddenly was two days old.  New backup on a new day as the backup took hold without outdated posts.  That is all gone now but for your information I am not updating until I feel safe to edit the categories.  Hopefully we can get back to normal soon.  Thank you.  

Moses Ouko:
Ron,thank you for the information.No wonder last week I tried searching for some information but it was not available.
I was left wondering what was going on.Now I know.Thank you once again.Like you always advise,I'm sure we are going to 'stay the course'.

Love and Blessings,


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