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FYI, the live streaming on my Wednesday call was not working at all.   Two have posted that they were unable to use it and it dropped from my dashboard a few minutes into the call.  Don't know what is going on with it, but something is amiss.

Ron Besser:
Amethyst, there are two issues and you are aware of them both but do not recall them I suppose.

1 -  Lightline is thoroughly disliked by the insurrectionists and rebels and they take every opportunity to destroy distribution.  They are often responsible for your computer dashboard problems and  the streaming we cannot seem to get working even when things are better done than now;

2 -  I am sure that Charles knows what to do but he doesn't do it.  I have asked him to change the telephone service to a better streaming service but it does not get done.  Until we can hold more than 6 on the streaming service as with better equipment and bandwidth we are going to play the game who is on first and who is on second and then see both disappear.

What I do when I am tending your Lightline is I open the admin page on the service and over ride the so called automatic start which doesn't do that for long without shutting itself down. 

That is not bandwidth problem that is your problem in that you check in, close it and accidentally shut it off, and that closes the auto play mechanism and so on.  That should not be how it works but it does.  Keep your page open on the streaming apparatus and let it run and you will not have the problem for that reason anyhow.   Keep the site open and hide it with a click to your browser little dash at the top right of the browser.  That keeps it open but hidden if you want to hide it.  I keep the dashboard and the streaming windows both open now and size them together on my screen.  No need to learn that but that is how I cope.   Meanwhile I will ask Charles to help us out if he can. 

You are doing very well Amethyst.  Keep up the good work as we all need the input these days.


Moses Ouko:
Hi Ron,
It happened again today.I joined Amethyst's LL and it indicated on her dashboard as "anonymous" but exactly 3 minutes 24 seconds into the call,it dropped completely.I tried getting back on but it just kept on repeating up-to the 3.24 time stamp. Something is not right with it at all.Kindly look into this.Thank you.

Love and Blessings,
Moses (signed in as Anonymous )   8) 

Ron Besser:
Whatever else has to be done is not known to me.  Let me state that right up front.  But, I think we have an auto start on it timed wrong and you have to go back in and restart it by hand.  That is doable so long as you make sure you chose the right lightline to highlight and click START.  I have tried to get this straightened out for months now.  Amethyst use the streaming button, click admin, and then find the right line line, click START.  IT should run t hat way until you hang up.  If does not that is the usual Murphy's law we work with around here.  I will check again too.

For the moment it is no doubt a bad start schedule as originally they had the wrong st art time of 2PM when you start at 3PM.  I still think it is set for 2pm and therefore has to be started at 3PM to fun.


ok Ron and Moses,
I will try to start it from my end next time and see if that helps.


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