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Moses Ouko:
Hi Ron,
I wish to bring to your attention that there is something amiss with the internet audio.
It doesn't maintain the call at all. Only on very few occasions does it do at all.
This has become the norm with it.It starts well and shortly just starts to sort of buzz until it eventually drops the call.  
I always have to switch to streaming.Streaming as I noticed is always some seconds behind the live call.
Do have a wonderful day.Thank you.

Love and Blessings,

Ron Besser:
Moses, I have no idea what this could be.  It is a service through the conference call provider and not something I set up. The Internet is not terrible reliable  these past months as bandwidth gets eaten up by hordes of people who do ot use it but turn it on anyhow.  The fading suggests that perhaps the processing is through poor equipment at the service company since they  take my signal from our phones and  turn it around into the Internet transmission.  We even have trouble with streaming and it breaking.  I do not know where the trouble really lies but I suspect it is not you but our service company and I cannot find a place to do better and I have tried for months to do that.  Try it as you can and at least you have an alternative as long as it lasts.  I thank you for reporting it to me and always hope you have a way into the events.  It is my feeling we may lose even these means to broadcast when real trouble in this world begins. You are a great member and always keep us lively and interested. My best to you and yours.

Moses Ouko:
Thank you very much ,Ron.God bless.

Hello Ron and Moses,

I inform that the 'internet audio' connection was possible on my smartphone by using the app provided by the VastConference company when I attended the recent Lightline Saturday meeting.

At that time, there was no noise or problem at all for me but the number of attendee was not much than those of LL USA Sunday or Tuesday. If someone is getting a problem in streaming connection or phone connection, this 'internet audio' connection by smartphone app may be a workaround.


Ron Besser:
Yes, thank you both.  I just happened to think of something.  Sunday, yesterday, was an American holiday called Mothers Day.  The phones get over used and the Internet is filled to capacity by people sending messages to their mother's by t he tends of millions.  The Internet cannot stand all that traffic without reacting badly, and I am more or less convinced that in other parts of world, that when you wish to access American communication systems which are being over used, all of you are going to have trouble with quality. 

I also say this:  Our communication systems, i.e. the American infrastructure, has been so poorly neglected it is on the verge of failure more and more.  I notice this with my connections to the supplier of my Inaternet and phone more and more, as they do not cope with the heavy traffic they keep adding to these systems in hopes that the poor people have access too.  Well, I have news for everybody, poor people could care less but they will take a gift any day and no one upgrades our communication systems while adding millions and millions of uses and people to it.

Let us do the best we can with what we have.  At some point Maruchi and Moses Korea and Kenya and most of the rest of the world too, including Europe, must contend with vast changes to the earth, its atmosphere, and its land masses, which will totally force changes how we do things, and we will lose, maybe temporarily, t he ability to communicate the way we do now.  I dread that because I am totally dependent on developing support for the divine Missions on the Internet and my telephone.  No one around me supports any of it at all and my connections are to you in the east and the west far away from my home.

If this happens my friends, remember me and I will remember you but we cannot greet each other in a visible message any more.  Keep your faith we are with you but invisible due to a total lack of infrastructure at times and hope we can find each other another day to resume this support for ourselves and for the divine Missions.

Meanwhile, cheers!


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