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The Angels'Trumpets


From 2012 up to now, 2021, seventeen thousands (17 000) strange sounds from the sky, also coined as the Trumpets of the Angels, were recorded throughout the world. It is said that the aurora borealis style together with the weird sound in the sky will set the signal of the appearance of JESUS on Urantia. Will the signs be seen and heard in every part of the world or just in some chosen locations ? Anyway, it will be a great show for the sightings.
The BOOK about the SECOND RETURN is to be completed by mid-July, if I am not wrong, it is to be published ASAP in August and it is to precede the EVENT we are all waiting for with bated breath, so I deduce that in two months time at most we will have the joy to welcome our BELOVED JESUS, unless there is a last minute change in the timing.

Ron Besser:
Hi Clency, you are the first to know some changes.  The book now has a title.  IT is to be called

    The Crown, The Tomb & The Coronation
    The Imminent Return of Christ

Second, I completed the book late Sunday night working day and night to get it together.  In draft form we are about 120 type written pages.

Thirds, I  have pleaded an urgent need to print and will self publish through a contact in NewJersey who has agreed to work on it at once and get it done and published by the end of July.  I am being pressed by God the Father to keep myself alive until then to at least convince those working on it there to keep going in spite of daunting work they have to complete for other authors ahead of me.  But they know what this is now and that shop is alert to the urgency.  Beyond this I cannot tell you what happens next.  I am so glad you found the news items on those tones and sounds that made headlines years ago as I remember it vividly wonder if they were the sound of  tectonic plates bending and moving.  I still have no heads up on just what that was all about.  Thank you!  Ron

Thank you Ron for these fresh and new informations, but the two expressions “crown” and “coronation” in the title make me wonder, since they are both related to a kingship. I suppose that the first one is referred to the “crown of thorns”, but it is the “coronation” that puzzles me. Can you please refresh my memory ? Thanks

Ron Besser:
Clency the title of the new book reflects the following circumstances in the career of Jesus.

While the Bestowal Son after his birth on our planet, he proclaimed the Kingdom of God.  As the leader of that proclamation he was crowned the Prince of Peace.   Hence The Crown

He was murdered and mocked for being a lost king and thrown into a grave.  Hence The Tomb.

He is returning triumphant and to be held and loved as the new monarch of Peace on Earth.  Hence the Coronation of the Prince of Peace.

I spent two full pages of a word processing paging writing down titles over everything I could think and all of a sudden this one arrived.  I loved it and saw no others to explain what the new book chronicles and produces for the readers I hope by the end of this month. 

Chapter 1:  We are allowed in the tomb early Sunday morning, the day of the resurrection.  The eye of the book is permitted to see the arrival of the Archangel of Resurrection.  It sees Jesus limp body lying on the big stone rest covered in linen, a white linen cloth on his face.  Death and stillness and the tomb is suddenly lit within and the Archangel steps toward the limp figure and commands the life to Jesus to begin to fill him.  In moments the cloth on his face slides to the side and there is a flicker of the eytes . . .  well you need to read it and how Jesus awakens and tries to rise all hunched over and. . . .  well read it when it appears. . .

Thanks for the question.

Thank you for the information on the title of the book Ron. BEAUTIFUL! I hope to read more soon and thanks for all your dedicated time and efforts to get this book ready for printing and on the market. Elise


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