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Potassium ions


Potassium ions are an essential component of plant nutrition and are found in most soil types. They are used as a fertilizer in agriculture, horticulture and hydroponic culture in the form of chloride, sulfate or nitrate. (Wikipedia)
There are different kinds of potassium, but the ion one can also be found in the world’s ocean, because potassium forms salts, many of the ions in salt water are potassium ions and even a certain amount can be found in fresh water sources, according to a science magazine.
 Are those potassium ions the same as in dead body ?

Ron Besser:
Clency, to answer you takes a moment to review what potassium ion we are talking about.

Potassium forms salts.  Most of the rivers on our world float tones of potassium down the stream, not just on barges full of live stock, but humans fishing and water skiing and so on.  Potassium is a life element and ranks with the carbon atoms and ions as the chief tissue builders in life forms all over the earth.

The potassium ion I was referring to is a chemical says does not exist.  Potassium by scientific standards has about 45 ions.  But in the Local Universe of Nebadon there are 6,762 different ions of potassium.  The one that needs to be added to the Covid10 vaccines cannot be seen by our doctors due to the fact it only lasts in existence in each person who died only up to 10 minuets after death.   It is the chemical released by that former person's thorax and is designed to decompose by 10 minutes after death.  Its job is to assign to itself a remedial shift in the chromosome style of the deceased that the  body of the deceased does not try to start a whole new cycle of reproduction.

That potassium ion is a massive molecule and has three hundred thousand electrons in its 15 different shells.  It is released to state to the cells which may still be alive, to stop producing mitochondria strips and to start the process of all cellular reduction by something that spirit calls osmotic tribulation.  That is what the body does to stop growing and is responsible for the hideous distortion of cells after a few days of being exposed to the air.  It is that molecule that Covid19 needs to come into contact with to shut it off.    RAYSON at your service.  K"

Ron - I could have written more but Lightline is due in 10 minutes and I have to get ready for that Clency, but you should have enough stated here to get the best idea of what it is we are searching for.  Thanks for the post.  

For Rayson and others, this is Ron.

Thanks to you Ron and Rayson for this explanation. So, I understand that the potassium ions found in dead body are  different from the others.

Ron Besser:
Clency, if you wish to put it that way, yes.   The decay of the human body is essential if you do not want a trillion bodies not returning to the dust from which they came.  The body at death releases that ion to set the dust to dust routine into action and to leave room on earth for those who take form on her after you are gone.  What you say is correct.  


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