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Soul, Mind & Brain


When we talk about « mind », are we referring to the « brain » ? There is certainly a relationship between the two, the former being an abstraction of the latter. Here is a definition of the mind and brain from a scientist : “ The brain is a physical object that can be seen with the eyes and that can be photographed or operated on in surgery. The mind, on the other hand, is not a physical object. It cannot be seen with the eyes, nor can it be photographed or repaired by surgery. The brain, therefore, is not the mind but simply part of the body”. Furthermore “the mind is an element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills and especially reasons..” whereas “the soul or spirit is the mental abilities of a living being.”
Thus, from the above explanation, if I am getting it right, I deduce that there is a correlation between the soul (non-physical) and the brain (physical), whereas the mind is of a higher level. We all know that, at the age of five or six, our mind is indwelled by an Adjuster or Controller of thoughts and I can envision an Adjuster-mind fusion very well. Since the soul operates mentally in the brain, that what makes a new-born keep in touch with his entourage, but how does it go with a soul-mind fusion ?

Ron Besser:
Clency you examine well with that scientist.  But that scientist misses complete logic.  Let me restate relationships for you in all of this:

First the brain is a storage unit for what the mind directs.  It is the digital disk you insert into the computer to read the files the mind wrote there.  the brain is mechanical alone.  Only with the addition of a spirit derived mind, does the brain shine as an important part of thinking.  The brain is capable of feeding back to the mind all it has concluded in the past and then can ask the question:  IS THIS WHAT YOU STILL MEAN?
The brain is the recorder and stores what the mind plays with in daily life.  The brain is usually just a dumb receiver in the right place all the time to hear the mind and remember for the mind what it says about reality as the person experiences it.  The brain is digital.  It is not the originator of thought all by itself.


Clency why have your forgotten that it is the Master Spirit which endows each new born the mind?  The mind is sent and attached to the brain of the child and adult.  Mind is an endowment.  Why do you not understand the difference between animal tissue and a spirit gift call an endowment?  Well, I suppose you really do understand but do not place this understanding in your questions on this subject.

Mind is of two varieties:

In our case Clency, Master Spirit Seven endows two parameters when he endows our brains usually at birth.

     a - the requirement of the new mind endowment to be experiential.  Master Spirits endow cosmic mind Clency, and it is the Local Universe Spirit which modifies the endowment to understand the time and space operating in any Local Universe of birth.

     b - the mind bestowal for all of us on Urantia, is further conditioned by the choice of our Bestowal Son, Jesus, to apply the values of his Bestowal to be part of our life development.  THEREFORE: man mind on Urantia is fully set to admire Jesus and use him as a guide to the best human development possible on the world of Urantia.  The rest of Nebadon uses the brain stem decisions of other Bestowal Sons of Magisterial Son admissions.

Further more the mind endowment we humans use on Urantia, is further conditioned by the additional bestowal to mind call the Spirit of Truth.  It is the Spirit of Truth which can slammed so hard by God the Supreme, it had to be withdrawn temporarily to repair it, and it is now fully operating outside of Urantia for other planets to encircuit with in order to comprehend the Local System of Satania, all 632 planets now as the 633 number is reduced by one more in the last 24 hours alone, that the Satania System is now a unique planetary system even in Nebadon. 

All of this is to explain to you that mind is a gift of God, and your scientist kind of lost his train of thought but essentially has it right between what the mind contributes and that the brain is just a physical objectivity repairable with surgery if the tissue is harmed in most cases.  The mind is superhuman and cannot be diseased Clency, but the brain storage can be and you get the horrors of civilization that are down right evil in their mind applications.

Your scientist than loses his line of reasoning.  He does not draw the final statements based on his first two conclusions.  For that reason he assigns the occult too much, and I am not going into what else he flubbed seriously.  Kindly remember he is reasonably correct with the first two postulates, and totally erroneous in the final statements he makes and he needs a good hand wash to fool with it further as he thinks himself the best educator in the world over this meaning of mind and is mostly wrong in his conclusions already.  Read your Urantia Book, Clency.  It states mostly what I have and clearly done. 

With the Acknowledgement of thought-idea help from the Adjuster indwelling me, and MICHAEL OF NEBADON making sure I did not gt off into more than I can chew on myself.  I also thank Master Spirit Seven for his care to see to it I got some extra information that is not in the Urantia Book concerning when mind is bestowed on the new born, and in what way the Spirit of Truth originally bestowed at Pentecost on Urantia is not made available to all of Satania, but does not extend beyond Satania.  I wish and hope that Clency and all of you can retain important facts that help all understand that the Spirit of Truth, and how mind endowment uses it to clarify mind apprehension over truth that does not seem to clarify itself in day to day experiences.  To you Clency and all who may read this: that is the trouble with the 5th epochal revelation.  It sings and breathes truth but there is no Spirit of Truth for the book itself and that needs to be added to the next textbook for epochal revelation that may always now sing the truth to any reader, not just a budding theologian.  MANTUTIA says this:   'I happen to agree fully and this time we use a human writer instead of a human professor or religion to help bring down to the level all may use.  MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK.'


The Spirit of Truth is the one missing element in that equation of soul+mind+brain and thank you, Ron, for underlining its involvement in the development of the human personality, eventhough it has not been very active due to the default of the supreme, backed by the Creative Spirit. Thank you for taking time to explain this complex mechanism of the human body.

Moses Ouko:
Thank you very much Ron  for your clarification of the subject matter brought up by Clency. 
Thank you our family from on High for your input and elucidation as well.
It sure has new information for me or all of us. 
Thank you Clency for stirring this up.God Bless.

Love and Blessings,


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