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Early Monday morning I was preparing to go to work while listening to the news of all the shootings and killings in the Shreveport area and I was thinking 'this is what happens when you take God out of the schools'.  Then I listen to your tape with President Reagan and things seem to fall in place. The average age of people who commit these crimes are in their mid forties to teenagers.  All who lost the benefits of saying their early morning prays in school as we did in our early years in school. It's as if the Pandora's box of evil was let loose upon the world. I remember the event well because I use to admire the ACLU but that event showed me that there was some hidden agenda about that organization that made me very suspicious of them.  Thank you for the tape.


Thanks for the info Ron and may the powers that be stop these intrusions and put them at bay or send them to some far distant corner of the universe that's uninhabited or what mercy can't rehabilitate, justice will eliminate.

One other thing, there is a person called Blue Star the Pleiadian, I use to read on the internet some time ago, have you heard of him? Blue Star Speaks is the heading.


Thank you Ron, ARTHURA, FATHER, and MICHAEL OF NEBADON. I didn't mean to frustrate anyone. I sometimes find it difficult to articulate my thoughts on paper at times unlike some others on this list whose words flow on the paper with no effort. I was once told by a friend who was an ex-NFL player who said and I quote:
"You don't have a creative thought in your body, do you?" We both laugh, but as I thought about it, it made sense to me because I was never attach to anything to put that much energy into. If that makes sense to anyone.
There is a silver lining to all of this.  Just like I held back questions about the DEITY ABSOLUTE but waited for someone else to ask the question. Someone other than myself has benefited from these revelations as well as I thank you.

I just want to say to you Ron, you are always in my prays and I have the utmost respect for you or I wouldn't be here for 19 to 20 years. Yes I was following you 1 or 2 years before I knew what a SERARA Forum was.

I'm just that little old mud bug who is struggling to brake the waters surface to see a new reality.


I appreciate what's been said and if I understand you correctly, had I not use the term Trinity (of which I was reluctant to use in the first place) and instead raised the question about this statement:

"But the consummators are over all three of Us and they assign their personnel in accordance with our function and our need. For that reason, ladies and gentlemen. You just received a huge revelation."

Would your answer be the same? For a layman to read it might imply something different. I ask in humbleness because when we were introduce to the DEITY ABSOLUTE through you, HE said HE was the most powerful being in the universe. Though it was explain in the Forward of TUB but who really understood the Forward at that time not me. As Revelations come and go, in time I learn to understand the Forward. And that goes back to one of the FATHER's hats [for lack of a better word] HE wears as I see it, correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you.


Thank you for your response Ron and MICHAEL of  NEBADON, and thanks for the warning. It appears that gold is what we all need now.  Thank you.


Ron, we've come to learn the FATHER wears many HATS. It's like a cell constantly dividing it's self in preparing for reality. This huge revelation FATHER refers to:

The existential deities, the Son and the Spirit have helpers as well out of hyperinfinity as Ron likes to call it. You have never heard them, Ron. But the consummators are over all three of Us and they assign their personnel in accordance with our function and our need. For that reason, ladies and gentlemen, you just received a huge revelation. 

We've never had a clear detail picture of the Consummators other than they are counselors. When I think of  FATHER as the Creator of all things and the Consummators are over the TRINITY, well you can imagine the questions I may have but don't know how to phrase them. In your morontian self  could you answer the question I haven't ask. ;D


Ron, with the ongoing affairs of the Vorondedak Sons, what is the state of affairs on Edentia?


« on: January 15, 2023, 10:33:12 am »
That was beautiful Ron, had I'd post on yesterdays transmission I would have said that we on this list have been here long enough to know that every transmission of bad news is followed by some good news a day or two later. It's a shame that such a small band of people like us has to go through the ups and downs, the merry go round and round she goes, where she stop nobody knows. The many extremes of High Hopes and great let downs, and the world knows not, nor does it care.

Thanks for the news brief, I see a great future in it's admission.


General Discussion / Re: What Happens When We Die? ( Post from July 2017)
« on: January 13, 2023, 11:26:45 am »
Thanks Jose for that trip back in time for the basics in transformation from the material to the morontial and yet there is still so much left unsaid. MICHEAL of NEBANDON has said that Satania's central headquarters has change so much it's nothing like what we have read in TUB. And if I'm not mistaken there are nine and not seven mansion worlds. We've only gotten a drop in a teaspoon of the changes that have taken place.

Ron if you have the time could you share with us about murder-suicide and the struggles one goes through trying to establish life in the land of GOD. Would they go to the Municipal Universe in order to have a second chance?


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Welcome 2023
« on: January 01, 2023, 12:24:00 pm »
Thank you for the post Ron, SABA VII sounds like a midwayer with a heart rate over 300 b/m.

I want to wish everyone in my spiritual family a Happy New Year. 
May the FATHER'S WILL be done in the hearts and mind of all good people.
May the FATHER'S WILL be done on Urantia as it is in heaven.
May the FATHER'S WILL be done through JESUS AND CHRIST MICHAEL as one on URANTIA.
May the FATHER'S WILL be done through the MAGISTERIAL SONS on URANTIA.
May the FATHER'S WILL be done through the MELCHIZEDEKS station around URANTIA.
May the FATHER'S WILL be done in NEBADON  and the surrounding Federated Universes of DOMINION.
May the FATHER'S WILL be done in all HIS TIME, SPACE CREATION through HIS SONS
May the FATHER'S WILL be done in HAVONA as it is in PARADISE.
Last but not least May the FATHER'S WILL BE DONE THROUGH US.

General Discussion / Re: FUSION - What The Heck is Human Fusion ?
« on: December 28, 2022, 10:35:04 am »
Ron, we speak of the heart many times in relationship to love, feelings and other things but can you go into details of what you meant by this:

and the other stem sitting right next to it, is the serum location of  the consideration of consummation of another to one's heart.   The heart therefore supplies the idea of consideration of joining one with the other for spiritual repose.  That is the true feeling of heart, and a heart attack often destroys these two tiny bumps in the top heart chamber no one notices for hard heart surgery.

And suppose the surgeons of hard heart surgery did notice these things what could or should they do?
Thank you

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "Y H W H"
« on: December 21, 2022, 10:27:12 am »
This is a PDF file they sent me on God's name. This Website provides insight on the historic view of religion.
So for those who are interested it's ''.

To continue reading this article go here:


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God's name: readable but unpronounceable, why?

Abstract. The understanding of God's name YHWH is so controversial that it is eventually thecontroversy of controversies, or the ultimate controversy.

Indeed, why most of competent Hebrew scholars propagate patently false explanations about God's name? Why do the Jews refuse to read God's name as itis written and read Adonay "my Lord" (a plural of majesty) instead of it? Why God's name is usually punctuated e,‰ (shewa, qamats) by the Masoretes what makes its reading impossible, because the 4consonants of the name YHWH must have at least 3 vowels (long or short) to be read, like the wordsÕaDoN‰Y and ÕeLoH”M "God" (a plural of majesty), which have 4 consonants and 3 vowels? At last,why the obvious reading "Yehowah", according to theophoric names, which all begin by Yeh™-, withoutexception, is so despised, and why the simple biblical meaning, "He will be" from Exodus 3:14, is rejected.

The name of the God of Abraham (written YHWH in Hebrew) is really paradoxicalbecause, despite being the best known God today on earth Ñhe is worshipped by at leastone billion Christians and one billion Muslims, and his name is held in high esteem ÑtheLord's prayer begins by
Let your name be sanctified
and all the Surahs of the Quran (except the9th) begin by

In the name of God
, it remains an enigma, even for the most brilliant scholars. As a result, for most Christians the name of the God of Abraham is the Lord, for Muslimsit is Allah and for Jews it is Adonai. Consequently the first paradox is: most people think itlogical of worshiping the same God whereas their God does not even have the same name.Second paradox: most people think logical to use a title for naming God: my Lord(Adonai), Allah (the God), Father, etc., rather than using YeHoWaH, his proper name inthe Hebrew Bible. Third paradox: most people think it is logical that the name of the Almighty has been lost, in spite of the fact that most Egyptian gods were able to preservetheir names (R‰, Amun, Thoth, Isis, Horus, Aten, etc.), but not the god of the Bible:

ThenGod said once more to Moses: This is what you are to say to the Israelites, Jehovah the God of your forefathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is myname forever, and this is how I am to be remembered from generation to generation
(Ex 3:15). I quotedseveral official translations to illustrate how the scholarly ÒdeliriumÓ performs. Indeed Inoticed that, very often, smart people become irrational when they study God's name. Forexample, given that the information regarding the name YHWH Ñits pronunciation andmeaning, come exclusively from the Bible, one would have to take them into account morethan any scholarly guesses, but incredibly it is not the case. Even if you don't knowHebrew, it is very easy to find the pronunciation and meaning of God's name. The(religious)
1meaning of God's name is

I shall [prove to] be
Ó according to Exodus 3:15,this verbal form is found just before and just after Ò
I shall [prove to] be
with your mouth (Ex3:12; 4:12)Ó. This verbal form at the 3
person singular is Ò
it will [prove to] be
(Ec 11:3)Ó.How to pronounce God's name? When Jesus read aloud a passage from Isaiah'sscroll in the synagogue at Nazareth (Lk 4:17-21) he inevitably pronounced the divine name(YHWH), since the quoted passage mentions it:
The spirit of Lord YHWH is on me forYHWH has anointed me. He has sent me to bring the news to the afflicted, to soothe the broken-hearted,to proclaim liberty to captives, release to those in prison, to proclaim a year of favour from YHWH and aday of vengeance for our God, to comfort all who mourn (Is 61:1-2). Some sceptics quibble that wedo not know exactly how Jesus uttered God's name, which is strictly true (indeed, weunfortunately did not record his reading), but this is also true for all other Hebrew names without exception. However, it is reasonable to assume that the name Jesus (from Iesous inGreek) was pronounced Yeh™shžaÔ in Hebrew, often abbreviated as YeshžaÔ (Yeshž in

Yehowah means nothing in Hebrew because Moses, who obviously knew Hebrew, asked God to know its meaning.

Aramaic), in the same way that John was pronounced Yeh™hanan, Jonathan waspronounced Yeh™nathan, etc. It is easy to see that all theophoric names, which include thedivine name YHW- at their beginning, are always pronounced Yeh™- (or Yehow-), withoutexception (or I™- in the Septuagint because it there is no H in Greek). This elementaryobservation allows us to deduce that the divine name YHWH had to be pronounced
because all the Hebrew proper names ending in -WH in Hebrew are always read-wah (or -w‰)
2, again without exception

, like Alwah (Gn 36:40), (Eve) Hawwah (Gn 4:1),Ishwah (Gn 46:17), Iwwah (2R 19:13), Puwah (Nb 26:23) and Tiqwah (2K 22:14).However, this obvious fact only appears in Hebrew because in Aramaic, final gutturals (H, Ôand Õ) were not any more pronounced already in the 3r century BCE, which has influencedsome Greek transcriptions like Eve instead of Hawwah, Iesou instead of Yeshža, Tekoueinstead of Tiqwah, etc., but -weh is never found (except for Yahweh!).In order to muddle common people, specialists deliberately confuse the great nameof God YHWH with its shorten form YH, which appears in the New Testament (Rv 19:1-3) in the famous Hebrew expression ÒAlleluiaÓ which means ÒPraise YahÓ, not ÒPraiseGodÓ (Alleluel). In the Bible there is a clear distinction between the great name Yehowah(Ps 83:18), the short name Yah (Ps 68:4), which can appear together (Is 12:2, 26:4) and theancient Hebrew substitute
ÒHe/ HimselfÓ understood

as Ò[God] HimselfÓ:
Name MT LXX Meaning Reference Abihu Abi-hž Abi-oud My Father :He (only) Ex 6:23; Lv 10:1 Abijah Abi-yah Ab-ia My Father : Yah 1Ch 3:10 Abijah Abi-yahž Ab-ia My Father : Yah-himself 2Ch 13:20 Joab Y™-abI™-ab Y(eh)ow (ah) : Father 2Sa 8:16 Jehu Ye-huIe-ou Ye(howah) : Himself 1Ch 2:38Elihu Eli-hž Eli-ou My God :He (only) Job 32:2,4Elijah Eli-yah El-ia My God : Yah Ezr 10:21Elijah Eli-yahž Eli-ou My God : Yah-himself 1Ki 17:1 Joel Y™-elI™-el Y(eh)ow (ah) : God 1Ch 5:12
As a result there are three kinds of theophoric names, those having as prefix a partof the great name (YHWH), those having as suffix the short name YH, sometimes with thesubstitute HW ÒHeÓ (YHW). A paramount remark concerns the respective place of thegreat name (Yehowah) and small name (Yah or Yahž) in theophoric names. For example,the famous French rabbi Rashi of Troyes (1040-1105) explains in his commentary onNumbers 26: 5 that all God-bearing names begin with Yeh™- or end up with -yah (or yahž):

Therefore, the Holy One, blessed is he, appended His Name to them, the letters of H' [YHWH] at thebeginning and Y. [YH] at the end, as if to say ÒI bear witness for them, that these are the sons of their fathers.Ó This is stated explicitly by David Ç the tribes of Yah, testimony to Israel È (Ps. 122:4) Ñthis Name testifies for them regarding their tribes
. There is absolutely no exception, including in theSeptuagint, no theophoric name begins with Yah- (or Yahž-) or ends up with Ðyeh™:  Name LXX MT Meaning ReferenceNathan Nathan Nathan He has given 2Sa 7:2Nethaniah Nathan-ias Nethan-yah He has given - Yah 1Ch 25:2Nethaniah Nathan-iou Nethan-yahž He has given - Yah himself Jr 36:14 JonathanI™-nathan Yeh™-nathan Yehow [ah] - has given 1Sa 14:6 JonathanI™-nathan Y™-nathan Y(eh)ow [ah] - has given 1Sa 14:1Eliehoenai El-i™-na El-yeh™-Ôenay Toward Yehow [ah] my eyes 1Ch 26:3Elioenai El-i™-na El-y™-Ôenay Toward Y(eh)ow [ah] my eyes 1Ch 4:36
The final H being a vowel it should be noted ‰. It is for this reason that many authors write Juda instead of Judah.
Even the Assyrian name "Nineveh" (Gn 10:11), which is spelled NYN
in Hebrew, is written
in cuneiform (probablyfrom NIN.AN ÒLady of HeavenÓ) and is read Ninua in Akkadian or Ninuwa in Mari letters dated 18
century BCE.
This substitute is sometimes written
at Qumran.

The Re-Appearance of Jesus as the Second Return / Re: Whatcha Looking At?
« on: December 20, 2022, 09:55:03 am »
And of coarse thank you Ron for bringing all this to our attention.  We are so bless to have so many high Spirit Beings to come forward to speak to us through you.

Now concerning The Second Return,  I am aware we were told to keep our mouths shut. However with so many posts of Jesus and His Return and the many warnings in those posts. Does that mean we should not send out Emails to groups or individual friends or just wait till everything cools down?  Just asking. I will respect your answer. Thank you.


The Re-Appearance of Jesus as the Second Return / Re: Whatcha Looking At?
« on: December 19, 2022, 13:05:15 pm »
Ron while reviewing this paper  I notice something I hadn't notice before a Vorondadek Son was going to appeal something to a higher court than the Ancient of Days. What court would that be? What's higher than The Ancient of Days?

MONJORONSON, The Magisterial Son of Record for URANTIA - “I am quite sure this is not a tempest in a tea pot and Ron has every right for representation to the Courts on this and I stand with you as Monjoronson as does Serara, but Sen Sen has no depth of understanding and stands back. We all do to the extent that a Vorondadek Son is appealing the court case to an even higher court than the Ancients of Days, and will get a hearing shortly, but he has no standing with Ron or the Creator Son or Monjoronson or Serara, and that is also with a furious Thought Adjuster who fails not to let Siraya know there should be an intervention on these issues from the Adjuster stand point too. He says nothing do to this Adjuster, but you do have a valid point and Thought Adjusters are all attentive again over the fate of this human on high as he cannot sustain life in a physical body much longer. K”


AUDIO TAPE Links - Comments - Schedule inside / Dec. 11 LightLine tape
« on: December 14, 2022, 12:59:19 pm »
Just checking to see will we get the Sunday's Dec. 11 Light Line tape?

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