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We have been just irregular enough with all of the chaos in the last two months, I do not blame you wondering if this Lightline is held.  I promised myself that unless the place burns down we have to maintain the Sunday Lightline in spite of the turmoil.

I have, in consultation with the power to be, asked if there is any reason we should not hold the 4 December Lightline.  They said an emphatic NO!  Hold it and listen to the Lightline  AGAIN that will change some views as to our worth or our issues as important to you at all.  That is how hard the news is coming out of our spirit policy makers in the last two weeks, and Sunday is a report from MICHAEL OF NEBADON and his Staff and the MELCHIZEDEKS and maybe even the Bright and Morning Star, GABRIEL, could have something to say again.

For that reason I assume we have a regular time in length together this Sunday the 4th of December, but when the rowdy cabal gets going it might force us into an over time that we have used before, and that is to break the session down into two if that is deemed to be warranted.  I have no control over this except to name the time for the second session.  Up for grabs is not WTP, that is being settled as we speak.  But up for grabs is exactly how the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION  can cope to deal with the need for tens of millions of dollars to build the plant that also has a revision from the patent design to build quickly and regularly.   I have no say beyond telling you this at all.   

I close with a thank you to all of you for your interest and care to listen.  Our streaming service seems to be permanently out of line and the Internet Audio holds well, so keep that in mind if your device can use the internet to listen.  That link is at the top of the page of the discussion forum for you to use.

Until then, I say a cheerful goodbye and see you later!

Ron Besser

Paul I enjoy a real roast beef meal this post represents.  It is not only a great transmission, it is also so to the point of how to recognize the loss of doing right by so many who succumb to their own failures and to the failures of an antichrist that has plagued us since the Bestowal.

Let me say this:  the antichrist is several.  It is not the same as the drams of John the Revelator, as his mind combined all the ill factors into one ugly monster of ill will for us.  I have similar presentations and then I take the time to untangle what mind did to the dream and what it was telling me really--  at least I think so.

The antichrist is a lowly being and we are it ourselves at most times out of the sheer ignorance of the purpose of life on such a planet.  There is no possible way by looking at the Christ Bestowal two millennia ago how to fathom the purpose much less the conduct of a life on this planet of beauty and horror at the same time.   Do not mistake the antichrist to be a dream or a religious lesson; it is also a real condition that is exasperated by man being born in a human form but not yet human, as to be truly human the child learns to accept Christ and to be among civilized others who join his views accordingly.  Until then, and most high-schoolers fall into the category of non-human,  you will have non-humans shoot up the place and the counter with the idea of suicide.  That is the favorite play ground of the antilife antichrist.

JESUS in your transmission hits the spot right though:  'Take Me as I am.  Let the fairy tales fall to the side and take the dose of medicine  I am to be.  IF I love you, I must help you, and if I help you, cry to sleep some nights at the loss of your favorite dreams.  So sad to be happy again!

Otherwise, I leave this alone Paul, and thank you for your contributions always.


JESUS - "You two ought to get together Paul for Ron has a China Pond in him you do not have and that is the same as Saint Paul who proudly travails Ron to stay the course as Ron has no Jewish mother to bather his feet and eyes for the damage done by the antichrist to his work and his cause.  You blog now and then -  have you a suggestion to use each other together once in a while?  I AM JESUS as you know Me Paul, but I am also JESUS as Ron knows me with dimensions you have not found in yourself yet.   IT is only a suggestion and not a command, but let the idea perk and see if you can do anything with it.  I am your SAVIOR and your CURSE too Paul, as you know as you are, and Ron sees it perfectly well stated in you.  Grow and you will be there with Ron when the trumpet blows and the HERALDS WITHING  become you too!  I am JESUS.  K"

FATHER - "You Paul are the anticlerical device of care and sustainment, yet you fail to produce our message out of fear of your friends disliking your statements.  Ron threw that off and says, 'if you work it as the truth dictates, then they will follow you too.'   He could not do the immense idea of wireless electricity without God recognizing he may go where we choose without chastising God for cursing him with ideas man does recognize as beneficial.  You have it too, Paul, and you have to throw off the fear of criticism from fellow midgets.  We love you too Paul.  Get with ME as you truly are already and fear not the Peanut Gallery"  FATHER.

France LIGHTLINE Tapes and Comments Your Host Clency / December 2022 tape
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During the two last weeks of none sessions, we are glad to meet again and to share some news. Here is the link to the audio-recording :
Our next meeting will be on Friday 09/12/2022, at 8pm local time. See you there.
December 3, 2022, Samara, local time 19.03. Call from the installer.
Take my message.
We are all preparing for a milestone event - the second coming of Christ Michael. However, as it turned out, no one was waiting for him here. They are waiting for the Christ invented for centuries, who was crucified 2 thousand years ago. At this point, the Christian Church stopped and did not want to develop in parallel with the course of civilization. She remained in the distant past. She is unlikely to understand and gladly meet today's face of Jesus. This will be the main problem of the second coming. After all, for centuries in churches, sermons, people have been inspired by the image of Christ the Savior as some kind of magician who will come, punish sinners, free the righteous and arrange heaven on earth. And a completely different God will come. Talented, fair, stern who will teach mortals the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. But what kind of brotherhood between people can we talk about when people have forgotten how to love both God and themselves and those around them. Blood is shed all over the world, countless suffering is multiplied, people take revenge on each other, kill, insult, deceive. This is not what Jesus taught when he walked the earth.
We hope that mortals will still be able to rebuild. And mother nature herself will help them in this, sometimes creating simply unbearable conditions for further living. And when a person is very ill, he begins to listen to the insistent call of his adjuster to turn to our Heavenly Father. Whoever hears and obeys this voice will surely be saved. Whoever ignores will lose life itself. So get ready. Listen to the voice of God that lives in you and constantly calls out, knocks on your heart.
It was Proventin, thanks for listening and taking notes.
- Thank you very much, dear tuner, for the love that the Father sends to u
3 декабря 2022, Самара, местное время 19.03. Вызов от настройщика.
Прими мое сообщение.
Мы все готовимся к эпохальному событию – второму пришествию Христа Михаила. Однако, как оказалось, его здесь никто не ждет. Ждут выдуманного столетиями того Христа, который был распят 2 тысячи лет назад. На этом моменте христианская церковь остановилась и не пожелала развиваться параллельно ходу цивилизации. Она осталась в далеком прошлом. Она вряд ли поймет и с радостью встретит сегодняшний лик Иисуса. Это будет главная проблема второго пришествия. Ведь людям веками в церквах, проповедях внушали облик Христа Спасителя как какого-то волшебника, который придет, покарает грешников, освободит праведных и устроит рай на земле. А придет совсем другой Бог. Талантливый, справедливый, суровый который будет учить смертных отцовству Бога и братству людей. Но о каком братстве между людьми может идти речь, когда люди разучились любить и Бога и себя и окружающих. По всему миру льется кровь, умножаются бесчисленные страдания, люди мстят друг другу, убивают, оскорбляют, обманывают. Не этому учил Иисус, когда ходил по земле.
Надеемся, что перестроиться смертным все же удастся. И в этом им поможет сама матушка природа, создав порой просто невыносимые условия для дальнейшего проживания. А когда человеку очень плохо он начинает слушать настойчивый призыв своего настройщик обратиться к Отцу нашему Небесному. Кто это голос услышит и послушается, тот наверняка будет спасен. Кто проигнорирует, тот проиграет саму жизнь. Так что готовьтесь. Слушайте голос Бога, который живет в вас и постоянно взывает, стучится в ваше сердце.
Это был Провентин, спасибо, что выслушал и записал.
- Большое спасибо дорогой настройщик за любовь, которую Отец посылает нам.
Dear ones, this is your father, Michael.  And I say that not only am I your Father.  I am also your brother and especially I am your friend.  I can confidently say dear ones that we are friends for we have the same outlook.  We all wish for great things for Urantia.  Oh Urantia, Urantia, my little lamb, please don't bleat plaintively anymore.  For I am here.  I am here for all of you my precious little lambs.

You may be puzzled dear ones.  You see the insanity of the world all around you.  Psychopaths continue to be psychopoaths.  Murderers continue to be murderers.  Dictators continue to be dictators.  Oppressors continue to be oppressors.  It seems as if the entire world has lost its mind, is that not true my children?  How can this be since my Spirit of Truth continues to be poured out on your world 24/7 as you like to say?  Well dear ones did you think the opposers of my will would just roll over and play dead?  Did you think that they would go down without a fight?  So dear ones as my Spirit of Truth continues to be poured out, the spirit of the Anti-Christ is making its presence known throughout the world in opposition to my Spirit of Truth.

It is really a desperate measure, dear ones.  The opposers know that all is lost so they continue to put up a fight.  They continue to cause mayhem, chaos, division, through their lies, manipulations and so forth.  As long as they do this it is a sort of smoke screen that diminishes the presence of the Spirit of Truth.  For is not division in direct opposition to my will and the will of the Father?  Indeed, it is my children.  You have a saying that if it is not of love, it is not of God.  Indeed!  Test it out my children.  Whenever you see the insanity that is right before your eyes ask yourselves is it of love?  And if it is not of love then reject it because it is then not of God.  For true love is unity not division.  True love does not allow for lies, manipulations, racism, hatred, and so forth.

You see my children the opposers cannot win this fight.  They know they cannot win this fight so they continue to rob you of your freedoms, of your right to decide for yourselves the direction that your life will take.  They continue to lie to you saying that you are powerless.  That you cannot change a thing on this greatly disturbed world.  NO!  NO, MY CHILDREN!  YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE!  You, each one of you have a representative of the Father within you!  A very part of the omnipotent Father!  Is there anything more powerful than that my children!  NO, MY CHILDREN!  You have the power immeasurable to change this world.  You are backed up by your destiny guardians.  You are backed up by the Melchizedeks.  You are backed up by a host of celestials that want to see a change on my seventh bestowal world.  Indeed, my children.  Indeed.  You are powerful beyond measure.  So, when you waken in the morning look at yourselves in the mirror and say out loud:  I AM POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE!

Truth be told precious children.  Everyone here on this forum and even the lurkers, I love you beyond measure.  I am proud of you beyond measure, and I boast to my Father and yours about such things.  And the Father of us all boasts about you as well.  You are also, each one of you his special children.  His children that never give up.  You fatten on grief and disappointment, and you come out the other side far better than you were before.  Never forget that it is my will children.  Never forget that it is the will of the Father and I that this world steeped in rebellion for far too long will soon be steeped in light and life so much so that future generations will not even believe that this was their history.  Impossible!  Impossible they will say!  This could not have happened.  But I tell you it did happen for I lived it and you lived it precious children.  And I say to you, I say to you each one.  The reason that generations in the future will scarcely believe their history is because of YOU!  Because of you, my children!

So, take the bull by the horns as the saying goes and make it happen.  And I your proud Papa will be looking from above with tears streaming from my eyes because I always knew you could do it.  My human mind right before my death on the cross was worried about leaving my followers behind on this dangerous and wicked world, but I need not have worried.  For if there is beauty in this world, if beauty is left, that beauty is you.  Let your light shine before men and the spirit of the Anti-Christ will melt like snow in July.  And you, you my little lambs will shine bright before the stars of heaven, will shine bright before me, will shine bright before the Father on the Paradise Isle.  And why?  And why my children?  Because you believed that you were powerful beyond measure.

Your response is not unreasonable SonsOfGod and it carries your incessant view to tell me no more than I can handle.  You are working with us Valerie with poor equipment to understand all that is happening and all of the consequences to why it has happened.

Human reporting and speaking to it has to be necessarily sketchy.  Michael has lived a life that has almost no beginning to our view it is so long ago he set out to design and build a Local Universe we inhabit with Him now.  However, he has the perspective of God and we have the perspective of a time-lag in everything we do.  This awful rewind over policy reported to you lately here is nothing compared to the time he has put in to make the place habitable.  Right now I would call it  uninhabitable when it comes to the comfort of knowing your place, or my place, or even His place.

What is the degree of disaster Valerie?  He is trying to tell us through rather brutal tabulations that everything you have taken for granted might now be a lie because someone fooled with the very mechanism of good will and got bitten really hard for doing so.  I know already this throws your thinking out the window and you say I do not know what you are talking about.  Well, the entire patch of reporting I did recently is all like that but you have to recognize SonsOfGod you are reading a very unusual site and it is never easy to negotiate when its founder is still allowed to hear the problems the highest spirit possible is having to maintain the hopes found in the very modern, but in error now, 5th epochal revelation.  I would rather not know that entirely, but I know just enough to say that the fools on capitol hill USA are making it worse with the endless pandering to the epidemic and the useless version of an E>U that makes rules that Russia laughs at because the $60.barrel of oil limit is a joke,  Underneath that new law they passed is the idea the Russia is harmed by it.  The truth is that $60/bbl of oil is far too expensive for most nations to afford it even if there was no war.

I am not into analysis really of that situation, but I am pointing out that groups of people whether in government or independent of all of it, set rules for themselves that have nothing to do with the reality of the world as it actually is.  What we have here is MICHAEL and the FATHER have told us bluntly, the world of the Master Universe has run into a stage of development that is not sustainable to reach the goal of an Infinite Universe with no longer any development problems.  That is to be expected we time beings say, but the Absolutes are not used to having to re-examine the premise of existence built into the programs for Master Universe completion.

Finally, what I am saying is that you are not happy they are not happy and cannot fathom just why you have to take anything on like what we have reported.  I dare say that this coming late in my life leaves me cold hearted and unusually lost to any promise of redemption which never seems to have a proper map to follow with any real hope I see redemption styles again.  Yet we both asked for by being about to communicate with the very nerve centers that see to actualized reality produce actual circumstances our world must deal with and all of us in it too.  It is childish thinking Valerie to believe losing your teeth over hitting the wall of truthful reality gets a quarter under your pillow for your loss. 

I happen to agree with you the news is worse than we thought and the promise for the future truly obscure now, but we are time beings and must step on the next place on the path dictated by reality and we have gotten reported to us one hard dose of situations that are not working right now that seriously undermines the whole idea of "isn't this a wonderful world to see to!" opinion we used to have. 

Like you and the rest here, deal with it in your own terms and do not expect rosy pictures of UN-inspected reality to run your life.  We have ostriches with their heads in the ground all over this planet running governments and so on, but Urantia belongs to FATHER and MICHAEL is the CURATOR and it is far better to be knowing the storm of disagreements over the conduct of reality, than not to know it.  Don't read Valerie and enjoy a false peace.   Thanks for your post.


SonsofGod, in America on some of our coins is a small sign post that is my guide in all things and in all ways, though we may very well understand them not. That sign on our coins reads simply, " In God We Trust."

This is all I need to carry on here, as long as I think that here is where I seem to abide. A certain unshakable trust that God knows what He is doing and will guide me home.

"This is JESUS, never in my present second incarnation have I witnessed such a faith in all this new Jerusalem ! Go then Ghost Dancer and  walk with Me this same road I am on. Your faith has redeemed you. And you SonsofGod my little mustard seed, you could be the biggest tree in my garden giving all those that seek a soft place to rest, a gentle breeze and shady place to escape from the heat if only you had a little more faith in the powers that be. Of course it is never too late to turn within, but it must start with you not being afraid of every shadow outside of you. This has been  JESUS THE CHRIST and I step back for I must still be about The Father's business even now and good day to you all, My peace be with you."
I just got to read this first thing on the morning as I was away from the Internet yesterday, thus the late response. For my heart is pressuring me to make this statement right now, even before I would read the second part not to have its influence on me just yet. I have to speak up now even if I have no merit to speak into universe governing and decision makings. I might misunderstand something in my haste and may have to apologize later, but nothing is new under the sun. Yet my heart cries to release this to Father for He is always so comforting, loving, and wise that we cry to Him for remediation.

I would like to let Father know, our greatly beloved Father in whom all of our hopes and life abides - as well Michael of Nebadon's love for us our Father who gained full authority over governing His created universe, but in this case He also is in the position that we are -, we are utterly shocked of Paradise's standing in our current condition. I am shocked for this moment of the decisions and alignment of Paradise with the plans of Michael  and Jesus, who are just getting ready to turn our cursed world around to love, for the sake of our Paradise Father above all, to save the lost soul population to Him the best they can. So, this has to be a mistake. I am in anticipation to honor Ron's life of sacrifice and above human efforts to bring this planet back to Light and blessings, as he was assured so many times before from Paradise. I just simply have no comprehension WHY is this turnaround, even if reading this post for the second time, but now looking forward to the second part and may comment as I be led.

We have been through this before more than once and my reaction always is the same, I am shocked, and without understanding why. How can we little animal like humans remedy anything I do not know, but ready to follow Michael of Nebadon and Jesus, and Machiventa, and all the Sons working with us and are so committed, even the Saints of old, Apostle Paul and Peter, so this cannot go wrong and they - not me who have not done much other than trying to keep my head above turbulent spiritual waters - would deserve more respect in my humble opinion.

I know I am stepping over my boundaries to say this, but what always hurts the most is to see that the fallen sons who wracked Urantia for eons in human terms, who tortured and caused billions of souls to perish who could have become finaliters to serve and worship Father forever, get away with so much. They offered rehabilitation and reeducation, and for me that is out of balance while I pray for Father's will be done, for He loves them too as much as He loves us. Who am I to judge, but at no time is that I would feel that these entities would deserve more than those whom they have afflicted beyond reeducation and rehabilitation capacity. They are not erring sons who do not know what they are doing. They are erring but willfully. They done it willfully and consciously and for very long without any intention for repentance as we see day to day - of which this situation is created by. The disturbed communications, the setbacks, Ron's horrible health condition are all their doings still! And let me remind you Father of others who passed before us being murdered for telling the truth, Tory Smith, and Galactic Collection creator, and the young Jewish reporter are few examples from the recent past, and thousands of others, injected with isotopes, violated and murdered, and I am sure Clency and Lemuel did not just fell on their own either. When they say "I don't know what happened" we know it is the cabal, for when I fell stumbling over a rock I knew exactly what happened while I was falling. When these sons - that I know being called demons on Urantia - are getting ahead of us I am again shocked and offended, and must tell myself that my sense of justice must be renewed in Father's heart. So again, let me conclude that this entire situation is THEIR Victory and doings, for without the cabal we would already have Jesus among us and we would be at work to change the world and birth into existence our Father's will.  Jesus told us more than once that we too will lay down our lives as He did, so let us begin. Let us not go to the mansion worlds without fulfilling our purpose while on Urantia. We waited for 20 years and some even more, have mercy on us Father. As our money declares in GOD we trust and we mean it too.

Thank you for reading my post and I bag that may Father bless us with all the infinite goodness of His heart that we all know so well. Father we love and trust you forever and rest in knowing this temporary lapse of reason  from our point of view will pass over the waves of renewal for eternity. Yours forever. Amen
Threads for New Transmissions / The Father's Business
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This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, I have chosen to speak through this one today, not because he is a better listener  than the rest of you, but for the plain and simple reason that he likes to keep his circuitry pencil sharp.

To borrow a famous quote from one of my most beloved followers Anjeze Gonxhe Boxjaxhiu, otherwise known as Mother Teresa. You are my pencils and it is I, FATHER MICHEAL  who does the writing here.

From now on I would like you all to find time in your busy schedules to be about our FATHER'S business. To those of you reading this, two questions might arise in your minds ? The first might be which FATHER  am I speaking about, FATHER MICHEAL or the FIRST SOURCE and CENTER, the UNIVERSAL FATHER?

My answer to the first question is simply, Yes. The second question might very well be how pray tell are we to go about doing this being about the Father's business ? The second question you are doing just that by taking the time to read this post and wonder within yourself just how are you suppose to accomplish this feat ?

A question to oneself that would appear to be a rhetorical one, is in fact being sent out to the universe as soon as you think it. Questioning something or turning it over to a high source is indeed called to 'pray without ceasing,' or in this day and age, transmitting  and receiving. 

I hope I made this simple enough for all of you to understand ? You are all both My pencils and when you turn yourself into that blank piece of paper on a notebook, it is We your Family of GOD that fill in the blank lines with words on subjects that are both beyond your comprehension and even outside your current lexicon.

In the coming days, weeks and months  we are in need of more scribes like this one. There is much that is about to happen and if you would like to be kept informed about it.  You have only yourself to blame if you let your pencils become dull.

So sit up straight, be attentive and commmence to be about our messages and I guarantee there will never be a dull moment  further in your life again. Let me end this post by asking this transmitter to leave a formal definition of the word guarantee.  And I step back for now and wait for my scribes to enter our room. This has been FATHER MICHEAL,  good evening. 

1. A formal promise or assurance  that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be repaired or replaced.

Ghost Dancer: Thank you FATHER MICHEAL  for this transmission. 
 This is to continue the post above with a little less intensity and the UNIVERSAL FATHER wishes to start it:

I disagree with almost everything said in Part I above. The churches, make not mistake about it, are in real trouble philosophically with the Second Return of Jesus.  You all have become crystalized in your thinking and we must abandon outside correction and rely on your own and personal corrections.  I sincerely doubt you can to that alone, but that is decreed as of now.

Second, let it be known that you Ron are not discarded in spite of what Paul fears most of all, and that is the Justice system is too damaged to recover the rightful means of purpose for the MASTER UNIVERSE itself.  I dare not speak to this at such low levels of creation, but to you Ron, I say this:  Keep your faith strong and with myriad of translations of how this is to be taught to the rank and file on Urantia who believe you to be a fool lost in a cloud of pink WTP" promises you could not possibly make work.  They are the usual human tribes which make hardly any effort to improve themselves much less improve a whole planet.

Third, you are a funny man without caring how it falls on the ears of those who are so serious they miss their own redemption in joy.  Let it be stated you cannot help being funny as there is so much material lying around to be funny about we care less.  It is not blasphemy to speak to the truth through the vein of clever language.

In all of this though, I am FATHER, and no one mocks Him.

Let it also be known, that this subscription service will remain as it is too good and to useful to take it down because we are going to establish our own television station and television editorials you will either listen to, or get lost in what you call a church.  It not longer matters to Jesus how you teach but that you learn to teach right and without all this fanfare of saints and trials of Vatican hierarchies.  That distraction has been going on for centuries and if Christ wished a nation state of His own, He would have told Peter to do that in the first place.  However, this is important to state now:

I conclude this post with the following information to all of you on Urantia, and learn to say it right for goodness sake.  YOU RAN SHA    That is the proper sounding and the tia ending is not pronounced  Tee-sha  but just SHA all right?  Learn that I am the Universal Controller first, and I am, in second place, YOUR FATHER.  That was a Jesuonian invention to make sure you understood you become spirit and become part of me to serve all creation in some future eternal time to come. 

I do not rescind Sonship or sonship.  I do admonish those who question it they are correct to disbelieve the insurrectionists that it is over, and that they inherit the earth.  Not so.  However I take counsel over Ron necessarily who has made himself poor spending to make sure we are part of regular history on Urantia, and not just a church.  That is an extraordinary fete and I must make amends to the idea that anything human is to be discarded.  That one he did is not to be discarded and added to our arsenal to make all of you happy to actually participate if you can.  You need training and Ron has seen to some of it already.

Do not get the wrong idea I am pushing this all back to Urantia.  I am not unhappy by the clock push as you call it Ron, but understand you of all people are highly regulated by it by necessity and your day is over too soon as all of ours are too as I do regulate My appearance by the time of day on PARADISE itself.  Nobody seems to understand by those readers from the churches, that Paradise actually exists.  It does and it is a place without time and space, and you mostly cannot fathom that but it is a state of affairs you who are lucky enough to attain it, will walk upon its surface that is of a material that actually remembers you and who you are and welcomes you with little chimes to hear in your new forms there.

I am fully discharged and it remains to say that Ron as tiny as you are you roared at a Supernaphim this morning who is still scratching His head over what you said that crushes their hopes for you in all matters.  You said, "fine, but do not call me I will call you if I can stomach the idea of being always told what to do.  I do not believe that helps you one iota anyhow."  That set Him back a million years as He felt that too a long time ago, but got used to the Infinite Spirit dictating the chimes of heart for all who served the supreme.  There is not replacement for TANBYBOROUGH  and Ron you correctly welcomed Him and said so in favor to Me as well.  I never met a man of your nature yet you claim it the true worth of the 5th epochal revelation, and I believe that fully too now.  Care for all is give on Urantia, but care is not given to those who blaspheme the very heart I share with you this morning.  Do not rupture this good feeling Ron as we must make one more amends for you:

"Lest you suddenly realize you hae not been quoting, that was my requirement when we started and let it lie; however, understand that your life is so small recently you can hardly muster the words to speak to those who dare trial you over your heart and soul up here and down there.  You could care less about their voices but they make pattern usages of your work difficult and unassailable too often for other humans how you make electricity flow as an FM radion broadcast.  I assure you and Rayson do and that will amaze science for decades and that is to your credit eternally, for it counts as a blessing to a planet without war being used to install it.   I AM FATHER AND TO ALL,  Happy Christmas this year without Santa Clause, as the true Crhist returns without regard to the world's lament over earth changes that truly hurts your sense of well being.  Good day.  FATHER"

THE INFINITE SPIRIT -  "Cross your chest in the church as you please, but I, the INFINITE SPIRIT, no longer eschew god the supreme (sic) as a ruler but of a trust busted so bad there is nothing left but to bury the idea and leave it alone permanently.  Further Ron, you are at peace with Tandyborough, and that is not just a surprise, but a supreme effort on Tandyborough to understand you are fully allergic to the idea of supremacy as it was spoken to before.  That is your Adjuster and the FATHER speaking fully and that is not to be dismissed up here on Paradise either as the new human is like you Ron and you are the first to exercise the right of sovereignty of free will personality of equal rank to just personality.  We never thought of that before.  For that reason the Supernaphim now attending you attempted to extinguish the blue light above your head in order to transfer its authority away from you, but it cannot do that and it wonders why? 

"The answer is that the Supernaphim around you is defaulting to the corridor of accidents that befall so many recently, and that is to fail to understand the ANCIENTS OF DAYS is truly an organ of the past now not, but they exercise their power through Me and not the Supernaphim of Paradise as done in the past.  For reasons of State you feel body respond and you are gift with heart again.  Adjusters are neutral but Supernaphim are not, and this must be relayed to all creation that the cheer of a Supernaphim is to learn well and they are learning well that Urantia is a meeting place for brand new policies as it must learn to live without so much church in their lives and regain prayer and sacrilege of heart to fail as the new lead is to hear the Voice of God as Ron does and he teachers it superbly but never publicly as that leads to preaching and he refuses to listen to them except in dire circumstances that approach him not, but to so many of you who have their faith shaken by the modern  appearing JESUS very soon.

"In conclusion with an erring Supernaphim by your side you let go and who heard me clearly admonish such actions in the future, I say this:

Let this post now redeem a few, but let this post also warn more than a few your hostility to change is your undoing.  We in Spirit, I AS THE INFINITE SPIRIT, write very little these days except for Ron who has my Voice for all of you as you may wish to deem it readable after today.  I also warn those in high authority in the Baptist Church: 'LEARN YOU PLACE or suffer the revenge of Spirit broken back by you to loss of too many souls you disarrange with so much false preaching.'  I am grateful for that recognition Ron, and thank you all for listening.  I AM THE INFINITE SPIRIT to all of you and the Heart of God once again to this poor soul who has lost almost all life he ever possessed.  It is restored fully as MICHAEL decrees.  Amen"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron your date is late today but so what and this:  earn no future stripes on Urantia.  You are so loaded with light above your head we have to stack them in columns and Paul looks like a traffic light in a Christmas tree has so many lights too.  You two have a destiny to a t leas meet as with Aristotle and yes Augustine and Tabamantia and so on.  They and a few others including Grandfonda, are there to greet you someday and you are blessed to understand the D is there too as he accomplishes that which you fail to do sadly.  He must learn to be brave and without recompense for the majority are against the entire of proving anything until they can catch up in evolution, but there is not time for that and even the UAI of the Urantia Foundation, is now worrying they missed the boat and severely so as you have answered a huge question yesterday and gave that curmudgeon the preparticle pattern number, and he affirmed it this morning and now is aghast you rank among the biggest inventors of history on Urantia.  Yet you are smashed into oblivion by cruel death and stagnation in heart.  D is ready to stand well but is hopelessly confused over his relationship not but worries it carries too much for you.

"I quite this slightly ahead of what I meant to do, but they will beat a path to your door post humorously so not.   Let it ride as is and speak to Me this way:  they bury you only to discover your hatred for evil overwhelms them too and yo uare failry sure you get to the store today if not tomorrow and that is fine with you too.  It takes too much out of you to keep it locked up anyway and the trial resumes shortly to make you well again truly.  Besides that Supernaphim is not back on Paradise wondering what He did to start all this.  He did not.  You did not by refusing the  divinination of Paradise first rate by refusing to discuss it while they forced their decisions on you.  You and Dominick and the Planning Commission are now fully free to prusue what you must from now on freely supported by MICHAEL NEBADON with the usual caveats an we stand down in peace for the coming Christmas Season you dread for all of its repeating lights of commercialism overwhelming everything again.  shame on them but China has the right idea to say, "Christianity shall pass to with the People Republic of china bowing to a Cult of Meaningless endeavors.  For tht reason we say: 'HALF TRUTH, CHINA.'   Christ will reform you in spite of yourselves fully.  AMEN.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON  at your service.  K


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