Author Topic: The Power of No: Agreeableness, Openness and Will. ARTHURA et al. V2 L48  (Read 207 times)

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The Power of No: Agreeableness, Openness and Will
ARTHURA and Ascenders
V2 L48
Nov 04, 2022, York, PA, United States
Transmitter Teacher(s): ARTHURA and Ascenders
Receiver(s): Dominick O
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This is Arthura and I sponsor today's lesson which is a team, we title for human ascenders and for all of Father’s Ascenders, The Power of Saying No. There is much input I am helping to translate and personify from those who have gone before you, and those who tread the path with you. The power of saying no comes from two psychological traits fundamental in your current psychology measurements. One being a degree of Openness and another, being measured by a degree of Agreeableness. These measures indicate whether it is difficult or not, to some degree, to disagree or say no. Of course, there are many circumstances and things where it feels appropriate and natural to answer in the negative, a denial, or a decline. And in other cases, and the one we're focusing on today, is when the Will of another does not coincide with your own Will, and yet, you defer your own Will in favor of being agreeable to the other’s Will.
But of course, this starts with listening to the fact of your own Will displaying and wishing its will to be followed. And indicating that your Will does not coincide with the others’. Openness gives you the relatability to hear the other’s perspective of their Will. If that other party is disagreeable more than you, then you are more likely to defer your Will to theirs. If you are open to another party's Will, then you are exposed to their Will. And therefore, if you don't have other traits such as disagreeableness (just as an example), then you are at risk of constant deferral and submergence of your own Will.
You therefore have to listen to your own Self, which is, you could think of as, a containment unit of your Will. It is designed to have a pleasure response of, not stimulation, but Personality satisfaction when you are in Will, with the Father's Will. You will receive a signal, intuited, that it be done in the long run. Meaning, for the sake of agreeableness, sometimes disagreeableness is appropriate. For the sake of openness, sometimes being less open is appropriate. And your Thought Adjuster understands and helps you with these things. Sometimes it feels and is labeled as intuition. But, you know, through the revelation of spiritual psychology, in other words, what constitutes some of this intuition - how this is done.
These are building blocks of experience and applied wisdom. Manipulation between Wills often attempts to open you up, and subterfuge and leverage your own agreeableness to their way. Therefore, you can run your own safety checks and ask yourself the simple questions. How open am I being to this information? Is it just information or is it will that is upon me? The same goes for agreeableness. Is the personality being coincided with my agreeableness? Or is this will power coming at me in the expression of some spectrum of agreeableness to manipulate my own agreeableness? And taking these in account, how is my Will coinciding with the other party’s Will? This of course, is understood as how do I feel about this? But as you see, we have just gone through a thinking exercise to get to this feeling. And they work together to think and exercise your own Will.
This was a successful short lesson I thank you for taking the call. I am Arthura, speaking on behalf of many a human Ascender. And I thank them, and I thank you. Good day.
Dominick O:
Thank you, Arthur, and thank you to everyone who contributed.

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Re: The Power of No: Agreeableness, Openness and Will. ARTHURA et al. V2 L48
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2022, 03:22:47 pm »


Thank you for your posting: The Power to say No. I remember that I had 
a conversation with someone asking me to do something and immediately 
I felt the urge inside of me to say NO.

'' There are many circumstances and things where it feels appropriate and
natural to answer in the negative.''
And I am going to quote you again:

'' You therefore have to listen to your own self, which is, a containment unit
of your Will... you will receive a signal...''

At that time I did not realize it was my Thought Adjuster helping me, the 
pulsation of my heart increased and I always tried to capture that type of

Again thank you very much for your posting and thanks also to Teacher Arthura.