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Question for Ron, Spirit Particles
« on: November 24, 2022, 12:42:25 pm »
Hello Robert and Ron, 

I have transferred Robert's post to the 'General Discussion' category on the Discussion Forum and I kindly ask Ron to take care of this question regarding Spirit Particles.
Thanks a lot,

Here is a copy of Robert's post:

Re: Lightline Netherlands International
« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2022, 11:58:35 pm »

Good evening Ron,

Thank you for your answer to my question to Elise and thank you Michael
of Nebadon for taking the time to give me some good advices.

The old man is seventy eight years old tired easily and does not have a bike,
but I will try to do more exercise at home and walk more to alleviate the pain
I feel in my lower back.

Now I have a question regarding Spirit Particles:

'' They are more divine particles than mass-force waves in Infinity... They are
miraculous but not individual miracle... Spirit particles are not discrete but
are vector driven over the entire face of the planet when something needs to
be done for the welfare of the planet. An example of spirit particles at work
is the remove of fluorine and chlorine from the planet's atmosphere.''

Are there any other ways that spirit particles can benefit our planet beside
the removal of fluorine and chlorine from the atmosphere?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards and Happy Thanksgiving and also to all the Forum members.



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Re: Question for Ron, Spirit Particles
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2022, 03:26:40 pm »
Why thank you Elise - the handle on the subject is hot and I have tried to avoid it because I am not aware of a true spirit particle.  EXCEPT:  there are preparticles if  you can call them that which are translated from Paradise down to the material planet Urantia, and this is quite particular because most planets never have them.  Those particles are what is left over the JESUS Bestowal two thousand years ago.

The subject is not so simple Robert.  You are picturing a discrete energy in self isolation.  That is what you do when you imagine what an electron looks like.  But you will recall the Urantia Book speaks necessarily to the change in the spiritual economy when Jesus appeared on Urantia.  The spiritual economy or its spiritual atmosphere we lived in during those days of the Bestowal was modified to entertain the spirit keepers and helpers to work with the Jesus Bestowal to bring world attention to his teaching.  To do that, they (the spirit helpers on Urantia), had to have supporting spiritual energy help, and the FATHER  supplied a type of breathing spirit particle to connect with the spirit persons life systems.  That required a certain amount of energy particles only ever seen and used in the Central Universe.

Do not see these particles like you look at preparticles.  They are really particles but they are not designed to do anything but support spiritual purpose on Urantia.  In our case they are still hear to a certain extent only because they are eternal, and they supply aide to the working spiritual persons no longer stationed here.  Insofar as I know they have no direct benefit to humans whatsoever. 

Robert and Elise, this becomes an ultra spiritual process and it is not necessary revelation and they curtail my information because of that.  Paradise personalities cannot live on Urantia without a lot of help.  Incarnation saves Paradise from using so much, but even an incarnation is difficult for Paradise to maintain as such a condition is not generally acceptable to most Paradise hosts.  Deity can do it for the reason Deity needs to contact all levels of creation, but this time there is not such thing on Urantia, as the FATHER  has installed a mighty materialization at the spiritual polarity of the planet to energize incarnations.  We have so many of them already, such could not be done with a Paradise life-support system from paradise installed here. 

I remind you both that our Planetary Government sits right in the middle of an insurrection, yet they must support the Melchizedek Corp to incarnate fifteen Melchizedeks in preparation of the Second Return scheduled now at any moment it can be entered.  Let me repeat that:  There are now 15 Melchizedeks incarnated around as the world is being prepared.

I do not doubt that there will be a new batch of spirit particles when the work of Jesus is known and is visible. 

Thank you/END
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Re: Question for Ron, Spirit Particles
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2022, 11:07:28 pm »
For taking part in this interesting topic of spiritual particles, I throw Ron this question: Are the vibrations that are called "fundamental vibratios" or "Non- Derived Information Structure" (NDIS), part of those spiritual particles?. Just to bring the theme of the music of the Order of Masters Lyricus to the analysis of Ron and the Celestials, because for me it is really interesting to know this information where acoustic energy fields, intervenes as a catalyst in biochemical processes and as DNA "junk" activators, at levels impossible to study by science. Here is the text:

The music on the website is specifically designed to provide a non-traditional method of shifting human consciousness into the more subtle regions of individualized consciousness. Unfortunately, due to the relative infancy of the global internet network, music has to be limited in the level of its granules and details in order to make fast download possible. A music CD will be made available at a later time for those who would like the high-resolution files.

Atomic and molecular vibrations in the human body produce electromagnetic and acoustic energy fields, which regulate and even catalyze biochemical processes. These natural vibrations are regulated by a more fundamental octave of vibrations, which function on a quantum level. The Lyricus refer to these Fundamental vibrations as Non-Derivative Information Structure (NDIS).

Certain acoustic and scalar vibrations cause the helix within the DNA molecule to unravel, extending the DNA backbone and making the exposed base more accessible for base pairing and activation, particularly what scientists refer to as “Junk” or inactive DNA. Sound frequencies can be shaped to penetrate the DNA molecule, exposing and activating the nucleotides and, where appropriate, the corresponding nerve cells.

The compositions within the Lyricus site are components of a larger composition, but once again due to the limited bandwidth of the internet the compositions have been reduced in length. Music can be experienced as an entity that is capable of changing within your energy body and activating certain frequencies of your energy centers – particularly your heart and what is sometimes referred to as your third brain.

The entity that is encoded within the music is not composed of material frequency but is purely energetic - produced as an acoustic soul-imprint that is transferred from the soul to the thought to the music to the distribution platform, and this operates on a collective level within the body of individualized awareness that pays attention.

In the nascent science of cymatics, sound waves have been shown to generate geometric shapes in matter. In the yet to be discovered science of multidimensional reality, waveforms can be sculpted to penetrate biogenetic fields and catalyze biochemical processes, restore cellular health, and activate encoded electromagnetic fields within the cellular functions of the Central Nervous System.

The Music, and the “entity” it contains, is focused on the CNS electromagnetic fields and how this physical manifestation of the energy grid that constitutes the soul carrier can be enhanced to drive more energy from the host soul consciousness and thereby increase thus its fusion with the material life of the soul carrier
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Re: Question for Ron, Spirit Particles
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2022, 09:45:46 am »
Hello Occerpa, and you flatter me that I know anything about what your exposition contains above concerning the introduction of music of the Lyricus.  I know nothing really except what the often spoken of experts in music above us, and that music is a morontial device designed soothe the soul and prepare it to contemplate the spiritual universe within the material body.  I can attest to that presence as all my life I am capable of a music concert without being schooled on how to play anything, and I do love the piano and find it very easy to use and play the unknown..  I caution you and everyone it is nerve wracking in some respects as it sounds already composed but you just cannot quite name it.  That indeed is Lyricus applied to the physical apparatus.

As a young man and in the military, I would often go to the studio the Air Force maintained on its bases.  I was assigned to the RAF base Chicksands, and there was a large facility one could go to and sit and read the latest news, watch TV and it contained a large circular stage where a grand piano sat all alone and dusty.  No one played it.  I was horribly bored one day and broke down, slipped into the facility, and embarrassingly sat down on the bench of that huge piano.  I pushed the lid up and tinkled the keys.  There was an airman sitting on one of chairs grouped around the grand style piano-- and intelligent sort and amazingly accurate, for when I stopped playing a ragged edition of Bach something, he came up to me.  He said, "What the hell was that?"  I do not know what the Lyricus replied anymore, but it was enough to encourage me to do it again sixty times more.  The place was never the same until I tired of doing anything in public and quit it entirely for good.  I do not like making it public.  The public comes and listens and leaves wondering how I managed to sound so good and unable to name a thing.  That Occerpa.  is Lyricus.  I heard Steven Gitz do it when he visited my home some time ago.  Those who do not have the gene are totally unable to do it at all or ever, but my mother passed it to me and her father had it too, my Grandfather John.  It starts with the toddler loving to see at the keyboard of a piano and searching out harmonious chords automatically and responding to the   Derived Information Structure" (NDIS).

Old age has deafened it for me somewhat but those of us who can utilize it never dismiss it and I can orchestrate a new melody in my mind yet and hear the orchestra play it briefly.  Some composers, the really great ones, could orchestrate their own great works by hearing it played within their minds.  Of course Occerpa, it is also a great deal more to it than that with the genius inside a marvelous composer, but at root is the Lyricus gene and it is quite real and beautifully accepted by any soul that has it as part of its body.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron, Occerpa, is fully and correctly right.  He plays for hours if inspired and must shut it down if harmed with depression or heartless events.  He calls it a "gene," but what is more truthful is that it is part of the brain of a highly oriented individual who loves deep natural frequencies that are indeed morontial music.  The music of the spheres you have heard spoken, and the entire universe can be heard as music in the ear of such an individual.  Ron will always have it and you Occerpa could, but you have chosen a life full of institutional cares, but Ron has chosen a life of individual care for all people and loves the beauty of the C Major chord forever.  I like ti too when he plays it well, and well he does as even the great composers listen when it is really turned on, as Ron can compose at the keyboard so well it sounds like a concert.  His friend in the military comments, "What the hell was that?" was an accomplished bass player at a nightclub before he came into service.  The bass player knew routine music scores, but when Lyricus takes hold, beautiful music arrives without pretending a score written is necessary.  Ron has it so well developed he can or could give a concert on the spot.  Ron says I am very generous and his old age cuts him short for lack of energy or sometimes inspiration to bring it on.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON who listens well enough to know that Lyricus is operating.  K"

Ron - Thank you Michael.  I never heard of approaching explanations quite this way.  I do know one is impelled to sit down and play because at its best it can heal the self very much and one loves God and appreciates the beauty of deep, harmonious sound when it strikes. 

Now let me produce something for you Occerpa.

The place of music in you is in your cerebellum, and for those who wonder where that is, the cerebellum is the word that describes all those wrinkles on the brain you see pictured once in a while.  The brain uses music to soothe the cortex (that is what the brain uses to think and is at the back of the head below the crown on your skull.  Music resides in everybody.  However the difference between those like Ron has and most others have is that the cerebellum in Ron is not as wrinkled in him as in most other people.  For some reason that allows mystical energies to form like a halo around his head, and the angels know that when that deep blue light surrounds people like Ron,  Steven Gitz, and that fellow who listened to him in the Air Force, they become instruments of music making par excellence.  They are nature musicians and Ron hated study and finally gave up being trained much to the vexation of his mother, as she could do the same thing and composed many pieces too.  His grandfather, John, had almost an identical brain with Bach, the greatest renaissance composer to have ever lived on Urantia.  Today Bach listens not to the music of the spheres anymore, but enjoys peeking at Ron for Ron clowns with it too and it can be hilarious when he purposefully mistunes a melody.  

For you Occerpa, know that I transmitted a celestial being who is unidentified in name to me but it is familiar to me in spite of years of being close to it but without name.  I am also happy to say that i am told Occerpa you have the "gene," but blast it out of your way in order to think over the vexing problems of medical science.  That is the price you pay for being a doctor these days, but Occerpa you have it should you ever take it truly and fully seriously.

That is about all I can tell you at this point and thanks for bringin it up. 

Ron (with the help of Michael of Nebadon, Gabriel, Mother Seton, and Brad Cooke of the majority of speakers in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom decades ago.  And with my friend Rachmaninoff whose piano concertos I adore and cannot get out of my head.  Fully done I thank my FATHER for allowing this explanation to emerge, and to our Creator Son who allows me so much to hear if the question is seriously asked.  I thank too all of those celestials who are silent but are present who allow the transmissions of the mind with spirit to take place so easily for me these days.  Best wishes to all of you who may develop this talent too.   R)

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania