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Threads for New Transmissions / Prepare for food shortage
« on: May 25, 2023, 12:39:24 pm »
Father, Thought Adjuster 
Thursday, May 25, 2023

Father asked me not to judge what I hear just write, because I first stopped after hearing half the sentence while practicing transmission. 

The United States government will lose control of the situation resulted from the devastation. There will be food shortage as all the afflicted will ask for help. It is imperative that you see yourselves through for about three months unless you want to ask for alms, but rather prepare for the worse and receive the best you can. That is all I wanted to say today. This is your Father. You can post this message.

Thank you, Father, very much.

Threads for New Transmissions / Father is our Light
« on: May 24, 2023, 13:53:13 pm »
I need to receive a word from you Father please, if you will.

I am the Light.

The Kingdom of God is righteousness, justice, truth and love. You are my representatives trying to live up to it to be like my Son, Jesus the Christ. It is not a small effort but my spirit is there with you to overcome just as he has done in the past and will continue forevermore. You are on solid ground therefore no matter how it may shake in the natural.

In the power of God you all will perform miracles, the miracle of love. Why is it a miracle? Well, it is not, only the mystery of the Indwelling in you that can activate, cultivate and extend love to the whole of creation. And that includes everyone not just the lovable ones. Call upon God in you to show you the way of Light in the dark world, which is not difficult to find if you are of the Light and the choice is always yours, never mine. I already said yes to be yours forever so lift up your eyes to see the unifying truth of love on every blade of grass, animal, child and adult.

The latter is the most questionable so do not try to judge just imagine this person knowing me and turn to the Light to become my son. Showing the way is your JOB not, but your hearth’s desire and confession received and encouraged by me, and your adventure. You can do it if you try just go and be the Light to one lost person today, I am with you. Remember I am the Light and we are, together.

I am signing off now with love unconditional for you all.
Your Father    

Thank you my Father TA.

sonsofGod note: the challenge and choice are to go out with this purpose in mind, because I need to go to the grocery store anyway and should not remain silent when Father opens the door.  

Speakers: Arthura, Michael of Nebadon, Universal Father 
Date: May 4, 2023 
TR: sonosofGod
(After this everything went haywire with communication devices and I could not post until now.) 

Stepping back in time, I received a message from our Father that I'll now post late. Father, I am very sorry for the delay. Before that I have received a short message from Arthura addressing me, but I found it educational and instructive to share for your benefit too, hopefully. 

“Good morning, I am Arthura. You are advancing. Today I'll speak of the Divine Missions. It is not Divine for the reason of the representatives. That too, but we call it Divine to indicate that what we do is ordered by Father.and there is no argument there. His Will is to be honored, therefore His Will should be honored by you too, especially as one of the workers. How to do that? The best way is to ask, Father, what is Your Will for me today? instead of writing a proposal, how you plan to spend the day. Ask Him first what He wants you to know or do, then adjust the rest of the day accordingly. {I wrote my to-do list before prayer time but after I called out to receive a message, so that I would not forget something later.) 

It is good that you share your plan for approval, but we do not want to be in the position to say NO, do this instead. Give us a chance to give you an assignment day by day. Once you pick up, you will be in the flow to know what's next. So, thank you for listening and let's try this.”

I thank you Arthura very much. I agree. Now I ask, Father and my leaders, what is it you would like me to do for you today and the Missions?

“This is Michael again. I want you to pray about your next assignment. Do not just assume that you would know because we talked once. There are more details to work out. You are not to tell anyone about our plans, not even your mother. Let it fall in place, so it does not need to go out to be heard by unwanted ears. Second, sink into the spirit about the calling, be active, read more, and pray more. It cannot be that you come in the morning to transmit then go on to do your own things. Discipline yourself.

Yes, Father Michael, please stretch time a little bit. Can you?

A little, but not much time left to align. Be diligent too. I know how much you worried about (...)  it will be fine. This is it for today. Go on, do your plans, focusing on Father's Will (…).

Thank you very much. Praise your holy name. You are awesome. Artura too. I feel very blessed. Now please someone, give me a message that is for the group. I enjoy receiving.

Very well then, this is your Universal Father. We are delighted to see you becoming our messenger.

It is our will that in the Missions only fully committed individuals take place. You have some issues and gaps that need correction, as well others. Tell them to come to me to pray daily with an open mind to create a new life for you all, together. It requires change to bring change. Keep that in mind and be ready to accept that change in your life like it or not. That means some required steps may be out of your comfort zones like packing, moving that kind of stuff. Or to lose or leave behind some friends and family gatherings. These are all natural consequences of your service to us, so handle it well. 

When you get a new position in the world you make all the effort to align, show up on time, do the work and find balance in your life with this added responsibility. You cannot expect this to be different with us. Many of you at retirement age got settled comfortably and we are glad that you found a way to enjoy  life at an advanced age. However, we are now calling you back to the workforce. We promised life extension to those who serve us fully, salaries and good health, so soak it in. 

Yes, we will change your circumstances but only you can receive it in the spirit. It is time to leave according to the spirit and not according to the flesh as so many of you do with daily routine. It will not stand. The shaking is coming and the work needs to be done, so, get ready, make it your own way of thinking and life, so that you can embrace the change and weather the difficulties. We are with you all. 

This is all I wanted you to say to the group today. I am speaking but through you, so I worded it this way to get you involved in the process of feeling the responsibility of being a messenger. I speak and you immediately forward it to whoever I speak to. Good day, I love you all.

Thank you Father very much.

Threads for New Transmissions / Your experience is sharpening you
« on: May 14, 2023, 13:36:40 pm »
Date and time" May 14, 2023, 7:58 am
Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Arthura
TR: sonsofGod

Today, after receiving a personal message I asked if there was anyone else who would like to speak? 

“I am Michael of Nebadon. I am glad to see that you are practicing.  Let's break the cycle of self exploration, you are now our transmitter. I’ll give you a message to the people.

In the coming days the tectonic plates will be shaken by forces of the sea. Get ready. It is always best to prepare and not just wait, have a carrier bag ready with necessities. Ofcourse, it only holds so much but it can make a difference until someone comes for your rescue, just in case. Do not fear! Look at the challenge as a ‘change agent’ we work through. We’ll go through it together and you should keep your eye on the prize all the time, the coming of the kingdom of God to Urantia, where the Father’s Will be done. 

Your focus should not be on self. Your eternity is secured, here or there you will be working with us to bring Urantia back to the fold. Even passing is only the beginning for you and not the end. You all will pass one day and fearing that is lacking wisdom, you know it. To fear what is coming is immaturity in regards to looking at self-wellness instead of helping someone in need. 

There will be pain, there will be fear, cries, desperation, losses. Will you encourage them not to give up? That is what we are asking you to do and to deliver our messages. Their eternal salvation may depend on it. This is your hour. You have been trying to bring souls to us on a small scale because not many would listen, now they will. Light in the darkness gives hope to go forward. Understand that you are light when you bring eternity into perspective. They do not know us, but you do. I am talking about all of you who want to serve. It is simple: you will find ways and solutions with our care, do not try to foresee anything, just listen. We are a corporation, we are the head, you are workers on the field just as Jesus was but now he is the King. Do you see what his seemingly small efforts brought forth? Small in a sense that he could only talk to a few people in a small part of the world, yet his teachings forever changed human history. You will do the same just make the effort wherever you are and let it trickle down into the ages. 

Elevate your soul to our Call of Duty. We need you all, a handful on the Earth, but we have many soldiers throughout who will be activated now. They were waiting too, and they might not understand as much as you do but will become good stewards of what they have. You are all sisters and brothers. You all should rise up together putting any differences aside that will crystallize Christian faith and end division. We are ahead of a beautiful journey together to save Urantia humans from perishing. You are important. You're struggling with writing it done for reasons of self-exaltation, but that serves you well. We want followers not only leaders, and you will become both by following us and people following you. That is important, so get out of the mindset of selfhood and transform your mind to servanthood. You already have that and this is the time to use it. Helping others will heal your brokenness. You will be showing compassion for what they might have to go through, but without going through yourself before them you would not have developed compassion. We do not waste experiences because they are tools in shaping you. Now I leave you with this and you can post this for others too.

So as what Father gave you and you had no means to come forward with until now. It is still important and the same. Good day. Go in My peace. I love you ALL. Michael of Nebadon, and Christ Michael, knocking on the doors of your hearts."

Thank you Father Michael and Christ Michael very much. We love you too and are ready to serve.

Very well then. 

--- end of message ---

Next, I will share what Arthura told me prior to this, because it is not just personally helping me but it will help you also if dealing with issues of becoming a transmitter. 

At the same time I wrote “I am’ I ‘heard’ or rather perceived Arthura. Then I thought what if it was Jesus and did not receive it. Instead I kept writing i am, i am, i am, until finally stopped to listen. Here it goes: 

"This is Arthura again. You are wondering how it can be that I come back to talk to you regularly. Why not? Aren't we encouraging you to practice? Is it not our goal that you would become a transmitter? Yes it is, so put away low self-esteem that says, you would not be worthy, as you think. We make you worthy by lifting you up. 

You humans are not like spirit, none of you is on the pinnacle of accomplishments except for Ron. We work with what we have. You just do your best. It is because you kept the faith and willing that you are one of us, and not that you would be any one way better than the rest. We are family, we do not discriminate, but help each other to become. 

I understand your struggle of even many years that caused much damage to your soul, you think. But iron sharpens iron. We let you struggle to shape you not to break you. You have become a sharp instrument in assessing the ailments of the world. Should you think all is well we could not use you and you would not want to change, and you would not want change. You would be one of them. So, besides being a transmitter you also are useful for other works. A skillful, as you say ‘warrior’. Relax. The time has come that you will assess your gift and marvel. That's all I wanted to say today, be encouraged, be diligent and you will see the glory of the Lord, the fruit of your labor.."

Thank you Arthura very much. I appreciate that. It is like washing my weary soul clean. 

You are welcome.

To the readers of these messages: If you have any comment or correction concerning my hearing please feel free to do so and I must accept it in order to grow. It is not easy for me to post these messages, but I have to start somewhere, so I obey. My biggest thing is overcoming the thought that I am making this up. Yet it flows and I had no thoughts about it before. Thanks for your input


Threads for New Transmissions / Speak the Word
« on: April 29, 2023, 14:19:31 pm »
04.29.23 4:10 am
“Speak the Word” 
by sonsofgod
Dear brothers an sisters,
Father Michael said to Ron again, they need transmitters. He said more than that. He said (as I remember but could not find my way back to it), you do not count (for providing service to God) unless you transmit, and gave us a last chance before they come. Think about it. Just think about good deeds without sharing the source, without speaking the Word of God. This is what happens:
According to founder and leader of Gospel for Asia KP Yohanann, Christians built schools, hospitals and laid infrastructure in India through the 1800s without telling them about God. Did they became believers in our Father? Not until ministries like Gospel for Asia brought them the Word beside many good works. I realize afresh that telling what God says is key to all that we do. Why are we reluctant? They are watching, he also said. 

Churches quoting from the bible. We should transmit fresh words! I am thankful and hopeful, I know I can hear my TA when he speaks. You do too, just listen. Try to transmit to bring the Voice of God into a situation when its needed the most. To bring heaven to earth here and now, starting with a home-run. Every word from God is a new revelation to someone, does not have to be epochal, but it might be for them. Let us try it together one more time. It’s time to realign.

Father, please go ahead if your will …
 "I am ... your Father. My sheep hears my voice. You are my sheep, not of the enemy’s. You are mine. Rest in it. It has been a rough ride so far, but my Voice will make your path straight. My Voice will Guide you, my Voice will change everything. I send my Voice to heal you. I utter my Voice to stop the wars and killing. I will prevail, no man can quench my Voice or my Will. So, do  not fear! My Will be done on earth, in the world, in Nebadon, in the time space Universes and beyond. In my House my Voice is heard and my Will reigns.
“My Voice is the voice of Love. It can be soft and comforting, and it can get harsh and correcting, but never condemning. Will you be my echo? Even if it hurts. When it corrects, when it orders, when it splits the mountains of falsehood apart to separate that belongs to me. My Voice is all you need to do my work. Listen, listen, listen, carefully. My Voice is in you. In your mind, in your heart, and I give you the key to decide what is my Voice and what is yours: My Voice is Love.
“You know my Voice just speak it. In the grocery store, on the streets, with every encounter you make, just open your mouth. Do not quench my Voice with indecision, or care-less-ness, while dragging the feet. Remember that my Voice is all they need, for all it take for them too to turn around. Have faith in God! Trust in my Voice. Do not question it, do not second guess it or put it off for tomorrow as you did, just open your mouth and I will fill it. Your will is only to give permission for me to speak. You are mine and I know you will. So, let us begin for my Will be done! It is time. They will listen to me when I shake the earth. They need to hear words of deliverance, hope and salvation.
Amen. Thank you, Father.
I understood that I should speak the word without introduction or explanation, such as ‘God says’. Just plain words. People will discern.
“Start where you are. You all wait for special assignments and yes, it will come, but will you start where you are? Will you answer the call of duty now and not wait for tomorrow? Do you not see the need all around you? Of course, you do. Forget about the past. It is a new day now. Press forth, go forth, be mine. Entirely. One day at a time, wherever you go, let my Spirit reign and rule the day as in the days of old. I set you free now to speak, to dance as a butterfly. Bring a breath of fresh air wherever you are. To give a gentle touch to life to germinate. It will take time, but the seeds you spread today will not die. It is your faith that makes them come alive. It is yours and not only mine.
“Plant, water, and see the harvest coming in due time. Wisdom! I give you wisdom, and I give you power to mend broken hearts. I give you the wealth of the nations: It’s harvest time.”
Thank you Father. Please stir up the fire in the amber of my heart. These words are in me, these words I already know. Now, please Father., cause me to hear whatever you say afresh. Thank you and Amen 

This is to let you all know that I could successfully record a YouTube video segment from the screen by adding SCRE.IO Screen Recorder extension to my browser here: Screen and camera recorder - (can chose Chrome or Edge) 

After a few minutes trial and learning its operation the video recording came perfect. This is recommended in preparation of Jesus’ potential appearance and speech this weekend, making sure to be ready by the time its needed.  

God bless you all,


I deeply apologize to everyone for not being able to post the transcript, which is out of my control entirely. I have tried countless times different ways to add the second part to the post without success, Thus the only way I can post it is by posting it as Part 2. Please note that I have modified the title of the first post as 'Transcript of 29 March Tuesday Lightline Part 1' accordingly.  Thank you for your understanding.

PART 2  

Transcripts continue

We are the Most Highs. We greet you on Urantia. We hold the following to be evident and worthwhile to demonstrate in speech. We’ll enumerate. One: We no longer consider Russia a country that needs promoted and to stand. You will see it break into little nations and God bless them if they are, Peace, Charitable, and otherwise to the rest of the world as well as within themselves. Number two: We choose not to extract any information for you, Ron, but you are going to stand strong with the Most Highs for the rest of your career on Urantia. We fully support how you have set up the Magisterial Foundation that the Christ may hold it as he wishes, and that Salvington Government governs it as the full Authority as to what is to be done on Urantia through a visible Second Return. It also contains what will be done for WTP as well as the new Epochal Revelation. No number on that. It won't even be called Urantia. Number three: No one is to support those who can no longer transmits but attempt with the cabal speech. That's the old teaching mission and unfortunately, they are feeling left and right. Number four: The Most Highs surmise that the Biden Administration is well within its own bounds when it comes to domestic policy, but that the irresponsibility of certain cabinet officers will be called attention to the Biden Administration, and we hope rectification follows. Number five: I wanted to be understood that the Most Highs are not responsible for the war, but we might be responsible for ending it. We prefer to let that a mystery. And finally number seven: Be understanding that the Most Highs are now resident on Urantia. We have our observers once more on Urantia, and that's a rebellion of Vorondadek Sons is insurmountable to the Paradise Deities and they will be either removed or depersonalized. You have no choice! Furthermore, the entire matter where the cabal and the Vorondadek Son's can run over Ron every day is ended. They can’t approach. That's for you, Ron. And now this to the rest of you before we close our part of the speech. We are running over by almost 40 minutes but we ask your Indulgence to finish this. I am the Chief Most High. My name is Salsaia. Salsaia and that's correct S, a, l, s, a, i, a. It's not Salsacia, its Salsaia. As Salsaia, as the Chief of the Most Highs I greet my Superior Andromadus whom you once knew as the Chief Most High. And for that reason we want it understood that the entire matter of the Most Highs is to be taken fully as not the Planetary Manager but as his counsel. And for that reason, we turn this whole idea of the Planetary Government and the manager Machiventa Melchizedek over to you, Planetary Manager for what you may wish to state. We are the Most Highs, I am Salsatia, Salsaia, and for that reason, Ron, you will be required to remember better.

Ron: Yes, Amen. We thank you, Salsaia, the Most Highs and Christ Michael for putting on the record something that we can stand by. Thank you for speaking.

Salsaia: We are very delighted to know you, Ron, likewise.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek, and Phyllis, you'll have this back in your hands in about 3 minutes. I want it to be known that Ron had no intention whatsoever to speak today. He was happy to go get a cup of tea and listen to the streaming. But events have colluded to force him onto the speakership much longer than it should take, but unfortunately we're running out of time. I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I am the Planetary Manager and what I say goes. Ron had slips of dreams this morning. He cannot fathom why they are possibly important. But let me tell you why they are important Ron. You saw what is a countryside and people working within the countryside probably with the tools before the 1950s. It goes way back to the beginning of the 20th century. That is what Urantia is going to face for a considerable amount of time while the Magisterial Missions rely on the trading routes and the financial means to do it. Currencies will barely exist except in the EU and the United States. The rest of the world is not well done oh, yes, China with his hordes of gold will stand tall with currencies, but for the most part, the world will change into an autocratic ruler-ship of Regencies. Yes, Regencies to bring this world out of the Middle Ages, biblically as well as historically and enjoy a Renaissance of civilizations you didn't know could exist. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron. You get lost with the speech and forget the source.

Ron: Unfortunately, I have blank spots. And that is not on purpose. That is a mind that is fully focused on what is being said.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Now this. The trial that must be supported by the Magisterial Foundation, its subsidiaries, and perhaps an institution you can gather into the work, has to be directed by the Father of all. For that reason, Ron, the Board of Regency has to understand that they are being brought under the contingency of the Paradise Trinity, and for that reason, they may have to swear an oath. And for that reason, Ron, you roll your eyes and say, we're just lucky to get them on board.

Ron: Yes.

Machiventa Melchizedek: And for that reason, Ron, play it by ear. The truth of the matter is you have every chance to do that so long as you understand that the trial is not for the college or you, but for us to see to it that it is well done, and a true Chronicle. You are throwing the dice into the bin to get 7. But you may not get sevens, but snake eyes. The duty of Lucifer is fully present everywhere in institutions. And for that reason, you may fail before you begin. Now the truth I am conferring upon you Ron, the idea that you stand tall and high, and that you do not relate to the petty squabbles that will break out, not only within the Magisterial Foundation, but also within these audiences. Do not worry about them too much. We here it too. For that reason, Ron, you are held, highly but suspect …

Ron: Yeah, may I have a cookie?

Machiventa Melchizedek: You may not have a cookie! (laughing) You play the fool that I am suspect about. I fully agree that you are a try … trying individual to get a hand on, but you do, you fully comply and have not made one error. I am closing these remarks down, because … not because I'm done, but because the trial is going on two hours with this Lightline and poor Phyllis needs refreshed as the rest of you do. I suggest that another LIghtline be held just for me, when you are ready, Ron.

Ron: I … if you don't mind me speaking, Machiventa?

Machiventa Melchizedek: No, go ahead.

Ron: I am going to pass this back to Phyllis with the suggestion of when to schedule a Lightline just for Machiventa Melchizedek with her help.

Machiventa Melchizedek: I fully approve that Ron., so I stand back, we all stand back, and we turn this back to you Phyllis to close out this Lightline for Tuesday. We thank you for your patience.

Ron: Thank you Phyllis. It's Ron. Go ahead, please.

Phyllis: Thank you, Ron, and thank you everyone that was transmitted through Ron today. Jesus, Rayson, Machiventa, Michael of Nebadon, Christ, the Most Highs, we're deeply appreciative. I’m … okay, I'm going to propose a two hour break. It is 3:47 p.m. here and that's York time. So, that would make it. 6 p.m. How is that for you, Ron? Feel free to suggest another time if that's not good for you.

Ron: Phyllis, it doesn't have to be today. I think we're all pretty warned.

Phyllis: OK.

Ron: Pick another day.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, sorry. I thought you were referring for today.

Ron: May be Wednesday, we got… we got a break there, there's no one broadcasting.

Phyllis: How about we make it for 2 p.m. York time tomorrow, Wednesday, the 30th then? Will that work for you?

Ron: That's just fine with me Phyllis, thank you.

Phyllis: And that’s a time that is relevant in people's minds already for the Lightline calls.

Ron: Yes, yah, for the moment. That’s fast disappearing because so empty right now. We need to fill it, but I don't know how to fill it at the moment.

Phyllis: Maybe this is how it'll go. It'll be filled up with that unexpected needed Lightlines in between.

Ron: It could well be, using the USA Lightline facilities.

Phyllis: U hmm, yah. Okay, so, it seems that 2 p.m. tomorrow, all of the same location and time as the Sunday and Tuesday Lightlines, and this actual Lightline will be held with Ron Besser hosting at 2 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30th, same time, same place.

Ron: Yes, that’s the way I feel about it.

Ron: Okay, great. So thank you, everyone. I'm going to stop the recording.

-- the end --

I need to go through this every time I want to post a transcript, the program refuses to post due database error, followed by saying, you have already posted this, etc. Again, I have to post it in parts until it adds ups to be the whole. Please be patient. Thank you!
This is a nightmare: You already submitted this post! You might have accidentally double clicked or tried to refresh the page.
Now it would not let me modify it either. I post it as an independent article apart from the Lightline post, trying to trick the computer, sorry.

03292022 Lightline USA, Tuesday, host: Phyllis Simpson
Subjects: Changes in our lives, anticipation for the missions; Awareness and cooperation with our Celestial family, Thought Adjuster, and one another; Q&A about Regency; The importance of keeping a diary or journey; The future of WTP; A moment of history of Christ return; Keep a journey!; Chronicles of the Second Return; Christ Michael addresses dedication; Replacement of the Gregorian calendar; Introducing Salsaia, Chief of the Most Highs; Dream about the (near) future; Closing remarks and schedule of a special Lightline.                  
Transcriber: sonsofGod


Hello everybody. This is the LIghtline USA for Tuesday, the 29th of March 2022. We have 10 callers, including 1 on the internet audio and we have 8 on streaming. Welcome to everyone. So great to have you with us. I have no idea who's going to be addressing us today or what they have to say to us, especially after such a great Lightline on Sunday. They everything seemed to have been covered. So, I ask now if there is anyone here from our Celestial family that's acting as an MC today, or just anyone that would like to address us directly on this call. And that's … welcome to Weydevu, Valerie, and Salvador, and Renee! Great to have you all with us. We're just getting started. Pardon me, I just had to clear this voice of mine. So that brings us up to 18 direct callers and 8 on the streaming service.

Tarkas: Phyllis, this is Tarkas. I'm popping in to be an assistant to you today, on this Lightline. I welcomed everyone that is joined by the phone service and the streaming and the internet audio service. It's great that we have these three methods of participation available for everyone. As there are various conveniences for each. And it allows you to choose the method, which is most convenient for you for your circumstances at the moment. And we hope to be able to keep these three methods of service available in the future. Especially as information comes in hot and heavy as I'm sure you are anticipating in the near future as well. That doesn't negate however, the importance of your continuing connection with your personal Thought Adjusters, and their daily instructions to you and guidance for your personal lives, as well as any and every way that you can participate directly in the missions, especially as time goes on and they very much get rolling. Not only in the visible area but in the fact that more and more participation in various ways and means by yourselves can be taken advantage of, for all of you and all of us to really make the best impact for the missions and to the public and the participants, and all of those who are interested and ready and willing to know and do the Father's will and be a part of its manifestation here on Urantia. If heard too that there, yes, is still issues with the insurrectionist and how they've impacted at least seven other planets in this system alone. But that doesn't mean that they have the upper hand.An quite often when something is facing its demise, those desperate times call for desperate measures on their part. So, don't be overly concerned about that situation, but keep your focus on your Father fragment communication, and your participation one with another in support and encouragement through the Lightlines that are available to you, and in your thoughts and prayers one for the other, and for ourselves as well, as we see you have been doing in private. And at times through the forum avenue that is available for you to take advantage of and invite your brothers and sisters to participate along with you in your prayers. As One Without Name and Number I have extensive experience throughout the worlds of time and space, and through the training worlds and the opportunities that we are given on a perfect world and with the perfect beings of Havona. And with all of the higher beings we become enabled to work with and accompany in various missions, not necessarily such as the Magisterial Missions and the Michael Missions on Urantia, but a multitude of other missions that Father sees fit to send us to, and especially these days with the New Universe Age we anticipate that those particular types of missions maybe more prevalent than we have seen and experienced in the past. The New Universe Age is of course a revamping of many functions throughout all levels of Universe Administration and Super Universe Administration. And that of course as I'm sure you can understand is necessitated, and as experiences reveal the need and the necessity for changes within the addressing of various types of administration and various new beings that are coming in to play within those forms of administration. Certainly grant us the opportunity for types of growth that we had not personally necessarily considered or for seeing before. So, this is something that is a new opportunity for us. A slight change in our thinking, perception, and manifesting the Father's will in accordance with the dictates that become obvious and necessary as we perform these tasks, which we are given. So, consider this in your own lives and to me, it is a bit of a parallel and expected type of change for yourselves. For though you do your best to try to envision just how your lives can change and will change …

Phyllis: Excuse me for a moment. .. Pardon me, Tarkas!

Tarkas: Thank you Phyllis, go ahead.

Phyllis: Go ahead, Tarkas. Thank you.

Tarkas: It's not something that he must necessarily work on or prepare yourself for the upcoming and even current slight changes within your own lives. As you ask yourselves, what should I be doing? How should I be doing it? What’s being expected of me? And it is natural to have these thoughts and these questions come up. But of course as we continue to reaffirm to you your most important communication is the cooperation with your Thought Adjusters, who are always standing by to help you with these questions and these situations, and to keep you in peace in your connection with Father directly. But other than that, it is your openness, your willingness, your giving of your will to the Father's will as it is revealed to you and requested of you daily in any way, shape, or form. And feel free to question your Father fragments and to open yourselves to us as well for guidance, because it is our calling, our service to be there as you are granted the opportunity to be a part of these missions and it is vital for their success to have your cooperation. So that requires, of course, your awareness and your willingness to be listening, to be questioning. But doing so to the best of your ability without fear and concern and worry in doing so. Ask your questions and be aware of your questions and trust that we will give you the answer if you need when you need them. For timing is so very important when it comes to revealing what is needed, how it is needed, and when it is needed. And that's a vocation that is paramount for all of you to incorporate into your daily lives. As Urantians you've had to do that and had to pivot so very much in your lives and deal with so very much. But even as the influence of insurrection and the Luciferian rebellious mindset decreases and becomes less, and less, this grant you opportunity to become more deeply involved in your own spiritual lives and growth far beyond what you ever have experienced up until this point. That is not an item what you need to worry about, it is simply an item for which you should be aware. And that can definitely be accompanied by excitement and in anticipation. And this is Tarkas, I will be stepping back now.

Phyllis: That’s Phyllis, pardon me (cough) Yes, Tarkas, go ahead.

Tarkas: I need to step back now, Phyllis, and I give this Lightline over to you.

Thank you so much, Tarkas. Thank you for that encouragement and enlightenment, and I ask for the next transmission of our Celestial family to this Tuesday Lightline.

Van the Steadfast: This is … This is Van.

Phyllis: Welcome, Van! It is wonderful to hear from you, please, go ahead.

Van: Thank you, Phyllis, and I address everyone on this call at the moment. I see that you have 10 on streaming and 14 on the direct call. With my experience on Urantia during the rebellion and I have addressed this many times before, but I would like to just come in with a little follow-up from the words with which you have been addressed by Tarkas. Thought we, as members of the first contact visible really to Urantians, and with the brewing of the Luciferian rebellion and it's subversive ways even before we broke up as a group, and the situation was dealt with as needed to be. I can relate in the form of my personal experience to a great upheaval in that which was the norm and should have been the norm for the manifestation of the missions of which I was a part. I had a particular office to uphold and to focus on as did my comrades. We too were those who had volunteered to come here for the purposes of the enlightenment of this planet. We had the training, we had had awareness, we knew as you might want to call it the organization chart for each persons. Specialties and areas of expertise that they would be addressing while we were here. And as you know that apple card was completely upset. That the missions were completely derailed. And those of us who stayed such as myself, and I was very - very thankful and unexpectedly blessed with the choice of Amadon remaining here. Not only that remaining with me, a mere mortal facing circumstances, which never could have been anticipated by any mortal, especially at this time. And there he was right by my side through all the harrowing situations, and all the surprising circumstances, all of the blockades that were constantly placed before us, [all of the interferian …] all of the interference. But the trust and the faith and the openness of the mindset of my dear friend, Amadon to me, a perfect stranger from another world, from Celestial existence of which he was hardly consciously been made aware of when everything was turned upside down. His free will choices to be with me and fight the fight for the will of the Father on this planet is beyond admirable. It wasn't still is. it's brought us closer in relationship and comradeship than I had ever experienced [previous …] previously, not really up until the present time. And I anticipate this can be the same situation for many of you where the circumstances are extreme, often commitment and choice is extreme as well. It is quite rare, but there are those who will make those choices and I see you being among them. And that is why we quite often come into these Lightline calls and attempt to raise your awareness of the grave importance of your connections with your Thought Adjusters, your daily communion with them, your heightened awareness and reiterating the fact that as much as possible at any time we are going to be in contact with you and we are going to be there for you when you call upon us. It may not be right at the moment you think it is needed, we all know that there still is interference happening, but that doesn't mean by any means that we have left you or forsaking you, or are we ignoring you. Sometimes, an answer is simply the inevitable not right now. That is not a no, so please do not confuse it as being such. This is Van and also representing here my dear friend Amadon, attempting to peak your interest and heighten once again your awareness. For it is by repetition and remembrance that's we are attempting to assist you in your daily choices. So thank you for your time. Thank you Phyllis for letting me be a part of this call today, and enabling me to greet my fellow workers who choose to be in the will and the ways of the Father, and choose to seek and support and uphold his light and his life on this dear planet Urantia. For which we all hold a great fondness and desire to see Father’s will come to fruition in ways and means any areas that we never could anticipate. And may his kingdom come and his will be done with our full support and cooperation. Thank you all. This is Van, signing off for now.

Phyllis: Thank you so much, Van. Thank you for making that connection for us between the great upset and unforeseen circumstances that you and Amadon faced for millennia on this planet. And you give us hope and you give us an encouragement. Thank you so much. I ask who else is there for us on this call today? Pardon me. I believe, I'm getting Machiventa. Go ahead, Machiventa.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Yes, Phyllis, I have but a moment to pop in as your Planetary Manager. Van certainly hit the nail on the head when he addressed the issue of the suddenness and the upheaval and as Tarkas referred to the apple cart being completely overturned. And you know we've been dealing, especially myself and my Melchizedek brethren, with constant interference with the Planetary Government for Urantia. But we will not be discouraged and we will not be overtaken by these. We will simply adopt and revise and regroup, and come back stronger each and every time. And I know that it's possible for each and every one of you as you make your choices. I'm simply popping in at the moment to advise you that there is so much going on right now that we're all dealing with, but if you would like to open this call to Questions and Answer period we will make ourselves available for those questions which we can address at this time. And I leave you to that.

Phyllis: Thank you Machiventa, and all the best with our support to you, sending you Father’s wishes and wellness to perform your tasks as you constantly do, and appreciation for our Melchizedek brethren.

Machiventa: Thank you Phyllis, please carry on with your Question and Answer period.

Phyllis: OK, everyone. We're going to have a time of question and answers for anyone who is interested. So, please 5 * to raise your hand. If you are calling in as a member of the call in service today that I can see on my dashboard. I see a question from Robert with his hands raised and in case, I know there's at least one person on the web audio service, if you have a question I know it's not possible for you I believe to raise your hand, but you should be able to unmute your microphone, which would enable us to hear your question as you wish to pose it. I welcome you all, and I'm coming now to you Robert to pose your question. Go ahead.

Robert: OK, Phyllis, thank you. Phyllis, last Sunday it was said that the entire matter of regency is fully on and being prepared. Biden then had an ambassador speak to him, but he dismiss it as lunacy. Is that mean that the spiritual being never contacted the president? Will they will they be able to contact him before the mission start?

Phyllis: I believe you're asking specifically if in preparation for the Regency an ambassador has, a Celestial ambassador has, having yet contacted. Are you referring to the president of the United States?

Robert: Yes, yes.

Phyllis: OK. So, you're asking … it was two questions there?

Robert: Yah, if the spiritual being never tried to contact Biden, will he be able to do so before the mission start?

Phyllis: OK. So, you're saying there was a comment that President Biden had not yet been contacted.

Robert: Yes, yah,

Phyllis: And your question is just will he be contacted before?

Robert: Yes, before the mission start.

Phyllis: And in your mind, what, what do you perceive as the actual missions to be? Are you referring to the date that was given in April?

Robert: Ah … yes, refer, yes. Yes, when Jesus going to return, yes.

Phyllis: I just wanted to clarify that.

Robert: Okay.

Phyllis: I just wanted to make sure that you are asking for that date. OK, so the question is, does our Celestial family believe that contact will be made with the president of the United States by the visible return date expected of April 25th.

Robert: U hmm, OK.

Phyllis: That .. what that be correct?

Robert: Yes, that would be correct. Yes.

Phyllis: Thank you so much.

Robert: OK.

Phyllis: I am going to post that question now. … I believe I have Jesus here and go ahead please, dear Jesus.

Jesus: Thank you, Phyllis. Oh, well. You ask a question, which I personally as Jesus I have no control over, nor is it my personal main concern to have an ambassador directly in obvious contact with the President of the United States. My mission is my mission, and it is the import for me for the world at large to know who I am, know what I represent and who I represent, and be aware of my perspective and my purpose for being here. And as I'm sure you understand that includes the entire world population and deals with the mindset and the perception of the population at large. So specifically for me, for the subject of direct contact for any president regarding the Regency at this point in time that is not part of my mandate. I'll leave it at that for now and I turn you over to anyone else who would like to address this.  And does that clarify for you, Robert, my direct connection and participate in this subject?

Robert: Yes, I understand now.

Phyllis: Does that respond to your question?

Robert: Ah, yes, yes.

Phyllis: OK. Thank you very much, Robert for your questions, and … .

Robert: OK, yes.  

Phyllis: Is there anything else that you wanted to refer to at this point?

Robert: No, that’s all for now.

Phyllis: OK. Thank you very much.

Robert: Thank you, Jesus.

Phyllis: You’re very welcome. And I thank you so much Jesus and I'm going to remute you, Robert, but if you have any further questions, you may raise your hand. I'm asking if anyone has a question, please 5 * to pose your questions so that I can see you on the dashboard, which is currently not showing that anyone has a question at this time. I would like to encourage you, if you have a comment about anything that's was said on today's call for clarification that you would wish to have, please feel free to raise your hand as well. We still have 9 on the streaming and 14 on the direct call in. So this is your opportunity to participate. I have Lemuel with his hand raised, and I will be watching for others. I'm coming to unmute you now, Lemuel, please go ahead.

Lemuel: Yes, Phyllis, thank you. I have something to say, a comment to make about keeping a diary, but I, I, may I first ask, Robert just asked a question, and I find it strange that Jesus decided to answer this question pertaining to himself as not being interested in -I know he didn’t use that word- but it’s not part of his mandate. I was wondering was it not possible for someone else to address that question, who … Tarkas for example, or Van, or anyone else perhaps could address that question that Robert asked.

Phyllis: I was wondering that myself, a … and that was why I was led to confirm with him if his question was responded to. And it was the connection that he confirmed at the beginning of the question that it had to do with the April 25th date, which is the date that was given for the return of Jesus, the  and that's why I went for that clarification and I think that's why Jesus himself came in. Because he simply wanted to make it clear that it wasn't part of his particular mandate in his mission to deal with the Regency issue.

Lemuel: So, are we to assume if fact that in fact there not been an approach from any kind of ambassador to … a … What's he word? For Joe Biden to say, that’s lunacy. Than why did you say that? If he has not been approached.

Phyllis: Okay, you're saying that there was a comment made that Joe Biden said it was lunacy? He had been approached?

Lemuel: Well, this is what we understand from the Lightline and this is what I understand, maybe I am mistaken, but I am given to understand from the Lightline on Sunday. The word ambassador was used who approached Joe Biden with the idea of Regency, and his response was that just lunacy. And I think that is the question that Robert was asking really.

Phyllis: Well, I apologize because I thought I was trying to get clarification from Robert regarding his question. That's why I kept getting from him if he was referring to the 25th date, and that date was given for the return of Jesus, the second return.

Lemuel: Well, I understand that, yes.

Phyllis: And that why I confirmed that with him too. But you're saying there is a question as to whether or not ... that there a comment regarding a specific contact having already been made to the President of the United States? And it was …

Lemuel: Yes, Phyllis.

Phyllis: his opinion that was And this is … I am sorry, this is a call coming in on my phone. My apologies, I was interfering.

Lemuel: Non, no Phyllis, don’t apologize. Let me just repeat just in case. What I have been given to understand, I still understand, I maybe wrong, I still understand, … I Still Understand, I have been given to understand from Sunday’s Lightline …

Ron: Phyllis!

Lemuel: With the word am … with the word ambassador was used an approach to Joe Biden, the President who to (?) flatly and called it, the Regency, to be pure lunacy. And I think this is the question that Robert wanted to ask and to find some kind of clarification if this possible.

Elise: May I interfere, Phyllis? This is Elise.

Phyllis: Yes, Ron, go ahead …. “Yes, Ron”, sorry, Ron is also waiting at the moment too.

Elise: Yah. What I only wanted to say Phyllis is that if he would be … if he would have been approached, which I think he was, than in his mind he has regarded it as lunacy. Maybe he was not really aware of it fully, but in his mind regarded it as something that could not happen, maybe. That's how I felt it was said.

Phyllis: Well, I understand your perception. Thank you, Elise.

Elise: Thank you, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Was that everything there?

Elise: Yes. I mute myself again, thank you.

Phyllis: OK. Ron, did you … did you want to respond to this … … hello … Oh! I don’t know if we lost Ron, he is showing on a … he is showing that he is here, and he is showing that he is unmuted, but not answering.Hmm, I have a feeling Ron cu … Are you there, Ron? Are you still there, Lemuel?

Lemuel: Yes, I am still here, Phyllis. Can I? It’s a… if Ron doesn’t come in, can I just continue with what … what I was …, Not the question, but the comment that I wanted to make.

Phyllis: Yes, absolutely. And if Ron, I just want to say that if Ron do come in, just go right ahead, Ron, at any time.

Lemuel: Yes, Ron, yes.

Phyllis: I am looking to hear anything you talk about.

Lemuel: Yes, right, yes. What I wanted to talk about is the … the idea of keeping a diary. And I, I started, not every day, I don’t keep it every day, just … I just made an entry today. What I want to say is, I have noticed on, not the first occasion, but the second and the third occasion that I sat down here to write. I thought it to be a good idea to … to give some information about myself and about my life, and once I was doing this in fact, it was my Thought Adjuster who was telling me what to write. And it occurred to me again that those who have difficulty in transmitting or think they cannot, it’s an excellent idea, and I think Amethyst mentioned this just yesterday, it’s an excellent idea just start writing. Just write. Write about yourself and see what happens, because your Through Adjuster is looking through your eyes of what    you are writing. And he can, if he deems it necessary to influence you. This is what I have experienced on two occasions, and so for me now personally, I regarded as important for a possible future reader, in the far distant future, who wants to find out about us in some way, that we five them some personal information about our lives and background information about how we came to be interested in carrying out the will of Father, and that sort of thing. So, this is the only comment I wanted to say, and it is now intentional to keep, not every day, I will not write everyday, because I know I cannot, but as a prelude to the end of April that would be different. Because when is happens I probably will have something to say, I hope to have something to say on a daily basis. But for now, I just write a few things, may be two or three days about myself to bring the future up to date with who I am, and what I am, why I am, and how I am so to speak. supposed to be. I think, possibly that's a good idea for everyone. All right.

Ron: Lemuel, this is Ron. That's fine. I think it's an excellent statement concerning journaling and diary. Ah … I want to go back to your questions concerning of the Regency and the fact that Jesus came in to answer a certain element of the question. Would you restate your question, please?

Lemuel: Well, in fact it was not my question, Ron, it was Robert’s question, please?

Ron: Well, whatever! Restate it, please.

Lemuel: All right. Was President Joe Biden approached by an ambassador of some kind or not, so that the idea of the Regency, as far as Joe Biden was concerned, was pure lunacy. Why did he say that? Why did you think that? That is the question.

Ron: It is a lunacy. Let me go directly to the origin of that information? Yes, Christ, Michael.

Christ Michael: This is Michael of Nebadon. As usual, these things get exaggerated when they are not fully understood and it was not fully understood from the Lightline conversation we had, I believe it was on Sunday. For that matter, let me restate it for you. The Regency is not to be seen until the appearance of Jesus is fully satisfactorily presented to Urantia. We are proposing that the appearance is now scheduled for the last week of April. The April 25th date that is mentioned so far. Ron holds it just as another date, I do not. You have to decide how you want to wait that out. But you should wait it out with a diary or a journal and daily. Not when you can get to it Lemuel. Even if it's a line, you have a consistent chronology from the time you start your diary at least until after the invocation of the Christ. Then it would be more helpful. To scatter the days is not helpful in a chronological history. Second of all, no one has mentioned anything to the president or even to staff about the so-called Regency. What they have been invoked with is that the term for certain aspects of the appearance of Jesus has been mentioned in passing to the president. The president that set off as insoluble and useless information. He is welcome to do that as most people do that now anyhow. There is no further discussion at least from Salvington regarding the 25th of April date, or regarding when the Regency may appear and who is organized around it well enough to understand what is being suggested. I hope that answers everything that you're questioning at least at this point. I am Christ Michael, and let me just put out to all of you that the response of Jesus was an adequate response to the question because it added the additional element that Jesus is not concerned about the Regency, that is the problem and the concern of the Most Highs. As you all know, the Most Highs are responsible for the national behavior and the national contention of what they shall do in the world community of nations on Urantia. He has nothing to do with the Regency and cannot answer anything about the Regency. That is a question either to the Most Highs or to Michael of Nebadon. I will entertain one further …

Ron: Just a moment, please.  (caught) That's better. This is Ron. Let me get back on the beam here. Just a minute, please.

This is Michael. Thank you, Ron. Better throat?
Ron: Yes.
Michael: Now this. The doorbell rang just as Ron unmuted himself. He has no idea who was at the door, but that was Bob, on, wanting to put the device on the mower.
Ron: My wheel fell off. He wants to put the wheel back, but he's gone because it didn't get down there fast enough.
Michael: In any case, the truth of the matter is that Machiventa Melchizedek is more or less deciding that the Lightline audience needs to understand, as deeply interested as they are, that many of the questions that they hold can be answered by their Thought Adjusters if they would take the trouble to transmit them. We are always appreciative on the Lightlines to hear what your Adjuster say about it. You can read it back or you can do it from memory. It doesn't matter. But it is much more valuable when you have a deep question concerning old policy or whatever to attempt to transmit your Adjuster and I would suggest that you write it down for the next Lightline and its discussion. Now, one more item.
Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek, if you please, welcome
Ron: Welcome, Machiventa, go ahead, please.
Machiventa Melchizedek: Thank you Ron. The truth of the matter is Ron, you had no intention whatsoever of coming on to the Lightline today, but you see that the continuous contention surrounding the Regency and the advice to the present political administration in Washington is constantly gnawing at the individuals. The fact of the matter is, it would be very helpful to understand everybody that the Regency is to be imposed if it is not accepted. For that reason the Biden Administration is not advised at this time. Ron nor the rest of you understand that the Regency was once voluntary, but now is subject to being automatically installed and that it must be attended to even if they object. We don't expect Biden to object, but we expect perhaps one or two of the cabinet to object and possibly resign. We look at particularly the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense which are holding back the patent on WTP to classify it. Ron is furious that they would put a classification on it, because that withhold WTP from being developed because it has a security classification. Ron has not mentioned it to the attorney, Ron sent the memo from the attorney to the Planning Commission to show them that it is a live project and everybody is waiting for the patent. The problem is that the Department of Defense thinks it's a weapon and for that reason is holding it back.
Rayson: This is Rayson. I am taking this opportunity to tell you that Ron and I both agree that the Department of Defense is out of order. However, if they persist, I want you all to know. that while the patent may be classified, the technology is not. And I Rayson will personally see to it that an alternative WTP is put up and running before they have a chance to object to it.

Ron: This is Ron. Amen, Rayson. It's the bright spot today.

Rayson: Thank you, Ron. Now this. Lemuel, has that fully answered your concerns?

Lemuel: Well, yes Ron, it has, but in fact it really wasn’t my concern. It was the concern of Robert.

Ron: I don’t care, Lemuel!  

Lemuel: All right, all right.

Ron: It was needed to be answered and it has been answered. Do you think it is satisfactory?

Lemuel: All right, Ron, all right.

Ron: All right.

Lemuel: Yes, thank you very much!

Ron: You're welcome.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Now, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Ron is a little sharp today because he's hearing too many confusions over something that has been gone over and over and over and it does not seem to reside within the memory units. I am not particularly caring for the sharpness that Ron answers. Lemuel. But Lemuel, what does it matter if the question is repeated, who asked it. The fact of the matter is, we are done with the question, it has been answered, and finally, please be alert to the fact that we are not removing any of you, but at the same time you are being questioned as to your … shall we call it your solidarity with your dedication to what is about to happen? Yes, you're going to be crossed from time to time as Ron gets that way, over endless repetitions over things that should be clear, but unfortunately are not. Ron apologizes for the sharpness, but at the same time, please understand, it doesn't matter who asks the question.
Lemuel: I understand Ron, and your apology is accepted, but my dedication is not in question ever.

Ron: Well, we don’t, sincerely, and I am sorry for the bite, but I feel quite a bit of pressure to keep things on the straight and narrow and we have. And I appreciate it and thank you.

Lemuel: Thank you.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Now, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Once more we have a situation arising in which the cabal and that now is a term that includes the Lucifer remnant, and the seraphic insurrection, plus the Vorondadek insurrection that is brewing once more. We are now making it fully visible to you on this Lightline and hopefully to the discussion forum. The Vorondadek sonship has now made it clear that they do entirely disagree that Urantia should receive WTP or any other technology until it is put back in its box, as to its own human insurrection, concerning the Fatherhood and the Sonship relationship. Most now have disagreed with biblical references that God is entirely available for even a worse situation. The Russian - Ukraine war is now considered an apostasy. That is not what World War II was considered. World War II was an insurrection surrounding Reich’s primarily. It will no longer be considered World War II but a continuation of World War I by our historians. For those who may be interested in what else is being changed in the history Chronicles, know that Ron has seen to it that several institutions nearby are aware of the pending return of Christ, and that he is asked for resources that professionals journal as Chronicles of the Second Return. Most of them ignore it as superstition. Yes, superstition! And for that matter he has broken the ice considered by processing Martin Luther, Saint Paul, Saint Peter and several others that are very important to the institutions and they are appalled that they know nothing about this side of history. Ron may go down in history as the lost son. But you are not going down in history, many of you on this broadcast will not go down in history without being recognized for your abilities, for your concerns, for your dedication and loyalty to the Christ. Please stand by. We're going to have a moment of history right here.

Christ Michael: This is Christ. I did not want to speak but now I must. Lemuel, you got a bite. We apologize ourselves; we were behind Ron's anguish. The truth of the matter is that I am to appear shortly. Don't be surprised that I I'm way before April 25th, if that is my angst too over the entire inability for man to comprehend that God exists in spite of 2,000 years of history of dedication to that very theorem. Those of you who can transmit, surely know that God exists. He speaks through your own mind into a soliloquy of Hope and Charity. Yet for the most part most of you do not even attempt to Adjuster conversion. Most of you don't even bother to think about it during the day, except when the scheduled Lightline comes along, then you are happy to listen. All of that is good. We're not complaining about that. What we need is a full dedication, not only of people like you, but millions and millions of more, but you're not making inroads, you're sitting back and letting Lightline happen. And Ron flailing around trying to get institutional interest so it can be archived and achieved fully into the mainstream of your civilization. You can't do it by yourself. You need to institutionalize or support and Institution. That allows you to become part of history in the civilization. That's just the way it works. It always works, regardless of if it was Israel or Rome or Sumerian. Only the written records obtain to the history. What they said doing it is never heard anymore. We ask as Christ Michael to please begin to assume that you are an important voice. Not only to history but written history. Go about your journal or your diary, as though it was to be read by the public. Install your thoughts. Do your own analysis. Make the comments you feel are worthy of being read by the public, and keep a chronological order to the diary or journal. The difference between a diary and a journal is a diary is mostly personal. A journal has analysis about public events. Ron does both. For that reason, curry favor with your Thought Adjuster as Lemuel speaks correctly, as he does for Ron. He writes the journal sometimes and Ron keeps it. As an important insight to the view of the day of the event, and his initial reaction. That makes what you do as a journal in particular very useful to the chronology and chroniclers that will follow within decades of the return of Christ.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Thank you, Chris Michael.

Ron: Thank you Chris Michael as well, from Ron.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Now, this is a warning to you all including Ron, if he isn't careful. Ron has exploded a bomb in the middle of a college that is so sure of itself, it won't repeat what Ron sent them, unless the Chairman of the Department says it is okay to repeat it. However, the Chair of the Department send a copy of the PDF Ron sent them toward to the Board of Regency. What is a Board of Regency for a college? All of them have it. You never hear of it. But they are the one who control and seed to the financial success, and to the academic lectures that should be given, and to the idea of a vestigially response to the powers to be in the civilization that accepts the college as granting degrees. Gettysburg College, which is what Ron attended for 3 years, is known for its history of the Civil War. The Chair of the Department received the first message as curious. The second PDF that arrived is much more than curious. It runs 25 pages of dictation from the chief religionist that formed all the churches in the civilization. Gettysburg College is affiliated with the Lutheran Church. It has always been. And for that reason, Martin Luther chimed in with a message, concerning the need for the college to address, at least address, the idea of a Chronicle, a journal of the second return as it unfolds. Ron says it is the only way we are going to have a straight line history without all of the distortions of religions that will write it up too and their desire to see Jesus in white robe and the Parousia. It will not happen. It cannot happen. Jesus considers it so arcane, it's like an Aesop story that you read children. But not anymore. Ron says, For God's sake somebody step up to the back and treat this like you treat the Olympics. Follow it like the media does consistently and always, as long as the Olympics are running. He says it needs to be done for Jesus. It needs to be done for you, it needs to be done as an accurate record for a change and all of those tables that get into it by organized religion and its ineffable ignorance over what really happened. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and now I fully understand what Ron is trying to do. He's trying to give a base of institutionalizing all that you are doing and believing in in a Magisterial Foundation. It's Incorporated, it's a charity, it's a trust, it has its own records now. It won't disappear because beyond the constitutional means within the corporate structure doesn't allow it to be erased. He's also supplied six subsidiaries to it, the institutionalize WTP, the Second Return and the Chronicles of a new Epochal Revelation. He has seen to what we are not sure we were sure about, and for that reason, we must proceed with a clear mind, even though it is so difficult you would kick it, like you would kick the tires on a car for not looking good. We are now going to address a historical announcement.

Jesus Christ: I am Jesus Christ. Believe me, this was not my plan. But I see that the directions that many of you follow are concerns to do yet another thing you don't have time to do. Well, it depends on your dedication. How much time you have to do what we ask you to do. Please journal. If you can't, don't bother. No loss, except your voice is not in the history. I'm Jesus. I want you to understand that the entire matter of Life, Resurrection, and becoming a status Spirit in the Master Universe is all I ever wished to achieve. But I am discovering that Ron has added to my achievements by insisting that the missions are taken seriously, and are institutionalized on a planet in desperate need for ministry and care. I met that objection in my first appearance, the first century AD according to your calendar. Run points out to the college and the department of religion that the Gregorian calendar, which you used, which dates from 1565 or 68? is now six years and eight months out of date with a real events on your planet. Ron says, I cannot follow the Gregorian calendar when I tell you dates in this PDF. I followed the life [cronulla..] chronology of Jesus himself. Jesus really died in 23 AD according to the Gregorian calendar, but the fact of the matter is historians consider it approximately 30 AD and they are following his life age and not the Gregorian calendar. It's a horrible confusion. One of the first things that will be done by the Magisterial Sons is reset your calendar. Count on it. You will have a new calendar within two years of the appearance of the Magisterial Sons. Second of all understand that I Jesus are so perturbed over the events that are now unfolding on Urantia, I would personally like to reach down and hold some of those humans by the neck, until they are shaking out of life. There is no excuse for what Putin pulled. There is no excuse for what China pulled. And for God's sake, for United States is a fool to stand well done with the community of nations when they do not understand that President Biden spoke properly. Putin should be out of office. What else would you do with a murderer and truant? Regardless of the national credentials. I am Jesus, and I want to make this particularly historical. We didn't intend this today Phyllis and we apologize for Shanghaiing your Lightline for today, but will turn it back to you shortly. This is Jesus. Ron, your life is truncated due to the death of your legs. You got up this morning wondering if you could even stand. Well, you did but not well. For that reason we are calling a halt to this end card travesty that must be … oh, how shall we say it? … put way off, and not even part of the record if we can get at the record. So, number one. The entire matter regarding your part in this Ron is fully satisfied in our records. But Urantia records will not show anyone making the Magisterial Foundation or the Second Return, or some of the Michael Missions to Urantia dependent on you, or anyone in the human structure, but entirely on me. Jesus. What say you?

Ron: As with the Divine Jesus there is no argument when they decree, I accept because I must.

Jesus: Thanks you. Thank you, what's that answer? Ladies and gentlemen, that is a truthful answer if you ever are up against the Divine and they say, do this or dropped dead. It can happen. But we're not going to do that to you Ron, for the simple reason, number two. Jesus has decreed that the records of the spiritual incursion that you are about to enjoy is fully apprised with the fact that a Magisterial Foundation exists, and that its leader - at least up until now - is to be recalled on high to answer for its con … (laugh) to answer for its consequences. Ron finds that ‘Okay. Let's see where that goes’. Number three. For that reason you Dominick, which I don't believe is on the call today, are going to be asked to inherit the Magisterial Foundation with or without a WT patent, but for sure you're going to have a patent with regard to other technologies, we are going to mention not. Ron knows them, but we're not going to tell you. Number four, I Jesus are now decreeing that on my return, and that is the visible return, please remember that; I am making sure there is no further discussion about medical remedies for Ron, and the useless doctor he is applying to. For that reason Ron called the doctor's office today and ask for an appointment oh, way in June somewhere and they gave it to him. That takes it off the agenda for him now. I will also say this: Ron is diabetic no longer., but the doctor thinks it's getting worse. And I will tell you this. Your A1C is not a good indicator about the progress of diabetes. Your own glucose level is. Ron's glucose level is always high, but it is within the norms of what he's always lived. The A1C has nothing to do with diabetes. Now this. Number five or six, I think it's fine. The truth of the matter is that the Lightlines for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will remain. The Lightlines that are currently running otherwise are to be revised in accordance with the Regencies in those various countries. I will not say anything more about it except that you will continue dear hosts, just not to worry about it now. The Lightlines that run Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be revised into one Lightline eventually. That is not to be discussed right now. But that is a big change coming for the hosts. And finally, this, the last item six. I am making it clear that the entire use of the Lightline for Sunday is to be set aside for a radio broadcast and that you are invited as an audience to cheer clap and applauded not, but to be a live audience for the broadcast. That's coming shortly. And finally this. I am Jesus Christ. I Stand before you as the Prince of Peace. I hold no one guilty of doing this war until it has become a slaughter. That I hold Putin responsible for. The death of his own troops have to have gone beyond 5,000 and are approaching 10,000 alone. They are really only young boys, not ready for war, but to invigorate their homes, their loves and trials for an Ascension career they may never see. Their souls are not mature enough. This is Jesus. For that reason I hold the leadership of the nation states irresponsible for not coming down on a truant that has no responsibility anymore in a few periods of time. The Most Highs are with me today. I am preparing my incursion into visibility. I am frustrated just like Ron got, and I speak a little harder than I usually found, because of it. The truth of the matter is that all of us get frustrated and went ourselves on the cat or the dog sometimes. But sometimes on our neighbor. And for that reason, Ron will get a rest for a day or two, because we must see to it that the entire matter of the physical anomalies he is experiencing are eradicated. Here are the Most Highs at my request.

Threads for New Transmissions / Transcript Sunday, LLUSA, February 13, 2022
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0213022 Lightline USA, Sunday, Host: Ron Besser, Co-Host: Phyllis
Subject: Son fusion, reconstruction of time - space Universe, Ascension path and fusion forecasts, interruption by Lucifer’s second in command, the three secret mission of Michael of Nebadon,
Transcriber: SonsofGod


Ron: Good afternoon, everybody. This is the Sunday Lightline for February 13th, 2022. I'm Ron Besser your host with our co-host Phyllis standing by. I have been promised a clear channel today and believe me, we need it, it has been nothing, but problems and you are all mostly aware of them. Let's see how this one goes today. Do we have an MC today?

Tarkas: Yes, Ron, thank you. This is Tarkas and thank you for introducing it that way. I want you to understand that the third channel that you have today is probably the last clear channel we can manage for maybe a week.

Ron: I'm catching some noise Tarkas, I am just holding back a little bit, trying to identify it. That apparently is in the circuit.

Tarkas: It is, Ron, go ahead.

Ron” Thank you.

Tarkas: I apologize if you're hearing it too, it sounds like a machine running somewhere. In any case, this is Tarkas, Ron, now we want you to use speakerphone.

Ron: This is the speakerphone,

Tarkas: I know it's sounds pretty (noise…), but there is a (noise….) you probably hearing it too. The truth of the matter is, its voice overrun, and that's from your voice bouncing off the walls and being picked up by the speaker today. For that reason. We just muted it.

Ron: Yes, quite a difference. Thank you now.

Tarkas: Now, pick up your headset again.

Ron: Alright, okay, I'm back on the headset.

Michael of Nebadon: This is Michael of Nebadon, Tarkas has graciously given way. I am just back from Uversa. I want you all to know that. My agenda to the Ancients of Days was twofold. Number one: What the heck do we do with Ron? Number two: I have to synchronize to be part of Jesus. Ron says that sounds like it's hopeful for a soon so I can return, and it is. I'm tired of it too Ron, and you are saying my God, regardless of what we have that is nicking the good will of God for Urantia.

Ron: We need something to anchor to and I believe that is Jesus above all, Michael.

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you. I want you to know that I am now Christ Michael and I speak in Authority, Ron and Dominick had a long talk last night, almost until midnight and Ron was surprised by a couple of individuals that came in here, never heard of before. They revealed a certain issue that Ron never heard of before, and Ron says, the Dominick, I'm not so sure, I can share this, either with the Lightline, or with the discussion forum in general, because I don't know where it starts, and I don't know where it ends and I'm not sure what it is. Let me tell you what it is. Let me tell you what it is. Ron connected with the Deity Absolute as he was talking with Dominick last night. And the Deity Absolute suddenly shifted into an unusual transmission. Ron got it all right but was tremendously unsure just what it was. It didn't sound very much like the Deity Absolute. Yet it was such high frequency, he had to be careful to stay on it. What we had was the Deity Absolute revealing another part of himself. The Deity Absolute asked Ron: Do you know what I'm talking about when we speak of parts in Deity? And Ron says, yes, I think I do. I know that when I'm in contact with Michael of Nebadon, sometimes I'm redirected to the Deity of the Creator Son’s mind. It transmits then Michael of Nebadon himself transmits otherwise than those other two. So, to me that is part of the Deity of the Creator Sun. So therefore, I do know something about parts. The Deity Absolute said that's fine. That's exactly what I'm going to show you. So, the Deity Absolute indicated to Ron that there was a change in venue insofar as the Deity Absolute in his relationship, not only in time and space but to Ron himself. Ron says, the floor is yours. I have no idea what this maybe I have to listen carefully. The truth of the matter is the Deity Absolute wanted Ron to know that the trial to hear Deity spoken well through a transmission had to be modified. The Deity Absolute did not say why, but Ron understands that these things are the usual thing that happens when big changes have to be put into effect. Ron is using a clear channel today. And we are insisting that the cabal back off and stop its nattering. The truth of the matter is that the Deity Absolute indicated to Ron two variable circumstances that you have to hear about.

Ron: I beg your pardon.

Michael of Nebadon: Number one is the talk on Uversa today is to constrict the time space area to a smaller area. You still have an outer space and all the parts, but the construction of the time acreage, if you want to call it that, is to be reduced almost by 2/3. Ron says that the extraordinary, I didn't have that last night. And the reason that we want to reduce it so much is that we have bled so many personnel Spirit entities, because of the rebellion and the Insurrection. We are too short-handed the run the area that we now call time zone. For that reason, we are going to constrict the area that Nebadon operates in to less than half of its present size. The Dominion will be released to its own size with Nebadon in it. Now this: That will take effect over Millennia, it won't bother you at all. But what it portends is that your Ascension careers are going to be more or less truncated. So that you'd learn how to do Administration and people like Ron here will be taught how to work OS1 and OS2 at the very least. Some of you will join him. Those areas OS1, OS2, and probably OS3 will not be reduced in size. They are still huge areas of space for development of spirit. Now this: With the reduction of time space - it's area anyhow -, we are going to reapply the Thought Adjuster as the Ascension Probity. What does that mean? Adjuster's up until now have followed the dictates of God, the Supreme. But God the Supreme removed himself in disgust at what was going on in time, primarily not only in Nebadon, but in what we called a Dominion. The Dominion is composed now of six Local Universes, Nebadon is one of them. Tintantium is back in, Hensalon is back in, but we are about to lose not Sensalon, Ron, but the one you call Duran. That was a new one to you anyhow and you questioned whether that was all human. No Ron, there are no humans in Duran.
Ron: Yes, the opposite.

Michael of Nebadon: Why do you go about it that way, Ron? It just occurred to you. All right. And now, this: I have addressed the Ancients of Days for special permission to take unto Ron the removal of the situation he must deal with now. And to do that I've asked permission to Son fuse. Ron says, I forgotten all about that. I don't even know what that is anymore, what it looks like and what it does. Let me teach you, Ron. The truth of the matter is you are fleshing pictures of having a blue face. Stop that. Like the movie.

Ron: Yes.

Michael of Nebadon: In any case, Ron, you are using morontial instead of speaking it aloud. Thank you. What does Son fusion do? Number one: Is more or less forces the end of the life of the person in the material to become full spirit. I think that fits Ron's better anyhow. Number two: If Ron were Son fused and he was sitting at the computer, he would become invisible. He would just disappear. Number three: He now has the ability to appear in human form or to appear in spirit form. Ron says, oh me and Jesus could play peek-a-boo that way. That's right, because Jesus will be able to do that, although he is hardly Son fused. Thank you, Ron. In any case, the truth of the matter is the Ancients of Days said, alright, Michael. If you can manage to do that as a Sovereign Son, watch out! Because you transfer to Ron, a mere human, some of the prerogatives of a Creator son. Ron is hardly ever ready for that, but he can be a Divine son. And for that reason, we suggest that you, Michael, provide the esoteric details of Melchizedek to him, if that is what he would like to do. The Ancients of Days were very specific Ron. You are a Trinity Personnel already. We see those that are Ones Without Name and Number, those High in Authority, and the Mighty Messengers look at you lovingly. You are one of them, easily. I'm going to let Tarkas address that, but right now, I want to talk about Son fusion. I'm looking at a few others of you that we might make into a new Divine order of Sonships. You have been loyal, you have cared, you have given every bit of support that I human can. And for that reason, Ron, you are among the leadership of that New Order. For reasons of state, and I admit I don't know fully what I'm talking about, the Deity Absolute is looking at a few of you as potential gradients to God the Ultimate, and the teachings of OS1 and probably OS2 as well. OS3 is a bit of an oddball, too much to talk about now. And Ron is aware of OS4, being space design in a really strange way. He speculates what that's about, but he misses it all. Now this, Ron. I bid you to speak out loud.

Ron: All right. I have. I'm now speaking out loud.

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you, Ron. I want to say this about Son fusion. The Urantia book speaks to it as keeping the person who is Son fused in the Local Universe. Ron was looking forward to Paradise and maybe joining the Trinity Sons as friends, he already knows.

Ron: Yes, I've asked Michael to speak. The grasp you are hearing is that I tried to use the correct title for the Trinitized Sons, but in the middle of trying to pull it out of my brain, I hear a voice say. We're changing the name, Ron. Don't bother. So, my reaction was silence, but now I, I'm speaking and telling you why the silence, and I hand this back to you Michael. Thank you.

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you, Ron. For that reason, Ron, you are no longer under Tarkas or Jack or Hansen, but are under the Trinity Teacher Son Margul directly, and there is an associate of Marul you’ve talked with at length,

Ron: Yes, he was just full of wonderful things.

Trinity Teacher Son, Margul’s Associate: Thank you, Ron. My name is not important, I'm holding it back right now. I am an associate of Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son. And as that accessory it is my work with Margul to supply Urantia with the venue of placing the corporations that Ron has put together for operation in a unit that is satisfactory to God.

Michael of Nebadon: Well, the old idea of the Supreme, as well as the new idea of the Deity Absolute being able to ascertain what Ron really is. He's really the big news of the New Universe Age. Those of you who have been attracted at least to the Lightline must know that Ron redesigned the Lightline, so all of you could participate even as host. So, I want you to step up and take it on and you don't have to do it like he does it. All you have to do is follow a schedule weekly. Beyond that it is yours to do as you may wish. The important thing is that you represent God and can speak the Voice of God as Lightline. Now, let me talk about one other thing that we need to clear up particularly with Ron, because he is quite concerned, and he is faces it daily for about a year-and-a-half, is today my death? The truth of the matter is Ron today is not your death, nor your fusion. I have decided that I will fuse you as a Son fusion, but give you no prerogatives until you come over, not as a morontial form, but in a second stage Spirit form. I hear Ron saying, oh my God, it's so above my paygrade. What in the world do I do for morontial training? I'm missing all that. No, you're not wrong. You've got it down here, believe it or not. As a matter of fact, you are in the status of the fourth mansion world. You only have two more to go before your first stage Spirit by that rule, but you already are by fusion. As a result, his teaching to Dominick dominates the mind of Dominick, because Dominick is beginning to see the marvelous changes that he can afford to teach others too, and to be a leader. As Son fusion Ron... Stop it with the picture and the bugs flying around your head!

Ron (laughing): If they could only see it, yeah.

Michael f Nebadon: Anyhow, the truth of the matter is Ron, you would be greatly honored to do so. And on top of it, be rid of the god-awful pain, you felt this morning, which was double. You thought it couldn't get worse, but it did. That must be removed as fast as we dare move it. Furthermore, I want everybody here to know that Ron pulled a Big One this morning. He took the work of Dominick and the specifications to modify a gadget to demonstrate WTP in the living room. It will do so, Ron, and you have further modified it by showing an additional picture to Bob that he finds particularly clear. Between Dominick and Ron, Bob has enough to modify it. To demonstrate WTP in the living room. You're going to have to buy a video camera guys, and videotape it several times. So that you can distribute it to the naysayers. Ron is delighted with it and Dominick, you're going to have to do a storyboard, so that you can do the YouTube and other places to put the video. Nonetheless, Ron saw to it that Bob understands perfectly well, what has to be done. Bob is not for sure he can do it, but he's going to give it a good try.

Ron: Yes, Dominick, this is Ron. We may wind up buying another gadget, particularly if Bob shatters one of the sides, trying to drill a hole through it. I forgot about that.

Michael of Nebadon: Yes, Ron, so don't worry about it, we'll get another one.

Ron: Thank you. Michael. Go ahead, please.

Michael of Nebadon: The truth of the matter is Ron, but that device is so well-built that you can almost put it into the ocean, spin on the bottom and still get electricity out the top. But you don't want electricity, you want muans, and that's what it will produce. Now this: I have spoken to you as a group, now we have 25 on the direct call and we have 5 on streaming. Thank you all for your interest. The truth of the matter is this streaming works beautifully and so does the internet audio. Use the internet audio and it's only available on Ron's site. The other ones do not use it. When you use the USA Lightline, you can use the internet for audio, but the others have not picked that up. And finally, this as Michael and the idea of Sun fusion. Ron worried about it because he said, well, I'm willing to do whatever God wishes me to do. There's no question. I will happily serve anywhere. But I was looking forward to a little work with the Ancients of Days in the court system.

This is the Ancients of Days, Ron. You would be welcomed with open arms as Tarkas and Jack and Hanson and about ten others, including Welmek, know you well enough to know, you are a tremendous worker for the court. You are most welcome.

Ron: Thank you.

Michael of Nebadon: Now this: This is Michael of Nebadon, Ron. You will serve Millenia in Nebadon.

Ron: Oh, I'm delighted Michael. Particularly with I assume training for Ultimacy.

Michael of Nebadon: See, that's correct.

Ron: I do so look forward to it. Although I don't have time under my belt yet.

Michael of Nebadon: That's right, and that you will learn fully.

Ron: Thank you.

Michael of Nebadon: The truth of the matter is everybody, I would say of the 25 that are listening right now, eight of you are going to train with Ron. Now, you're not going to be Son fused. Ron needs it to get rid of the awful pain. Of the five that are now on streaming … Let me give you, I don't know your names, but I see the ISP on my chart. One, who is identified as 92.22 one, who is identified as 2001,470. One who is identified as 71. 38, one who is identified as 2601,1C0, and one identifies 2AO1,EOA. I know each of you, you are sovereign listeners, and prefer to remain anonymous. Ron says that's just fine. No one is picking at you. However, the one identified as is going to fuse with your Adjuster within the next six weeks. If you feel a headache and feel sleepy too much, your loving Adjuster is fusing a part of your brain. And that provide you a spirit standing, when you go over to the morontial worlds, that places you very high on the mansion world for graduation. Ron has already graduated. He's done all the morontial work, he has done all the work of first stage spirit, and he is able to address second stage Spirit gradually. Fully understood Ron. Now, we have addressed those on streaming as the five, I'm going to address a couple of you by name who are going to face fusion once again: Elise. Gitz. Dominick. Raz. Well, let it go at that right now. Free other of you are on the list to face fusion in two years. Now, why do I go to bother this and almost separate some of you out into groups? I don't mean to do that and don't do that. You'll not feel a thing, you won't know it, unless you go through actual fusion, which Ron did, and he can tell you all about it, the symptoms. What I want you to understand is that the Universe, and particularly time and space, are undergoing tremendous modification, not only for destiny, but how many will survive. You know, we have a terrible time with Urantia. It's a bad boy with a bad boy attitude. The survival rate on Urantia today, those that we take to the mansion world have shrunk to about 23%.77% are not adjudicated. That's horrible.23% are invited to the mansion world on probation. You can count by simple subtraction or addition what gets left behind on Urantia nowadays. There is now, I am so sorry to say, a large subhuman group mostly responsible for insurrection. We've got to clear the planet. We are not speaking how. If that group gets into ascendancy, the planet will be cleared of all humans. And finally, let it be known that Michael of Nebadon has looked as at Ron as a potential planetary worker.

Ron: Folks, I'm checking for clear channel. This is a little dicey. As far as I can tell, it's clear channel. Go ahead please, Michael.

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you, Ron. When I say worker, Machiventa Melchizedek has asked whether he can include Ron into the planetary staff as a very Junior member. What I said was, why not, but the Ancients of Days have indicated that if we do that, it promotes Ron too fast, and he is just happy to work with the corporations.

Ron: One moment, please. I've got cabal, just a minute. We're cleared. All right. And finally, this as Michael of Nebadon, I'm going to turn this back to Tarkas. The truth of the matter is that Ron has spurred a change in human development that we don't see in the other planets, not yet. We are concerned that Urantia has enough genetic quality that it can change the human genome, if we can copy it, into a far superior human designation. Ron says, would you compare it to more like Midsoniters? Ron, that's beautiful. The Midsoniters are here and dying to speak, but I'm asking them to hold back. You are by no means a Midsoniter.

Ron: Oh no, I'm not even living the way they do.

Michael of Nebadon: That's right. You are fully aware of it.

Ron: Yes, I.., I don't reach for it. But I'm wondering they are such a superior human type that maybe the lower human type particularly homosapien could be lifted genetically to more fully actualize as a Midsoniter rather than just a soul ascended.

Michael of Nebadon: That's brilliant.

Ron: Well, it's, it's an obvious comparison because it's the only ones we know.

Midsoniter Leader: Thank you. I'm the Midsoniter leader here, Ron. You already outperform some of us. I don't quite understand how you do it. You say it's genetic. I say it's training. And you say, well, you have to add the other thing to it Midsoniter Leader, and that is, it may be genetic, but it's also the epochal revelation, called the fifth, that turned this world upside down and became a different person.

Ron: I fully agree. We have to take credit. Yes. You are perhaps the major part of the credit.

Mantutia Melchizedek: Thank you, Ron. I am Mantutia Melchizedek, I am the writer of the Urantia book. Yes, there's lots of author, but I’ve rewrote it all, so it had one voice. And Ron discovered it and admires it tremendously and says, how in the world did you do that? I tried and can't get it done, well. Thank you, Ron, I appreciate that. It takes a real talent to do it. Now this: Ron is right, the fifth epochal revelation is responsible for turning Ron upside down. He was destined not for failure, but for an exceedingly difficult Ascension over issues he never fully appreciated or understood. I will say, he still doesn't, but he is not unhappy about it. For that reason, I have requested, actually requisitioned, that when Ron appears for before the judges that we assigned him to the Melchizedek training, but Michael wants to fuse him which places him directly under the Creator Son and Ron will receive Creator Son training, as some of you will. That's how Superior you are behaving. For that reason, the fusion proposal to get rid of Ron's legs in the painful mood is to take place. Ron has just said to me in the morontial, I'm deeply grateful, but those aren't words enough for what you're doing for me. I wish I knew how to express it. The truth of the matter is, he expresses it beyond words in the duty he performed and to make sure that there is a Lightline anyhow, in spite of the big fight that is going on. The truth of the matter is that without Ron we wouldn’t have an entry point. The corporations are like greased planes to run a sled down. That's how easy it is to enter the world with the corporations established. He made sure that there was a spiritual form and a material form in the corporations, and that it was up to us to run them. And we will.

Ron: I've seen the revolver pointed at me against the white background.

Michael of Nebadon: Yes, Ron, that's a cabal. And that is what we were hoping to see. Will talk to you later about it.

Ron: Yes, only this. I ask to speak, only this, folks. I got an extraordinary picture of it. It was slashed under my eyelid, not in my brain. As a result, it feels my left eye. A white circle with a black revolver pointing right at me. Thank you, Michael. That's all.

Michael of Nebadon: Where do you think that comes from?

Ron: Well, I considered the insurrection or cabal, or Lucifer. I don't know quite what to call it.

Michael of Nebadon: I don't either. This is a gesture. I saw it too Ron, you aren't hallucinating. That was a reminder from the Lucifer group, they can kill you at a moment's notice. People, if you ever get it and everyone is capable on his list of getting something like that. If you get a picture of the fills, your eye, very explicit and detailed that is Lucifer. He's dead, but he has an heir designated we thought we had eliminated, and we will. Every one of you is capable of receiving that kind of notice.

Ron: This is a different voice, everybody. I don't know where it's coming from. Please identify yourself if you will.

Second in command to Lucifer: I am not Lucifer. I am second in command. I can override any circuit I choose to, and I can kill you at will. I just want to show smarty pants Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, he doesn't have full control. You Ron loath me and I rather enjoy it. Good day.

This is Michael of Nebadon. Thank you, Ron. We know who. We know why, we know what, mercy has been extended but I'm asking the Ancients of Days to withdraw it.

This is the Ancients of Days; it is withdrawn, and it is sequestered.

This is Michael of Nebadon. Let me finish my speech about Son fusion. We are going to use it on Urantia for the simple reason that Adjuster fusion on the planet eliminates the body through Chariots of Fire. Although Ron is fused that part which eliminates the body has been held back. It is 99.9% fusion with that little bit of turning him into spirit not taken. Urantia Foundation is so out of date it should be embarrassed.

Now, this is the Ancients of Days. We're going to say this to you, Ron. It changes not your physical telemetry, but it changes your attitude toward man to the point that you might be more receptive to an infusion of spirit and love. Do not go overboard.

Ron: (laughing) Alright, I will get a license.

Ancients of Days: (laughing) Thank you, Ron. This is the Ancients of Days; I never know what's going to come out of that mouth. In any case everybody. Please understand that what we were telling you today is probably top secret only a year ago, but we must overcome the insurrection, remove the rebelling seraphim, and provide for a better ascension career for all of you. All seven on streaming right now are going to ascend beautifully. You are well designed. We know who you are. Ron sees nothing but numbers, but we know who you are personally. We now have 25 on the direct call, and every one of you will be beautiful ascenders. There's just variation in where you're going to be trained. That's all.

Michael of Nebadon: The Adjuster has signaled to Ron in particular for some reason that we must get off this subject and take it up at another time. But Dominick, since you are there, be aware that Ron needs watching. Particularly if he swoons and faints. That almost happened this morning again. He's fine. Don't worry. But the fusion aspect is not today. But it can be as close as tomorrow. Just be aware of it. If it happens while you're away, he will greet you at the door as saying, well, the pain is gone in my legs, Dominick. Let's see what we can do now that I can walk again. Truthfully and beautifully stated, Ron. I'm now turning this back to Tarkas.

Ron: Thank you, Michael of Nebadon. This is Ron and bless you Tarkas. Come on down.

Tarkas: (laughing) Thank you, Ron. Like the old TV show. Yeah, what's behind door number one or number two?

Ron: Yes.

Tarkas: Or door number three.

Ron: Yes, there were three doors, I just cut it short.

Tarkas: (laughing) Thank you, Ron. I am Tarkas, I am One Without Name and Number. I've done my destiny work and now I am turning this over to Jack 0802AB, who is my companion and my fellow One Without Name and Number.

Ron: Welcome Jack and thank you Tarkas.

Tarkas: Thank you, Ron.  

Jack O8O2AB: Well, that was smooth.

Ron: Oh, yah, Jack.

Jack O8O2AB:(laughing) Thank you, Ron, thank you. Let me get back on my pedestal that certainly wide enough.

Ron: (keeps laughing) Just a minute! (coughing)

Jack O8O2AB: Are you cabal at the moment?

Ron: I am cabal at the moment? (laughing)

Jack O8O2AB: I am back to normal. Thank you.

Ron: Yes, Jack. Please go ahead.  

Jack O8O2AB: I want to say to you Ron there. You see a great capital E.

Ron: Yes, a big bold capital E off to the left side of my eye. My goodness.

Jack O8O2AB: (laughing) What does that stand for?

Ron: Apparently, a grade for our relationship.

Jack O8O2AB: No.(laughing) Wait a minute! I can’t take control of myself. Ron, our sense of humor is so close, it isn't funny. Any case the E is for Everything (laughing).

Ron: Alright. Everything?

Jack O8O2AB: Yes. Everything. And that is what you are going to be able to do with our help. We are Ones Without Name and Number, and we are here primarily on Urantia to protect and produce humans who can help with the secret missions that Michael is affording. Now, that we haven't talked about them. We talked about the Magisterial mission, we talked about the Second Return, but Michael has several missions that are about to be revealed briefly to you, so, you know, what's in the honeycomb. Number one. The truth of the matter is Ron, you pick up my mannerism.

Ron: Yes.

Jack O8O2AB: Yes, I've always admired you as one who can smooth talk in a group presentation. Geraldine relied on you to keep the girls under control. (Laughing hard) Yes, he did, Ron.

Ron: (laughing) Thank you.

Jack O8O2AB: Anyhow, number one mission, which is the secret yet, is to prepare Urantia for Light and Life. Almost a millennia before it's ready to do it by itself. Number two. To prepare Urantia to become the center of a university that is for all of the Dominion to attend to talk about the Lucifer rebellion and how it works, and why it must be eradicated even more. So, yeah. One: Getting Light and Life earlier than we expect and two: a university for Spirit and morontial people to study the Lucifer rebellion on the worst planet it affected.

Ron: Is that all right, Michael?

Michael of Nebadon: It's beautiful.

Ron: Thank you. Did…  I beg your pardon, Jack! Is that alright, Jack?

Jack O8O2AB: Yes. Number three. The truth of the matter is Ron, we have a number three, but I don't want you to hear it.

Ron: All right, what do I stuff in my ears? Oh, Tarkas! Thank you. Tarkas got in my ears.

Tarkas: I speak to the group now; Ron can’t hear this. Ron is to be genetically reconstructed to see if we can slip some of it into your brains, so, you know what it means to know how to plan and know what to do about it. He does. None of us understand it. The Deity Absolute promises he really knows nothing (Ron is laughing), but there is a blue-eyed Father with a little gray hair (Ron keeps laughing). Yes, saying I know all about it, Ron. Shut up!

Ron: Okay, Father.

Tarkas: Now this: I have given you three different secret missions, none of which can operate without Ron being present, so it is critical. We get him operating at least in a normal fashion with all of you. And finally, those on streaming, we have a stable stream today. I'm not quite sure how we managed it, but just remember for your own good, if it goes bad, go back to the discussion forum and click on the link to internet audio. It is even more stable than the screaming. I believe some of you go back and forth preferring screaming which I agree is better quality. Just a reminder. And finally, this as Tarkas. The truth of the matter is Jack is here, too. Thank you. Ron, for brushing him. (Ron is laughing)

This is Michael. Tarkas is is not minding it,

Ron: (still laughing) Goof for Jack.

Michael of Nebadon: Has to have some attention.

Ron: All right

Michael: This is Michael of Nebadon, you love Tarkas and Jack, they are not in their regular mode, Ron. They are in a mode almost standing on top of you.

Ron: I say I'm much taller.

Michael of Nebadon (laughing) Yes, Ron, you're much taller.

Ron: TA

Michael of Nebadon: You’re welcome. Now this: The truth of the matter is that is the English for thank you.

Ron: Yes, it is. I learned that at the movies at the cinema. She handed the change back to me and said, TA, I said beg your pardon. I said, thank you. Oh, TA. That's how it went. That's how I learned it.

Michael of Nebadon: Now this: The truth of the matter is that Ron is an idiot on top of it. He doesn't clown, but his brain has Superior information at times so that we know exactly how we stand. He has always embraced Tarkas and Jack as deep friends of the family, and they are. They will see to you, Ron.

Ron: (laughing) I take it this is a ship. In other words, sea? Yes.

This is Tarkas: No, we are not using the sea today, Ron.

Ron: Thank you Sir.

Tarkas: You’re welcome, (laughing) I understand.

Michael of Nebadon: Tarkas and Jack have trouble making this work, but I will help them make it work. When you are Son fused Ron, you will know it quite well. Your legs will stop harming you and you will have an energy supply that is in addition to what you eat. Go easy on what you eat, and your diabetes will not exist. Nor will your A1C?

Ron: You know why that's important Michael.

Michael of Nebadon: Yes. Under a doctor's care every human has an A1C. If Ron shows up without an A1C, well, the doctor may have to go into the lounge and have a fit on the chair like they did in the 19th century where they got that out of … what did they call it? You keep stealing it, I know what they call it. But anyhow. Humans react strangely when they get a human that is not behaving medically as they should. You will not have an A1C, however.

Ron: Thank you. I dropped it Michael. Period.

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you, Ron (laughing), and this. Those of you who are diabetic, you know exactly what it is. Ron has picked up a terrible habit of chocolate cherries. He has finished off at least fifty of them in the past two weeks. They do horrible things to the A1C and he has stopped.

Ron: May I tell them why?

Michael of Nebadon: Yes,

Ron: I ate them all.

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you, Ron. That's discipline.

Ron: Yes, it is.

Michael of Nebadon: Now the truth of the matter is I'm Michael of Nebadon, we have reached the end of our our. You have received a tremendous amount of information and potential. More should be talked about, more should be given, but we're going to close it off now. I don't think we should do Q&A at all at this point. So, Ron, let's just close it down.

Ron: All right. I'm going to then stop the tape. One moment.

-- end of transcript --

I share in our dear Father’s enthusiasms that the second Lightline of January 25 was beautiful. Listening closely to the discussions about WTP these thoughts and convictions came to me that I want to share for your consideration Ron first, then the forum, in response to the publicly shared information on the Lightline.

The planned annual charge for the electricity produced by WTP is so affordable that it would be most reasonable to generate more profit for various reasons, even if it means that the annual cost would reach the amount of the one-month cost of electricity and gas usage of current methods. In fact, it would be reasonable to determine the cost of customer participation such way, by inquiring proof of annual average cost of electricity and gas bill that customers have to pay currently, and charge one tenth of that for year’s cost to connect to WTP according to their general usage. This would be more justifiable and profitable, as well just, since different sized household energy needs can vary majorly. Same would apply for industrial and business use.  

Another method to consider actual usage is by square foot of the building receiving wireless electricity plus rating of actual electric equipment used on the promises.   

I would also like to bring to your attention that one person’s monthly food bill exceeds the planned charge for a year of electricity for a household. Quote: ‘For one person to eat on a "moderate" budget, it costs $3,000 per year, or almost $250 per month. It costs a family of four between $712 and $1,106 per month for groceries.' Other statistic shown $550 per month per household, representing 6% of an annual family budget of $110,000. Even charging 1% of the family income would result in a revenue of $1,100 per year, which would be another simple way to determine eligibility, with a sealing cap of a sum for well to do families.   

Taking into consideration that Americans spend Quote: 'Entertainment takes up 5.3% of the average budget, and it is about $414 per month. Education costs $117, and it sits at 2.3% Personal care products take up about $64, and the percentage of spending is 1.3%.' This is messed up! 

Thus, I hope you would find it considerable to raise the cost, especially because I assume some major expenses may not been calculated into operational cost yet. For instance, insurance, property tax, law firm, security, media, website, communication, maintenance, healthcare, payroll, hospitality, tours, and the list goes on, perhaps there will be many more.

The additional profit could benefit not only the Missions (offices and operational cost) but its outreach in form of newly established schools for the spiritual education of Urantia. It would be important to invest all profit into humanitarian purposes by Magisterial Mission / Foundation -if Rayson Corporation will not become a publicly owned company that I understood will not be-, to set an example for the reformation of the economy and society. (I have been shocked to see church people cap their giving at ten percent of their disposable income for Kingdom work, even that is like pulling tooth, for why not give it all if we want to see the kingdom manifest, that is to say Father’s laws and love, instead of investing into the devil’ kingdom, for our giving reveals the heart.) Jesus could use this model well and Rayson Corporation would have a charitable wing that could ask for donations with the bill from those who have enough to share and want to support our cause.

I understand that some profit will be used for charitable purposes to give Father’s gift to the needy. We have not received details thus I would not know if you thought of the next idea to offer help to reconnect households that lost their homes to foreclosure over high utility bills and those having three months of delinquency in paying utility bills, thus without electricity (such time gap would eliminate gain seekers) on territories using traditional electricity.

Going forward in this thought process my mind says that certain aspects of this business venture are still uncovered. I trust that my Thought Adjuster is pouring out these thoughts coming to me as I write. You will step on the toes of some giants Ron, and befriending companies will not satisfy their hunger for lost profit, but the expansion of the WTP mission may will, beside that it would be a first priority to bless as many people on Urantia as possible. Therefore, allocating some percentage of the profit to reinvest in the establishment of new towers would be beneficial, and perhaps the establishment of a business model or program to invest into such to provide a broadcasting service or acting as an agent for Rayson Corporation products and services, or else. The opportunities are endless, for this is going to grow huge and many will look for ways to invest or plug in, or even purchase the technology. Either method carefully developed would be a great way to assure worldwide spread in the shortest possible time. If such move would become a considerable reality to you Ron, then the next step would be to prepare promotion materials for seminars and symposiums to attract investors and prepare the public for future use.

There would be several ways to proceed with considering the involvement and relationship to future WTP operators and / or owners. I have written various business plans, developed procedures and organizational structures in the past that I have some proof of, but not all. If you would like to utilize any of these skills, they are available with Jesus’ approval. Although such expansion will not become a reality before the first tower is built up and running, the time to reach the point to start expanding would need to be utilized for research, development and preparation for expansion. That is where your extensive revenue would come from.   

Should you seek financing to acquire the cost of POC via short term business loan (up to 24 months plus) for business development, I have emailed the link and shrank the cable on the image. I will read once more the physics part you have revealed on preparticles to get the bigger picture.

Blessings to all, 

Works You Would Like Us To Know / Engineers for Rayson Corporation
« on: July 07, 2021, 18:27:42 pm »
Ron, I am sorry that I missed LL yesterday but listening to the replay. I have been pondering about Rayson Corporation’s need for good engineers ever since I learned that Matt is not intoned with the work currently. I looked at different options and found couple of them that is valuable enough to report to you.

I have found a very skilled team in product development, 3D planning and rendering, and making prototypes of high technology items, for example yet plane engines and IT technology. They also undertake patenting and licensing but not mandatory to use their services, as they offer a four parts process that you can utilize partially or take advantage of all four entirely. As to my understanding this team is undertaking potentially patentable ideas from entrepreneurs to help complete the entire process for a fee. They have a superior engineering team and the needed facilities to take the product as far as finding the manufacturer. They attend tradeshows, do marketing, but I believe that your products will have such major worldwide impact and importance for planetary technical advancement and goodwill of humankind that it will put Rayson Corporation to the cutting edge in terms of negotiations. You perhaps could negotiate for royalties with the company from the sales. It would take a complete fool to reject such offer when it comes to a product to serve humanity for ages. Visiting their websites can give you an idea of their enormous capacity to carry your inventions to success. It is a large site; I read many of the details and am happy to work with you to find more answers that would save you some time perhaps. Not sure of that with the speed you can travel.

I have found another team that is focusing more on communicating customer satisfaction and highest integrity and transparency, producing new patented products themselves and helping individuals and business entities to reach their goals, including engineering as part of the same four step process. They have invented award winning small household items and electronics that you see on TV infomercials such as in “As Seen On TV” program. I believe you should find success between the two. This would eliminate the need to set up your own facility for now, that takes a lot of money too (the computer corrected my spelling mistake to ‘moony[font="Segoe UI Emoji", sans-serif]😉[/font]’ It take that too, to get infatuation with the ideas). I post many links so that you would not have to look for these details.

Thirdly, I have downloaded a book from another inventor who went down the rocky road of product development – prototype – patenting - licensing that had cost him a fortune with little success. Then he found that this traditional model is what everyone follows, but not the best model. There are cost effective powerful ways to break this protocol, about which he wrote this free book, using it for marketing his services. I read some of it and found it very informative. His services are not in the area of development and prototype, rather in the administrative, legal and marketing arena. I send you his book (.pdf) that may help open your mind to new venues when comes to that.   

Here are the links to the two groups. Presenting many links for easy view

1.       Belcan
Belcan Global Engineering, Consulting, & Technical Services
About Us | Belcan Global Engineering and Technical Services
Global Engineering Services & Innovative Solutions | Belcan
Transportation & Automotive Engineering Services | Belcan
Technical Services & Engineering Case Studies | Belcan
2.. Enhance Innovative Solutions
Here is the link to the book from NEW INVENTIONS (

Please let me know if anything more I can do about this. 


Works You Would Like Us To Know / Happy Birthday Elise!
« on: June 09, 2021, 14:34:13 pm »
Dear Elise,

Happy Birthday to you this day!
May God bless every moment of your life and ministry forevermore. 


Works You Would Like Us To Know / Happy Birthday Ron!
« on: June 09, 2021, 10:40:04 am »
Happy belated 79th birthday Ron!

We celebrate life with each passing birthday and those numbers keep rising in our favor. We are so blessed that you are here Ron, thanks Father and Bozutu!

Enjoy a wonderful glass of wine, may pain cease forever, we all love you and thank you.

All blessing to you,

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