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The Magisterial Foundation present:
-  GABRIEL in abstentia
-  Others not visible
The Missions in the Magisterial Foundation are Open and Declared to be Operational
York, PA
September 12, 2022 @230 PM NY DST

This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and quote me please.

“WE are standing on the brink of care and resolution that all things commences on Urantia today. We are now wanting to stand on family first and then to the material world of Urantia in totality shortly.  For that reason we salute all of you for staying the course and offering your condolences, first to her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and then to the new King, Charles III, and to the Queen Consort, Camilla Windsor.  For these majestic moments in the British Commonwealth, WE stand tall before them ane convince one an all to remain to the true course the Queen herself insisted upon: humility and the termination of raw sectarianism among nations and among your religions.

“For that reason, WE are now concerned that all be rectitude and sovereign care of what is left to the British Empire, in the sense it has led the world into better government and any rectification to the Empire be made by the Commonwealth and not by the British Empire of the past.  For that reason we expect that countries such as those in the Carribean or in mid Africa, stand aside and cease demands on the British Commonwealth as ended and over with before it gains any further support.

“Considering the massive effort made by all countries on Urantia to stand down with war and to re-estate the love of God within their relationships to others in the world community, we further state that the Life of Jesus Chronology begin with these words:

“ ‘MAY THE LORD BLESS THESE PAGES and MAY GOD SAVE THE MONARCH of HEAVEN, once more.’  And for that reason to you dear transmitter we provide you one solace in your day of travail so easily entered with so much pain each day: ‘BE YOU MAY that nothing further disarm your treat with the SOVEREIGN HEAD OF NEBADON that all be prepared to receive JESUS this day at your side as He may choose.

“The last words of your heart to God transmitter were, I already stand in allegiance to His Lord God and to His Lord Treasure, JESUS OF NAZARETH, and do hereby pledge my fidelity to you and all that have any say in the betrothal of my heart to His rule, and to His concerns, as I may say, ‘so help me GOD,’ and for that reason, I do hereby declare the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION, open and ready for use!

“AS your Sovereign Lord and special envoy to the sovereignty of your free will to choose likewise by all, and from all, of you today, I DECLARE THE ENTIRE MATTER OF HUMAN PARTICIPATION open and welcome!  For those who do not know the matter at all, stay the course as you have and let this matter derive great pleasure for all of you as well.

“Cleansed is your heart transmitter; cleansed is the height of your care that all is prepared as best as you can afford its pleasure to be seen and to be heard on URANTIA, let this new era begin, and for that matter let the pain and your care become visible that all might know the entire matter of the electrification of Urantia is preparing to assign itself to the Magisterial Foundation not, but to the RAYSON CORPORATION, which you own entirely at our request.

“For RAYSON, it is a solid moment of care for Him too as he is a Magisterial Son of special development and He and the Corporation stand together under your guidance particularly to send the best stationary every devised to the Ream law firm announcing the full authorization of the building of the WTP utility station immediately with our without engineering, as it is now prepared to stand for its first test, and that is the fidelity of time and place to stand prepared on the 12th day of September, 2022, and for that reason we the Lord of all stand ready to instruct you Transmitter, no one lets it go but the King of all transmitters, GRANDFONDA.  For that reason we entertain the entire matter with a transmission from the FIRST PERFECT HUMAN EVER, to speak to all of his fellows that follow HIM into perfection and await his Sovereign use of terms, such as ASCENDER, and to those terms and those who Ascend, we begin his speech with this prayer:

“I stand aside;

 “I stand with you God!

“I begin my catechism;

“I begin my care for you FATHER.”

Grandfonda - “I instruct the transmitter to use small letters for me, as I am no longer essential to your cause Ron on Urantia, but stand beside you as you care for others on this high day for you and the people of Urantia.  Let this care be stated as follows:

“We are now brought before the High Lord of All as the Christ of all who deserve to become one within his Kingdom of care and resolution, and for that final statement, the care and love of a kingdom for all, is not lost to you transmitter or to Me the GRANDFONDA of lore in your 5th epochal revelation, and for that reason we stand well with you scribe in being able to turn the tables enough we are heard now in prayers of even those who cannot defend you for the work you have provided us over issues of their own estate.

“I am GRANDFONDA, and you revert at my cause alone, scribe.   Let this be a reminder to all who transmit, that you are first a SCRIBE, and second a human, and third, a messenger.  Let it also be known you set this tone immediately upon receipt of the ability to transmit well over ten years ago when you agreed that a scribe adds nothing to the message but must loyally transcribe the spoken word as such.  We know we have been unkind at times and given false information, but that is over now, and for your own heart Ron, we ascribe no loss of anyone or anything to your care now.  Be assured the Kingdom of God, is with you and forever.  

“ I am GRANDFONDA, and as such I must attune my services to Paradise as well, and for that reason we state the following for those readers who cannot transmit the word of God:

“Let all be done now as your planet we call URANTIA is now over as a single latitude of work for the Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon, and for that reason we are also commanded to say to you transmitter, you are finished as a human as all know here as you cannot survive without care and that is afforded to you shortly.

“Lastly, know me as GRANDFONDA no more, as I must resign my commission in order to participate in the new ORDER OF THE CROWN.

The ORDER OF THE CROWN is a new title for Paul of Tarsus, for Welmek, for Tarkas, and for the rest of the menagerie you know yourself transmitter.  I am not of the ORDER OF THE CROWN but I am of the TRANSFER OF SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD and that is done through Me as of now as I transfer to you URANTIA, the heart of God once more, and the trial of furnishing the Sovereignty of God to URANTIA, and for that reason I now step back in awe, as the entire matter of Urantia, and its environs, and its trials before God, are annealed and stand back as a disaster to the CROWN OF GOD, for those who belong to it now acknowledge you Ron as one of them some day too as no one ever did what you did and now we disappear before we get remanded back to our Cloister and stand mute for the moment.  I am GRANDFONDA and I serve with you today as well!  GRANDFONDA.”

Michael of Nebadon speaking:
“I am sure this transmitter is wondering just what may be happening.  HE is slow today with all sorts of physical problems and memories of a dark, slow, past he prefers not to recall, but he must as his entire life flashes before his eyes in order to regain life and harmony among his fellows.  No one faults him or you for years of schism, but that is what happens when fools rush in where no one else cares to tread.  That is how they view this transmitter, but he knew his course so well, he let them say and was quiet.  Now the moment of truth arrives shortly and until the Queen is buried and the entire matter is achieved for Charles III, we leave the realm quiet and along to itself.  

“HOWEVER, let it be known, that on the 10th day of OCTOBER, we declare it as the start of the visible Second Return without fanfare and without announcement this time, as the Magisterial Foundation, will have already received its largess and is preparing engineering and care for the direct and simple means to provide Urantia all the power it could ever want to use again.

“Lest you all remind yourself this has been ballyhooed all over the place now for almost a year, this transmitter is now prepared to see it through with all he can muster both as the leader of the Magisterial Foundation and the Rayson Corporation, as he is director of both and must remain so until the details further are known to produce a true hydrogen automobile and the likelihood of a true fission engine.  HE already knows something about how to do that.  No patents will be sold but will be dealt with by the present industry to manufactures cars and trucks on Urantia alone.

“We are also sure that the entire day today, the 12th of September of the year of our Lord, 2022, is hereby declared the start of the operation of the Magisterial Foundation, the RAYSON Corporation and one other Ron, THE ISSUE OF SOVEREIGNTY of GOD ON URANTIA, to operate as the MAGISTERIAL SONS OF URANTIA CORPORATION.

“The Magisterial Sons of Urantia incorporated corporation is to stand tall with all matters of defense.  The lawyers you seek Ron have already resigned nothing but are concerned you have bitten off mor than you can chew alone, and you must address (Atty) Snyder with the pledge from him he and his firm are now the outstanding law form to represent you in all cases except where specialties are afforded to use others.  The Ream Law firm is losing its height due to its preversion of selfhood it insists it maintain and therefore carries no further use as the Snyder Group is fully capable of doing it.  They need to be exercise not just yet.

“Finally to you Ron, our transmitter, stand back as we learn the nature and trust about to be bestowed on your lieutenant and his concerns for the future, as he is awarded a small tribute for his work with you so far, and that is to see to it he is forever secured in his wealth and money concerns while living on Urantia, and that is to be seldom discussed further here, but let it be known several of you will receive grants from the transmitter to ensure your personal well being when the time comes.

“And to persist one moment more, I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and as such I need the fealty of trust from all of you!  Pray with me one more time as GRANDFONDA did with you:

“I, the Prince of Peace speak thus:

“We O’ FATHER, do pray for God our FATHER, and for JESUS OF NAZARETH, and for our SOVEREIGN MICHAEL OF NEBADON, that all creatures, great and small, learn to abide within God our Sovereign, and for that matter Ron, your Whiskers might be returned to you by default of a kitty asking shelter one stormy night of long ago and never looked back when it left unadorned with your concerns.  For that reason Ron you have steadfastly missed that dog that was a cat you are sure and made him welcome as best he could live with you after mother died.  He never fully reconciled her death and you knew it for him too.  He now resides as a fancy breed of a poodle somewhere in my realm and for that reason he stands well with them and not you.  However, the time is coming that dog made cat is ready to see you again as Whiskers II and that is enough to gladden your heart.  Be assured there is not such reality yet to do that but it comes with the job eventually.

“As we close this missive and it is long with news galore, please understand the date of 10 October 2022 is sliding past your eyes and mind correctly as that is what Ron calls THE DROP DEAD DATE and it stands well as it is safely out of mourning for the Queen and the start of a new king, Charles III.  Let it all be part of a new Jubilee and that is for Me and for you and for our FATHER in heaven.  Good Day to All!  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  K

“THIS IS FATHER now - I replete these statements with one caveat: the transmitter here must survive as if he accidentally dies before this opens, there is a rearrangement not but silence until JESUS reaffirms He is in charge of the Magisterial Foundation and let the rest of it be for now.  I AM FATHER, good day.”    [Thank you FATHER, and to all who have spoken here, we are in gratitude for your care and privilege before us.  All who read here.]

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Ron, thank you and all the Speakers for the care given to we devotees with definitive start-up news. And we do love the efforts given very much.

In thanks here is Notable Quotable from November 5, 2021 and by the CONSUMATOR No, 4, when HE spoke through Ron and said,

“ You (we) are witness to one of the most extraordinary events that a planet will ever have.”

Yes we are.