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V2 L51 Intelligence, Wisdom and Governance. ARTHURA. 01.14.23
« on: January 14, 2023, 11:51:28 am »
Intelligence, Wisdom and Governance
V2 L50, ARTHURA and Company
Sat, Jan 14, 2023, York, PA, United States
Transmitter Teacher(s): ARTHURA and company
Receiver(s): Dominick O
Audio Link (10m)
Today we will talk about the themes of Governance, in an-almost formula relationship to Wisdom and Intelligence. We will start by some general observations, and also definitions and distinctions between Intelligence and Wisdom. You may know Wisdom as an Adjutant, some students. Others think of Wisdom as intelligent, accumulated memory, learned, genetic survival memory. And Intelligence like a computer processor. Some of this is true but not entirely accurate when it comes to Governance, specifically the tipping point of War, or shall we say, State violence.
It is a general truism to claim Intelligence is greater than Wisdom when the mechanism of war is waged. Another way of defining this is saying Wisdom is lacking when a state of war is invoked. And part of this is to observe how war is typically, and ultimately, offensive. And yet, the lack of wisdom is shown by always attempting by the offender to claim self-defense. And typically, what is observed in this exertion is a right to self-defense and response to harms real and existential. That an intelligence manipulating Wisdom is expressed. There is no wisdom, but intelligent aim and gain through the offense.
A wise leader in this case, therefore, could calculate and even understand through the wisdom of say, even your oldest doctrines, such as Sun Tzu, that such an intelligence of mobilized State violence, draped in Intelligence, rather than Wisdom, therefore, tends to, or you could say automatically, mobilizes the morale of the contending side. To the point, you, the aggressor, might set yourself up for automatic defeat.
Switching gears now, at an individual pace, and collective societal pace, there is a general observation that Wisdom is going out the door. The intelligence of individual pursuits and motivation is no longer being advised by the adjutant of Wisdom. Wisdom is not being sought after in decision-making of Time, Energy and Aim. And this brings me back to a point of an expression of the Adjutant, and the students who may understand that word. And those of you who may not. But the Adjutant in this sense is something that is more than Mind but connected to Mind. And something of a first-stage of spiritual engagement by an animal species such as yourself. Who is endowed and capable of also experiencing and recognizing in your consciousness, Spirit engagement. And therefore, is Wisdom more than Intelligence, but also some of the first Spirit engagement raising yourself above and beyond mere animalistic intelligence.
And thus, when We, as experienced governance Administrations observe a lack of general wisdom, at collective, cultural, societal, government, what-have-you scales. Then what We are seeing in this respect, is a retrograde motion away from Spirit simply by the underutilization, mal-utilization between Wisdom and Intelligence. At an individual decision-making level, you often confuse Wisdom with future-forecasting. We invite the exercise to procedurally govern yourselves in your intelligent decision-making, to always, like a Board Meeting, ask Intelligence, “we recognize the chair of Wisdom. Do you have anything to say or add?” And use your willpower and your intelligence to listen to what Wisdom might have to give you. And use it to guide your Will.
That is today's little ditty. We thank you readers and listeners. And we will remain unnamed, for that, in this lesson, is not important. Good day.
D: Thank you and good day to you too.
You're welcome. Bye bye.

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Re: V2 L51 Intelligence, Wisdom and Governance. ARTHURA. 01.14.23
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2023, 11:41:36 am »
Dominick, your post for Lesson number 1 of Series II from MICHAEL OF NEBADON is in my opinion a very well done piece. The Lesson shows the reality of the manipulation of Wisdom by intelligence expressed. In addition the Lesson teaches us that the Adjutant of Wisdom is more than Mind, but connected  to Mind. And it teaches the need for Spirit engagement both personally  and in governance.

Dominick, there is so much in this piece that you and Michael brought to us in the Series II: Lesson 1, and could be a first draft of a “PREAMBLE” to the REGENCY of the United States. Or perhaps a “DECLARATION” as the one offered  on July 4, 1776 which begins “ When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary….”

Because of the rapidly moving events going on that Ron has kept us to speed with,  some forum members may have overlooked the WISDOM evoked in Lesson 1. Everyone, please find the time to visit the post.

Thank you and Michael for this piece that I will read and study in dept.