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V2 L52 Self-Governance and Will. MELCHIZEDEK. 01.29.23
« on: January 29, 2023, 11:28:25 am »
Self-Governance and Will
Sun, Jan 29, 2023. York, PA, United States
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The human being is ruled by self-interest. Almost childlike behaviors in utilizing its will to get what it wants. And then the mind absorbs, not only its internal desires, but the psychic impingement of all sorts of factors in your external environment. Couple that with the mammalian and animalistic, almost cellular, drive for social, ecological dominance, hierarchy if you will. Then what you have in the time-space realm of imperfected self-units (personalities), is a self-ruled ecosystem, an ecosystem of selves. So naturally you have a philosophy rather centered on the principles of self-interest. And for example, on a very primitive planet such as this, it was only natural to consider Man as naturally inclined to be, quote-unquote, evil. In so much as these passions of self-interest were rather brutal, ruthless, selfish, ignorant, and so on. And without higher principles to guide that, your observations of yourselves drove these philosophies. In other words, not revelation or divine governance, but, your own mud hole.

This Self topic pertains all the way up to the Melchizedek Order, where it has been jealously asserted, that the self-rule of Melchizedeks is a rightful mechanism of rule for lower Orders, desiring to succumb to self-rule. But it is the Melchizedek way and prerogative to defer and harmonize Our will to the Father’s. And this is also synonymous with the representation and way of the Father, expressed through our Creator Son.

We know as individuals and as an Order, how to ask our wills what the Father's Will is, in any given moment, in any given circumstance. We inherently are one in a symbiotic way of directing our will with the Father, with the Son, and through the Spirit. Everyone else, whether you like to hear this or not, is practicing, and learning, and growing, and evolving into this prerequisite stage of Universe Ascension in the Local Universe of your origins. Thus, the ironic tragedy of even the best among you, is that you will exhibit and espouse these higher ideals and principles, and almost never live up to them 100% of the time. And your associates will immaturely and naturally point this out in their own self-preserving ways. Therefore, is it necessary to establish on any planet, whether it has defaulted or rebelled or not. It is necessary to establish some chain of guided Divine guidance. Default, in any of this chain, creates evolutionary obstacles. But Rebellion breaks the chain and must re-establish the chain altogether.

But let's bring this lesson to a close, and to its head, by directing it and redirecting this divine governance conclusion, to yourselves. Divine Governance starts internally, with you and your selfhood. And only then can you understand and help bring this forth collectively to your environment and your social circumstances. Thank you and good day.