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Who is Serara? Feb 2, 2015 (Teacher and Transmiter Unknown)
« on: February 02, 2023, 18:11:56 pm »
Who is Serara?

Serara is a created Paradise Son.  When born directly from the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit on Paradise, these Sons with those parent specialize in Justice and clearing out the mistakes of the past on our planet.

Is Serara a real person?

He is a person with real human attributes including seeing and doing things necessary to make this planet much better than what it has produced so far.


Why is Serara coming here?

Serara is coming to this planet to make sure we no longer make mistakes of the past.  Our choices for education or planetary survival are based on decisions we have to think through better, and Serara will find the time to teach and show the better ways to sustain our planet and its people.


What will he do when he arrives here?


The plan Serara carries with him when he arrives as an incarnated Son of Paradise, will be to establish the rule of law around the world.

 What high spiritual authorities reviewed and approved this plan?

Every level of authority in the universe, including the spaceless, and timeless Isle of Paradise, has participated in on how to bring the planet a better way of life.  All of these thoughts and plans are now established with Serara, who implement them in accordance with the Father’s Will.

Why is the implementation of this plan occurring now?

Our world is on the brink of total collapse of the dominant civilizations due to the influence of many spiritual, social, climatic, geophysical and economic factors all operating at the same time to cause problems in every walk of life.  Adding to this is a significant overpopulation that is unsustainable at the social and economic level.   Our work on Urantia, as this planet is called on Paradise and other places in the universes of time and space, is to bring peace and harmony once more to daily life.  That will take awhile, but it is achievable once the problems lying underneath and buried for centuries are removed and life is allowed to sprout anew again.


What are the basic parts of the plan to be implemented?

Serara, the Magisterial Son has a plan to undo the harm of nuclear testing and the harm done by so many world wars over the centuries.  There will be a time coming when no country may detonate a test bomb, for if they do, it will destroy them, and not the others it intends to scare or hold for ransom.  Our work is to end the bitter controversy over sex, trade issues, and many, many other issues that have carved themselves into the psyche of the American culture and have caused many cultures outside of America to stagnate.  Our work is to end the dramatic increase in soldiers being maimed on the battle fields of useless wars, and to bring them home that is both loving and ready to accept them as they are.

How long will this dispensation last?

A dispensation is the changing of the guard on a planet that needs to be tested in Justice and the surety of its life plans to sustain life on the planet.  Urantia is never too young or old to stand back while everyone else in the universe has to take on Justice to recover from their own problems.  Urantia, you planet, is without mercy at times because of the fights and turmoil.  It has never enjoyed peace enough to know what it is missing.  A dispensation, spirit plans, usually last a millennium for normal planets, but this planet is not normal, and another dispensation may be declared in five hundred or less years.  The new dispensation, the fifth epochal (world-wide) dispensation was declared on January 12, 2015 at 8 AM New York Time, and it is proceeding so that it may soon introduce the main planner for this dispensation, Serara and the Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, who actually created this universe for living beings like you.


Where does Serara have his headquarters?

The headquarters for the divine incarnation exists in the United States of America, for it is there that the safest land mass exists to protect headquarters of a spiritual mission to the entire world, and it is located in New York State, with a sub-headquarters in Pennsylvania.  All personnel associated with the Paradise mission will work from either one of these two headquarters for the time being.

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