Author Topic: Final Preparations Still Continue ( March 24, 2017)  (Read 140 times)

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Final Preparations Still Continue ( March 24, 2017)
« on: March 24, 2023, 08:59:18 am »
Michael of Nebadon – Final Preparations Still Continue – 24 March 2017 –Larry Gossett – Florida
 Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Subject:  Final Preparations Still Continue
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 24 March 2017 – 14:00 GMT
T/R/Larry Gossett
“This is Michael, and it is well and good that you come and make time and effort to receive My thoughts and communication this morning.   You have given to me  your mind and asked that My thoughts be as yours and so it is.
“As you have perceived, situations are busy, we are actively engrossed and engaged with all that is being prepared and finalized but that does not mean that we in Spirit are any less there for you who come to receive.   We still come, we still give our attention and blessings to each of you who desire to do this work with us. .  I as Jesus,  am ready and the final approaches that need to be made are indeed being put forth.   There are, without doubt,  many last minute details that have to be yet accomplished in order to get  these Missions finally on the ground in the ways we want as we carry out these mandates of the Father.
 “To say that the stage is finally set is accurate and we will move when these final contracts and dispositions  are completed so all of you need to just continue on to be patient, watchful and yet ready at a moment’s notice.  There is still yet much that must be done.
“Urantia is well overdue to receive the very intervention that has been prayed for,  planned refined and know, dear ones,  that it is coming.   As all of you sit at this level of preparedness, keep your calm,  maintain and remember the directives given to you and  that your safety comes first, especially in these opening and inaugural days.    We and I,  in particular, have given you every notice to keep your powder dry, meaning to trust in the Father and remain cautious and prepared for any emergency.   The world upon which you all reside will kilter, and be thrown into chaos for a time and  yet the balance that is required to bring Urantia to that place of renewal,  to rectify and completely remake Her will be carried out in due time, as Jesus and Serara and  the Missions begin to be well established. We know that all of you who have kept the vigil and thrown open wide the doors  for us to enter  into your lives, are ready.
 “I do this morning want to touch upon something that was hinted at yesterday.  And that is the emotional and devotional path that many prefer to take.   I said then that that was fine yet I want all of you to know that this work that is about to be required of you will take all that you can muster up within yourselves to be productive and to be right with the Missions.   Many on Urantia have taken this devotional and emotional path, but my children, know that what will be required of you,  every ounce of your intelligence, every job that will be offered to each of you, will require that you take all that you have been given, increase your vocabularies, enrich your educations,  your  views of languages,   elevate and  refine your skills to higher levels and values as you will be representing the Father, and all of Spirit.  It will necessitate an upgrade of your thinking and mental processes.     Refine and upgrade your thought and mental processes and elevate and expand your physical and spiritual acumen.  This new advancement on your spirit journey and career will lead you to profound experiences and will need your alert and constant attention and focus, for my children, what you now do is no small measure.
“As you have many times understood , the very ability to understand the profound expansions of thoughts, ideas, ideals,  and concepts that are presented in the Urantia Book, puts  each devoted reader at a higher level, at an  advanced placement,  for the very reading of the Urantia Book so expands your awareness and  your individual views of  the Father,  the Beings and Personalities that exist with the Universe.  Your Uranta Book, though and it’s “intentional ”design has greatly increased your knowledge and your journeys,  your very foundations and the ways you look and perceive life.    Do you know find this to be so?
 “Once these many profound concepts and knowledge have been assimilated into your world view, you cannot go back,  cannot not know what you know.  I know many of you have felt a type of loneliness, feeling set apart from the rest of humanity, feeling as the proverbial  “lone duck” and even the stress of  being as they say “out on a limb”.   But know that this has had its definite purpose.   Because you have accepted these new Revelations, you shall always and ever be among those whose very journeys have assumed a greater responsibility as you will help in large measure, to lead your brothers and sister out of the darkness that has embroiled this world.
“We cannot emphasize enough  just how important each of you are to the successes of these Missions and you must know within your very beings how much you are loved and how deeply Spirit appreciates the work that you have done thus far.   And yes this is but the beginning of a rebirth of Uranta  and even a rebirth for each of you and all who are now living on Urantia and even equally important,   for all that shall ever call Urantia  “home.”
 You have many times been instructed just how important these coming days months and years are to not only each of you but to lhe universe at large.
“While none of this is new news to any of you, we can’t say often enough and emphasize deeply enough to you, the imminence and unprecedented values  of the roles that a each of you shall play as you come to serve in and with  these Missions that come to alter and uplift and remake Urantia.
“I and all of Spirit, foresee great experiences for each of you  and you will gain , though your experiences now, immeasurable training, understanding and wisdom that in small way will forever set you  apart from others by your participation  in the reshaping the affairs of Urantia.      These experience that are about to unfold on Uranta will be an achievement that is unsurpassed and you should welcome  these coming experiences and see them as a great and priceless  gift to you for, in truth, that is exactly what they are.   Most in  all of the Universes will never get these rarest opportunities that now lie in front of you.  When I tell you that these experiences are immeasurable I truly mean that.   Few in all of history in the annals of  time and space will have been given these opportunities and  they all realize  just how fortunate all of you are to be able to learn such lessons through “ experience”that is about to unfold.
“The entries that will be made in the Book of Life that is recorded for each of you  stands ready to be written!   Through the choices and dedication that you show and have shown will usher in a new standing.  As the Age of the Agondonters now  comes to a close, each of you now take your first steps as you help to eventually establish the Era of Light and Life and as a future Finaliter.  Does this not fill you with love and a true sense of pride that you have made such progress in  this short human life?   I tell you truly that is does.   Your destinies are set into upward and inward motion and now it is up to you to see through what is begun here.   
 “Continue on in your journey of love,   human emotions  and feelings  of devotion and now add to that a renew sense of learning, study,  and growth and a advancement in education in what you will need to further achieve  and refine your  knowledge which will give you the abilities to better and more fully participate with the Father and with all of Spirit who  now beckons you to enter in to this sacred service to the Father.  And to climb to the heights of glory to eventually bow before Him and hear Him say,  “Well done my good and faithful servant in whom I am well pleased.”   What better words to hear, what better honor to be bestowed upon those who began here on this troubled and backward world.   For, my dear children, this is what we all cherish beyond any other experience.    I give you this day,  these comments, these loving encouragements and thoughts to think upon and cherish as we finalize those many last minute details before the promised return of Jesus and the coming and Serara, Monjoronson, the Melchizedeks, the mighty Midwayers and all of the other many Hosts of Heaven that  come to bring  and establish the Kingdom of the Father of us all.  To close this off for today, I borrow a popular phrase on Urantia.   “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”    Make of it what you will, it is your choice.   This is Michael and I give you my Love and Peace    Good day….good life. “
José L. Vargas Núñez