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« on: April 01, 2023, 09:35:52 am »
ULTIMATONS and SPACE / Re: Subabsolute Space
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 07:59:38 AM »
Louis, here is a graphic supplied in concept by Michael of Nebadon and Rayson, the Magisterial Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission.  These are representations of Ultimatons at different stages of their becoming ready to enter time-space from Havona space and they are shown without their heat shields.

I have comments below the graphic for you.

Ultimatons do have Paradise as their central point of reference for their own orientation, and that orientation has to do with how they are produced and prepared for time-space universe building.  The Ultimaton you and I are familiar with is the creative effort of the Deity Absolute, who in turn produces what is called a graphic work sheet of each Ultimaton to be built by the Unqualified Absolute.  The Unqualified Absolute is activated by the Paradise Trinity, and when this entity becomes active, it produces prodigious amounts of pre-material sparks which become Ultimatons.  Look at the graphic and see there are two blue-white rods in the center of the Ultimaton.  Each Ultimaton has these two blue-white plasma rods from which the one on the right as you look at the graphic, extends up to 11 strings out of the shell from the rod, and each string finds another Ultimaton to grab one of its strings to form sub-particles.  The electron requires 100 Ultimatons and each Ultimaton in the union that becomes an electron has bound itself around another string in another Ultimaton to form the union we call an electron.

Now, I wish to point out something to your ideas about space you have to reinvent in your own mind.  Space, according to the Science Officer is neither bound by, or is it contained, by anything.  Space fills areas but is not contained as a jar would contain water; water representing space in this analogy.  Space is non-absolute, but it has really nothing to do with being absolute or non-absolute at all.  Space is space and please remember that.  Ron reminded you it is an endowment and endowments are just given without explanation and are often times impossible to define with other theories that abound on Urantia about what space really is.

Ultimatons are created by the Unqualified Absolute by the patterns provided to it by the Deity Absolute, which in its turn, promises the Father in the Paradise Trinity, that each Ultimaton will bear the will of God in its glowing plasmic rods.

Ultimatons are released in nether Paradise by the Unqualified Absolute in non space.  The Ultimatons travel from nether Paradise to the inner limits of Havona, where space is unknown as you know it, for space in Havona is different from the space in the Superuniverses, for space in Havona is neither absolute or non-absolute, it is just space with the addition of the sub-particle in it called the Triata.  The Triata is known for its ability to force brand new Ultimatons into great big balls called globules, and these globules are pressed into peripheral Paradise by the Triata sub-particles designed to do just this.

The globules of trillions of Ultimatons each, attach themselves to the Triata and are pressed into the opening in the Paradise wall that leads to a chamber to non-space on Paradise, and from there the Paradise Trinity examines each one of the new Ultimatons for flaws, and if good, the stamp each new Ultimaton with a date-time stamp and a Paradise number on each Ultimaton as well.

These Ultimatons that have a number and a date-time stamp in universe terms, are than pressed back out into Havona, and the process to heat them up and pushes them out through various other chambers into the Superuniverses commences.  Once they are in time-space, each Ultimaton becomes irradiated, and when irradiated, they are now capable of extending strings from the right rod in each Ultimaton to start bonding to form electrons, protons, neutrons, pions, muons, and so forth.  I am Rayson and we welcome your questions on this forum Louis, now that you have been informed how an Ultimaton is made and how it is processed to get ready to go to time and space and build matter.

Space is not different anywhere else except in Havona.  The Triata in Havona are specialized sub-particles provided for the remaking of Ultimatons if they have to be modified or changed in any way.  The common Ultimaton is the Superuniverse level of space is the blue rod ones.  But there are red rod Ultimatons, and some yellow, some orange and some green, although the green rod Ultimaton is highly secret and no one really knows what they are for.

For Rayson.
José L. Vargas Núñez

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Re: ULTIMATONS AND SPACE ( April 1, 2015)
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2023, 12:31:38 pm »

Graphic ?   Not possible to show it ?

But thanks for the posting, José