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A Prayer of Thanks


A Prayer of Thanks

Thank You Father, for the Best Christmas Day I have experienced in recent memory!

What a Wonderful time with our two Sons and their Girls!  Even the gift giving time was memorable, joyful, and very special indeed.

Then the frosting on the cake. Eight of our very closest Friends, four of the most outstanding couples we know, invited into our Home for drinks and desert!  Our Home was so full of laughter and good cheer, I know we were Host to many Angels (please accept our most humble and heartfelt thanks for such a privilege)!

Also Father, I wish to discuss with You a special unannounced Christmas Lightline Ron transmitted.  This was a most serious and insightful Lightline, more than worthy of appearing on Christmas Day.  Much of what was stated, we have heard previously in bits and pieces.  But this Lightline was characterized as the best example of concise, clearly stated,  Assessments, Decisions, State of the nations, and Plans for future actions by the Most High of Highs I have ever heard.  All this beautifully, transmitted, interpreted, and voiced by Ron at his Finest!

So as an exercise (test) in listening skills (or lack thereof), I desire today to restate in my own words my best understanding and memory of what was disclosed.  Since I only listened to this recording once, and have no transcription to refer to, I will not even try to quote or reference specific Entities, but rather capture what was most memorable and impressive to me:

A call for human unity, more specifically among transmitter/receivers, as the Missions on High will only visually operate on Urantia in Unity, and as One.

The best rational I have yet heard for why the "5th Epochal Revelation" is now so controversial, and why it makes no sense to promote or associate it with the current missions (I pray with all my Heart we can receive the "6th Epochal Revelation" soon, so that this controversy can at last be settled).

A Magisterial Mission now takes precedence over the Second Return of Jesus.  (I assume the Most Highs reserve the right to change Their Plans right up to the moment such a Mission is to begin, based on the prayers and decisions of humans.)

This transmission is the best example I can remember of why we Know and Love Ron Besser as our Human Leader here at  Thank you so much Ron, for giving your time, on Christmas Day, serving God for our benefit, and the benefit of anyone on this earth that has "ears to hear" what are the "signs of our times", and the Blessed "Voice of God"!


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