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Ron Besser:
I thought the list would like to see some of  the work still being written on the subject of Infinity.

The Paper uses the geometryof the existing Master Universe to start work on the idea of Infinity, but ifrst examines the shape of the Master Universe, then its lines inside of it to show some of its internal design features, and some rough idea what the Master Universe looks like in different poses.

I took screen shots of two pages showing geometry and wrote some explanations about it.  I also turn the Master Universe on edge to make it look like a wheel to let you get a feel of its design from different perspectives.

These are two pages from about 40 right now and still incomplete.  enjoy and feel free to comment and questions if any.  Thank you. 
Ron Besser

//The second Page screen shot here//  Reading this is a little hard but technology hampers a little . .I also give notice this is a first draft and has not bedited for typos as a number of them are quite obvious but raw data on this screen shot. . The red rod is added to show you where the central universe control resides on the drawing and I find it very good to help you orient yourself when turning the Master Universe around on different angles to examine it.

Ron, thank you for sharing a page or two of your work on Infinity. Looking at what you have shared above, one can think many ways of the spatial dimension you present. I take it that you have taken a slice out of the cone and then given that slice that spheric shape with the core being displayed by the x,y,n axis. Is that right? Given these two pages are focused on just this slice out of the cone, the cone itself is huge in comparison. Then again, infinity cannot be confined to a cone as I look at the very word of ‘infinity’ as limitless, boundless and endless. I am also mindful of the concentric ring concept of the Master Universe with the Isle of Paradise and the seven Super Universes that spiral around the Central Isle of Paradise and that this spiral configuration is prominent. How then does this cone idea come into it as it seems a rather different concept to the circular motion of spatial occupation? Let us not forget the five outer space zone areas as well, and in my mind I picture it as also as consecutive rings going outward from the Master Universe. Does that become the large bottom part of the cone you portray and the Isle of Paradise at the top of the cone? I am not sure how the concentric idea is factored into your conal concept?

The conal design does not allow for that expansion view as the concentric ring idea presents as is explained in the Urantia Book. I know this sounds like being rather critical, and that is understandable given the grand picture we readers of the Urantia Book are familiar with, with the cosmology of the multi-universe we are privileged to learn of. Yet this cone idea is perhaps your way of delineating a cross section of this concentric arrangement and I wonder if that is what you are doing here, is this so?

Thank you for your interesting take on the matters of infinity as we are understanding the sheer scale and magnitude of space areas being occupied by the seven Super Universes along with the Isle of Paradise and then onwards out into the newly created Outer Space Zones. This to me presents a giant torus shape design in a circular pattern, hence a Circle of Life. Yet Life is Eternal with the great I Am in the Center of All things. I also understand how you see outside of Infinity as a system and therefore there is another huge dimension beyond this system of that which we inhabit as Spirit Beings within this Concentric System.

Just as an aside, some time ago, I read a book (can’t remember the author or title,**see note below) but it did present a story of the Archangels showing the Subject the Torus shape structure of the system in which we inhabit. The fact that the Archangels showed the Subject something outside of the system, has suggested to me a greater dimension of reality still awaits us to realise. It is that shockingly huge! I came to realise eventually with my Adjuster the true extent of realities and beyond with the great Source and Spirit in whom we exist. It is truly inspiring to know infinity is much more than we think it is. It is Timeless.

When I saw the Torus shape that the subject saw from the angle presented, it soon became apparent that the Torus (i.e. if you will consider it comprises, the Master Universe, The Isle of Paradise and the OSZs) is impressed upon me as just one in this huge black nothing of space still yet to fill. I hope I got that right. If that is so, that blank, black canvas of nothing certainly stood out hugely in comparison to the Torus that the subject was given to see. Now the question I have is just what is that huge black, blank canvas and what is the Torus doing in the middle of this nothingness? Obviously, the only great object to see was this magnificent Torus that shone so brightly against the stark contrast of the blackness of space areas beyond it. Truly gobsmackingly real and ever present in my mind since I came across this impressive book I read.

Thank you for sharing your work Ron, I am looking forward to seeing what more you have to share as it piqued my curiosity when I have that huge concept given to me some time ago of the infinitude of creativity yet to manifest.  In our finite minds, we are not able to grasp it and comprehend how it is done, but in our faith life, we are accepting of the possibilities that can be found. There is more to say, such is the subject of Infinity, it is truly a mystery and a wonder to behold and we are just entering into a very long trip of many discoveries along the way. I can see why Eternal Life is necessary for us to accept and be willing to take this next step in the journey beyond our earthly one. Sufian Chaudhary in his communion with the Archangel Uriel has certainly began his journey and shares so much with Archangel Uriel in this amazing collaboration since 2012.

Much Love,


[** I searched my kindle collection of books, I think it was this one below:

World of Archangels(How to Meet An Archangel) - by Sufian Chaudhary.2012]

Ron Besser:
Thank you Sue.  Let me clarify a little.

I used the cone concept in order to get some geometric conversion to a rounded surefce the Master Universe represents.  It is not to be greatly accurate but approximately a way to generally estimate size and its volume.  I consider it to be futile to estimate the volume of the Masteru Universe, but to look at it that way allows us to provide the naming of some of the Masteru universe features.

Now take a deep breath Sue.  The ellipse shown can and is infinite someday.
If you look at the drawing further down I trun the ellipse on edge.  Notice the edge is black and scruffy looking.  That is a coating of Absolutum.  Absolutum is a space material that acts like earth material but it will not let space pass through it.  It will not let space pass through it--  that is waht holds infinity into the shape of an ellipse.  Infinity eventually jams inside an Absoluta dam   Contents cannot leak through Absoluta.

Further, the ellipsoid shape is given to the Infinity of the Master Universe due to the fact that Havona gravity and Paradise Absolute Gravity, force rotation around the ellipsoid center.  If the Center was a sphere, then the Master Universe would be circular.  But it is not and the space mechanisms inside space partake of the central maerialized shape too.  Absolute Gravity is not linera gravvity and binds that which orbits it control center to the shape absolute gravity sits in.

But, there is one more item you have  to be aware of, and that is that surround the edge of the Mastser Universe coated with Absoluta, there is an inner ring of SEGREGGATA.  This is also mentioned in the Urantia Book too but is not well defined.  Absolute is impermeable, but Segreggata is glue-like and binds the Absolute to the inner ring of a mysterious space feature at the endges of the Master Universe,.  Segreggata is so sticky that if a space ship ran into it while traveling at warp speed, the ship would be split into two.  Once it touches something it eternally holds it.  Never pick segreggaa up!  The elliptical shape of the Master Universe is solidly kept into shape with segreggata working with  absoluta and that is like adding starch to the Master Universe undies and the shap is permanently maintained in infinity.

I leave that go at that for the moment.


Thank you Ron for the clarification. I see how important the absolute Gravity control i.e. absoluta is and how significant the SEGRETTA acts to form a space integrity. The whole thing I see here is the key word gravity control and space integrity. In other words a sense of control and space in which it is safe, consistent and holds integrity from or with immense space pressure.

I quote your paragraph: “...the red spot at the top is so designated to show the location of what is central gravity control of the entire creation, and that is marked “N”. Space pressure is greatest in the Master universe as it leaves the central gravity control mechanism and determines absolute direction in the vaults of space by measuring space pressure conditions in the local area…”

Reading this again in light of what you have clarified explains it better. It certainly amounts to a very intelligent force of gravity control in this entire creation. When I consider it when I try to spin a coin on the table or untwist a bag of bread or, if you like, a toy spinning top, there is that initial gravity force of spin and then it emanates through the object spinning and yet it is contained in that force for which it is created by initial impact. The absoluta and segretta is revealing a sort of control and containment measure to keep the pressure from going into a splat fashion. I see what you are getting at. It is a very intelligent force creation, that I can see. And WOW!  Certainly there is a lot to think on. Thank you for allowing us to see how important gravity force is in space. But I beg to wonder, what about those Black Holes that astronomist and space scientists are finding that seem to suck everything into it like some giant vacuum with such immense power? What are they and why are they there?


Ron Besser:
Sue, do not take a "black hole" seriously as you do.  Essentially, a balck hole is maturation of an infinitesimal part of the Master Universe.  Black holes have the equivalent on your skin as a blister, and they eventually disappear.  For that reason the Gravity Control devices I have mentioned are neither good nor bad as they have nothing to work with in a black hole.  I am unconcerned by their presence as a black hole is an effect and not a self caused meaning in any totality you can conceive of.   Like rainbows, they come and go, mysteries of light or no light.

I point out Sue that man today on Urantia is no better than people looking at what Copernicus said all those years ago, we make a great deal out of who we are without realizing what we are, and that should be sufficient to understand the suns and stars of space are destined to burn out, we are not.  Black holes awe scientists too mcu as does mistaken ideaos of origins do, but they and all of science on Urantia will he corrected someday enough we might then have a really serious conversation without some idiot to writhe  in ecstacy over a matter tornado and to place the Master Universe as the real tour de force to bathe heart and soul as the eternity of matter enjoying its relationship to all it needs to protect as eternal love.

I could go on at some length over balck hole equvaltents in the dark islands of space, as they are not the same thing.  There are anomolies of matter science on Urantia has never observed, and if they did, such would become so frightened we would be back in the dark ages without a clue how to get out.  I kid you not, and some of it has been shared with me in a way I dare not mention it because you and most anyone else on Urantia are not yet prepared to know that matter can combust itself and become spiritual Paradises if you or I better understand the real meaning of the gargantuan Isle of Paradise.  Black holes mean nothing and space is big enough to hold these tantrums of concendsing matter until even the Ultimatons leave with no room to perpetuate electorn and neutrons in  those holes.  But they reventually break down because the Force Organizers do not like them around areas they have to start new galaxies to spin. 

Thanks for your post.
MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron, as he wrote this, was somewhat bemused with the whole idea he cannot fully express what he does not know hampers what he says here too.  Susan, you have the mind of a physicist working as a char lady, and you bitterrly resent what Ron calls the misassignment of your calling.  You should be a research scientist and forget domesticity-- you do not but that is your fault not ours.  Be assured your future career up here is to work the laws of physics until you drop.  Ron asks do I ever use that work for Nebadon's benefit?  Barely ever, as the start students which you msut become for a long time, have their own connection to the Unqualified Absolute.  Many Guests who read these passages are scientiests  too and are wowed with how Ron can illustrate something they never imagined would be true.  Yet they are mundane illustrations because Ron does not have the right tools to show you the full majesty of what he has learned to tell you about the consttruction of the Master Universe.  I asked him to put up an illustration he uses for himselfl, and look at it and ponder its significance, as Ron ahs deterined  that the Master Universe has an internal centerline which determine where life appears and where life cannot go.  Do not ask a lot for explantions as he has few of those.

"Look at this illustration next for your consideration.  I also tell you this Sue: let these lessons reside lightly on you because you will learn to calculate what Ron pictures only.  We let it go at that for now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."



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