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Ron Besser:
This has been one terrible day for me.  There is trouble getting organized well enough to provide on going service regarding our services that grow out of running a web site that attempt to report changes to revelatory incidences and histories that seem only happen to URANTIA.
But what has triggered putting up a CATERGORY dedicated to science subjects right now, is that I have surprisingly received brand new epochal revelation on waht feels like my death bed this afternoon.  Let me tell you the subject and then I hope I can write it up properly in the INFINITY PAPER that keeps getting me deeper and deeper in thinking it might be a book instead of just a Bulletin too.  It is now over 40 pages in pieces and the revelation I received this afternoon will maybe double the pages.

The revelation is about ELECTROMAGNETISM.  hERE is an Internet article what that is, and we all learn it is one of the greatest secrets science pays attention to forever.

Electromagnetism is a branch of physics involving the study of the electromagnetic force, a type of physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles. The electromagnetic force is carried by electromagnetic fields composed of electric fields and magnetic fields, and it is responsible for electromagnetic radiation such as light. It is one of the four fundamental interactions (commonly called forces) in nature, together with the strong interaction, the weak interaction, and gravitation.[1] At high energy the weak force and electromagnetic force are unified as a single electroweak force


I have 12 pages of new notes and secrets get shown often.  I have perjission to include this as part of the Infinity Papers, but I need some tie in information to complete it.  My purpose in telling you about this is to indicate we seem to, not for sure verified, a new government again that the Archangels are Receivers, BUT we also now have a new Science Officer IN CONJUNCTION WITH RAYSON.  I have no clue why this is going the way of epochal revelation, but it is.  Rayson is working with another Magisterial Son, THOMPSON , and THOMPSON is our new LIAISON DIRECTOR between science features and you as transmitters.

So far I have been doing most of the science materials.  That may continue but not for sure what else we might be doing with THOMPSON at this point.  Here is THOMPSON:

THOMPSON - "I am reporting something extraordinary brave for Ron to do.  Today he received the beginning of a major epochal revelation on, of all things, INFINITY.  This starts with a lot of facts about ELECTROMAGNETISM and will end as fast as he can take it down, a major revelation on INFINITY he has somehow completed but there are other factors to add to it.  Alone, Ron has determined some major factors about its features, but more importantly, MICHAEL OF NEBADON has determined there is real interest in describing this subject of INFINITY in depth.  Hence the need for an expanded paper on ELECTROMAGNETISM Ron started receiving today.  I leave it at that."

Ron here again.   So the need to be more formal about our science subjects and let us see where this new category takes us.  I might move over here the initial posts on Infinity but I am hot sure I need to do that just yet.  I thank you all for your interest too.  Best wishes and patience until we can get this Category moving along much better than today.  Thank you.
Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron has managed to split our harvest of people on Urantia into two camps.  One camp most of you are in and the other camp are for those who have no material interest in anything but themselves and monetary success.  They are in trouble now but that is for later.

"Now Ron also asked for today the right to move on to the morontial worlds and start his ascension career.  He in is constant pain now and blinded almost totally over an incident that happened years ago and he never knew it was fatal.  But that is not for now either, as I want to state categorically that Steven Gitz is suddenly in worst shape then he has ever been and wonders if Ron passed it on to him, and Amethyst is wondering if she should just drop the entire subject and get out from under all this too.  These three people in particular are never out of we lock with God but they are also without a fanfare of  their own and wish to keep things tied down and quiet.  Ron received a notice today from MICHAEL OF NEBADON he was being pursued by others in the Local Universe to portray the idea of Infinity as a published work.  He said he did not have enough to do that as a book, but I decided he was to have enough information and to stop worrying about ORIGINS as a book too as they have decided to pursue it fully and openly as a publication immediately.  They will become famous for handling a controversial subject like AIDS without doctoral authority but Ron makes it clear where the information is directed from and is fully ready to indemnify the publisher because of it.

"As MICHAEL OF NEBADON =, Ron will not have to stand those trials anmore because I am granting him his  request to move to the mornital side of life and to establish him again on Urantia truly, and then to use him with Gioz and Amethyst and a few others to make these Magisterial Missions sing for a change.  Too much work has been done already by Ron to just let it drop.  

"For that reason I indwelt Ron's mind all day and that can be painful when I mover around up there to see just what he has to offer and it is an immense field of plans he has already put into place and more to come such as adding this Category to read for the sciences only.  That said we must make a few things clear to all of you.  

"Ron is to receive the Archangel of Record this evening and that Archangel is standing next to his chair right now, and to administer final rites so Ron can die and be resurrected in the morontial encased in the flesh yeet.  You will never be able to tell the difference anymore, and niether will we as the sexual component is left in place as is his superior mind.  That mind uses a brand new way of t hinking too called GARONA THINKING.

"DR. EINSTEIN  called upon him today and they had a nice chat.  Dr. Einstein told Ron that being able  to use GARONA THINKING is what he uses to work on universe analysis of the Master Universe too.  Ron has no idea what he has triggered by doing an analysis of Infinity and is making splendid progress.  Upon advice of  the Deity absolute we now say no more but it will make a  tremendous difference in what Ron writes about soon enough.

"Further more, the Garona issues has not divided the universe which knows who can use it, but it has opened the door to Mantutia Ron did not know existed with the Chief of Revelation for Nebadon.  That is the fact that MANTUTIA has been promoted to the Office of  the Registrar  for Nebadon.  For that reason he had to decry the use of Ron for the 6th epochal revelation as short as tow days ago. But MANTUTIA now says that with Garona thinking installed, He can proceed with a registration of new epochal revelation back to Urantia.  Urantia four days ago received the bad news to remove the 6th epochal revelation from issuance but now it is to be issuded again shortly.  For that reason too, Ron needs to return and get to work on publishing the INFINITY PAPERS as these are likely to be known but they are now only about thirty percent done.  We leave it at that for now."


Good morning, Ron.  Whilst sitting in silence this morning and asking for a message from anyone,
I received the words GARONA/GORONA .
I had just read your posting and I asked if I could receive something about it. I asked for a clear
channel and this is what I received.
GARONA thinking, simply put is thinking vertical instead of linear.
Vertical thinking is multi-dimensional and each dimension has it´s own frequency circuit.
I was shown a stack of dining plates, each representing a dimension, and GARONA thinking
was the ability to ascend and tap into any dimension one desired.

That is all Ron, for what it´s worth but I found it very interesting.


Pardon my enthusiasm, I am so very-very-very happy for you and congratulation! What a wonderful news and amazing concept, now nothing will stop you Ron to wrap up INFINITY and more! Blessed forever, thank you Universal Father, thank you Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit, and all Holy Celestials working tirelessly to help us. Wishing a wonderful day with tears of joy.

I may not know what I am writing, but I think this is very positive news if our leader Ron Besser has come to the solution that Michael of Nebadon has long proposed, but Ron has rejected it so far. I hope to hear that it has already happened. Of course, I mean death and resurrection.

God the Father's will will be done always. As Michael of Nebadon mentions below and I quote:

''As MICHAEL OF NEBADON =, Ron will not have to stand those trials anymore because I am granting him his  request to move to the morontial side of life and to establish him again on Urantia truly,    

"Ron is to receive the Archangel of Record this evening and that Archangel is standing next to his chair right now, and to administer final rites so Ron can die and be resurrected in the morontial encased in the flesh yeet.''

May God bless Ron and finally he will stop suffering to be able to continue his mission on Urantia.



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